Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bus Cops

    Some people might say real fans of the great anchor drive cars and for someone to insist that Lynna Lai would have her hand in conspiring with some the local bus transit and the police is ridiculous. Then others would say why doesn't the blogger get a car sense you see the police on the bus as a negative. Then one wouldn't be concerned with the bus drama.

  Of course real fans of the anchor have cars and they even have houses. But one could say that I lost those two by watching the anchor or blogged about her until everything moved around me.  Now whats a real fan  someone who loses their house over the anchor.someone who barely buys from the great anchors advertisers or someone who owns a car and house.

It does sound odd for the god anchor to be involved with the this cop/bus scenario I wrote in "sleep". Yet I'm willing to believe that the powerful people such as the anchor get turned on by destroying people who aren't like them (we're in a age where  everyone  has to be the same). Therfore, to conspire a bus transit to call the police when ever they see me on buses is not so far fetch and who knows  maybe it's a way to keep tabs on where I go. 

  See with a car it would be worse . Cops would have the ability to follow me exactly where i travel. They would stop me every chance they get. They'll probably even break my tail ligh or flatten my tire when ever i made an article they didn't agree with. How bad would my articles have to be to have her hire a cop to hire an illegal to crash into me down here in Texas?  Another plus about bus versus driving my own car is that it's harder to shoot someone on a public bus. If I'm in a car you could pull the blogger over respond like he has a gun and start responding with gun fire. Of course if you're waiting on a bus Lynn Lai could respond by having a police officer hire A drive by while im waiting or even have someone stab me or have someone use a heart attack gun. It might seem like i'm more vulnerable riding the bus  yet i feel like cars create problems more problems where it's less public involved where the law can get away with things  (while im writing this a white bus car #UT111 is sitting right in front of the restaurant i'm eating at). Maybe that's the goal to keep me on the bus or walking so that those conspiring feel more in control.

In conclusion this bus drama wasn't what I was expecting. It would be like  every time Lynna Lai steps out of her house she gets followed by someone she doesn't  really trust. (Here's a question does the anchor trust the police and would she trust them if the police put her race or gender  in a lifestyle that's unhealthy). Maybe the great anchor is being followed and this is how she's dealing with it or maybe the Federal Government is just infatuated with both of us and I can only see from my stand point. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Before I go on about what happened today let me say I was hoping  to not write for a while and if I did it would be about the possibility that the article that I wrote about Ted Williams during lynnaluvers might have played a part in my ostracizing but since I was greeted by police this morning on the bus (which never happens) I had to write this!

Now Since I wrote the "warning"  article in lynnamentals, Ive been getting  some police attention obviously and  this creates a lack  of sleep.(taking away sleep is a form of control)    Now since Ive been getting a lack o sleep Ive been  sleeping on the bus. So this morning I get on the bus and two officers are right behind me and one says (the black lady )"tickets"  "need tickets"! I had to take my camera out and record this!  Now ive been riding on Texas city buses for a few months and  this never happens. So obviously the conspiracy sirens went off and since I'm a lynnnamental  I'm thinking the great one had a hand  in it.Then I thought possibly the local police read my blog recently,Maybe a bus driver  complained about me sleeping on the bus too much. It could be alot of reasons. Maybe someone called in a bomb threat. Although they didn't say a word to me there's a lot of police talk  going around including my blog therefore one has to expect bad outcomes especially when one see's  a police officer in a place that you never see  one at. It's like  a black male at a Michael Stanley concert or a black male  cooking at  a Chinese restaurant.

  One could ask if Lynna Lai  and or her cohorts did pull the police on the bus fiasco and why  or should i say  why now. Has the fcc been harassing Lynna and her cohorts and she or they insist its because of lynnnamentals. Maybe the Government has been harassing them for a very long time and the great anchor is just getting tired of it hence the police on the bus.  I seriously think it was the fbi maybe it was just them placing the law to screw with me. Maybe they called In a bomb threat.Maybe it was  a practice run like the silver car fiasco or  Maybe this city is turning anti black male and there going to start with the bus I was on which was 5081.

  In conclusion it could be alot of reasons why the cops were on the bus. One thing for sure they were on it because of me. it's not that bad to have  police on the bus but next they'll be knocking on our doors asking for papers.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Respect Police Logic

  Its so many ways one can go with this article and I can't believe I haven't wrote about this subject before. The subject I'm writing about today is respecting cops/police. What do cops/police have to do with anchors? When I first started lynnaluvers I would of said nothing because anchors are more of a political/diplomatic figure. where police get the dirty work done yet it seems during these times every anchor reporter  and politician want to be associated with the police figures.

 Lets start of where the great anchor says we should respect police or authority. Before I begin I can remember a disc jockey  stating that people can't expect  a cop to look the other way when a certain group fits a description. It's not racist its logical. Yet when I was a kid, blogger dad told us to always call a police officer sir/officer/police not "cops". Yet it seems the same people that fit the description are the same kids10-20yrs ago  were taught to call them cops through out the media. It seems like through out the media the word cop is used rather than police especially during the late 80's and 90's. Which means if you weren't lucky enough to have parents to tell you how to communicate with a cop /police you would follow what you hear in the media. therefore one would have to say what percentage of my generation of my color were raised to call a police officer a cop. Even FOX promoted that word. it became normal to be disrespectful. i was even trained in the military to disrespect cops so not only was the media promoting disrespectful language when the kid went into the military depending on their job they were coached into anti-police behavior. Now you have a group that's disrespectful because of the media/gov. The question is  why were they planting this  anti police mind set in the 90's plus the 21st century?

