Tuesday, October 22, 2013

La Cops

 I guess I deserve to be pulled over by the cops in this town since I make pics of Lynna Lai now right? Well that's what happened walking away from my office of "lai dreams". They said I was moving too fast. Actually their specific words were I can't move while the pedestrian man is absent even though the pedestrian guy is only up for 5 seconds. What does my being pulled over have to do with Lynna Lai? Maybe it has nothing to do with the great anchor or maybe she and her associates were deeply involved. Maybe she had her friends in LA to have the authorities screw with me. Maybe she was upset about my Meyers article or lastly maybe she got info that she was going to get canned again and she thinks its my fault therefore she had her associates get the cops on me.

  The city where I'm in theres a lot of illegal activity yet there's also a lot weight on civilians to spend money therefore when civilians don't spend money the city folds. its like any metropolitan.  Maybe they are a little bit bothered that money isn't flowing in like it should therefore they have to screw with me to reach their monthly goal of tickets or arrests. Maybe I just look weird and they had to make something up to stop me.

   One guy was white and the other guy looked like Obama. Last time I got pulled over (another city) It was a Asian American guy, maybe  Lynna Lai didn't want an Asian American to screw with me this time so they had a very light colored guy and white guy pull me to the side. It's not that I'm upset or frustrated it's just when things like this happens it's a chance that Lynna Lai and her gremlins has a hand it. When I die my last words will probably be Lynna Lai if I can speak at the time. I can't say I was looking like a lawyer or doctor but when a city approves of self destructive activities you're going to have people who look destructive. Which in turn make the Authorities destroy lives. This is one of the words the black guy used "destroy" will I see him again?.Is he a hired private hit man?  if I get killed by the black guy or latino guy will president Clinton have those that had me killed get destroyed by an Asian American. Maybe thats why so many Chinese Americans are coming to the states, it's a set up. They believe they're coming here for a better life but in actuality they came unknowingly  to take the Americans place. What if my death or my being harrassed is just a window for the Chinese to destroy the blacks and other Americans who have destroyed what their grandfathers and grandmothers have made.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Meyer Mysteries

    It was a Saturday  during the summer like 9am or 10am driving down the freeway talking to someone  whose a thousand times smarter than me  and who do I see to my left Thomas Meyer, in a white coupe  with a wkyc logo. He gave me this look as if it was Halloween. Now I was in Ohio going toward Toledo, I say this because how often do they do stories in Toledo? Here's a few questions why was Meyer working on a saturday? Was he working for Lynna Lai and or Duffy? Why was he following me?

 I really doubt if he was working on a saturday morning, I mean you can be dedicated to your job but it still doesn't mean he wasn't stalking me. Maybe someone coached him into not feeling bad  on the bases that I "stalk" Lynna Lai  when ever I write about her  or watch her videos, which is totally not true. Maybe he was sold on it and used the companies car to watch me, but if he was watching me or stalking me why did he pass me and not tail me? Maybe he could legally only go so far and he had to call an Investigator in Toledo to take over. I looked it up and he's from Illinois too, maybe he was or still is working for Lynna Lai to keep Tabs on me. Maybe Tom Meyer was paid by Lynna Lai or Brian Duffy  to watch me and my place untiil they could get rid of me. What if this wasn't a illinois connection that made Meyer do this but it was the fact he hated to see a black talk so much about an Asian American Anchor. Maybe he hated Romona Robinson so much that he had to take it out on me.I suspect that Duffy and Lai dislikes Romona Robinson so maybe he does too.

  Maybe he was upset because of the Article I posted about Joyce Meyer. Maybe they're related , maybe Joyce Meyer hired him. The articel I wrote wasn't the best article I could have written about Mrs. Meyers and Mrs. Lynna Lai but it was true , people who watch Joyce Meyer won't watch Lynna Lai or Duffy. I think I used the comparison of Amy Grant to Cher. Maybe  My comparison got Lynna Lai so upset that she had hired one of her rich relatives  to bully Tom Meyer into stalking me. Was the name Meyer offensive at that point and they had to go after him? Maybe Tom Meyer was offended by the article  on lynnaluvers.com about Joyce Meyer called the Sister Station Situation. Maybe he felt lik he had to vindicate Joyce Meyer and at the same time help Lynna Lai get rid of me.

