Saturday, December 3, 2016

News Sports

In my last Article I asked the question, if I enjoyed the god anchor more than the browns or indians shouldn't she be celebrated. In this article I'll ask if we enjoy the news over sports should heart ache be celebrated? Should division be celebrated? Should fake news be celebrated? If we enjoy the news over sports should it be a surprise that trump won seeing that the news is a outlet for division and triggers persuasion?  This permits conspiracy to occur. Seeing that Clinton wasn't persuasive yet was conspiratorial why are we surprised? Seeing that lynnaluvers wasn't triggering an idea that was for America being great why  are we surprised that we got ostracized?  Why aren't we content with the ostracizing?

  If heart break should be celebrated seeing that the news gets more attention than sports and more respect am I wrong with associating the news god with getting me ostracized? If the news is respected for its heartbreak are we to blame the news for our devastation? Some would say I should blame my self for my devastation. Yet if we believe that the news god has a hand in ostracizing shouldn't it be noted as the reason for devastation?  Yet could it be our acknowledgement created the devastation? Could it be just like the fans of the browns worship the team for its devastation; could those who acknowledge the news be guilty of the same action?  If President Obama has pointed the finger at fox is it dillusional to acknowledge that the god anchor had us ostracized?  Is it dillusional for me to even say that Lynna Lai is god; seeing that some believe only god could create such devastation?

  Maybe the news has power to those that believe in it.  If Obama believes that Fox has a super power is it safe to say the news is a religion?  If the news is a religion am I too far off if I say Lynna Lai is god? Am I too far off if I blame the god anchor for my ostracizing? Am I too far off if I recognize the god anchor as being superior if the President recognizes Fox as being supernatural?  If a news organization is supernatural that would make their anchor god and obviously the associates more persuasive than sports!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Watching Winners

Obviously my last prediction was wrong the Indians lossed or did they win in a different way? What does the loss of the Indians mean? Could the president have had a hand in the cubs win? It could be possible seeing that the president of the United States does have emotional investments there along with the god anchor. Is it far fetched to believe they had a hand in the cubs win? Obviously the cubs deserved to win the World Series because of its 100+ yr losing streak but did they deserve to win on the backs of the Indians? Did the Cubs deserve to win seeing Chicago introduced us to a divisive president?

  If the Cubs didn't Win would the conspiracy be so energized? I doubt it mattered who won; the conspiracy would have definitely been alive. For example Im in  belief the rain delay was caused by a government association. If the Chinese Government can make it rain how unbelievable is it? If they can make it rain can't they make the Indians lose and put the god anchor as a host of a national news program?  How much has Chicago invested in China verses Cleveland's investments with China and visa versa?

 Lastly if Chicago created Obama who created strong racism in the country, did the Cubs deserve to win? If my blog creates death mine specifically does it deserve to speak about an anchor whose alive?  If my blog created the death of a 19 and Lynna Lai union did lynnaluvers deserve to be online? Yet if China has invested in Chicago more than Cleveland shouldn't Chicago win? If I invest More in watching Lynna Lai on wkyc or woio more than watching the Indians or the Browns shouldn't she win and  be celebrated?

Monday, October 31, 2016

Conspiratorial Champions

  Even though the Indians will win the Championship there's people that still won't be happy. Even after the Indians win, some that are soldiers of the god anchor won't rest until I'm dead.  Is this why some Clevelanders are in Smith Country now to make sure I'm dead after or before the game. Could it be a curse  to have me alive when the Indians Win.

 I believe I asked this before but what if Cleveland's dedication to the god anchor created some Championships for my ostracizing?  Could it be that  the god anchor was so insulted by lynnaluvers that she promised Championships to Cleveland's elite if they got rid of the blogger. What if the elite in Cleveland made sure that Akron would ostracize me. What if the god anchor wanted me out of Akron so I could be harassed until my death?

  Could it be the federal government which is owned by China made a deal to create some Championships if they got the blogger ostracized. I know it sounds far fetched but what if it's not. What if the god anchor is a super spy like Jackie Chan. Could it be the government wanted me out the way to show China more reverence? Is this why the Indians are Winning to make good on a promise? Some believe maybe that I was ostracized because of code violations with a house yet if I'm not mistaking there were Officers that owned a house next to me. It seems things didn't come into existence until after I wrote lynnaluvers.

No I don't miss Akron it's just conspiratorial that Cleveland can win Championships in baseball and basketball.


Monday, October 17, 2016

Chinese Shame2

Maybe the shame of the bloggers demise has to do with me blogging about a married woman. If it's shameful to blog about a married woman is it shameful to watch a married woman on TV? Does the shame have to do with me being black? If I'm supposd to be shamed to the point of suicide could those who are in control manipulate my death? Could the god anchor be so ashamed of the blog that she would manipulate the bloggers life and death? Is this why Clinton hates bloggers?

  I wrote about married news anchors and the taboo energy that I see in it. Yet it seems there's some new questions that must be asked. If it's shameful to look at married news anchors why are they on TV?  Is it shameful only to different religions? Could it be that Muslims believe it's shameful for a married woman to be on TV let  alone blogged about. Is this why I was ostracized because of a Muslims belief of shame. Could this be a way for my death to manifest ? If the Muslims or the strong feminist believe its a shame that deserves death from a suicide couldn't they stage my own.

  With so many beliefs in America it's not far fetched to believe that some would think my blogging Is worth  death because of its shame. If my blog created my homelessness it has also created a belief of shame; A shame that's worthy of a final end

  I wouldn't put it past someone to think that since I'm black I have no right  to watch the god anchor or blog about her. It is believed that people believe that blacks are not 100 percent human therefore someone who isn't 100 percent  human shouldn't have the same rights as others. Could this be the belief of my ostracizing that led me to the road of shame? Some argue my shame existed before lynnaluvers it just grew when lynnaluvers  was created.

  Would this conspiracy of the Chinese shame be existing if Obama wasn't in office? Maybe to put Obama in Office was to permit a shame on blacks so heavy suicide or a manipulated death would be just cause.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Chinese Shame

  So I was looking at a tweet that the greatest anchor posted and it had to do with "shame". I had to ask myself  should I feel ashamed that I don't have a relationship with my kid? Should I feel ashamed  that I got ostracized from my home? Should I feel shame  that I'm homeless? When i first started   lynnaluvers  I thought that the great one was superior therefore to put my name under hers would be like putting my name under God's. To speak my name in the same sentence of the great one would be like speaking my name in the same sentence with God. Therefore it wasn't shame when I wrote lynnaluvers but it was tribute.  Yet when I continued to watch the anchor on 19 it wasn't shame it was inferiority. It was fear . It was fear of what might transpire because of all the negative connotation the station and her cohorts had made.  I thought if they are making underhanded connotations  about me and they have the power to trick people into voting for obama what other power powers would be shown; therefore it wouldn't be wise to write my name. They did show some of their other powers they got the kid evicted which should bring shame.

  Maybe thats what the anchor wants   me to do to feel shameful . Because in China if i'm not mistaken  if you're shameful you  kill yourself . Maybe thats the great ones plan To drown us with shame that we go out like the Chinese. Maybe she thinks that since I like the Chinese American anchor  so much Im willing to do what the unsuccessful do in China.  I did say in lynnaluvers  that the anchor  might be the angel of death or might be hunted by it. Therefore maybe the only way to get rid of it is to get rid of me.  Maybe her plan is to delete me then the spirit of the Dragon can manifest its self.

Could this be why theres so many Asian America guys in suits in the texas city ? Because they want to witness how powerful the greatest anchor is? Could it be that the greatest anchor talked to them and convinced them to come to the city to watch my demise?  The demise of the blogger ?

Thursday, September 29, 2016

China's Blog

Before I begin this article let me just say I hope didn't play a part in the new control of the government and I hope the god anchor Lynna Lai didn't persuade Obama to hand the breasts of the web to China!