  Since Ive been in Texas Ive seen so many police /authority figures in brown shirts. Brown shirts were what authority figures used during the Nazi days  Many communist socialist regimes  promoted a pro authority campaign  before and after their activity.  Could it be the local authorities are planning the worlds next communist regime?  Could Lynna Lai /her cohorts be telling kids  to respect the next Nazis  without even knowing it.  Would they tell kids to respect police even when they tell you what to eat (next it'll be what to think)? Could they be telling kids to respect authorities even if some police officers have raped best friends hired hit men and even worked for the mafia. Should we respect the law when the law says it's illegal to say Lynna Lai is god?  How far does it go? I have no problems respecting authority and i'm not promoting violence but to say put the law in the same boat with news anchors is weird and dangerous.

Now I know we have a large anti-jew movement which is another indicator that the next nazi regime is in the air. But what do you expect when you have immigrants coming from across the border where the communist police state mind set or a pro authority mind set has already taken place maybe not so much in mexico but in China and parts of korea. These people believe Authority or the law is something one can't question and with the China movement coming to America from media it's no surprise that the way of life is more of a communist mentality. is it hard to fathom that the hitler manuscript is being promoted here in Amerca now? therefore we can say police are good to a certain extent, when its all said and done if a blogger can't blog about a anchor or ridicule her co anchor without being  ostracized and thrown to the wolves its safe to say  the police Lynna Lai is  talking about might not be the police we want enchanting the kids. Then again if you were a cop and someone was blogging about Lynna and Lynna asked you to kill him wouldn't you?  It's Lynna freaking Lai!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

warning story

  So  I sat on the bench around 10:30am maybe a little earlier than that. I fell asleep  and what do I hear when waking me up and still sitting up? "Excuse me sir can I see some ID" (How is it legal to card someone for sitting on a bench unless I fit the description)?  I forgot it's illegal to be black and on a bench sleeping.  I give him the card  and he comes back and says "it's good that you haven't gotten in any trouble ".  What does that mean ? Then he says "I'm going to give you a "warning" because a cop did catch you a few months ago  sleeping by the train tracks" (what he felled to say it wasn't a Cop they were COPS on the train tracks, giving me a warning.  It was like i broke the code of FT Leavenworth).

      Here's the questions did one of Lynna Lai's friends put him up to it or did lynna lai her self put him up to it. Did Lynna Lai's ex co anchor Duffy put this into action. I just saw a report he did where he was reporting about the Brimfield police officer leaving the force so there must be a connection with police and him. Am I just mental and he just saw me on the bench and felt like he had to pull me over?

The last question I posted isn't mental at all because local police have been following me  every where I go, so to say it wasn't part of a conspiracy  a Lynna Lai conspiracy would be delusional. One doesn't have the Police follow the subject for months and think its just coincidence that they stop you. Therefore I would have to say yes the great anchor and or her cohorts had something to do with my "warning" Why would they have something to do with the warning car 1873 Gonzales gave me? Because of the comment he used 'it's good that you're not getting in trouble".  I said this in sugar bowl 2, and that's if they can kill Kennedy they can kill anyone. If they can kill Kennedy the President of the united states they can get me in trouble.  So when Gonzales says it's good you're not in trouble I suspect he's saying I/we can get you in trouble.

  Thats the main reason cops follow me, the main reason why news station vans used to follow me, the reason why there are plants  influenced by the local authorities. It's because they want me in trouble. they want to say see what happens when you watch Lynna Lai. See what happens when you say she's god.   This is what happens when you produce lynnaluvers and lynnamentals. Maybe its not the fact they want to make the lynnaluvers dream come true. But they want to mock the dream, Maybe mock it into a reality.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sugar Bowl 2

What a coincidence; I insist that my murder is inevitable since Ohio State had to play Alabama  and what happens  the fans of Ohio State along with the team move closer to where I breathe my air during these times. obviously my death hasn't occurred yet could my judgement be right?That the government orchestrated Oh to not only come to New Orleans  but also Dallas? Dallas the same place JFK got killed! Therefore if they can kill the President and get away with it they can kill anyone.

  How coincidental that the game is a battle of the O's  the same alphabet of Obama.  One can't help but suspect  that the entire unfolding was part of a government conspiracy.  A Lynna Lai conspiracy. Maybe not a conspiracy  to my physical death. but the death of the old blogger. The death of the spirit of lynnaluvers and maybe if the spirit of lynnaluvers goes the physical shall go?  Maybe the Dallas trip will be like a museum activity. "lets go see the lynnaluver who turned into a lynnamental"!Maybe i'm feeling the death of myself since the Ohio State win  because lynnaluvers is still alive.

  At the end of the day lynnaluvers and talking about Lynna Lai was all worth it.  Even after a cop car 4434 located me while i was trying to dodge the cold elements I still feel like it was worth it.  The only way I would say that lynnaluvers wasn't worth it is if a kid dies or lynna lai disappears because of the old blog. Its just like JFK don't worry about what the country can do for you and indeed I can look back and say I wasn't worried about what the great anchor could do for me it was what she could do for WOIO or what WKYC could do for the anchor! Because of my writings and my beliefs  I must never physically go to Ohio and on that note welcome to Dallas, Ohio state do what you're Destined!