Friday, January 27, 2017


Who would of known that the god anchor would have the main stage before,during and after the Superbowl? If someone would of told me that Lynna Lai would be a Superbowl name or connotation I wouldn't have believed it during the lynnaluvers days.  But it's true the logo for the Superbowl is going to be L-A-I!  Actually the Superbowl logo for 2017 is the letter L the Lombardi trophy and the letter I  with the NFL in the trophy. With all the connotations especially in the last two yrs has the name been normalized! Are they getting ready to introduce the god anchor to the world?

  Could the god anchor have bought the NFL or is the NFL just making  fun of the East Asian American name? What would it mean when the name Lai becomes as normal as Smith? Is this a way to introduce the rest of the world to the name? Could it be that someone of a higher position in the government is sending bat signals to the god anchor?  Just maybe someone controlling Superbowl marketing has a thing for the god anchor!

  Personally I think someone in the hierchy of society is trying to get us used to seeing the name Lai.  If we can see the name Obama for eight yrs in America and across the world I'm willing to bet the name won't be a big deal. Should we be surprised that the name Lai is being pushed during, before and after the Superbowl?  Isn't this what every Lynna Lai fan could dream of?  Isn't this just a piece of the case that the god anchor is superior?  Think of all the famous names that are super media friendly and ask yourself why isn't the god anchor out there? Especially with all the confusion of whats real and what isn't?

  The Superbowl is probably the biggest stage to be on and to promote the god anchor as the logo is incredible marketing. Maybe NBC had a hand in it. Maybe NBC is getting ready to put the god anchor out on the national level. This might be an Observance from Obama. Like a last salute from president 44 to the god anchor. Lastly, maybe this is a way to flex muscle.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Writing about Trump and god

Since I associated Obama's presidency with Lynna Lai on lynnaluvers and also the death of "the desk chick"  will I associate the god anchor with President Trump? If I associated the god anchor with my ostracization would I see a conspiracy with the god anchor and Trump?  Would I see a conspiracy if something happened at the inauguration like a terrorist attack?

 Let's not be blinded, I've written at least a half dozen articles about Clinton
Yet she's not even the president.  Therefore if I can associate the god anchor with Clinton and she didn't win the presidency; is it hard to fathom that there might be a connection with the god anchor and Trump at the inauguration.

Although they're many things to write about what would Trump a Trump article right now?  What would Trump a  Trump article if something went wrong with his swearing in? With the news covering the fact that people won't accept a Trump presidency and these are liberals /pro Obama demonstrators which are also assiciated BLM  and other democratic groups how couldn't I associate the two?

 Would my article be fair? Is a conspiracy ever fair? If someone conspires against someone else are they thinking fairness?  Seeing that the media promoted anti-trump sentiments compared to Obama is that fair?  I think writing A Trump / god anchor article will be entertaining conspiratorial and suspecting.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Accepting 2017

In "knowing 2016" I asked if we would get accustomed to the unknown that was before us. In 2017 the question is will we accept what has manifested? Will the media accept Trump? Will we accept the deaths that have accured? Will we accept Clinton's defeat? Will I accept my Clinton forecast being wrong?

  Seeing that I got ostracized by what was shown and or said; it's hard to believe that I'll personally accept the ills that has happened.  Maybe it will appear that the effects of the ostracizing have subsided but have I really accepted my ostracizing if I'm writing about it in 2017? Maybe I'm not supposed to forget about my ostracizing. Maybe the reason Clinton loss is because we didn't forget?  Can we accept 2017 which supposedly is involved with Trump as president if America has accepted Obama? If the media is under anti-american media direction can they accept Trump and will they let us forget about Obama?  If the nation is anti blogger is it surprising that I got ostracized? Yet if the nation is pro East Asian American why isn't the god anchor nationally noticed as a national anchor?

I said this before but what if my Ostracizing had to take place for the god anchor to take her place?