  As you should know by Oct 1st 2016 things online will change. The reason is because Obama; ironically the president the news media across the globe helped put in office will give the free world to China and Russia. It's been known that China and Russia has many Internet rules that aren't of  American Freedoms! One of the rules they have is no pointing to the government as  conspirators. Could the god anchor have pushed the government to hand over control of the internet because of lynnaluvers and lynnaments?  Is this why China has paid Clinton so much money so that when she gets in office she can keep the rapes and kidnappings of Americans muffled. Was lynnaluvers and lynnaments that much of a threat?

  What if the god anchor did push Obama to hand over the internet to China? Will this be the end of Lynnaments? Where will the blog go if they shut it down? It might be the end  of lynnaments in Oct 1st 2016 but something bigger will come out of it. Just like when they kicked the god anchor off 19. She turned up on wkyc a better channel.  How far will it go will they charge me for writing that Lynna Lai is god?  What growth will come out of this American Internet takedown?  The growth of China and the death of the blogger is cemented!

  Usually when a government hands over power to another government things turn really bad. If the banking system is digital never mind my blog what about the American currency? Did my blog inspire China and Russia to destroy the American currency? Is this why Russia has been snooping in lynnaluvers and now lynnaments?  What if I'm just worried about nothing and when China takes over my blog becomes the center of Chinese attention. Maybe with so much attention Lynna Lai is noticed as a god in China. How much should this control worry us?

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sterile Words

 Earlier this month in Smith country I was walking down the street and a group of East Asian guys were standing in front of a Apartment building; when I passed them one said "sterile" as a question without using it in a sentence. This had me thinking. Could it be I got ostracized because I'm not sterile? Could it be I've been followed because I'm not sterile? What was the east Asian mans meaning when he said it and is he associated with the god anchor?
  Out of the context of producing kids Sterile could mean a control of Article population or thought population. It could mean a control of Emotion. So the question is what did the guy actually mean when he said sterile? Did the guy look at my blog and feel like I should be sterilized; Not to be able to produce? Could he have been sterilized and feel like I don't deserve to make any kids? Why would he use that word?  If he's read my blog and he particularly doesn't like blacks it would be understandable to have  sterile feelings towards me.

 Since I didn't see any women with the guy did he mean sterile as in gay? Was this guy asking was I gay? Seeing that one can't reproduce naturally if you're sexually active with the same sex  was this what he meant by sterile? Is this why the god anchor and NBC promotes same sex to sterilize blacks who aren't living up to the standards of the god anchor and or China? Is it possible the the enemies of the god anchor had me kicked out because I wasn't living up to the standards of the god anchors ancestors.

Of course some might think I deserve to be sterile since I have high regards of the god anchor yet can't take care of what I've produced. Maybe while on the streets someone is sterilizing me with a gas.  Could this be why I was ostracized so that I could be sterilized? Don't get me wrong, I did talk about how the god anchor should control her newscast in lynnaluvers. If I said the god anchor should control her fans in lynnaluvers was this the sterile the east Asian guy was hinting at?  If Muslims can't be controlled does anyone have the right to sterilize or control the blogger in America?  

Thursday, September 8, 2016

TV Lies

When I first heard about lochte lieing , to me it wasn't a surprise. What was a surprise was the reaction . It's as if news associates don't lie.  Seeing that American anchors are associated with SAG they have to act or bend the truth. If the god anchor and or her associates bend the truth should they be compelled to down lochte? Could  the god anchor have been  compelled to ostracize me or get me ostracized?  Could her and her cohorts have felt like I lied in lynnaluvers therefore they felt like I had the ostracizing coming?

    Could this be why I was given an ultimatum to leave or have the house  remodeled; because they felt like I was lieing in lynnaluvers.  When I use the word ostracized does the god anchor feel like Im lieing?  To be ostracized means   to be excluded from society to be rejected from what you knew or know.  If someone gives you a choice to fix something that can't be fixed or get out isn't that a rejection? It would be like channel 19 being demanded to be 61 or face charges so steep it would put them out of business. Would 19 be lieing if they said they were ostracized if they couldn't meet the demands?

  This is why I say I was ostracized. Maybe not in the god anchor terms but if 19 was charged for not speaking spanish on their channel would 19s judges be wrong if they felt that 19 wasn't ostracized? Of course the judges wouldn't feel like 19 was ostracized because the judges aren't the ones being targeted. It wouldn't be wrong to speak Spanish it would be just something they couldn't do.

  Of course anyone could learn to remodel just like someone can learn to speak Spanish. The question is how fast can one get it? How much money would 19 lose if they had to shut down to learn spanish or hire some spanish speaking anchors.  What would I have losted if I had learned to remodel? What would have been losted if we learned the god anchor and 19 more?

 To end this article I would have to say that misunderstanding can get someone ostracized. Yet it could also get someone to lie like lochte. Should we blame misunderstanding more than the ostracizing for my situation? If we can accept politicians bending the truth should we be so hateful to lochte? Are the demands  or the ethics of the god anchor and or her workers the reason for my rejection? I think to blame TV is logical seeing how much of the news anchor I've been writing about.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Getting the Channel

After I finished "Ostracized Channel" I was walking down the street and a group of people passed me going the other direction. I didn't hear anything they said except these five words;  "He just doesn't get it"!  Which made me think about what didn't I get concerning my ostracizing? What didn't I get concerning the god anchors departure from 19? What didn't I get from her placement at Channel 3? What dont I get when I'm being stalked or targeted? What dont I get about the conspiracy?

 At least I got what they said. Sometimes people aren't suppose to get everything. Distractions or no distraction some still won't get it. The people of the U.S didn't get the right president. 19 didn't get the right replacement for the god anchor and  I didn't get to see a full news god newscast in a few yrs!  I think I got that Akron wants a better group of people in their city. I also got that the god anchor is superior yet I also got that for some reason someone doesn't like it when I acknowledge it. Maybe they thought I would get out of saying that she was superior once I got Ostracized!

  What didn't I get from her departure from 19? Was I suppose to get it? Was what I was suppose to get involve Brian Duffy? What was I suppose to get involve the FBI? Maybe I did get some things and some things I didn't. Maybe because I don't have the kid I don't deserve to get what ever Im suppose to get.

Getting has to do with studying and or knowing. Is what I was suppose to know worth knowing and studying? Would getting it have stopped me from writing Lynnaluvers?  If I would have known what ever I was suppose to know what would have happened? If the people knew who Obama was before he got elected what would have happened?

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Ostracized Channel

 Maybe deleting a homeless guy out of the kids life is revenge for me suggesting that 19 didn't match with the god anchor. Maybe deleting the homeless blogger was revenge on the deletion  of 19s Ex coworkers. It's not hard to fathom that their might be some huge powerful fans of 19 and or the god anchors that worked for a government agency in Akron or somewhere else in the U.S. When they read my blog they could have felt obligated to get rid of the blogger.

  Were they obligated to get rid of the blogger just because of the blog! Were there other elements? Were there other elements in my ostracizing that I havn't noticed or recognized? Did the god anchor contact the kids mom? Did the kids mom lie so that I could be ostracized? Why would she want me ostracized?  Did the god anchor and her cohorts create a group of people that I knew that bended the truth? What motivated them was it just my blog?

  I know I should let it go some might say? Let go of my ostracizing. Yet everywhere I go I see connotations of the god anchor. Which means someone doesn't want me to let it go. Who wouldn't want me to move on? Who wouldn't want me to live; are they associated with the current administration or the future administration? Who would want me followed and targeted; someone whose associated with the god anchor or the god anchor herself?  Was lynnaluvers so annoying it drew killers and stalkers? Was lynnaluvers so pro Lynna  Lai it drew attention to have me deleted and or worse?

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Kid Channel

Syndicated or not the conspiracy will forever be a part of my memory! Some would ask why would I let the conspiracy drive me away? Why did the country vote for Obama twice? Why would I believe in the conspiracy over my kid? The answer to all the questions is evidence of possibilities.

 Some would say I dont care about the kid because if I did I would ignore the conspiracy! Ignore connotations of death and of false beliefs.  Some would say how could I care if I don't support the kid. Yet my question is how can I care about the kid if he or I'm dead? Through out my homelessness I've noticed threats all around me whose to say those threats might  manifest once I do show love toward the kid. How many people of the conspiracy are in Akron right now to kill my kid once I step in the city? How many conspirators are waiting in Akron to kill the blogger once I'm arrested for delinquency in Child support?

