Monday, July 4, 2016

Taken By Conspiracy

I can remember four or five yrs back when I went to Cardinal City I noticed how inferior the news was to the god anchors newscast; I even blogged about it in Of course times have changed and the conspiracy has taken over. if the conspiracy hadn't taken over I would have written about how the channel three morning news cast in Cork City was inferior to the god anchors newscast  during these times. Obviously because cork city is very flamboyant one would expect a flamboyant show and I use the word show conservatively yet maybe the conspiracy is so strong the news people in Cork City have not noticed  and or it has crippled its appeal.

      The energy of the  conspiracy that's of the anchor that has morphed in the states can create a numbness. Its possible that the conspiracy of the god anchor has created a numbness in the news community just like it has created a numbness with myself . Is it our faults that the conspiracy is so strong? Some would argue that the conspiracy has become so astronomical  because I have acknowledged the god anchors superiority, her conspirators those that are possibly working for the god anchor like the police. So the question I have is if we didn't acknowledge the conspiracy would it still dominate?

  Would I still be stalked, would the news in other cities across America still be inferior, would I have been put on bed fifty still, surrounded by gays if I didn't acknowledge the elephant in the room? The answer to the questions is yes.  Even though one wont acknowledge a god doesn't mean she wont exist. If one didn't acknowledge Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynches meeting would the meeting not exist? If someone didn't acknowledge the weather and blamed a unscientific theory for it would it still rain?Therefore who is or was in a position to stop the conspiracy?

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