Thursday, February 27, 2014


     Lynna Lai is married, obviously.  The reason I'm bringing this up is because I'm beginning to fathom that the reason I was ostracized was because she's married. People have been killed because of looking at married women, so why shouldn't I suggest that I was possibly evicted out of my humble house because she's married. Even though we live in America and people don't respect marriages (pastors have coached women to get  divorces) it's still understandable how one could think that one could be ostracized for blogging about a married news anchor.

   Don't women blog about married guys? I'm sure they do; they have to blog about Brad Pitt, Matthew McConaughey and a bunch of others. So if women do it why can't I right, what rule did I break when Iwas writing about the married news anchor on Maybe it's the unwritten rule that I forgot that says that Women can do a lot of things that guys can't do? That doesn't mean that blogging should of gotten me put to the curb. You have to wonder if I was gay and I was blogging about Lynna Lai the married anchor, would this have happened seeing that they approve of the gay community.

  If William Shakespeare was alive wouldn't he start blogging? What about our founding fathers wouldn't they've blog That's all they did was write. You don't think John Adams wrote about some attractive married religous woman? Maybe he didn't write as much as me about the Married woman but maybe he did.

 Are we saying that blogging is just for women? Are we saying that Women can only write about Married men? How many Married men and Women are in Porn? I'm not comparing the news to porn but writing about a anchor  whose married and didn't even work in the same city as me shouldn't be taboo. It shouldn't be tabboo Especially when there's a Married Anchor whose in the Magazine Hustler that filled Lynna Lai's spot on her past role on 19. Maybe what the News Authorities are saying is that it's ok to blog about a Married Anchor just as long as you're established.

    If writing about Married News Anchors is a crime then guys reading about married news anchors  should be taboo too. Lets just outlaw reading all together for males. I know it was silly for me to be obsessed about a local anchor but it's also silly to make it a crime to blog about a married anchor. Instead of writing and watching Lynna Lai I should of turned off the tv obviously.

  Maybe I need a news anchor addiction program. I need to be in Lynna Lai detox. The reason why is because if I can't fathom not writing about Lynna Lai or thinking that turning off the TV while Lynna Lai is on is just cause for attack then I definately have had too much of a good thing. Maybe writing about the news anchor wasn't the crime maybe me writing about the news anchor was.  I know I used to believe that blogging about the married news anchor  doesn't harm anyone and if it did, it was justified seeing that I believed that some news anchors didn't deserve to compete against her, It did harm me.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Patrolling Threat


   When I started to leave Ohio How would I have known that the Locals of every city I'm in would be stalking me?  Would I have made If I knew the Cops would be on my heels like they are? Maybe the local authorities are on my back because they've read my last few articles and they feel like its a threat? Lastly maybe the Cops are on Lynna Lai's tail and since they are she've ordered the cops to follow me.

  I definately would have made if I knew the Cops would be on my tail after I got Ostracized. That would be Like a Police Officer  stop pulling people over just because one of his partners got killed. One thing that Ive come accustomed to is death is extremely close in my surroundings and therefore we can't stop who we are just because Lynna has cop connections. Would my blog have been so offensive if I would of stopped with a certain article before late 2012? Maybe Lynna Lai feels like I'm stalking her and therefore she's returning the favor.
Once again I'm far away why would she be threatened. Once again maybe she's not; yet she's pretending to be to get what ever she wants.

    Maybe my blog is such a threat that they had to fire people. I get 10 viewers a week on a good day that comes to my blog currently; how is it  a threat? got over 100 views a day and I didn't get that much attention  from local PD. Then again; I didn't step outside the house that much either. When you have news anchors suggesting that they're going to have me killed who wants to step out side? You can't step outside when you blog about a News anchor Involved with a deadly dream you had.

     I just heard about A CNN anchor talking about how her and her children were being threatened on twitter recently. Does or did Lynna Lai feel threatened when I wrote my conspiracies on and How many times did Lynna Lai report about black dads being murdered or kids being killed or a man being put in Jail for being online? I didn't call the Cops to stalk her. Maybe it's because she programmed a strong connection with her and the Cops therefore me calling the cops would be like me calling her.

Maybe was threatening careers and when ever you threaten someones career you threaten their life. Since threatened someones life indirectly by threatening peoples careers they thought it would be justified to suggest that I'll be dead soon and or in Jail. Which is where we are now with the Local Police. Lastly we might be a threat because last year or 2012 everything I wrote came true  or if I commented on Lynna Lai's facebook page someone would die the next day. Maybe that was a threat to them, Maybe Lynna and wkyc/woio orchestrated the deaths and made it seem like it was because of my blog or facebook comments to make me look like a delusional.


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Feminist Videos

Valentines Day just passed lets talk about what I love and how what I love was stolen from me. Im speaking on my Lynna Lai videos. I had over a hundred videos with me when I left Ohio and 80% of them are gone.I guess that's what happens when you move you lose things. I can hear Lynna Lai saying "you not only lost the videos you lost your mind"! Goof"! I think I probably deserve it since I watched too much Lynna in the past and my videos possibly got Ann Curry demoted along with Lynna Lai.  I just posted a Video with her Talking about Erectile Dysfunction. Last time i did this she got canned but'she's on WKYC so she won't get canned this time! We're suppose to be in a Feminist Society people.  With that said, seeing that one of her bosses was possibly a feminist (Debra Pando) The video shouldn't have gotten her the ax!

