Saturday, April 23, 2016

Conspiracy Time

 There's no time to write about the connotations of the god anchor or the way the Muslim was touching me in line to get on the bus. There's no time to write about the conspiracies against the blogger. Right now there's not even time to talk about Tegna and the cuts their making which might include the god anchor I assume.

 Is this why they had me ostracized so that time disappears. So that motivation disappears? Could it be that I was so fixated on lynnaluvers that they had to kill my motivation. Which means to sabotage my view of the god anchor and life. I believe it's totally legit to suspect that the conspiracy to break me down is at hand and not dillusional. Maybe it's because the news, specifically channel 19 has been broken.

  Maybe the attention that I've paid to lynnaluvers is the same attention the enemies and friends  of the god anchor insist to pay me. Which explains the Police and Muslim attention I've been receiving even in little Mexico. Have they haunted me so they can break my will to blog it out. Have they haunted me to normalize haunting! Have they been hunted by ghost or other beings since lynnaluvers which is why they are dedicated?

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