Thursday, September 26, 2013

Quality of Life

  So today I was saying I need to write down what I was going to share with you  and behold as I said "I need a pen " I look to my right and there it was just waiting for me to pick it up. I knew it was for me because it was in my favorite color. Which brings me to the subject of " Quality of Life ". Has my quality of life increased since the landlords take over and has the greatest anchor quality of life increased  since the exodus?

  In the dictionary that I  looked up online it says the QOL has to do with someones satisfaction or dissatisfaction. In the wiki it says that the QOL stands for someones well being. Someones mental,cultural,social,financial well being. My own definition has to do with fulfillment. Are you looking for something else after watching Lynna Lai? This had me thinking, from all of the Anchors antics during her time at WKYC  and WOIO from the past years  my absence in the state  would or should  make for a better life for her. Even if it helped her to increase her social life, the the quality of it all should at least jumped to 5%. Isn't that what we as fans wanted the great  news presenter to be elated because we believe it shows when she's anchoring.
   Some would say what about you and your own family? I have a feeling that my lack of quality creates more quality for the anchor . Which is why it makes sense to move, not just because Ohio has become open season for the superiors of the city but becasue if my displacement creates a better quality of life for the anchor my moving out of state would be even better.Theres a whole combination of reasons why I had to leave but it wouldn't of helped the impeccable news anchor if I stayed. Since when did I care about the news anchor I can hear someone say or think if I really cared about Lynna Lais success I wouldn't have made lynnaluvers or lynnaments. First,  I have a feeling that Lynna's going to be successful no matter what I do. Second I always wanted Lynna to get more air time even from the beginning of if you can remember. Last but not least I don't think It's me wanting the great one to succeed its actually wanting the nay sayers to lose. Those that sabotaged her career or lied to make it seem like im the reason that she's only on during the  weekends.
  This isn't something to be discouraged about because as we look through out history did history makers have a quality life? Did the soldiers that died so that we can blog have a quality life? If history makers didn't have a quality life who am I to say that I should. What about my kid doesn't he deserve a quality life? Yes, but he deserves to live too. Meaning if they have a bounty out on me how much will they use my Son to destroy me or worse kill my kid because I tell him about how the media is medicine or how when he grows up there might be a Lady or ladies that might have vendetta against him because of me. How much of myself or my failure would hurt what the media and the great one is trying to instill in him and is it so important that they are willing to have me killed for it or worse put me away just so they can make an example out of me for my kid. He deserved not to be in a broken home, he deserved not to go to a public school but who stopped the traffic of life for all of that?

  Did we consider anyone else's kids quality of life when we wrote No we didn't  and if we did we came to the conclusion that wouldn't take away anything from anyone else's kids. This brings me to the conclusion today that maybe the equalizer is working , the reason I say this is because maybe destroyed homes and lives  and therefore Lynna Lai and compny had to destroy mine.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Duffy's Following Me, Ahhhhhh!

  Ive come across a sign saying we worship on Thursday and a few maybe 30hrs later I think I see Brian Duffy in the same town that I'm in. What makes this even worse it's Friday the 13th. In the article I'l talk about why he might be here better yet lets talk why I'm here.Before I move along too far too quickly Duffy is the Ex Co-Anchor of Lynna Lai. He was the replacement for Paul Joncich. The only reasons I can even fathom that Duffy is in town is because of the game  and or he might be upset that Jason Handman is leaving. When I used to watch Lynna Lai on 19 he used to really enjoy talking about Ohio State actually he had more passion for the Buckeyes than the Browns hense my reasoning of why he might be watching the game a little more closer. Maybe he's upset that he'll be competing against John Anderson in the morning; thats right in the morning, without our Anchor Maven Lynna Lai.Clevelands City Newscast is going upside down.

  Maybe the future of the local newscasts is just falling apart like its viewers. With that said I had to go to where I am now; who could go back to the city maybe the state that has a underlying bounty on my head.  No I'm not afraid to die but I would hate to die in Ohio. Dieing in Ohio is like dieing inside your house that you lived in for your entire life. Ive learned since Ive been away that I'm strange, therefore why wouldn't I die in a strange place possibly in a strange way. Maybe that's why Duffy is here to have me killed or to make sure I'm dead. Maybe he's been drinking so much they're saying his liver isn't going to hold up any longer so he's trying to get me killed so he can have mine seeing in his eyes possibly im a  waste of good American Air. I'm still Breathing For now, but if I do drop dead soon make sure the aura of the world is Lynna Lai forever.


Friday, September 6, 2013


  So many questions pop into my head when I think of him, the guy that supposedly help save the three missing girls. The main questions would be why did they pick him, was there a connection with wews reporter John Kasich who I saw stand right next to  Lynna Lai when she was interviewing Ramsey?
Why does the media pick unattractive blacks to be heroes, I would personally go for an attractive Asian American to be the star obviously  yet it seems that when something happens an  ugly black guy or woman has to be in the picture. Of course we have our President who in some  peoples eyes is a hero but I'm talking about everyday people like Charles Ramsey. Could it be that the Cleveland media along with Lynna Lai are infatuated with ugly black guys since Ive been writing about the supreme anchor? Could it be that they promised the international media an ugly black guy in place of me since I wasn't in the state at that time? When that Asian Woman was killed by her rich husband nobody put a ugly black guy in the picture or when Rupert Murdoch had his issues with the celebrities nobody put a ugly guy in the picture as a hero. Even when the father got his kid from the mother who kidnapped their son and took him out of the country their was no ugly black hero, yet when Lynna Lai is in  the story or should I say when Cleveland is behind the scenes or should I say Ohio is behind the scenes there has to be an ugly black guy. Is the local media so insecure that  they have to goof on a black? Maybe the whole situation was a stunt and maybe he was just an actor. Once again,the media is a part of the SAG union. Maybe just maybe this is just another way for the media to get back at me, revenge coverage. Maybe in their minds they think that Lynna Lai is attractive and it's offensive to them for me to talk or write about her like I do therefore they must put an Ugly black guy in front of the news papers and TV since i'm offending them by Characterizing Lynna Lai as the Cream of the Crop.

  Maybe the Governor of Ohio had something to do with it, maybe the connection with my blog went deeper than I thought. Maybe the reason Kasich or Kosich was next to Lynna Lai during the Ramsey interview was because they wanted to  make sure she wasn't being gentle with the questions she gave Ramsey. Maybe Lynna Lai coordinated a union with the Governor to make sure that a black guy pays since she got bamboozled from her job at 19. Maybe she's working for the Chinese government and they told President Obama to Tell Kasich to put a ugly black guy on TV because they dislike the black male population. What if this entire ordeal was because of the Chinese Government and what if Ramsey was just a Pawn. I hate to say this but what if that's all 19 used Lynna Lai for and Lynna Lai along with the Chinese Government is generating that energy towards blacks.  Maybe thats what it takes to have Lynna Lai stay on the air. Maybe pawns must be made and destroyed so that she can become the supreme anchor on a national level  in a few more years.