Friday, April 29, 2016

Gang Delusions

 Since I've come to Lil Mexico I've been assumed to be in the bloods or the crips. Not by a police officer but by a worker named Miguel Perez.  Maybe it's my skin. Maybe its his past interpretation of blacks since he did tell me he was in the Marines and from Compton.  What's weird is he says he has some Asian friends and he goofs about me Jacking off.

  Did this guy read my blog about the anchor hence his rhetoric? Has the god anchors spies been giving him info on me. What made him feel like he had to tell me these things. Could it be he was  offended after I ask him if it offends him that I try to talk in Spanish seeing he talks in Spanish to others. He then assumes I'm in a gang. Which makes me point out that MS13 is a much dangerous group than bloods or crips.

Maybe this is the world I'm in. I assume the cops are working for the god anchor and he assumes I'm in a gang. I assume the god anchor is Superior and he assumes I Jack off. Could it be he's a reader of my blog?

  Could it be he reads my blog or someone he knows reads my blog and they are offended by it? Could he be associated with MS13 and the god anchor or her associates have hired them to follow me? Does my blog attract gang members because I talk about the local authorities or could it be deeper?

Maybe the Browns are working for the god anchor and they are highly annoyed by my blog seeing that Miguel does have the word brown on him. Maybe I'm delusional and theirs nothing to him and the god anchor. I mean I am in a convent right now with ex felons maybe one of them had put Miguel up to putting me in a box. Which is kind of ironic seeing that I put the Early Morning anchor in a god box along with a conspiracy box and who knows what other boxes.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Police Assumptions

 Looks like I've been annoyed to the point of making time. I can remember when A article about seeing a police officer or their associations with the god anchor was priority. Speaking of police officers Why were they around when I was trying to watch a Lynna Lai clip? Actually why were they more aggressive when I looked up Lil Mexicos Kidnappings.

  Of course aggressive to me, when it comes to police officers is circling the area 3 times. Of course being Aggressive is death for some that passed away or being charged for Watching too many news clips. Yet they were so aggressive to me I had to walk instead of take the bus.

  Was this a test to see what I was going to do when they appeared? Or was my search of Lil Mexico's kidnappings too aggressive. Was it my homeless appearance? Was there something on the bus that they didn't want me to see. Are or were they planning a staged high Jack of the bus just so they can get rid of the blogger? Did they want me to walk in honor of the god anchor?

 The god anchor did say there was a  worm on her drive way? Am I that worm? Are they planning a staged vehicular homicide with me getting hit by a hired car. Could it be that they just wanted to be in my blog so that they have an excuse to kill the blogger once the candidates come to town?

 Maybe I've still got Some old newscasts in my head. Where one would of sworn the context was pointing at you. Like the army vet that got harassed for owning a shack or the time when a veteran got killed walking to work or from work. Maybe the officers have a connection with the Texas Officers and they feel obligated to continue the targeting!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Conspiracy Time

 There's no time to write about the connotations of the god anchor or the way the Muslim was touching me in line to get on the bus. There's no time to write about the conspiracies against the blogger. Right now there's not even time to talk about Tegna and the cuts their making which might include the god anchor I assume.

 Is this why they had me ostracized so that time disappears. So that motivation disappears? Could it be that I was so fixated on lynnaluvers that they had to kill my motivation. Which means to sabotage my view of the god anchor and life. I believe it's totally legit to suspect that the conspiracy to break me down is at hand and not dillusional. Maybe it's because the news, specifically channel 19 has been broken.

  Maybe the attention that I've paid to lynnaluvers is the same attention the enemies and friends  of the god anchor insist to pay me. Which explains the Police and Muslim attention I've been receiving even in little Mexico. Have they haunted me so they can break my will to blog it out. Have they haunted me to normalize haunting! Have they been hunted by ghost or other beings since lynnaluvers which is why they are dedicated?

Monday, April 18, 2016

Star Trek Article

  For the first time in my life I got to see a star trek episode a few months ago and I just got time to type it out. I typed it in Feb 2016 so hopefully what is about to be typed won't create more hysteria. The first episode I saw wasn't based on traveling on a star or worshipping a demon. The first episode I saw in my life was about a Character named LAL. Yes LAL, as in Lai, Lynna Lai.

