Saturday, July 9, 2016

Agent Article

  Since I've been in cork city the FBI has been getting a lot of attention. One of the occurrences that has been happening with the FBI that hasn't been getting any attention is that the FBI's cork city's lead agent is being removed. I know coincidences happen and this may be one.  Yet to me,there's something puzzling about the removal. Although Im not in the FBI I find it hard to believe that a agent in charge is relieved of her duties regularly. For example the lead agent in Cleveland hasn't been removed for over 10yrs.

 Could it be that when I got to cork city the agent didn't respond well with the demands? Could the god anchors associates have told her that I was a delicate FBI case and she had to leave. Maybe she's leaving because someone in a higher position got demoted. Could a devotee of the god anchor be replacing the FBI agent? Could it be that the FBI has been compromised by associates of the god anchor or associates of her associates have compromised the local FBI agency.

  I googled it and there are people with the god anchors last name in the FBI along with the name Esparra. This is the last name of the anchor I saw in A Akron City meeting when they were prosecuting the veteran for his housing. Could it be that the god anchor and Esparra conspired to remove me which triggered the removal of the agent in Cork City recently? Is this why delusion was a huge part in the god anchors vocabulary during her newscasts weeks before my exit?  Could the FBI have sold the god anchor this word delusion to create a energy? Is it possible that the FBI has used this energy to ostracize not only me but large groups of people in the states? I'm beginning to believe my ostracization was a practiced family oriented operation inflicted upon the FBI to get rid of the blogger which indirectly repositioned other FBI agents.

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