Sunday, August 28, 2016

Kid Channel

Syndicated or not the conspiracy will forever be a part of my memory! Some would ask why would I let the conspiracy drive me away? Why did the country vote for Obama twice? Why would I believe in the conspiracy over my kid? The answer to all the questions is evidence of possibilities.

 Some would say I dont care about the kid because if I did I would ignore the conspiracy! Ignore connotations of death and of false beliefs.  Some would say how could I care if I don't support the kid. Yet my question is how can I care about the kid if he or I'm dead? Through out my homelessness I've noticed threats all around me whose to say those threats might  manifest once I do show love toward the kid. How many people of the conspiracy are in Akron right now to kill my kid once I step in the city? How many conspirators are waiting in Akron to kill the blogger once I'm arrested for delinquency in Child support?

  It's a catch twenty two.  When I wrote  lynnaluvers I didn't intend to involve the kid. Yet since I've been ostracized it seems like he is involved without his approval. Is this why 19 kept making connotations when the god anchor worked for the station to involve my kid? Could they make it seem like they're doing the kid a favor by deleting a homeless guy out of his life?

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Syndicated Questions

  In Cork City the Mafia ran it during the early times of its development. During the early times of 19 some have suggested that the station was ran by guys of a syndicate. Could I be prone to being in a city that is ran by the syndicate, which is why I was ostracized? Could it be that the station had gotten to much attention hence my banning?

  Since I've been in Cork city I've noticed a lot of syndicated people. This has made me think that just maybe I'm victim of the syndicate. Maybe the gods anchor departure of 19 was my ticket to stalking by syndicated individuals.  Was that offensive to the syndicate? Is this why the government arrested people who were supposedly associated with groups of a syndicate persuasion?  Is this why I'm getting so much attention by Cork Cities finest?

  How much does 19 and or Channel 3 have invested with Cork city? If it's a lot could I be in the sea of a school of syndicates? Is this why they had to get rid of  Dimora as to say we're so involved with the station we'll put away our own? If the station willing to get rid of its own; my banning is a drop in the bucket.

Thursday, August 11, 2016


In naming fear I asked who did the god anchor make an example out of so that Abell was afraid to say her name correctly? I ask this because just maybe if we can find out who did the god anchor make an example out of it can explain my banning. Yet as  I continue, maybe Abell wasn't afraid of the god anchor yet he didn't want to sell books based off A Lynna Lai ridicule. Maybe he felt bad not afraid when it came to the god anchor.

 Is this why I was ostracized because I cared too much about my blog like Abell cared too much about his ex co worker? Could it be he wanted to sell his books like 19 wanted to sell their news stories off controversy? Maybe him writing about Trivisonno and  spelling his name correctly wasn't about fearing the god anchor but about liking Trivisonno. Maybe he liked the radio DJ so much he threw him under the bus and Abell disliked the god anchor so much he was nice besides the spelling.

   In a news paper forum there used to be  fans of Cleveland T.V that would bad mouth certain personalities to the point you had to figure they must really like this personality.  Could this be the case with Abell and him throwing people under the bus? Is this why the god anchor was let go from 19 because they really liked her? Could it be the reason WKYC picked her up was because they really disliked her.

  It's odd how people on air show their gratitude. If what  was said is accurate could it be that my death would be their gratitude? Is this why the media is putting Trump under the bus because they like him?  I know we're not made to be liked yet I believe we are made to die and be ostracized which might explain why I was.

The world is twisted  and the amount of unknowns are monumental which means the twists of my ostracizing may never be known just like why Abell or the god anchor truly got the boot. Yet the questions surrounding my ostracizing which I'm convinced is part of a conspiracy is beyond our natural intake of knowing.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Naming Fear

 In a 2014 Article titled Conspiring Words I mentioned how Rick Abell A traffic reporter for 19 in  2010 mispelled the god anchors name in his book. Someone who works with the god anchor 5 days out of the week and probably sees her name plastered everywhere at the station made a anchor name mistake? Today the question is why? Did he do it on purpose? Did he do it to goof on the blogger? What motivated him to mispell the god anchors name?

 Personally I believe it was fear. I think people were afraid of the god anchor and or her associates. Could this be the reason why he was let go because of fear? Did the god anchor get released from 19 because of fear? Did Duffy create a force so that Abell was Afraid to type Lynnas Lais' name correctly? If 19 has the power to create fear wouldn't they use that power to get rid of the traffic reporter Abell? Maybe  also to get rid of the god anchor too and if they got rid of the god anchor with fear whose to say fear created my banning?

  If Abell was afraid to use the god anchors name correctly why wasn't he afraid to use Trivasanos name correctly? Could it be Abell was compromised by the god anchor and 19? Therefore, he was afraid of what he might lose. What else was in jeopardy after his job? Who did he see that was destroyed by the god anchor that made him afraid? Who did she make an example out of?