Thursday, September 8, 2016

TV Lies

When I first heard about lochte lieing , to me it wasn't a surprise. What was a surprise was the reaction . It's as if news associates don't lie.  Seeing that American anchors are associated with SAG they have to act or bend the truth. If the god anchor and or her associates bend the truth should they be compelled to down lochte? Could  the god anchor have been  compelled to ostracize me or get me ostracized?  Could her and her cohorts have felt like I lied in lynnaluvers therefore they felt like I had the ostracizing coming?

    Could this be why I was given an ultimatum to leave or have the house  remodeled; because they felt like I was lieing in lynnaluvers.  When I use the word ostracized does the god anchor feel like Im lieing?  To be ostracized means   to be excluded from society to be rejected from what you knew or know.  If someone gives you a choice to fix something that can't be fixed or get out isn't that a rejection? It would be like channel 19 being demanded to be 61 or face charges so steep it would put them out of business. Would 19 be lieing if they said they were ostracized if they couldn't meet the demands?

  This is why I say I was ostracized. Maybe not in the god anchor terms but if 19 was charged for not speaking spanish on their channel would 19s judges be wrong if they felt that 19 wasn't ostracized? Of course the judges wouldn't feel like 19 was ostracized because the judges aren't the ones being targeted. It wouldn't be wrong to speak Spanish it would be just something they couldn't do.

  Of course anyone could learn to remodel just like someone can learn to speak Spanish. The question is how fast can one get it? How much money would 19 lose if they had to shut down to learn spanish or hire some spanish speaking anchors.  What would I have losted if I had learned to remodel? What would have been losted if we learned the god anchor and 19 more?

 To end this article I would have to say that misunderstanding can get someone ostracized. Yet it could also get someone to lie like lochte. Should we blame misunderstanding more than the ostracizing for my situation? If we can accept politicians bending the truth should we be so hateful to lochte? Are the demands  or the ethics of the god anchor and or her workers the reason for my rejection? I think to blame TV is logical seeing how much of the news anchor I've been writing about.

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