  The episode was about a being who morphed some how into a Woman named LAL. She didn't have any knowledge of how humans functioned or their human behavior, therefore she had the behavior of a kid. A guy named data was giving her lessons on human functions when LAL'S original producer wanted her back. The original producer felt like she was being used for elementary activities. To make the story short LAL died because of human emotion. She felt emotional because she wanted to stick around with her instructor.

Could they have made this episode based on the god anchor two or three decades ago? Could this be why I was ostracized because the god anchor is a LAL.  Someone whose from another dimension? Did the producers of this episode know about the god anchor?
Maybe the god anchor is influenced by Data and Data is Superior to the god anchor. What if the god anchor is Data and the star trek episode just manipulated that fact.

Monday, April 11, 2016


  So when I get on the touchy touchy bus a black man was sitting right next to the seat that I was approved to sit at. Yet he gets up when I sit down and sits right behind me. It's not abnormal for people to move and change seats but it is suspect to have someone talk about Cleveland,Ohio for almost the entire trip and or how he kicked his kids out his house. The question that comes to mine is why?  Why didn't I move? Why did he feel obligated to talk so loudly as if to annoy? Why couldn't he wait until he was off the bus? Why didnt I take a pic of him yet I can take a pic of others? Was he a plant for the god anchor?

  I think the reason I didn't move is because it was a seat specifically for me at that time. Like right now there's someone talking about Spanish over the phone and I got up and moved. With the bus, it was a different situation. A situation that was bound to drive me if it wasn't for Mrs. Touch.

 The reason he couldn't stop talking about Cleveland,OH and or kicking his kids out of his house was because he was paid to talk about theses things. Maybe someone in the god anchors camp had him try to push the blogger. Maybe it was 19 and Duffy pulling one on me. Seeing they have a niche in Trolling.  Maybe their allegiance to the god anchor has manifested with the guy promoting Cleveland as if it was Heaven.

  Here's a question why didn't I tell him to quiet down? Why didn't I take a pic like I just did with the guy that was sitting right next to me on his phone today before I moved.  The reason was  I chickened out. It seems like when ever there's a black that needs to be exposed I chicken out. Could this be why Trump is so much a favorite because blacks have created a bunch of chickens?

 If it was anyone else a white male, a native, a Mexican ,a police officer, a Muslim I probably would of taken a shot. Yet for some chicken reason the energy wasn't there.  Could it be that the god anchor or 19 has summoned a invisible force to not take pictures of their spies? No, I totally believe it was the case of the chickens.  A symptom that must be killed.

 Because if it doesn't the chicken symptom can have a Evil effect. What if next time a troll comes in my presence and he's not there to promote Cleveland and or make some silly statements but he's there to end my life and or the innocents ones around me. Would it
not be nice to know that there's a current pic picture of the terrorist troll? Not saying that there's someone  who works for the god anchor and or 19 that would terrorize; but if a reporter can hit his own wife anything is possible.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Touchy Touchy pt Two

 The obvious question is of course why didn't I tell the Married East Asian Lady  to stop if it disturbed me? The other question is Did they read lynnaluvers and was that a motivator?

At times the older lady did sleep and even I got some rest but it seems every other minute she was brushing up on my leg with her hand.  Whose going to complain about a older lady brushing up against them? Especially a black who hasn't been touched by a woman in a while.  That's why I didn't say anything to her because although it was weird I liked it.  Not to mention what if I asked her to stop and she tells her husband I was touching her and I get a knuckle sandwich or worse. Who knows what kind of mind set she was in.

  What if the god anchors enemies had her do this so that they could test the blogger. Test me until I complained and then they can spin it into I'm a pervert.  The situation was a tough one to be in. I was thinking at the time what if she has already told her husband that I was touching her and he has already called in the goons. Seriously who would anyone believe, a ugly black riding by his self or a  older East Asian couple? Therefore, I took a picture of her.

Of course what had happened could have possibly been orchestrated by the god anchor or maybe the Eastern Asian Ladies Husband put her up to it. Could it be this is how they entertain themselves?  It could just be a response to what I said in lynnaments or lynnaluvers.

  Not saying that every Eastern Asian American has read lynnaluvers but there was to much energy to say someone she knows hasn't. Therefore, for me to be curious about the scenario is legit. Maybe this is what they want maybe they wanted me to blog it out? Blog it out so that they have an  excuse to put out their version or maybe to have an excuse to kill the blogger in honor of the god anchor.