  It's a catch twenty two.  When I wrote  lynnaluvers I didn't intend to involve the kid. Yet since I've been ostracized it seems like he is involved without his approval. Is this why 19 kept making connotations when the god anchor worked for the station to involve my kid? Could they make it seem like they're doing the kid a favor by deleting a homeless guy out of his life?

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Syndicated Questions

  In Cork City the Mafia ran it during the early times of its development. During the early times of 19 some have suggested that the station was ran by guys of a syndicate. Could I be prone to being in a city that is ran by the syndicate, which is why I was ostracized? Could it be that the station had gotten to much attention hence my banning?

  Since I've been in Cork city I've noticed a lot of syndicated people. This has made me think that just maybe I'm victim of the syndicate. Maybe the gods anchor departure of 19 was my ticket to stalking by syndicated individuals.  Was that offensive to the syndicate? Is this why the government arrested people who were supposedly associated with groups of a syndicate persuasion?  Is this why I'm getting so much attention by Cork Cities finest?

  How much does 19 and or Channel 3 have invested with Cork city? If it's a lot could I be in the sea of a school of syndicates? Is this why they had to get rid of  Dimora as to say we're so involved with the station we'll put away our own? If the station willing to get rid of its own; my banning is a drop in the bucket.

Thursday, August 11, 2016


In naming fear I asked who did the god anchor make an example out of so that Abell was afraid to say her name correctly? I ask this because just maybe if we can find out who did the god anchor make an example out of it can explain my banning. Yet as  I continue, maybe Abell wasn't afraid of the god anchor yet he didn't want to sell books based off A Lynna Lai ridicule. Maybe he felt bad not afraid when it came to the god anchor.

 Is this why I was ostracized because I cared too much about my blog like Abell cared too much about his ex co worker? Could it be he wanted to sell his books like 19 wanted to sell their news stories off controversy? Maybe him writing about Trivisonno and  spelling his name correctly wasn't about fearing the god anchor but about liking Trivisonno. Maybe he liked the radio DJ so much he threw him under the bus and Abell disliked the god anchor so much he was nice besides the spelling.

   In a news paper forum there used to be  fans of Cleveland T.V that would bad mouth certain personalities to the point you had to figure they must really like this personality.  Could this be the case with Abell and him throwing people under the bus? Is this why the god anchor was let go from 19 because they really liked her? Could it be the reason WKYC picked her up was because they really disliked her.

  It's odd how people on air show their gratitude. If what  was said is accurate could it be that my death would be their gratitude? Is this why the media is putting Trump under the bus because they like him?  I know we're not made to be liked yet I believe we are made to die and be ostracized which might explain why I was.

The world is twisted  and the amount of unknowns are monumental which means the twists of my ostracizing may never be known just like why Abell or the god anchor truly got the boot. Yet the questions surrounding my ostracizing which I'm convinced is part of a conspiracy is beyond our natural intake of knowing.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Naming Fear

 In a 2014 Article titled Conspiring Words I mentioned how Rick Abell A traffic reporter for 19 in  2010 mispelled the god anchors name in his book. Someone who works with the god anchor 5 days out of the week and probably sees her name plastered everywhere at the station made a anchor name mistake? Today the question is why? Did he do it on purpose? Did he do it to goof on the blogger? What motivated him to mispell the god anchors name?

 Personally I believe it was fear. I think people were afraid of the god anchor and or her associates. Could this be the reason why he was let go because of fear? Did the god anchor get released from 19 because of fear? Did Duffy create a force so that Abell was Afraid to type Lynnas Lais' name correctly? If 19 has the power to create fear wouldn't they use that power to get rid of the traffic reporter Abell? Maybe  also to get rid of the god anchor too and if they got rid of the god anchor with fear whose to say fear created my banning?

  If Abell was afraid to use the god anchors name correctly why wasn't he afraid to use Trivasanos name correctly? Could it be Abell was compromised by the god anchor and 19? Therefore, he was afraid of what he might lose. What else was in jeopardy after his job? Who did he see that was destroyed by the god anchor that made him afraid? Who did she make an example out of?

Thursday, July 28, 2016

July Thoughts

  Recently I got approved for a Apartment for homeless ex soldiers yet something bothers me. Something says to me that the conspiracy has manipulated my living.For example recently a grey haired guy with a Stalin type mustache who speaks Spanish goofed on a Asian guy there and even a spanish guy who wears a blue collared shirt and wears shades said a snarky remark about illegals. This had me thinking, is the conspiracy here? Could the Agents of the FBI like lai and Esparra be working for the god anchor to make sure my time here is weird?

  Im sensing that if the conspiracy is here they could be formulating a plot to get rid of the blogger. If they're formulating a plot to get rid of the blogger could they be formulating a plot to entrap me once I leave? Is this why I saw a police officer sitting out side of the building to wait to see if I leave and where I go? Could the remark the grey haired Spanish vet said be a way to be anti god anchor or anti lynnaments?

  With Trump running for president the amount of hate and sabotage is huge. Its like the conspiracy has gotten much more evil since I first got ostracized. Has our fetish turned those we come around into assassins of the news god or sabotagers? Is this why I was approved for  the homeless program so that I could be  sabotaged more and or put in a entrapped dilemma? If what we're living is an enclosure was I wrong when I said that the god anchor was superior?  if she wasn't or isnt would  I have been  hated to the extent of extinction!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Mistake Justified

 With all the excitement that just passed Cleveland this week it made me think of the CAVS championship which brought me to think about Steph Curry's dad who got mistaken for someone else with by the police. It made me think how easy it would be for the FBI or the cork city police to have a"mistaken" identity with me and have me killed via god anchors orders! Is it possible the reason why the CAVS won and the RNC was in Cleveland was to entrap the blogger? With so many black killings and police killings wouldn't my death be justified? Has the FBI created this anti black energy to kill the blogger by mistaken I'd?

   Its hardly likely Cleveland made a profit of millions to entrap me but maybe they are using the Cleveland hype to anchor the blogger! Is it too hard to believe that because of my blog and my claim that I was ostracized I'm targeted? I think if they wanted me dead they could have killed the blogger in Little  Mexico,Texas and even Cork City. Its not like my death solidifies the city.

  Of course my death would be justified or understandable because of all the dead police and blacks that have been part of the media. Is it justifiable to myself? Is it possible  Curry's dad was targeted because he wasnt in his kids life like me? Is it possible that those that work for the god anchor feel like they have the right to kill absent fathers especially black absent dads? Is this why I was ostracized so that I could be absent and in turn be justifiably killed by those that have allegiance to the force along with the god anchor? Has my blog  compelled this much entrapment?  Is she taking part of the entrpment to make sure "Dreamcast" comes true?

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Agent Article

  Since I've been in cork city the FBI has been getting a lot of attention. One of the occurrences that has been happening with the FBI that hasn't been getting any attention is that the FBI's cork city's lead agent is being removed. I know coincidences happen and this may be one.  Yet to me,there's something puzzling about the removal. Although Im not in the FBI I find it hard to believe that a agent in charge is relieved of her duties regularly. For example the lead agent in Cleveland hasn't been removed for over 10yrs.

 Could it be that when I got to cork city the agent didn't respond well with the demands? Could the god anchors associates have told her that I was a delicate FBI case and she had to leave. Maybe she's leaving because someone in a higher position got demoted. Could a devotee of the god anchor be replacing the FBI agent? Could it be that the FBI has been compromised by associates of the god anchor or associates of her associates have compromised the local FBI agency.

