Thursday, August 28, 2014

What to Say

So what shall we end with seeing that half our dream came true. Seeing that Lynna the greatest is back on in the mornings on WKYC. Is there anything else to talk about are their any other conspiracies of course there are. The question is do I have it in me? Has my Ostracizing been so harsh that the lynnamentals voice has faded? Maybe that was their plan to destroy the voice because without a voice what wrong can happen. Then again why would the anchor and her associates be so disturbed by lynnaments because those who have read or heard of it are no more and really aren't a large audience.

  Its been a year since I was Ostracized and to be honest lynnamentals has never had a voice like lynnaluvers. Maybe it's not the voice we're focused on but the spirit of lynnaluvers that we're expecting with lynnamentals. Some would say since Ive been blacklisted the spirit of lynnamentals should be stronger and more persuasive. Lynnamentals shouldn't be dying and because it's dying maybe the anchor is content but wants to continue to follow the blogger by the FBI and the local authorities hence why events are intimidated and orchestrated.

 So shall we run and not write thereby escaping death or shall we believe in lynnamentals until the reaper has shown her face. Seeing that we are disturbed when the anchor is disturbed (for example when the anchor got fired) should we be content and not worry about lynnamentals voice or the death of it? I believe I'm so disturbed because of the cost that had to be paid for her WKYC morning appearance. The death of lynnaluvers, the death of relationships,the death of careers, the death of broadcasters. Yet, in true fan fashion isn't that what being a fan consist of sacrificing for the betterment of the god anchor?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Conspiring Against Perry?

The person whom I would have hoped would have beaten Romney is now being faced with over 100 yrs confinement, because of his beliefs that no one who in leadership should drive drunk or could it be that the anchor and the Government blackmailed him to arrest or kill me and he told them no. Could his indictments really have anything to do with little old me. Could it be that I'm a fan of Texas and the great anchor is from Louisiana? Maybe the Government wants to get Governor Perry out of the way so they can put someone in office that will get rid of me and those like me.

  Now some would say if the Government and the great anchor wanted me dead they wouldn't hesitate;. Yet I don't agree because it's my belief that the great Anchor/ Government probably don't want to get their hands dirty. This might explain the Police following me and the fact that the Gov won't secure the borders. Wouldn't the local authorities involvement with my murder  be the same as the Government having me killed? Maybe their following the blogger to verify that where I am when the FBI or the immigrant has been called to take care of business. Could it be possible that they want to put him behind bars  to program him into thinking about being anti blogger or anti black?  Maybe Obama just has a fetish for republican Governors.

 In closing the indictment on Governor Perry is a Omen to a lot of things. Is it a clue to my Final being. Is it a clue that Alcohol/Lynna (Lai is a name of a wine) can lead to the death of lives. Is it a Omen of the fact that Kasich may have to run for President since Gov.  Perry is out and maybe that was the Plan on how to get him out of the race.  Godspeed Governor!

Saturday, August 2, 2014


    So I guess everyone has heard that the great anchor is back. She's back on in the mornings and she's back with John Anderson. She's back competing against the morning fox 8 machine. Since I'm not in Ohio I can't really sense what she is or isn't doing (who cares right). I can't really get a sense on if she's really creating magic  with her morning crew. Is her magic genuine? I can't tell if she's on for a whole 4 hours  or if she's on just for a couple hours. What other things are out of the picture.

  What I can sense is that she's happy. Let me put it like this; she's happy during the 2 + minutes they put on WKYC. COM I'm completely elated about this. What this means is that she's a step closer to a national newscast. What this also means is that she's competing against the news organizations crew that let her go.

   In closing theres many questions that has to be asked. If it took two years for her to be on WKYC during the mornings as anchor how long will it be until she's on the national level?? Is she going to be on WKYC morning as long as Hollie Strano or Mark Nolan? Will she beat Fox 8 during the mornings? What else can KYC do to beat Fox 8 or is fox 8 a Teflon station? In I complained that she never interviewed people on 19 but now since she's on WKYC in  the mornings who will she interview? Also in lynnaluvers I stated she never shows her legs which drive ratings (I gave the example of the view) will she show her legs on WKYC?  I guess the most important thing is that Mornings are Fantastic again lets be happy and enjoy this great News.