  The Video shouldn’t have gotten her the Ax and my blog shouldn’t have gotten me kicked to the curb . But that’s the life we live in we can’t predict the future but we sure can create the future. Who would of thought that my blog would have created me losing my Lynna Lai vids indirectly. Who would of thought
That making would have gotten Lynna Lai fired. Who would of thought that my blog would have put Harry Boomer and Catherine Bosley to replace Brian Duffy and Lynna Lai? I watched too much Lynna Lai but does that mean she gets canned? Don’t get me wrong Im really happy she’s on WKYC but again was my house worth it?


So no one in their right mind is going to say that losing a house is worth watching Lynna Lai! So does that mean I’m delusional to say that I should lose a lot more. My house along with my life and my kids life is equal to watching Lynna Lai I would of said or believed a year and a half ago. So what is worth watching Lynna Lai? What are you willing to give up to watch Lynna Lai? Are you willing to give up your life or kids life?: Is watching Lynna Lai worth going to prison for?  Is she worth it? I hate to say it but some people would say yes. She’s worth it and I think that’s what makes people angry that she’s worth dieing over or destroying their own lives and other news anchors or meteorologists aren’t. Maybe when I’m dead or looking at death I’ll change my mind and attitude. Don’t get me wrong she can’t replace my kid no one can do that but I believe a feminist wouldn’t want kids to have their fathers around so actuality I’m following feminists beliefs we live in a feminist society and Lynna Lai is one herself although I can’t say I am one , I’m following one of their unwritten beliefs that to create a more powerful female society in America kids shouldn’t be subject to their father because it would create a stronger family and if a stronger family exist the movement of female superiority won’t continue to flourish and if female superiority doesn’t continue to flourish Lynna Lai won’t Flourish.

Maybe I’ll touch on this subject more in the future

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Anonymous Attractor

Some would say how about I talk about my own beauty or lack there of. I really believe as humans continue to be a witness to crime we including myself are less likely to talk about there selves.One comes to the mind set that if they did that to her or him what will they do to me? In my case it would be they did that to Lynna what will they do to me? I really believe it's human nature not to report on crimes especially if you don't see one's self in a good light. For example our future killer or her channel never talked about ratings when she was on 19 and in radio  dj's never talk about how desirable or non desirable they are and we know that blacks never talk about how they have sexual offenders living amongst them and their children. All these crimes we miss and are attracted to what's most attractive which Impacts us in more ways than we will ever know.

  The Above paragraph I wrote in early 2013 or late 2012 that's what it basically comes down to. We as  in society aren't attracted to what's hideous especially when we're talking about real leaders. We might talk about what's hideous but to have someone lead us into the future one must be appealing. Which is possibly why I'm some what Anonymous.
It's because I know I'm not an a appealing guy and it seems that as I continue to day dream about our killer I become more disgusting. Instead of focusing on my unappealing nature it's no wonder that I write about Lynna Lai.  I Write about how she doesn't belong with undesirables which at that time was 19. How she belongs with a state of the art anchor and news channel.


One has to conclude as I was writing these articles I was turning even more disgusting and even more undesirable. What I was saying was true but I guess the laws of nature says if one See's someones beauty or superior character it shouldn't be mentioned by a blogger or a grungy blogger I should say. Maybe if someone would of spoken up with some weight and asked the question why was Lynna the first Asian American anchor in NEO or even better Why was Obama thrown on the American people because he's black?

  Some would argue that it doesn't matter your appearance or lack of social status, one should still be able to identify whose blogging about them. Did the voter get to find out who Obama was before he got elected( I'm mentioning Obama because started right after his election)? I can hear someone say well he's not Man enough to to say who he is he shouldn't be writing. That's like saying that Brian Williams wasn't a reporter enough to tell us who Obama really was. I mean anyone can have courage behind a camera and a license to kill. If we took Lynna Lai's license away and all her supporters including her families would she be so courageous? If we took Brian Duffies licenses away and all his supporters including his family would he be so up close(I bring up Brian Duffy because I'm betting he had a part to play in this)?  Anonymity has a lot to do with who supports your decision how strong is ones finances? That's the world we live in and since that's the world we live in one can't be foolish enough to think me being gung-ho will keep me alive. Yet me not being me isn't keeping me alive either. The only chance I have is to stay AWAY FROM OHIO. Who wants their kid killed because of their blogging? That's what it's coming down to, when you have anchors reporting about missing kids or dead kids, Nope I don't think I want to be a part of those deadly news reports.  Don't forget her old station did do a report on a dead kid on my street a year before I got booted. I didn't think of this at the time but maybe she and her station planned on orchestrating the kids death because of my old  blog. Wow!

In closing the reason anonymity isn't and won't keep me alive is because I assume Lynna Lai is a Spy for the Chinese Government or has a strong ally in intelligence. I'll talk more about that in a later article.