  I googled it and there are people with the god anchors last name in the FBI along with the name Esparra. This is the last name of the anchor I saw in A Akron City meeting when they were prosecuting the veteran for his housing. Could it be that the god anchor and Esparra conspired to remove me which triggered the removal of the agent in Cork City recently? Is this why delusion was a huge part in the god anchors vocabulary during her newscasts weeks before my exit?  Could the FBI have sold the god anchor this word delusion to create a energy? Is it possible that the FBI has used this energy to ostracize not only me but large groups of people in the states? I'm beginning to believe my ostracization was a practiced family oriented operation inflicted upon the FBI to get rid of the blogger which indirectly repositioned other FBI agents.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Taken By Conspiracy

I can remember four or five yrs back when I went to Cardinal City I noticed how inferior the news was to the god anchors newscast; I even blogged about it in Of course times have changed and the conspiracy has taken over. if the conspiracy hadn't taken over I would have written about how the channel three morning news cast in Cork City was inferior to the god anchors newscast  during these times. Obviously because cork city is very flamboyant one would expect a flamboyant show and I use the word show conservatively yet maybe the conspiracy is so strong the news people in Cork City have not noticed  and or it has crippled its appeal.

      The energy of the  conspiracy that's of the anchor that has morphed in the states can create a numbness. Its possible that the conspiracy of the god anchor has created a numbness in the news community just like it has created a numbness with myself . Is it our faults that the conspiracy is so strong? Some would argue that the conspiracy has become so astronomical  because I have acknowledged the god anchors superiority, her conspirators those that are possibly working for the god anchor like the police. So the question I have is if we didn't acknowledge the conspiracy would it still dominate?

  Would I still be stalked, would the news in other cities across America still be inferior, would I have been put on bed fifty still, surrounded by gays if I didn't acknowledge the elephant in the room? The answer to the questions is yes.  Even though one wont acknowledge a god doesn't mean she wont exist. If one didn't acknowledge Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynches meeting would the meeting not exist? If someone didn't acknowledge the weather and blamed a unscientific theory for it would it still rain?Therefore who is or was in a position to stop the conspiracy?

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Bunk 50

  In my last article I talked about how in the convent in cork city  gay guys were bunking around me and I mentioned how the bunk they assigned me was bunk fifty.  In this article I'll question what does the 50 mean. How does it connect with the god anchor? Is there a connection with the god anchor and the number fifty.

  Of course,when I was put on bunk 50 the first thought that popped up was the police. As in Hawii 5-0 yet as I digged and looked deeper I knew myself being put on bunk fifty wasn't about the police. If it was it was only meant to be a distraction of something bigger. Its not hard to imagine that those that put me on the bunk was told to do so by cork cities finest. Yet, maybe they wanted me to come to acknowledge a conspiracy with the police and the bunk but to me its bigger. Big just like the conspiracy of the god anchor.

Obviously if you took the zero out of the number fifty you would have the number five. Which is obviously the number of the god anchors competition but its also the number of letters in the god anchors first name. Could my energy have put me on the bunk because I'm always googling the god anchor? Was this a way to say fans of the god anchor are surrounded by gay doctrine? I totally think its bigger than the police connection, the number of letters in the god anchors name and the fans connection to gay doctrine. To me the number fifty has to do with the number fourty nine.

  The god anchors first and last name starts with the letter L. If one turns those two letters upside down we have two sevens and if you multiply seven by seven  you would get fourty nine. Could those at the convent have put me on bed 50 so that I would be close to  fourty nine which is equal  to two sevens? Could the connection with the god anchor and the number fourty nine be the number fifty?  I totally believe so; in fact the number goes beyond fourty nine. Could it be the conspiracy is to go beyond the god anchor or to go beyond what one believes or to go beyond lynnaluvers and or lynnaments?  The question I have is what's beyond the news god and do I want to know? Could what be beyond the god anchor be my death? Could those at the convent have put me on a death bed and not know it?

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Time of Broke Backs

 If a Woman says that a man raped her are males not suppose to convey with women.  If a black  gets shot by a police officer and is convicted are other police not suppose to kill blacks?  If a guy goes blind by watching lynna lai are other guys suppose to stop watching her? If a muslim male  kills a group of gays are straight males not suppose to complain
about gays?  It seems that Im not because of what happenened yesterday.

   Ive left little mexico and came to a city we'll call Cork City and I came to a semi convent. Where they put me on bed 50. ( i'll talk about the 50 aspect of my visit later). I ask the questions above because I was sleeping below two gay guys. Two gay guys that were flirting. Two gay guys that are white. One of the guys even made it a point to introduce hisself by saying he shakes the bed. If you've read mexican shake you'll understand why this is kind of weird especially since im in another semi convent yet out of little mexico.

  Obviously the cospiracy has spread from Texas,little mexico and now cork city. Especially since a bulky guy at the convent maybe the enforcer told me to button up my shirt. Its odd how a un buttoned shirt instares security but two gay guys sleeping next to each other doesnt in a convent. Maybe it doesnt have anything to do with my shirt being unbuttoned  but it has to do with the god anchor. What would the god anchor have to do with the enforcer and the two gays? Obviously the god anchor enforces a superior newscast by who she is.Could  her superiority be connected to sodomy and possibly pedophilia? Is there a connection with superiority and sodomy?

Am I just witnessing a pro homo country because of the killings? Could my blog have made the god  anchor or her cohorts to have the gays get killed so that they'll be a more acceptable energy when it comes to the gays. Of course the god anchor and wkyc is sponsored by the gay party but would they kill their own as a sacrifice for the god anchor to worship them? Would the gays sacrifice their own so that I could be a fan of someone who worships sodomy? Is this why when I asked to be moved to a different bed away from the gays they ignored the blogger; because the gay ideal is more respected?

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Memorial Conspiracy 2

 We just visited the possibility that the Conspiracy has grown because of the god anchors appeal and my repugnance. But it could be that the conspiracy has grown because of the FBI allegiance to the god anchor. Could it be that the god anchor is so compelling that the FBI has created a national and possibly international targeting exercise.

  Am I unreasonable and delusional to see A security guard that works for the train in Lil mexico follow me? Could the FBI have told Lil mexico train leaders to target me. I mean when I get off the train  and then the train security gets off its like they've been directed to follow me. Could it be that the FBI has told them that I was a threat in honor of the god anchor? Or has the FBI hired a private security organization to target the blogger which might explain the white shirt security on my heels. The scary thing is while they are looking for me or targeting me what are they missing? A terrorist threat? 

Could my blogging be a threat hence my security attention. Could it be that the god anchor felt threatened by my blog so now she feels obliged to threaten me by having me on some type of target list. Could the blogger be on a target list for blogging about the anchor? Is this why I got ostracized and now being targeted by security? Did we create the conspiracy by saying the god anchor is superior in lynnaluvers. Could it be the FBI might have put me on the list and therefore the security see's me as a threat? Could lynnaments and lynnaluvers be such a threat that the security the FBI hired has hired someone from outside the organization to shadow me? How many shadows has my Ostracizing spawned?

Friday, May 27, 2016

Memorial Conspiracy

Three yrs ago I got ostracized and on this memorial day weekend It has come to my attention that the conspiracy is bigger than the blogger could imagine? During this memorial day we have to ask the question why. Why is the conspiracy bigger now than three yrs ago? How do I know the conspiracy has grown and last but not least shouldn't the god anchor be in a top five market if the conspiracy is as big as I believe it is.

  Three yrs ago I was blogging about how helicopters in neo were involved with my ostracizing. Should I be surprised that if they involved helicopters in targeting the blogger the conspiracy would have no limits? Absolutely not, yet I am curious or should I say anxious. Anxious to see how big will the conspiracy become. How big will it get after my death? How I know the conspiracy has grown because in 2013 people weren't bragging about having Asian friends to me. People weren't drawing the god anchor and leaving her Pic in restaurants. Three yrs ago I wasnt being targeted by police. I didn't see police every where I went. Because if these occurrences and many,many, many more I believe the conspiracy is a monster.