  In conclusion his following me isn't eqaul to my writing about Lynna Lai and maybe it wasn't suppose to be.Even if I said Lynna Lai was better than his entire department  it still wouldn't give him the right to follow me on the express way . Now if he works for the FBI OR CIA I can understand  because they can basically do what they want  and get away with it. But if he's not CIA or FBI why was he following the lynnaluver?  I never have and I never will follow or have someone follow Lynna Lai its not who I am, I'm a Fan not a stalker.  I can't forget that Tom Meyer was the same Guy that reported about the 4 or 5 guys that were charged with trying to blow up a bridge in NEO, which still sounds like a conspiracy. Could he and or Lynna Lai be trying to conspire the same charges against me?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Quiet Death

                                    How much did I put in the air? Meaning what part of my writing creates things to change for the better  or things to get worse?  If lynnaluvers.com was the reason that Lynna Lai got canned from woio will lynnaments.blogspot.com be the reason she gets a National Gig? Lets pray it does. I think the suicidal connection  article is just that, simply a connection. I mean how many times has Lynna Lai saw a story where a black guy killed, robbed or raped a Asian American? Does she go mental and say that maybe that’s a sign that the blogger is going to have her killed? Maybe the story was just a spoof just like the day after Lynna Lai left WOIO and  the media started reporting about how someone created a hysteria that Cher was dead. Now if anyone has watched Lynna Lai or read lynnaluvers.com they know she likes Cher and I used to write connections about Cher and her.

    Could the same people that orchestrated Chers death have orchestrated the Master Chefs Suicide? With  this orchestration could my death be closer. Actually closer than the Election of Hilary Clinton.  Why am I so attracted to death? Maybe I’m not it just looks like it? If death is part of Life  in most cases  maybe  the change has been  a death of some type which ignited a death type of spirit. If this ignited a death type of atmosphere it could be life right around the corner.  Some might say ive been talking about deadly spirits since Dreamcast at lynnaluvers.com , I guess when you listen to the media and live in a world where you react rather than act it’s understandable that death is a friend.

   How many times has the great Lynna Lai reported about Suicide? Has it been more than  pop culture?  Which means it’s a touchy subject.  I wrote a article in lynnaluvers.com called Preserving the Future, couldn’t suicide be part of that process. If my death is part of the process should the Anchor and her associates  be upset that I talk suicide?  Not mine but possible murders that look like suicides. Maybe they think like Yosemite Sam or Elmer Fud. They want me to die quietly. Im writing on a 1 single view a day blog. How quiet can a guy be? 

Sucide Connection

Not  five minutes after I post “SUICIDE”  I look at the UK’S news outlets and it says a Master Chef commited suicide. Now this probably wouldn’t of been a big deal but the guy has the same name as a national anchor/reporter. What does that mean does it mean that  anchors are going to commit suicide or does it mean that I’m going to get murdered. That said the guy who committed suicide thought that Ramsey appointed hi\m as God. 
  The fact that his name is the same as a national anchor is huge and he’s black but what really gets me is that they say he thought Gordon Ramsey appointed him as God.  The reason I think this is bizarre is because I’ve always thought Lynna Lai was god. Could it be that people who think that they are God are more likely to commit suicide?  What connection is that to me? Could the report be a little bit falsified, did he really believe that he was God? Was he a blogger like me?  They say he was  a mental  which is just like this blog. Could the connection of my suicide article and the death of the Chef  be that we both  have haunted  worship issues? He was worshipping his self and I was worshipping an anchor.

  The biggest connection with his connection is the fact that he lost the cooking competition to an Asian American and he died in Chicago. I lost my home to an Asian American and the Asian American Anchor Lynna Lai is from Chicago.  Its too many connections for us to say it’s just a coincidence. Maybe the media gods are just verifying the fact that I will die by the great Asian American newscaster and or maybe its bigger than just me, maybe they’re verifying that Chicagos Blacks will lose their lives by Asian Americans. This is a premonition and it’s not going to end good on this earth for me and or for other black males. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013


    Let me say that I'm not committing suicide , I have no intention to commit suicide, people who I have a bond with would be traumatized, the people I care about  wouldn't understand and lastly I wouldn't be able to see Lynna Lai anchoring on a national news program. Suicide is selfish and a way to escape things that one can't control. I think I run from death but not like that. When I sense the great ones associates are on my trail  I try to escape the area , but for me to commit suicide? Maybe the great Lynna Lai isn't betting that I commit suicide in a free state, what ever that means. Maybe she's orchestrating someone to kill me in a jail or a prison and claim it was suicide.

   The most civil way to kill someone is to have them kill themselves . This is what some believe and in channeling those who have murder qualities (hate,jealousy,malice) it's probably true. If you're someone like Lynna Lai , someone of her character you're not just going to have someone killed like a street gangster. First of all she's too smart for that,second her conscious won't be such a nag if she has someone kill themselves and thirdly I think she has such a dislike  towards  peasants/underprivileged  that she's making sure that my death or any one's death isn't like those she disapproves of.  Therefore, suicide is the only option for Lynna Lai. I came to this article because of the report  the great one did on teenagers  committing  suicide  because of a website. In the report the great one mentioned that what she was reporting was for parents, which made me think that maybe the parents should be accused of neglect since their kids performed suicide under their watch ( I think Mrs. Lai would approve).

