Friday, March 28, 2014

Phoenix Upskirt Story

    You can't sit here sir because you might look up a girls skirt. That's not what the library security said to me but might as well have said it here on the western part of the country. Before I start I do this everyday and not one librarian or library security has said anything to me about my actions and Ive been reading alone for at least a month now. I was sitting in the corner all by my self reading an amazing book. Away from everybody  just sitting on the floor  where it was comfortable. One security guy passes me and  acknowledges me but  I pay him no attention because the book was so good.  The second security officer passes me (a blond woman) and says sir you can't sit here on the floor. No problem, I'll stand up. After I finish reading part of the book for the day I ask another security guard while I'm exiting  why did the female security guard tell me to get off the floor when I always read on the floor in this place and no one says a thing to me about it.

  He asked me who it was and I told him and he says the reason was so no one can look up girls skirts. Now one might ask what does this have to do with the great news anchor Lynna Lai? Well what if that's why I got Ostracized because they didn't want me looking up Lynna Lai's skirt or looking at Lynna period. I can't believe I'm pointing this out but looking up a girls skirt is wrong  (I'm typing this while a woman is sitting like 4 feet away showing her cleavage) and people who do this aren't considered someone you consider upstanding.  With that said yes I watch Lynna Lai yes I'm Obsessed with newsbabes yes I'm a heterosexual  but to say I can't enjoy my book because I might look up a girls skirt is ridiculous. Again maybe if I was gay it wouldn't be a problem, it's ok to look at boys  I guess.  I bet the female librarian would get a kick out of  it and wouldn't even bat an eye. But to suggest that I might look up a girls skirt because I watch news anchors on the public computer is disturbing.

  Have they read my blog and they think I'm a perv  or maybe it's because I watch videos of news anchors. Am I suppose to stop my daily news watching because I'm a heterosexual? Maybe the female security guard was jealous that news anchors get so much attention. I wasn't wearing a suit not even a white smile and was wearing glasses. Does this mean that guys who wear glasses are subject to be harassed in phoenix  especially if their black? Because they think they are more likely to look up a girls skirt. I'm definalely sensing this is one of the reasons why I was ostracized from "OHLAIO". I think Lynna and Company  thought or maybe calculated that since I was so obsessed with the great one I would be obsessed with upskirting or even worse. What if Lynna Lai is part of a minority report club and they calculate the likely hood that viewers would do criminal acts.

Lastly if we're going to tell people to get off the floor because they might look up girls skirts shouldn't gays stop going into same sex restrooms because they might look at another guy or girls privates? Should we keep a certain people out of vegas because the likelihood they might commit adultery or prostitute?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bringing the Crazy

  Today and many other times people ask me out here in the west " Hey you got any spice, you got any coke? I reply to them no or I can't help you. What I really want to tell them is "No, that coke look or that spice look you see on me is the effects of Lynna Lai". Hence the question  why does Lynna Lai and company have that type of effect on people? Why does she bring the crazy out?  What is it that she has and has it back fired ? Am I just acting out the side effects  of  not watching the great one?

    If Lynna Lai and company didn't bring out the crazy in people she wouldn't have a job. If Law makers didn't create more laws congress and police wouldn't have a job either. So maybe it's not the fact they want to bring the crazy out it's the fact that they rely on job security. We have to remember that the government and the media  work hand in hand  hence the reason I bring up both. We have cases where Government officials have killed someone because they wouldn't shut up or they were a liability.Therefore why wouldn't they bring the crazy out in me? I mean I don't even write as much yet the great anchor has a stronger effect on me than when I was in "ohlaio"

The other reason why they like to bring the crazy out is because they might be crazy themselves. Someone has said if you stick around long enough with someone you start picking up their habits and traits. What crazy traits has the great one picked up? Lastly I think I am just feeling the after shocks of the great anchor Lynna Lai. The question is will they ever go away? I doubt it.

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Since my Ostracizing Ive been in between living conditions  therefore Ive had to shower in questionable places. Ive had to shower in a all male establishment and during the times of my showering in this all male establishment out west where there was no privacy (wasn't jail) there were a lot of eyes on me . Almost as if they were studying me or checking me out.