  One of the reasons why the conspiracy may have monstered is because of my blog. But maybe its just a way to intimidate the blogger. Why would the god anchor and her comrades feel persuaded to intimidate me? Maybe once again the blog. Three yrs ago I questioned the likely hood of lynnaluvers being the reason why I got ostracized. Couldn't lynnaments be the reason why its grown. Could my irritability have created a growth that is four times the conspiracies that I've witnessed in 2013. I mean you don't get on a bus and two guys start talking Cleveland and mentioning your birth name without getting a feeling something is going on. Maybe they want me to have that feeling. So that I can blog it out. Are they trying to get my attention in honor of the god anchor or is this a ritual before the death of the blogger? A ritual that is motivated by their allegiance to the god anchor. Could that be it. That those that target me are only growing because of the god anchors appeal and my repugnance. Could my repugnance create a target on my back that ricochets to the honoring of the god anchor.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Black and Blonde

 I've left a progressive city in Texas to come to little Mexico. Which are two different cities. I'm not going to blog about the cities but who I saw in the  lil Mexico convent recently. I saw a progressive city native. A guy that breathes trouble. Could the god anchor feel that way when ever I write about her or watch her on TV that I'm trouble? How do I know he's trouble? Who put him up to it? Were the lil Mexico cops involved? Is he one of the god anchors Hench men?

  When I first saw him I knew it was him because no one else that's black and a guy and always wearing red wears blond hair. Lil Mexico is over 500+ miles from the progressive city in Texas so of course Im thinking he's following me. When I was in Texas this guy would ask me for money hang around where I sometimes showered and hung around other homeless criminals.

 I have no idea who put him up to coming to lil Mexico but I do believe he's a plant. Possibly by some authority figures but why? Why would they send him to lil Mexico to follow me. Is it the articles I made about the local authorities in the great state of Texas? Could lil Mexicos authorities have told the laws in Texas to bring a spy out here? It's a huge possibility. Seeing that the local authorities around makes me think their working for the god anchor.

 Maybe his appearance is in honor of the god anchor. It's not that I have a problem with people seeing what's in America its just why do I have to witness it? Maybe the guy had to leave the city because he was ostracized too or maybe he killed someone.  Could my blog have gotten him in some type of situation or someone he knows and now he's here to take my life. Could my delusion be attracting other delusionals? Could my blog be attracting my death or the death of the blond black guy that I insist is following me and is a hired spy.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Mexican Shake PT 3

I have a feeling that people are looking into if my gays in the convent are true and the Mexican Shake story is true. The reason I say this is because some donors of the Convent came in a few days after Mexican Shake plus the god anchor had me thinking. She reported about a lady calling the police just to get out of paying a bill.

 One of the reasons why I didn't report the guy touching my ass to a security guard or anyone is that they have become very considerate to gays. Not to mention I can sense they were annoyed by me especially Mike the night security guard. For example he wouldn't even let me watch Lynna Lai vids in the early morning in the open field because the camera couldn't see me. Another reason why I didn't say anything to anyone is no one likes complainers.

  If I can complain about the god anchor and her compatability with 19 and get ostracized what would happen in a place where the god anchor can really have her way? There were so many god anchor connotations in the convent it was like they were pandering from Indians caps to A guy saying he was a weather newscaster. What would a weather newscaster be doing in a convent?
 What happened after I told Mike about the guy shaking the bed?  What happened  is nothing. If their despondent about someone moving the bed while sleep what will they do if I told them about the guy touching me. Maybe the guy moving the bed worked for the police or the government and they can't do anything or maybe the guy I told works for the place I was ostracized from. He did look like a spokes person for Neos police dept.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mexican Shake 2

Of course the Anthony or Joe or number 24 is still shaking the bed. I'm happy I think the god anchor has something to do with this and he's not solely motivated to irritate me so I can't sleep ! .

  In the Mexican Shake article I stated that He had a grey car like the one I talked about in Texas. What's more coincidental is that this guys car has a Dallas cowboys knitted winter scully in his front window. A Dallas hat just like the guy that touched me on my back side while I was sleep ( for the record he cut his hair after wrote gays in the convent). Let the conspiracy theories begin. Let the maybes exist.

 Although I'll probably never find out but you can't say the conspiracy is fake when two guys are associated with Dallas hats which is in a state I just came from and they both are motivated to make me feel uncomfortable. So could it be that this blog is creating the god anchor uncomfortable? Is my writing so uncomfortable for the god anchor that she's dedicated to drive me to self destruction with the guys from Dallas?

  I know I could say it's all my fault I shouldn't have went to the convent. I shouldn't have written lynnaluvers or lynnaments. If that's the case Should the god anchor have been anchoring in Cleveland? Should I have been living in ohlaio? Should the god anchor have been on 19 from the go? Should I have been watching 19?

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mexican Shake

Not an hour after I make "gays in the convent" a new guy appears. A huge guy and he sleeps right under my bed. I guess the conspiracy is real. I thought I was going to have problems and of course I did. An hour of sleep and he's shaking my bed. Is this so I can be kept awake? Has the god anchor hired him to keep me awake? If so then why? Has Miguel hired a gang member to harass me so that I can't sleep? Maybe it's the police once again creating a wealth of plants to harass me in honor of the god anchor.

  The ironic part about all this is that  he's telling me I'm shaking the bed.  He's over 300 pounds and I didn't say a word to him until he starts complaining. How is it that the blogger gets so lucky. Maybe it's my blog their so attracted to or maybe he's was told to shake the bed so that I can't feel a needle injected while he's shaking. I mean I've watched him and he doesn't move if I'm not in the bed.

 Even more ironic is that the guy he replaces was named Thompson. Isn't the god associated with the Thompson's? What's more weird than the name is the name a security guard gives me. He tells me that the guy that's shaking the bed is Joe Lopez yet when I look on the paper where they have our names it says his name is Anthony Allison. If you divide the words in Allison all is and on you have Anchor Lynna Lai is On; Coincidence I don't think so.

  Could the security guy in the convent be telling him to shake the bed so that I don't get a lot of sleep? Why wouldn't they want me to get a lot of sleep?  Could the police be hiring these guys in the convent to rattle and bully me?  Obviously there's a conspiracy but could it be a gang conspiracy in honor of the god anchor?

Some would say there's no conspiracy you just have a restless sleeper. Then how come when I ask can if I change beds the security in the convent says no. Maybe their just trying to get the blogger accustomed to prison life once Hilary wins. Maybe the  bloggers death their helping with. If this guy isnt a plant of death why does he leave the convent when I leave? Why does he show up when I show up at the convent? Why is he Driving the notorious color grey car? Why was he hiding his face in the pic below?

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Conspiracy Against Mothers

  Is there a conspiracy against mothers? On this mothers day I ask my self this because I believe if they can ostracize me and target me couldn't it be bigger than me? Could the gays hate Women in general including guys who love women? Is the conspiracy against mothers not just about mothers but specifically the anchor god? I'm thinking maybe the gays have targeted the anchor god not because she's a mother but because she's a god. Maybe male gays don't approve of women being gods.

During my ostracizing which is coming up on its three year anniversary I've seen some anti-blogger connotations to AntiAmerican connotations. Yet what's worse is the Anti-Mom connotations. Maybe I was ostracized to contribute to the anti-mom movement. Maybe they thought if I was kicked out I would help eradicate the Mother/sister movement. Maybe the Anchor god is hated so much I was ostracized. Maybe they had me Ostracized to create a Anti Lynna Lai campaign. What if the god anchor her self wanted me to create a Anti Lynna Lai campaign to create a bigger audience. Maybe the Ostracizing was about numbers.

  It's always bigger than what it seems to be in my opinion. This is why lynnaments was born. Hate is a strong emotion. With that strength is there any surprise that connotations of the god anchor is every where? Which is why the conspiracy against the blogger is so strong. What's stronger than a conspiracy of hate?

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Gays in the Convent

  In my last article I mentioned I was at a convent and it's an accommodating place. Accept for one small issue. I believe there's a homosexual agenda going on. The reason I say this is because of a number of reason but the main reason is because some male touched me on my back side. To make it worse he wears a cowboys hat through out the day. Almost to say Texas brought him here to harass me. Could it be the gays are here in honor of the god anchor and WKYC? Has my past articles angered them and created a team to attack and molest?

