Friday, May 13, 2016

Mexican Shake PT 3

I have a feeling that people are looking into if my gays in the convent are true and the Mexican Shake story is true. The reason I say this is because some donors of the Convent came in a few days after Mexican Shake plus the god anchor had me thinking. She reported about a lady calling the police just to get out of paying a bill.

 One of the reasons why I didn't report the guy touching my ass to a security guard or anyone is that they have become very considerate to gays. Not to mention I can sense they were annoyed by me especially Mike the night security guard. For example he wouldn't even let me watch Lynna Lai vids in the early morning in the open field because the camera couldn't see me. Another reason why I didn't say anything to anyone is no one likes complainers.

  If I can complain about the god anchor and her compatability with 19 and get ostracized what would happen in a place where the god anchor can really have her way? There were so many god anchor connotations in the convent it was like they were pandering from Indians caps to A guy saying he was a weather newscaster. What would a weather newscaster be doing in a convent?
 What happened after I told Mike about the guy shaking the bed?  What happened  is nothing. If their despondent about someone moving the bed while sleep what will they do if I told them about the guy touching me. Maybe the guy moving the bed worked for the police or the government and they can't do anything or maybe the guy I told works for the place I was ostracized from. He did look like a spokes person for Neos police dept.

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