   The most famous person that I know or that I can think of that committed suicide without drugs was Judas. He was so unhappy with his actions  he couldn't live with his self. I'm no where near that point. If  what I wrote has enraged someone so much that they want me to kill myself then what Ive written should be published in a book of what not to write about anchors. If what Ive written have enraged someone so much that they've put a bounty on  my head then maybe suicide is plan B for the master minds. Is my death equal to Lynna Lai's old position at WOIO?  I would say no, but maybe some believe it's a start. Maybe Lynna's reporting wasn't about me but about herself. Maybe she's been contemplating suicide. I doubt that she is, she has too much going for her  but if she was truly comfortable with her current position why do I sense sadness? Maybe that's the SAG part of her character that has to be exposed. If I'm so happy with my life why do I write about Lynna Lai so much?

  In the end maybe the spirit of suicide is what's needed in the media, in the government, in the U.S. society . Because  if a kid can be so unhappy that they kill their selves shouldn't the leaders of the free world mirror them or maybe thats what the leaders plan  is. It isn't to mirror them but to get rid of them. Maybe the Governments plan is to instill a suicidal society like the movie the Happening. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

George Soros

A few weeks ago George Soros had his wedding with a Asian American woman. Also two weeks ago Lynna Lai was M.I.A. now you might be thinking that I'm suggesting that Lynna Lai was at the wedding  but no I'm suggesting Lynna Lai was the bride. Ive heard of many Soros's powers and maybe this is one of them marry someone whose already married. They've showed pics of Soros's bride but maybe that's just a cover up. Maybe Soros's people told the media  to hide the fact that he married someone whose already married. Therefore the pics shown might not be real.

  Maybe Soros was so much in Amazement by how Lynna Lai handled the 19 Action News scandal and the way she handled the lynnaluver that he had to have her. We all know the great Anchor is liberal pro sodomy,pro Clinton, anti- Pat Robertson, so if she's all these things could she be pro multi husbands too? If you're one of the most powerful people in the world and you want something bad enough  are you going to let marriage stop you especially during this day and age.King  David, Jesses son  didn't let marriage stop him and I'm willing to bet David was a lot more righteous than Soros is today.

  Maybe soros can Identify with the great anchor because his home  got taken away from him and now that he's older  he's the one taking homes away from people kind of like our Mrs. Lai and company, Commitment isn't respected during these times and I would have to guess it's a lot more disrespeted if you're a billionaire. What if the marriage to Sorros  wasn't about money but was part of the deal. It's kind of poetic that I bring up Soros right after writing about Eli, because in some ways Eli resembles Soros, maybe a younger Soro's.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Eli Smither

When I was using a fan page site and talking on forums there was this guy we'll call him Eli Smithers. He claimed to be a close friend of The great anchor Lynna Lai . He even said he used to work in Tampa when she was working in Tampa. This brings me to the question of could Mr. Smithers have had a hand in my new adventure?How close are they? Is he connected to some of Lynna Lai's political friends?

  You would have to guess that maybe Smithers did have a part to play in this new adventure, the question is what did he say? Did he tell the truth or was Lynna Fascinated by their relationship that she believed it. I can remember I was in a facebook group about deadbeat dads and it was mainly blacks , so I asked the question  why do black females always fall for American black males. I said this with a pic of Lynna Lai as My icon picture and the name Lynnalai fans in a weird form like two capital letters then the rest lower case. The people in the group called me racist  and all types of names. I let them know I was black and I wasn't Lynna Lai but a fan (before I stated this I made sure to post on  my info page that I wasn't Lynna Lai).  Then Smithers stepped in and said Ive been watching you  on Cleveland.com  He said "Lynna Lai is my friend" and "if you weren't behind that computer I'll break your face"  I got cursed out and he said " I was a waste of semen". All I could say is that newsstations  troll all the time or use peoples emotions all the time why can't I?  He mentioned that I didn't know her, I told him that I was a fan and a fan isn't suppose to know the star.  Next thing I know I'm booted from the group almost the same way they booted me from my home.

  Maybe Smithers and the great Lynna Lai planned this after my question about why black females choose black males as their mates. Seeing that most American black males aren't very good for any species. Smithers did say he worked for WEWS in the past , so maybe he talked to Kosich about the situation  and Kosich talked to the big man of Ohio. They say he used to work behind the scenes at WEWS maybe he was jealous that an Asian American was getting blogged about or maybe he thought it wasn't helpful for her image . I mostly believe that Lynna Lai  had a huge part to play in my adventure  but now that I think about it maybe Smithers was the one , or maybe it was Lai but she compensated smithers by getting him a news gig or a political gig.

 This brings me to my last question about how Eli Smithers might be working for a political power  associated with Lynna Lai. I believe theres a Last name Lai in D.C. and from what I noticed he's in D.C. Could they be on the brink to persuade the president or his associates to not only change my life for the worse but the entire nations life because of my blogging and posting (I remember Lynna Lai hinting on the news that everyone shouldn't be able to access Internet or TV). How much does the great one owe Smithers, heres a better question  how strong was their bond in Tampa?  Was it strong enough to cover up a murder? I mention this because I have a feeling thats the next step for myt future. Someone's going to have me killed. I know I say it all the time "They have a bounty on me" "Lynna's trying to wack me". Maybe it's true, maybe smithers is the guy that will have a hand in it too, who knows.