  I've been hearing lil Mexico is a conservative town yet is it conservative on just crime and not sodomy? Could I just be in a place where someone whose gay has been following me and has called up his gay friends. What if the god anchor called up her friend whose gay and they insist that I need to be harassed. Maybe it turns them on to harass the blogger in a convent. Maybe I'm just delusional and its smaller than what I'm assuming.

 When I felt a finger on my ass I jumped in my bed. The first people I see is the cowboy and a black guy with a pony tail. They both had long hair yet the black  guy with the pony tail was a little further than the cowboy was so I assumed it was the cowboy. But maybe I'm mistaking maybe it was the black with the pony tail. Maybe he told the cowboy to do it just so they could see what I'll do. Maybe the god anchor has nothing to do with it but the guy Miguel who I mentioned a few days ago orchestrated it.

 What if it's just the local Authorities putting the cowboy up to it? What if they read my blog and they have a issue with it. Maybe they feel like the least they can do is have another guy touch my ass seeing I'm hetero. What if this is a way to get me programmed to prison life?

Friday, April 29, 2016

Gang Delusions

 Since I've come to Lil Mexico I've been assumed to be in the bloods or the crips. Not by a police officer but by a worker named Miguel Perez.  Maybe it's my skin. Maybe its his past interpretation of blacks since he did tell me he was in the Marines and from Compton.  What's weird is he says he has some Asian friends and he goofs about me Jacking off.

  Did this guy read my blog about the anchor hence his rhetoric? Has the god anchors spies been giving him info on me. What made him feel like he had to tell me these things. Could it be he was  offended after I ask him if it offends him that I try to talk in Spanish seeing he talks in Spanish to others. He then assumes I'm in a gang. Which makes me point out that MS13 is a much dangerous group than bloods or crips.

Maybe this is the world I'm in. I assume the cops are working for the god anchor and he assumes I'm in a gang. I assume the god anchor is Superior and he assumes I Jack off. Could it be he's a reader of my blog?

  Could it be he reads my blog or someone he knows reads my blog and they are offended by it? Could he be associated with MS13 and the god anchor or her associates have hired them to follow me? Does my blog attract gang members because I talk about the local authorities or could it be deeper?

Maybe the Browns are working for the god anchor and they are highly annoyed by my blog seeing that Miguel does have the word brown on him. Maybe I'm delusional and theirs nothing to him and the god anchor. I mean I am in a convent right now with ex felons maybe one of them had put Miguel up to putting me in a box. Which is kind of ironic seeing that I put the Early Morning anchor in a god box along with a conspiracy box and who knows what other boxes.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Police Assumptions

 Looks like I've been annoyed to the point of making time. I can remember when A article about seeing a police officer or their associations with the god anchor was priority. Speaking of police officers Why were they around when I was trying to watch a Lynna Lai clip? Actually why were they more aggressive when I looked up Lil Mexicos Kidnappings.

  Of course aggressive to me, when it comes to police officers is circling the area 3 times. Of course being Aggressive is death for some that passed away or being charged for Watching too many news clips. Yet they were so aggressive to me I had to walk instead of take the bus.

  Was this a test to see what I was going to do when they appeared? Or was my search of Lil Mexico's kidnappings too aggressive. Was it my homeless appearance? Was there something on the bus that they didn't want me to see. Are or were they planning a staged high Jack of the bus just so they can get rid of the blogger? Did they want me to walk in honor of the god anchor?

 The god anchor did say there was a  worm on her drive way? Am I that worm? Are they planning a staged vehicular homicide with me getting hit by a hired car. Could it be that they just wanted to be in my blog so that they have an excuse to kill the blogger once the candidates come to town?

 Maybe I've still got Some old newscasts in my head. Where one would of sworn the context was pointing at you. Like the army vet that got harassed for owning a shack or the time when a veteran got killed walking to work or from work. Maybe the officers have a connection with the Texas Officers and they feel obligated to continue the targeting!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Conspiracy Time

 There's no time to write about the connotations of the god anchor or the way the Muslim was touching me in line to get on the bus. There's no time to write about the conspiracies against the blogger. Right now there's not even time to talk about Tegna and the cuts their making which might include the god anchor I assume.

 Is this why they had me ostracized so that time disappears. So that motivation disappears? Could it be that I was so fixated on lynnaluvers that they had to kill my motivation. Which means to sabotage my view of the god anchor and life. I believe it's totally legit to suspect that the conspiracy to break me down is at hand and not dillusional. Maybe it's because the news, specifically channel 19 has been broken.

  Maybe the attention that I've paid to lynnaluvers is the same attention the enemies and friends  of the god anchor insist to pay me. Which explains the Police and Muslim attention I've been receiving even in little Mexico. Have they haunted me so they can break my will to blog it out. Have they haunted me to normalize haunting! Have they been hunted by ghost or other beings since lynnaluvers which is why they are dedicated?

Monday, April 18, 2016

Star Trek Article

  For the first time in my life I got to see a star trek episode a few months ago and I just got time to type it out. I typed it in Feb 2016 so hopefully what is about to be typed won't create more hysteria. The first episode I saw wasn't based on traveling on a star or worshipping a demon. The first episode I saw in my life was about a Character named LAL. Yes LAL, as in Lai, Lynna Lai.

  The episode was about a being who morphed some how into a Woman named LAL. She didn't have any knowledge of how humans functioned or their human behavior, therefore she had the behavior of a kid. A guy named data was giving her lessons on human functions when LAL'S original producer wanted her back. The original producer felt like she was being used for elementary activities. To make the story short LAL died because of human emotion. She felt emotional because she wanted to stick around with her instructor.

Could they have made this episode based on the god anchor two or three decades ago? Could this be why I was ostracized because the god anchor is a LAL.  Someone whose from another dimension? Did the producers of this episode know about the god anchor?
Maybe the god anchor is influenced by Data and Data is Superior to the god anchor. What if the god anchor is Data and the star trek episode just manipulated that fact.

Monday, April 11, 2016


  So when I get on the touchy touchy bus a black man was sitting right next to the seat that I was approved to sit at. Yet he gets up when I sit down and sits right behind me. It's not abnormal for people to move and change seats but it is suspect to have someone talk about Cleveland,Ohio for almost the entire trip and or how he kicked his kids out his house. The question that comes to mine is why?  Why didn't I move? Why did he feel obligated to talk so loudly as if to annoy? Why couldn't he wait until he was off the bus? Why didnt I take a pic of him yet I can take a pic of others? Was he a plant for the god anchor?

  I think the reason I didn't move is because it was a seat specifically for me at that time. Like right now there's someone talking about Spanish over the phone and I got up and moved. With the bus, it was a different situation. A situation that was bound to drive me if it wasn't for Mrs. Touch.

 The reason he couldn't stop talking about Cleveland,OH and or kicking his kids out of his house was because he was paid to talk about theses things. Maybe someone in the god anchors camp had him try to push the blogger. Maybe it was 19 and Duffy pulling one on me. Seeing they have a niche in Trolling.  Maybe their allegiance to the god anchor has manifested with the guy promoting Cleveland as if it was Heaven.

  Here's a question why didn't I tell him to quiet down? Why didn't I take a pic like I just did with the guy that was sitting right next to me on his phone today before I moved.  The reason was  I chickened out. It seems like when ever there's a black that needs to be exposed I chicken out. Could this be why Trump is so much a favorite because blacks have created a bunch of chickens?

 If it was anyone else a white male, a native, a Mexican ,a police officer, a Muslim I probably would of taken a shot. Yet for some chicken reason the energy wasn't there.  Could it be that the god anchor or 19 has summoned a invisible force to not take pictures of their spies? No, I totally believe it was the case of the chickens.  A symptom that must be killed.

 Because if it doesn't the chicken symptom can have a Evil effect. What if next time a troll comes in my presence and he's not there to promote Cleveland and or make some silly statements but he's there to end my life and or the innocents ones around me. Would it
not be nice to know that there's a current pic picture of the terrorist troll? Not saying that there's someone  who works for the god anchor and or 19 that would terrorize; but if a reporter can hit his own wife anything is possible.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Touchy Touchy pt Two

 The obvious question is of course why didn't I tell the Married East Asian Lady  to stop if it disturbed me? The other question is Did they read lynnaluvers and was that a motivator?

