Monday, February 13, 2017


  What association did the police that squeezed my penis have  with officer ndeedo? The officer that I came incontact with yesterday.  for me to say there isnt an association would be delusional. Could it be this is why  Cork Cities finest have  been able to stalk the blogger, because the god anchor and NBC are insisting I'm delusional?  If the police that grabbed my penis  told the officer ndeddo to pursue my homeless behavior which was holding up a sign  what does that mean?

   What does it say if the officer that touched my penis  had the other officer pursue me? Could it mean that the local cork police officer that has touched my penis has read the blog?  Could it mean that there are some in the cork cities police regime that feel like touching a black homeless guys penis is ok considering he was reaching in my pocket to take things out. Could this be a legitamate excuse to pursue the blogger? Could my blog be a reasonable excuse?  if there are some that feel like male officers  touching male penises are ok could the same people be behind the second persuit? Since the second persuit also happened on a sunday as the first confrontation with corks finest is this a clue?

How often does a homeless guy get persued here in cork city?  Could it be the reason ive been confronted by police twice in two weeks is because of my article about a convent here I was at that was a breeding ground for the gay community? Could this be a way to terrorize someone whose not gay? Could cork cities finest be using the god anchor as a shield or a motivator to terrorize the blogger in honor of the gay community? is there a brotherhood amongst the gay community and the local PD here in Cork City?

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Secured City?

 There must be some attraction to people who are in a secluded place and Cork cities police officers. The reason I say this Is because I was approached again by corks finest. this time the city police officer had on a yellow shirt  instead of brown and also was Mexican instead of White. Why does that make any differenmce who knows. Yet what does make a difference is there was two of them instead of One. Also this time I wasnt close to the train tracks in Cork but 30 ft away from patrons of businesses holding a sign saying hate the homeless?

  Should I have expected this?  I wont give any specifics yet did this approach have anything with the god anchor? They told me that I was Obstructing patrons. again I was thirty feet awayfrom anyone. heres a question did the officer I was blogging about last week have anything to do with this. I did see a few muslims pass me did they have anything to do with it? The mexican officer even took my social security number could he have approached me because someone told him that I had a legal social? Obviously the police wouldnt have hired anyone they didnt trust, but what if the law is so twisted they had to let the officer in? I did sense hostility when I said "I still love my country".

  Could it be that because Trump has made such demands local police that have an allegance to illegal immigrants are trying to take social security numbers from anyone whose a homeless citizen? Was I wrong to feel uneasy about giving my social out? Does the god anchor have a stake in this? Could it be that she wants my social security tarnished because she feels like being a anchor or being in the media is tarnished? Could they feel Cork city is dieing and they felt that to keep a black homelesss in town helps keeps them employed. Is this why they want more illegals staying around because the population isnt growing as it should. Did the local mexican officer hate me more than he hates that I'm a fan of  the god anchor? Maybe he hates that the god anchors position is more secure than his yet maybe the god anchor put him up to it because sad to say her position isnt secured?  Could this be the reason why a white new model mustang and a grey medium car almost hit me after I left the secluded area I was at today? Maybe hate in cork city is at a all time high and the god anchor isnt the only one that feels like they should capitalize off it.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Penis Report3 : Animal Maybe

  When a farmer projects fear to its
animals/property it's to keep them from harm or to control them. Could this be the element I'm missing from the squeezed penis scandal?  Maybe someone from the god anchors camp had him squeeze my penis because someone looks at me as property or a animal. Maybe since I was sleeping by the train tracks  he saw me as a Animal. Maybe in Cork City the homeless are viewed as animals to the local PD.

It might  have been my rough features that had pushed the officer into squeezing my penis and warning me like a animal. Could it be the god anchor was treated like property at 19 or channel 3? It was hrs after the Superbowl maybe that was his way of showing whose boss. Maybe it's someone who has come from another country that views black homeless as property and has pushed those views on the officer.

  Could it be possible that the officer was paid to squeeze my penis as a checking out the merchandise before they kidnap? Was this a procedure before a kidnapping act? Could someone had paid the Cork City officer to physically check out my equipment  before detainment like cattle?

  Are the rules different In sanctuary cities? Are males used to the squeeze of a male police officer In Cork City? Was the penis squeeze an offense because I watched the god anchor? Maybe the god anchor pushed for this type of search. Maybe she or the officer or her cohorts are anticipating something is about to happen and they want to give me a squeeze before detainment. How much of a animal have I turned into since my ostracizing? Maybe to have me ostracized was to have me undomesticated. Could it be that those of another country don't feel I have the right to be a domesticated  human. Therefore they have pushed domesticated officers to treat me as such.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Penis Report 2: Fear Agenda

After the male police officer touched  my penis and checked to see if I was wanted he stated there was a guy doing real bad things to homeless people. Was this the truth or  was this a way to make sure I get out of Cork City? What was the statements agenda? What did the god anchor have to do with it?

 During  the god anchors time with 19 and also NBC, fear was a element to some of their stories. Is there an association with the god anchors channels and the officer that touched my penis? Maybe the fear element was part of the officers approach because it was a way to show his allegiance to the god anchor and the news stations. Could it be his fear approach was a shadow of things to come to the blogger?  Yes, this was a warning but who pushed him to warn me?

  There are two groups of people that uses fear the most to get what they want and that's muslims and gays. Could it be he was hired by a gay muslim to squeeze my penis and project fear? Since there are lots of gays and Cork City is a sanctuary city I don't find it hard to believe. How far are they willing to take the projection of fear? Would they take it to my death?

Monday, February 6, 2017

The Penis Report

After I hear that the New England Patriots came back and won I decided to sleep by the train tracks. While laying there by the tracks a grey suv whips pass me ( after seeing the grey suv I should have known something was going to happen). Maybe an hr later a black and white Cork city police suv stops four feet infront of me. The SUV had two alphabets on its hood one was a letter To and then some  numbers, 10952.
  The male officer told me to walk towards the suv. He tells me to put my hands on the hood and then asked me if I had anything that would harm him in my pockets. After I answer him he starts digging in my pockets to take everything out. While asking me questions he reaches in my pocket he touches my penis from inside my pocket. The question is was this a set up? Did he touch my penis under someone's orders? Was he following me to offend me? Is there any allegiance with the god anchor and the officer? Could it be that he touched my penis because he wanted to offend  me to the point I write about it?

  Could it be the god anchor has Cork city Contain me here and to do so Cork city had the officer touch my  penis to offend me so that I could write about it.  If I write about it it gives him reason to offend me to the point of arrest or vehicular assault. He did ask me if I ever been arrested before.

Maybe it had nothing to do with the officer but it had something to do with the current muslim band or the illegal Alien situation. Could it  be an illegal alien was following me under the god anchors orders and ia called the police on me once he found out where I was sleeping? Are there more illegal aliens dedicated to the god anchor than cork cities finest? Could it be an illegal alien works for NBC or 19 the god anchors ex station and are under direction from the god anchor or her associates to get me to stay or entrapped in Cork city.