Monday, April 18, 2016

Star Trek Article

  For the first time in my life I got to see a star trek episode a few months ago and I just got time to type it out. I typed it in Feb 2016 so hopefully what is about to be typed won't create more hysteria. The first episode I saw wasn't based on traveling on a star or worshipping a demon. The first episode I saw in my life was about a Character named LAL. Yes LAL, as in Lai, Lynna Lai.

  The episode was about a being who morphed some how into a Woman named LAL. She didn't have any knowledge of how humans functioned or their human behavior, therefore she had the behavior of a kid. A guy named data was giving her lessons on human functions when LAL'S original producer wanted her back. The original producer felt like she was being used for elementary activities. To make the story short LAL died because of human emotion. She felt emotional because she wanted to stick around with her instructor.

Could they have made this episode based on the god anchor two or three decades ago? Could this be why I was ostracized because the god anchor is a LAL.  Someone whose from another dimension? Did the producers of this episode know about the god anchor?
Maybe the god anchor is influenced by Data and Data is Superior to the god anchor. What if the god anchor is Data and the star trek episode just manipulated that fact.

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