At times the older lady did sleep and even I got some rest but it seems every other minute she was brushing up on my leg with her hand.  Whose going to complain about a older lady brushing up against them? Especially a black who hasn't been touched by a woman in a while.  That's why I didn't say anything to her because although it was weird I liked it.  Not to mention what if I asked her to stop and she tells her husband I was touching her and I get a knuckle sandwich or worse. Who knows what kind of mind set she was in.

  What if the god anchors enemies had her do this so that they could test the blogger. Test me until I complained and then they can spin it into I'm a pervert.  The situation was a tough one to be in. I was thinking at the time what if she has already told her husband that I was touching her and he has already called in the goons. Seriously who would anyone believe, a ugly black riding by his self or a  older East Asian couple? Therefore, I took a picture of her.

Of course what had happened could have possibly been orchestrated by the god anchor or maybe the Eastern Asian Ladies Husband put her up to it. Could it be this is how they entertain themselves?  It could just be a response to what I said in lynnaments or lynnaluvers.

  Not saying that every Eastern Asian American has read lynnaluvers but there was to much energy to say someone she knows hasn't. Therefore, for me to be curious about the scenario is legit. Maybe this is what they want maybe they wanted me to blog it out? Blog it out so that they have an  excuse to put out their version or maybe to have an excuse to kill the blogger in honor of the god anchor.

 The weirdest thing about all this when I took the pic of her A minute later her husband whose like five rows away comes to her,taps her and talks to her in a unknown language while tapping his phone which was in his shirt pocket. This makes me think that maybe  they have surveillance of my phone.

Touchy Touchy

  Who wants to sit next to smelly blacks on a bus? Not just smelly blacks but ugly  unshaven blacks and not just sit by him touch him on his upper thigh. I guess older Married Eastern Asian Americans do.

  I could write a month's long article about  the things that have happened in the past 4 days yet I'll keep it short for now. I was on my way to a city let's call it little Mexico and on the bus  in the seat number thirty six. Everything was pretty normal besides the black bald guy mentioning Ohio every minute ( I'll talk about that later). Two dark haired Latino Women came on the bus and had the older Asian Couple get up ( I guess where the couple was sitting wasn't their seat). The Asian male moved close to where he was but the lady moved straight towards me. The Elderly East Asian lady ask if she could sit there I told her yes.  That's not the problem the problem is she gets up every hour to talk to her husband which means I have to get up or she has to climb over me since I'm closest to the aisle ( she wanted the window). Actually that's not a problem either the issue or weird thing is she keeps touching me or brushin up against me. She's not a big Woman she's average size maybe a little bigger than Kaity Tong, therefore she shouldn't be touching me right.

 The questions is was she a plant by the god anchors enemies? Who sits next to a smelly black unless they have alternative motives? Why didn't I tell her to stop?

  These days a blogger like my self still can recognize a plant. Maybe they wanted me to recognize the plant. But if so, then why? Why would they be so blatant or bold in sitting right next to the blogger?  To say that they have? To say they sat by the guy that wrote about the god anchor? So many questions arise but here's another one whose wife sits next to a single black? Why didn't I get up even after she asked me to move so her husband could sit down?  Why would they ask me to move if they've read my blog?  It's like me getting kicked out of my country then where ever I move the person who kicked me out cousins ask me to move out of his country. Don't get me wrong I wasn't upset it was just totally a lynnaments story!

You would have to believe they both were plants because a normal person wouldn't consistently touch me or have me get up. Maybe she did this because she thought I would move for her husband. Yet maybe she did it in honor of the god anchor.

 Its hard to say why she would want to continue to sit by someone who hadn't bathed in a few days. I mean if I could smell my self of course she could. Maybe her loyalty to the god anchor was stronger than my smell. Maybe my stinche and my repugnance was a sacrifice she was willing to make. A sacrifice to annoy me? A sacrifice to obey orders? What was she sacrificing for? Did she hate her husband so much that she didn't care how ugly or smelly I was?

PT 2 later!

Monday, April 4, 2016


In a earlier article I mentioned about Lynna Lai connotations and how they shape me. Some might not believe what I say but what Im about to talk about is a prime example of the god anchors connotations and how they are my huntress.

 Recently I was working at this restaurant let's call it the Dragon Wall and I was bussing tables when one couple left this Drawing that had the god anchors similarities.  I had to save it so I could take a picture of it. It's not everyday that people leave drawings of the god anchor around me. It's kind of Ironic that I blogged about the dwellings of my concern and it seems someone has donated to my concern. Donated to my belief that the god anchor has a army. That the god anchor is all around us.  

When I work or try to work of course it would be cool to have the news anchor on like ESPN is on in sports bars. Matter of fact she was on at a local establishment in Akron but it wasn't while I was working.  During work do we expect what we think about all day to appear. Maybe if its money but If it's the god anchor is she suppose to appear? Are Lynna Lai connotations suppose to appear during different times in my life. The answer is yes. If I believe that the god anchor was the reason for my end and the reason for the future then her connotations will hunt me. 

The question is  did the god anchor have a hand in the recent connotation which was the drawing. Had the local police dept have a hand in the drawing? If they did was it meant to be a joke or just a mind puzzle?  Has the god anchor become so powerful that people are compelled to draw her or could my blog be mocked and this was a way to mock some more. I mean the drawing doesn't look exactly like her because they did make her lips bigger. Yet other than that I'll say that's the god. The god that has been the subject of my blog but possibly the subject of an entire people. 

Thursday, March 31, 2016

News Dwellings

  So the god anchor has disappeared for the week. The Cleveland station says its mystery guest week but could this be a way to do away with the god anchor. A way to wean the viewers off the god anchors presence. Could this just be  a way for the the station to get more viewers!

  Why should I care some would say. I'm homeless, who would worry about a a news anchor or the news station if their homeless. Yet the complete question should be who wouldn't worry about a new anchor who might have had a hand in my Demise.  It's like asking a guy that's been shot and is dieing to not think about the guy who shot him.

   Some would say I'm not thinking about it I'm dwelling on it. I'm making her or her rule be the excuse. Yet isn't the god anchors rule an ingredient to every part of my life. Aren't there Lynna Lai connotations everywhere. Aren't the police everywhere. Have I not been hacked. Am I not homeless.  Therefore for someone to say stop writing or thinking or talking about the god anchor would be to say ignore life. Ignore everything! Do I not have eyes do I not have a memory? Maybe as I continue my memory will be mutated.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Baggage Blogger

 During this article you'll read a lot of maybes, because for the most part I don't know and if I ask I'm a jerk. It's Its just another story where I'm being screwed with in a American Library. I would like to say that this specific library was very American, no Muslims as security. As always since I've been on eagles coast I've taken my bags with me even to the porta potties because last time I let my bags go my birth certificate got stolen. Without a birth certificate sometimes it's hard to prove who you are. Even Donald Trump wants undocumented people out of here. (This might be why my certificate got stolen because they the Government want me to be undocumented).

So  As the story goes I take my baggage with me because that equals my identity and security and I'm waiting for the library to open and a black steelers SUV truck pulls up in the empty lot. A guy in a security officers uniform steps out of his pittsburgh SUV walks up to me and says you know you can't bring in that bag you have there right? I tell him I don't have a problem with it but I've been bringing the bag in and the other Security officer just tells me he doesn't want it unattended in the entrance. To clear the confusion you two need to talk I tell him. He tells me about the library rules.

  To make a long story short I had to get the manager involved named Bridget who acted like she didn't want her picture taken with the cam phone yet I had to get mine taken to access the internet (homeless problems). Before u bring out the phone I ask her can she be gracious, I'm not from here please just let me put the bag on the outside of the building entrance tunnel which I've been doing before security appeared. I kept pleading with her but she's a rule follower!

