Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Gays in the Convent

  In my last article I mentioned I was at a convent and it's an accommodating place. Accept for one small issue. I believe there's a homosexual agenda going on. The reason I say this is because of a number of reason but the main reason is because some male touched me on my back side. To make it worse he wears a cowboys hat through out the day. Almost to say Texas brought him here to harass me. Could it be the gays are here in honor of the god anchor and WKYC? Has my past articles angered them and created a team to attack and molest?

  I've been hearing lil Mexico is a conservative town yet is it conservative on just crime and not sodomy? Could I just be in a place where someone whose gay has been following me and has called up his gay friends. What if the god anchor called up her friend whose gay and they insist that I need to be harassed. Maybe it turns them on to harass the blogger in a convent. Maybe I'm just delusional and its smaller than what I'm assuming.

 When I felt a finger on my ass I jumped in my bed. The first people I see is the cowboy and a black guy with a pony tail. They both had long hair yet the black  guy with the pony tail was a little further than the cowboy was so I assumed it was the cowboy. But maybe I'm mistaking maybe it was the black with the pony tail. Maybe he told the cowboy to do it just so they could see what I'll do. Maybe the god anchor has nothing to do with it but the guy Miguel who I mentioned a few days ago orchestrated it.

 What if it's just the local Authorities putting the cowboy up to it? What if they read my blog and they have a issue with it. Maybe they feel like the least they can do is have another guy touch my ass seeing I'm hetero. What if this is a way to get me programmed to prison life?

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