     Today as I saw a woman that looked like Lynna Lai I studied her which made me think of the weirdos that were oggling at me during my showers at the all male establishment. This made me that it could be a possibility that I got Ostracized because of my oggling behavior.  What if I was Ostracized for oggling  Lynna Lai ? Right now I'm pass the reason I got ostracized but my concern is that maybe she hired the guys to oggle at me in the shower for payback.

  Here's a question; is the action of me watching Lynna Lai on T.V. the same as males watching me in the shower? What if the great anchor thinks it is the same? Maybe she believes that males and females are so equal that a guy can look at another guy  the same way  a guy looks at a woman. Another theory is that she or someone told her that I didn't agree with the gay agenda and a  way to get me in a bad situation or drive me crazy is to put me in a gay situation. What if one of her ex co workers is gay and to be on good terms with 19 she orchestrated or hired some guys to study me.

  Last but no least maybe she thinks since I'm not with my kid I'm not a guy. Since she thinks I'm not a guy/man she believes I should be treated as someone less than a man. One of those less than a guy associations is being oggled at by other guys. What's next maybe she's going to orchestrate the rape that I wrote /dreamed about in Maybe she thinks that since I wrote that I'll be raped in jail she  has the responsibility to make it a reality and before she does she has to program me into excepting the oggling.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Conspiring Words PT2

    In the Article titled Conspiring Words I talked  about how the media which Lynna Lai is a part of  frequently uses the word conspiracy and I stated when they do this it loses its affect. It not only loses its affect it makes people come to the unconscious conclusion that nothing is conspired especially when it comes to the Gov or the Media. Therefore Lynna Lai can do no wrong or say no wrong. She could not have had me ostracized if there's no weight in conspiracy theories.

   In the beginning of I always mentioned that Lynna Lai  could do no wrong . Maybe the reason I got Ostracized is because I just mentioned Lynna Lai and   not the entire  media company. This isn't an excuse but Ive always believed there was one single Hero or Heroine in the world. Teams win games but individuals are voted for. Therefore there is no way I could have said Lynna Lai AND 19 are flawless during the days of If this was the real reason that the tv media keeps using the word conspiracy than I was right when I said or suggested in that she is elite.

  Thats the issue Ive always said this and I'll continue to say it that her comrades have a issue  with my beliefs. Maybe they had an issue with the fact that I said she was elite in Ohio or maybe it's because I said she was a world star elite and lived opposite of their living quarters as to say they lived better than me. Why would they care if I lived humbly? Is it the fact that they had rental property close to me? Was Lynna Lai going to buy rental property close to me and couldn't since I lived there? If they had rental property there I wonder for how long because if they had rental property for a very long time in my area why didn't they have cameras out during the drug busts? Why didn't they persuade the local P.D. to do something like the possibility of them influencing the local P.D. out west.  Maybe the local P.D. in Ohio told them they couldn't do anything  before they get rid of me. What if Lynna Lai and Duffy has ties in the drug syndicate in my Old neighborhood and wanted me out of the way since all I was doing was writing about Lynna Lai?

Thursday, March 13, 2014

OK'D? (Ostracized for the Kids)

   Before I start Let me Share with you a teenage missing that I saw online and thought I would share;  if you know where she is call local authorities.

     Before  they ostracized me  do you think they thought  of what would happen  or wouldn't happen to my kid? Would the kid ever see me again? When I ask this question did I think about Lynna's kids when I wrote maybe that was their thought process when they begin planning on my ostracizing. Maybe they concluded that since I didn't care about the news anchors kids well being or so they thought why should they care about mine. Not saying that they should care about my kid its not their job but when i wrote was it my responsibility to care about Lynna Lai's or Brian Duffy's kids?  Did I even think that their kids would be in trouble when I wrote Yet one has to assume that maybe mine is?

   I wrote this a thousand times and it comes up again. This is the price we pay when watching Lynna Lai. Now is the price fair for me? I can say it's not fair for anyones kids but who thinks that when they blog? Did Chris Wallace think his father was going to get killed before he started against Obama? Did Breitbart think that maybe he was going to have to leave his wife earlier than expected because of his news site? I certainly didn't think that my kid would be affected because i thought that Lynna Lai was a better newscaster, who gets their shirt wrinkled over that?  I mean the stations have many pro kid reports Lynna Lai always talks about her special people during her reports. This makes one assume that they are for the little ones . Even before Lynna Lai was on WKYC they had a program called Romonas kids. This makes one assume that they are pro kids right?