 The question is what changed? Have they been reading my blog? Did the "upskirt" article get them upset? Did the great anchor advice them to give me a hard time? Did Duffy a pittsburgh fan tell the security guard whose also a pittsburgh fan to screw with me? What was it? Was it that I talk to much about eagles ocean and give people my interaction experiences. Why it that libraries in general like to screw with the blogger even in pioneer city. Maybe they don't like bloggers who write about women. Maybe if I was a Woman blogging about how a male anchor has ostracized me it would be enjoyed. Maybe it's just the slavery connotations down here. Maybe for a black to say a Asian Anchor is God is heart wrenching. Maybe their offended by my writing style (it has been sucking lately). Maybe they feel since I'm in a library I should write like I'm in one and since I can't adios. Maybe that's why I got kicked out of the Buckeye state because if its pride in its scholarly citizens. Is lynnamentals unscholarly?

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Nerving the Conspiracy

  People say I don't deserve to work because I'm foolish with money, yet I say is it foolishness or nervousness. For example buying fast food, buying a room, paying a Woman to give me physical attention. I'm bringing this up on lynnaments because maybe my nervousness or foolishness is triggered by the news or triggered by the followers of the blogger.

  How do you make wise decisions when every decision is or might be watched or manipulated.  For example when I was in Dallas one day I bought a pizza and the next thing I know someone who was following me around is knocking me down. Can the blogger work when there's agencies following the him?  Maybe they want to know how I perform under stress. Is this why I was ostracized to see how I operate under stress?

  It's not anyones fault that I eat fast food, it's a homeless cuisine. But it's not foolish either. Especially when there's police everywhere you turn. It's like seeing the person that's going to kill you everyday. Isn't the blogger liable to eat more buy a room or hire a companion when there everywhere.

   Do I have a choice in paying child support when there's threats all around. If I pay child support will the authorities stop following me? Will the god anchor call them off? Will the blacks stop harassing me? Probably not, I'm betting next time I send mine to child support the enemies of the blogger will still be around. There's nothing I can do so that the conspiracy isn't proactive.  If the conspiracy is a juggernaut who am I to say that I won't be effected and Its foolish to react to the conspiracy.

  Not saying that I want to be  immune to responsibility. But it's my belief that the conspiracy is stronger than the responsible. If it's not Obama wouldn't be in office. If the conspiracy isnt stronger than the responsible then I wouldn't have been ostracized or WNIRs hosts wouldn't be dead or the desk chick. If the conspiracy isn't stronger than the responsible the Boston Bombing wouldn't have happened. Since the conspiracy is a juggernaut do I deserve to work do I deserve to live?

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Conspiracy of the Chest Police

Why do I always get attention in the library? Why couldn't CNN GOD atleast stay as the most current article longer? Why are people so offended? These questions I have and more on this Sunday March 6th 2016.

  An hour before I got some attention from a black lady security guard I tweeted about how black women and democrats coexist. Next thing I know I get asked to button up my shirt. A shirt that was two buttons unbuttoned. I said I didn't know they had a uniform policy and she says we do. Before I go in let me just say I hate to bring this up but if I don't somebody else will get picked on. If I don't bring this up because she's black or because she's a Woman what would that make me.

Here's a question was the security guard more offended by my unbuttoned shirt than I was by her asking me to button up? Here's another question is the library or this country turning into a prison or was it the god anchors way of getting me ready for Prison? Was the black lady security worried that some patron would be offended by a hairy chest?

  What does all this have to do with the god anchor you might ask? Its my suspicion that they the security guards had been monitoring me today on March 6th 2016 therefore maybe the god anchor or her friends have put the black lady security guard up to it. Maybe she was monitoring my twitter account and was appalled about what I tweeted!

  After she told me to button up  and left I had to go and talk to her. Because it really seemed like she was picking on the blogger. So I went downstairs with a book in my hand full of nudity called CINEMA SEX SIRENS looking for the black lady (I would have never done this before I was homeless). Who I found was a grey haired maybe Hispanic security guard someone who works there alot. I ask him where is the black lady and he says she's making her rounds ( isn't that a prison term). I say can I speak to him and obliges. I tell him what just happened and then show him the book full of nudes and ask him how is it offensive to wear a unbuttoned shirt but the library is full of nudity. He tries to explain even shows me typed up where a person's upper body must be covered. We go round and round for about 5 minutes he even said if a kid saw my unbuttoned top I could be arrested. I told him I wasn't looking for an apology and said I felt like she was targeting me; especially after he says that we can't watch everyone. So why watch me? Because of my other articles a bout the local libraries?

Could the black lady security guard be related to someone I wrote about in the past. Does she hate black homeless males? Was she inspired by the black police officer that killed the dillusional naked black male last month?

  Could the god anchor have hired one of her friends from Atlanta to hire the black lady security guard to screw with me knowing I would blog it out. Hence when I blog it out other things occur like maybe one of her black male gangsters attack me. Maybe one of her black male Cop friends screw with me thinking its in Honor of the black lady but it's really in honor of the god anchor Lynna Lai.

  I understand this is Texas and people are conservative. But if a library can have nude books which I'm not objecting why would a Texas library object a guy have his shirt 1/4 unbuttoned ( As I'm writing this two 6ft black guys pass me while talking about kidnapping,).

Friday, March 4, 2016


  My sources say that the god anchor is in Atlanta. Could this be a good thing? Is she visiting or is this going to be her new home?  Did my last article cause her to take a break from WKYC?

  Who knows what's going on for all I know she might not be in Georgia at all but in Florida,Louisiana or Texas! For all I know someone might have conspired to make her leave and go to Atlanta.  What if this could be the
Beginning of the god anchor on CNN or HLN or another national news station.  What if CNN saw her on WKYC during the Miracle in Cleveland hype and they haven't forgotten about her! What if this was all planned!

 It would be incredible if the god anchor was on CNN. This would mean not only people in Cleveland can watch the god anchor but folks all around the world. Not saying that folks couldn't watch the anchor all across the world on but it's a totally different platform.

  Assuming that she's going to CNN what will that mean for lynnaments? Will the conspiracies abound?  Will my experiences become more weird. How strong will the Lynna Lai connotations be if and when she ends on CNN? This could very well be a good thing but only if they give her proper TV exposure.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Let Blacks Die

  I wasn't going to write anything today but it seems either the great god anchors friends or enemies want me to on this day of February 29th 2016.

  I was minding my own business in a nice part of town I assume where the demographics are mostly Mexicans, demographics are important. I'm watching the god anchor videos outside on a bench at a Sears outlet store. I'm getting real excited  and all of a sudden I hear sirens.

  The sirens are coming closer and then I see a ambulance, ten seconds I see a fire truck, ten seconds after that I see two patrol cars. Of course I'm going to ask did the god anchor put them up to this; because when I get up and leave the ambulance follows me. Is this a stalking technique? Were they trying to warn me or was it that they thought I was dieing. Maybe whoever called them lied to the operator and told them I was dieing, but why? To harass me in honor of the god anchor.

  The cops have been on my heels since my ostracizing so I have been writing about them. Does one really think that if you write about a person in a way that says they're following one will they get help from the person's youre writing about?  So why spend tax money on harassing the blogger?  Maybe they were offended by where I was which was right across from a restaurant called Kublai (Lynna connotation).

  If they didn't like where I was why would they bring a fire engine? Why not just shoot me and get rid of the blogger. Why disturb a homeless news god fans excitement? Maybe because I disturbed the god anchors excitement at 19 WOIO? Could the Ambulance and the rest of the group have been called by woio's people?  If so do you think they really care about the bloggers health? If they can stalk and mock the blogger during his homelessness a healthy blogger wouldn't be any of their concern. If I do come across a health concern in the public if you're a stalker or work for the god anchor or one of her enemies please let me die in peace. If you can stomach my homelessness you can stomach someone's death. If I can handle the god anchor getting let go from 19 I can stomach her replacing a MSNBC anchor. If you want to get rid of homelessness and or blacks or black males. Let them die. To act as if you're out for their safety and health is not believable. Believe in the extermination of black males more than your duty. Because it's my belief that if the emergency people would believe in the extermination the problems they have wouldn't exist. Yet maybe that's why black males are in this country to keep the emergency people busy and working. If that's the case please don't do your job when I'm checking in. For the sake of humanity.