Saturday, April 26, 2014


    How can we say that we are so much in love with our kids? How can I can say I love my kid? How can I say that I "luv" Lynna Lai and not say that I love my kid. For one before I wrote  The kids mother was not father friendly and in this country mothers have more rights therefore I could not have created a healthy relationship with him therefore the love is not around. The reason I can write is because it wasn't a real love hence the word spelled luv. I explained this years ago but it seems I have to write about this again. The "luv" that is visible isn't a real love but a fans love it's an obsession.

Can we as American say that we love are kids but we promote pedophiles like catholic leaders? Can the media really say that kids are the future when they promote pro-choice which really isn't pro choice but anti children. If we don't appreciate a certain race shouldn't we outlaw them to pro create? Yet Lynna Lai and company are portraying themselves as kid advocates. Now I'm not saying they don't  love their kids but should they portray a liking to all of them? Are the kids really our future or just certain kids our future and if certain kids are just our future should we not make sure that they are the ones that we portray to care about?

   Maybe this is why I used to say unknowingly that Lynna Lai is the mother of the media because she portrays a love for kids at this time. Maybe that's why I was ostracized because of Lynna Lai's and companies dislike for certain kids.  Maybe my ostracizing had nothing to do with me personally but had everything to do with someones hatred toward my family. This is why  my ostracizing might have been better of for my kid because if I wasn't ostracized  would he not be threatened and possibly killed while he's still a kid. What if the anchor already had him microchipped? Could my blog have secured a microchip in my kid?

Microchips Pt2

 Every since I wrote microchips which was two days ago April 23rd 2014, The local authorities here in Phoenix  have been a little bit more aggressive. For example not even a twenty seconds from my sun  hide out they had a guy on the ground cornered by at least three officers with their cruisers in the background.  It's almost as if Lynna Lai and or her associates persuaded the authorities to become more aggressive  towards those who have look like they've been uprooted. I can understand they have to create a presence of safety especially if theirs a black guy loose . Yet,  could have microchips have angered the powers of Lynna Lai to create  a more aggressive police presence?

  I did write that I might have been micro chipped because Lynna Lai and Brian Duffy might have felt threatened after they've ostracized me. maybe they thought that I was going to be like those animals let loose from a zoo in NEO a few years ago. You can't say I didn't offend Lynna Lai and Brian Duffy when I wrote or I wouldn't have been ostracized and I don't believe one can say that I didn't offend someone in Lynna Lai's camp after microchips hence the locals authorities presence every time i turn a corner. Maybe they just want to make it appear that I have a microchip since I did write it.   Now Imagine if I was driving around these parts how often would I get pulled over for the smallest of things?

  In conclusion Microchips I believe I believe have angered people but am I suppose to stop living because people are angry? Was Lynna Lai suppose to stop reporting or anchoring because I thought she was better than her old station and her 19 action news co-anchor? Are Cops suppose to stop patrolling because I assume that they are stalking me? This is still America isn't (In phoenix you can't tell )?  Can we not assume without being hindered. Can we not ask questions and write about the anchor without being ostracized?

Thursday, April 24, 2014


  Could I have been microchipped because of my writings of the persuasive anchor Lynna Lai? If they have put microchips in dogs why wouldn't they have put a microchip in some humans? With some religions theres a belief that blacks aren't humans and if blacks aren't humans it wouldn't matter if they put a microchip in us seeing that blacks aren't a part of the human race in some belief systems. What if my writings made the great anchor so nervous that she had someone like a police officer or FBI agent put a microchip in me?

   I do live in insecure surroundings it wouldn't be that hard to put a microchip in me. Even if I didn't live in insecure surroundings my writings has put me in a position  where just walking down the street a hired associate could put a microchip in me. One of the reasons why I would be microchipped is because of Maybe Lynna Lai and company believe that since I write or am so Obsessed with writing about the great  anchor it would be justified to have me microchipped / followed. Maybe they have concluded or planned that after my ostracizing I needed to be followed just in case I follow Lynna Lai or Brian Duffy or their family members. Were my writings so disturbing that they had the right to have me microchipped? What if Lynna Lai is already microchipped?