  Maybe that was the issue maybe they said to themselves that I wasn't a good role model for my kid so they ostracized me. Maybe they saw that I wasn't financially fit or stable to be around him . Therefore,they had to kick me out of the place. How many non-role models does WKYC  and or WOIO  promote on a weekly basis? I think what I'm aiming at is that they were looking for an excuse and I'm guessing the excuses were there (Which might be reason why I'm asking  why I've been out of Ohio). Yet it's quite weird seeing that I quite possibly have financially supported my kid more last year before my ostracizing than this year. Which might be what they want. Because the lack of support proves that I deserved to be ostracized. Maybe that will be the tipping point the fact that during my voyage Ive become unfit for my kid? Maybe their thought process is that if Lynna can continue to support her kids after she was ostracized from 19 so can I from Ohio.

   In conclusion if the news media were so concerned with kids and their well being wouldn't they get all the sex offenders off the street?  Wouldn't they ostracize, eliminate child predators? Wouldn't they have found Jon Benets real killer? Maybe their afraid because to put a spotlight on the child predators would be putting a spotlight on themselves or their strong supporters which is the catholic church.

Sunday, March 2, 2014


   So I lost my phone today, no I'm not going to blame it on Lynna Lai it wasn't her fault it fell out of my pocket some how or someone pick pocketed me. In any event, when I found out that I lost  it I was reluctant to say that Lynna Lai conspired to hire someone to take my phone. Now even though I was reluctant and that's a good thing my question is who or what has made me reluctant.  The media is beginning to belittle the word conspiracy hence my reluctance.

    The way the media is belittling the word conspiracy or making it less powerful is by using the word more often or using it in a joke, Could it be the reason they are using the word obsessively is to break down the effect it has? Could the media or did Lynna Lai Orchestrate the entire media to over use the word  so the blog would look like it's delusional?

  Maybe Lynna Lai came to the conclusion that since I use the words "Lynna Lai" so much  or am obsessed with the name which makes her name noneffective why not make the word conspiracy noneffective. Maybe they came to the conclusion that since I won't stop talking about Lynna Lai after my ostracizing the next step is to discredit the blog. Maybe thats why they use the word gay so much because they want it to become ineffective.  or less taboo. If this is the case the name "Lynna Lai" is taboo and if the name Lynna Lai is taboo that means it's hot therefore it might become criminal for me to even write her name (which might be why Rick Abell misspelled her name  in his book) .

    What if the reason they are using the word conspiracy a lot is because they are threatened by conspiracy theorists. Maybe they feel threatened by conspiracy theorists because Lynna Lai viewers were believing the theorists more than the media and Lynna Lai. Maybe that's why I got ostracized because someone important believed more than Lynna Lai.

  We all know the great anchor and company are very confident therefore maybe they're bold enough to let the viewers know or hint that they are going to conspire against the viewers. Maybe the media is throwing hints suggesting that they should believe the conspiracy theorist instead of tv media like wkyc  Lynna Lai. Maybe that's what 19 was aiming to change their newscast into a conspiracy channel (What if they brought Lynna Lai back to woio just to start the new conspiracy movement,would you watch)?

  At the end of the day I don't know why they're goofing on the word conspiracy. I never used the name Lynna Lai to hurt her  and if the news anchor would have asked me to stop writing lynnaluvers or her videos I would have. For example Ive had a news reporter personally contact me just to tell me to take her videos off the channel and I did immediately. Yet I have to question myself and ask would I stop talking about Lynna Lai  now after my ostracizing (How taboo/hot is her name to me)? That's like asking a guy to stop bleeding after you shoot him it's kind of hard to stop and maybe that's what the media is betting on.  Maye I shot Lynna Lai unintentionally and therefore she had to conspire to ostracize me. In my opinion nothing is accidental when it comes to the local and national news there is a plan with saying conspiracy so much.