 The weirdest thing about all this when I took the pic of her A minute later her husband whose like five rows away comes to her,taps her and talks to her in a unknown language while tapping his phone which was in his shirt pocket. This makes me think that maybe  they have surveillance of my phone.

Touchy Touchy

  Who wants to sit next to smelly blacks on a bus? Not just smelly blacks but ugly  unshaven blacks and not just sit by him touch him on his upper thigh. I guess older Married Eastern Asian Americans do.

  I could write a month's long article about  the things that have happened in the past 4 days yet I'll keep it short for now. I was on my way to a city let's call it little Mexico and on the bus  in the seat number thirty six. Everything was pretty normal besides the black bald guy mentioning Ohio every minute ( I'll talk about that later). Two dark haired Latino Women came on the bus and had the older Asian Couple get up ( I guess where the couple was sitting wasn't their seat). The Asian male moved close to where he was but the lady moved straight towards me. The Elderly East Asian lady ask if she could sit there I told her yes.  That's not the problem the problem is she gets up every hour to talk to her husband which means I have to get up or she has to climb over me since I'm closest to the aisle ( she wanted the window). Actually that's not a problem either the issue or weird thing is she keeps touching me or brushin up against me. She's not a big Woman she's average size maybe a little bigger than Kaity Tong, therefore she shouldn't be touching me right.

 The questions is was she a plant by the god anchors enemies? Who sits next to a smelly black unless they have alternative motives? Why didn't I tell her to stop?

  These days a blogger like my self still can recognize a plant. Maybe they wanted me to recognize the plant. But if so, then why? Why would they be so blatant or bold in sitting right next to the blogger?  To say that they have? To say they sat by the guy that wrote about the god anchor? So many questions arise but here's another one whose wife sits next to a single black? Why didn't I get up even after she asked me to move so her husband could sit down?  Why would they ask me to move if they've read my blog?  It's like me getting kicked out of my country then where ever I move the person who kicked me out cousins ask me to move out of his country. Don't get me wrong I wasn't upset it was just totally a lynnaments story!

You would have to believe they both were plants because a normal person wouldn't consistently touch me or have me get up. Maybe she did this because she thought I would move for her husband. Yet maybe she did it in honor of the god anchor.

 Its hard to say why she would want to continue to sit by someone who hadn't bathed in a few days. I mean if I could smell my self of course she could. Maybe her loyalty to the god anchor was stronger than my smell. Maybe my stinche and my repugnance was a sacrifice she was willing to make. A sacrifice to annoy me? A sacrifice to obey orders? What was she sacrificing for? Did she hate her husband so much that she didn't care how ugly or smelly I was?

PT 2 later!

Monday, April 4, 2016


In a earlier article I mentioned about Lynna Lai connotations and how they shape me. Some might not believe what I say but what Im about to talk about is a prime example of the god anchors connotations and how they are my huntress.

 Recently I was working at this restaurant let's call it the Dragon Wall and I was bussing tables when one couple left this Drawing that had the god anchors similarities.  I had to save it so I could take a picture of it. It's not everyday that people leave drawings of the god anchor around me. It's kind of Ironic that I blogged about the dwellings of my concern and it seems someone has donated to my concern. Donated to my belief that the god anchor has a army. That the god anchor is all around us.  

When I work or try to work of course it would be cool to have the news anchor on like ESPN is on in sports bars. Matter of fact she was on at a local establishment in Akron but it wasn't while I was working.  During work do we expect what we think about all day to appear. Maybe if its money but If it's the god anchor is she suppose to appear? Are Lynna Lai connotations suppose to appear during different times in my life. The answer is yes. If I believe that the god anchor was the reason for my end and the reason for the future then her connotations will hunt me. 

The question is  did the god anchor have a hand in the recent connotation which was the drawing. Had the local police dept have a hand in the drawing? If they did was it meant to be a joke or just a mind puzzle?  Has the god anchor become so powerful that people are compelled to draw her or could my blog be mocked and this was a way to mock some more. I mean the drawing doesn't look exactly like her because they did make her lips bigger. Yet other than that I'll say that's the god. The god that has been the subject of my blog but possibly the subject of an entire people.