Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Police Assumptions

 Looks like I've been annoyed to the point of making time. I can remember when A article about seeing a police officer or their associations with the god anchor was priority. Speaking of police officers Why were they around when I was trying to watch a Lynna Lai clip? Actually why were they more aggressive when I looked up Lil Mexicos Kidnappings.

  Of course aggressive to me, when it comes to police officers is circling the area 3 times. Of course being Aggressive is death for some that passed away or being charged for Watching too many news clips. Yet they were so aggressive to me I had to walk instead of take the bus.

  Was this a test to see what I was going to do when they appeared? Or was my search of Lil Mexico's kidnappings too aggressive. Was it my homeless appearance? Was there something on the bus that they didn't want me to see. Are or were they planning a staged high Jack of the bus just so they can get rid of the blogger? Did they want me to walk in honor of the god anchor?

 The god anchor did say there was a  worm on her drive way? Am I that worm? Are they planning a staged vehicular homicide with me getting hit by a hired car. Could it be that they just wanted to be in my blog so that they have an excuse to kill the blogger once the candidates come to town?

 Maybe I've still got Some old newscasts in my head. Where one would of sworn the context was pointing at you. Like the army vet that got harassed for owning a shack or the time when a veteran got killed walking to work or from work. Maybe the officers have a connection with the Texas Officers and they feel obligated to continue the targeting!

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