  Don't news anchors report about things that are disturbing? Haven't they developed an energy or spirit so that viewers are drawn to disturbing info? If viewers are drawn to disturbing info is it not logical for viewers to write about disturbing things. What if that's the plan to develop disturbing reports so that viewers can create situations and if viewers create disturbing situations  the gov/ media might have the right to put microchips in the disturbed. What has made me think that Ive been microchipped  was the fact that Iwas being followed every where. Thirty Minutes the Local Police were sitting right outside of my regular sun  hide out. I know by now they know my regular comings and goings by heart but before then it was like I had a regular GPS in me.

  I can hear someone say " Well if you're not doing anything wrong you don't have nothing to worry about". I think that's what the great news anchor Lynna Lai was betting on that I would do something wrong so I could be put in the slammer. At this time my being is against the law. Maybe she believes that my mere breathing is against the law. Hence why she had me micro chipped. She probably guessed by spying on me when I was in "ohlaio"  that I would be in insecure surroundings and if i'm in insecure surroundings my being is unlawful and therefore me being micro chipped is justified.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Inappropriate News

The world is full of inappropriate people doing inappropriate things. Once again if it wasn't for the inappropriate spirit  Lynna Lai probably wouldn't even be on the news. Some would say that was  inappropriate and some would say that if I would have never written she would of never been on WKYC. Is it true? How much of being inappropriate was a factor of my ostracizing?

   I knew when I wrote that she wouldn't be around forever but I didn't anticipate that the anchor being out the door of 19 after 4 years of I didn't anticipate the anchor being just the weekend anchor on wkyc when I made I was anticipating the anchor going to a national news channel. anticipating the anchor staying on 19 for a longer time. I was anticipating the anchor staying in the anchor chair on 19 longer than Duffy. Yet it seems someones bad views about the anchors competition and her co-host was a combo for disaster. It was a combination for a strong plan that had to do with my ostracizing and my death eventually. Of course I didn't feel that my lynnaluvers was inappropriate and if I did ,was it inappropriate enough to have me ostracized.

  I can hear the old me argue that when Lynna was on 19 she did many inappropriate reports along with her co-workers. Matter of fact 19 hired a blond ohio anchor because she was inappropriate on stage. So how was my inappropriate words so bad? I didn't write that Lynna Lai was a derogatory name , I wrote that she was the best anchor in the land. I wrote that her old news station was below her. I wrote things that might have made people feel uncomfortable but were my words the same as the anchors words that created my ostracizing? I don't think so matter of fact I even let Raycom know that the great anchor was a great addition to the newscast never did I write to raycom that she was a hindrance. Maybe that's the issue my blog was a inappropriate hindrance and the only way to make sure that the inappropriate hindrance didn't hinder her new anchor position was to ostracize me. Maybe if they fired more blond and black anchors and start hiring East Asian news personalities people wouldn't make big deals about Asian news personalities! Maybe if wasn't so true I wouldn't have gotten ostracized. I should of said Lynna Sucked at 19 and that she was the worse news personality in Cleveland! Then she would of gotten a raise and put in a better position. How twisted!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Dark Horse

When was online there was a very dark skinned woman that was one of her competitors they even had a dark skinned woman on Lynna Lai's show when the  American Anchor was on 19 action news not to mention the dark skinned male anchor who had some of the highest ratings. I used to always talk about how the dark skinned traffic reporter wouldn't work and how TV should be more lighter in Cleveland. I think I even mentioned that if they keep reporting about blacks as criminals would it be smart to hire more blacks. I said that shouldn't they hire the least criminalized race which are Eastern Asians.

 Now Since Ive been in the belly of the Devil (Phoenix) Ive been getting darker. Its like the powers that be want me to get charcoal so I can't comment about the Asian news babe. Maybe the great anchor prayed to the sun gods to burn me to a crisp. Maybe the great anchor knew that when I was gonna be ostracized i wasn't going to have any shade in my life. Maybe destroyed my shade. I mean it's is a possibility seeing that the Chinese Government has control over the weather.

  I mean what I said was true, they shouldn't have blacks as anchors or reporters seeing that blacks are always in trouble. Was the article that was pro Lynna but anti dark news personality worth me being ostracized? Maybe the blacks had me ostracized because they didn't like That would be very smart to get someone kicked to the curb by someones own race. I mean if blacks can kill blacks how hard would it be to have blacks get blacks kicked to the curb? It wouldn't be hard but my question is if this is so what hand did the great anchor have in this? The sacrifices we go through over the great news god!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Frances Lai

   Ive been noticing that Frances Rivera from PIX news is on MSNBC  and NBC mornings as a Anchor. This could easily be Lynna Lai. Maybe it will be Lynna in a few years or better a few months. The reason I say this is because  Frances use to have Slim Hair during her PIX days now it's like she has big hair. Could it be that she's channelling the great Lynna Lai? If Network news anchors start channelling the great god wouldn't it be justified to have the channeled god on a national network also anchoring? She is a pioneer!

   Wouldn't it be interesting to see the Local news god of NBC on the early show? Maybe that will be NBC'S plan to give Frances Rivera a chance before they put Lynna on a national T.V.  There doing a lot of tests or should I say experiments, I mean a whole lot during these recent months. What if this Frances Rivera Episode is just a test? Seeing that the national NBC news Network does have a love for Ohio anchors  (Brian Williams,Matt Lauer) wouldn't it be right to put the great anchor  in the National chair next?  The good thing about the great news anchor is that she has strong connections besides Ohio.

  Ive always said  that she would be anchoring on a National Station but what if that back fires?  What if her anchoring the Early Morning TV National Show creates unwanted attention to lynnaments? There's always a price to pay for what you want hence my ostracizing. What if they hire Lynna Lai as a goof to embarrass the blogger?  What if that's what The Anchor wants because she thinks that's the only way to get rid of the blog. If I'm willing to lose my comfortable life what will Lynna Sacrifice? What has she or what will she sacrifice to make sure lynnaments and the talk of ceases? How offended is she?

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Muslim Maybes

 Before I start, this Article was not produce or inspired by what has Happened in Ft Hood recently, I wrote this weeks ago.

 We've heard about different races ostracizing each other or creating laws so that a certain race weren't able to succeed. But during these new times in America could it that certain religions have ostracized their nemesis  religion? Could it be the reason I was ostracized was because I'm associated with Christians and I have a Jewish name? Could it be  that the great  anchor could be Muslim and or have muslim associations hence she had to have me ostracized.

  What if some Muslims with deep pockets were offended that a guy with Christian associations would write about a possible muslim anchor? What if Lynna hired muslims to ostracize me  because she was frustrated with my blog This could be the reason why I sensed an attack on me when I watched the news anchor when she was on 19 and even recently. Maybe she couldn't have gotten help from the muslims If I didn't write "dreamcast" and articles like that. Before dreamcast, way before dreamcast the energy of was more pro- lynna lai. I think the only reason why "Dreamcast" was written was because of a undertone in her newscasts that I was going to be killed/murdered soon.

   There were many Muslim convenience stores around my humble bungalow. Lynna Lai and company could have easily told them that a christian associate lived close by and was blogging about  the great anchor. That could have triggered anger in the muslim convenience store world. Where they had to find a way to get me ostracized. Maybe it wasn't my blogging that they were offended by but it was  the fact that I was associated with Christians and my humble bungalow didn't represent that,  it hindered their stores. Maybe they were upset that didn't add value to the great anchor.  Here's a question If I was a Muslim would they have looked the other way? would they have ignored Lynna Lai and company if I worshipped Allah?

  I had a lot of celebrity worship articles about the persuasive anchor in could it be that the Muslims were offended that I could put a news anchor in the same category as Allah? Maybe our current president is a Muslim and he was offended by the way I characterized the great anchor as a god in lynnaluvers. Maybe NBC is more muslim than CBS, they did get one of the first interviews in the Cleveland market after he was elected or maybe CBS allowed NBC to get the first interview because of its changes.