Monday, April 11, 2016


  So when I get on the touchy touchy bus a black man was sitting right next to the seat that I was approved to sit at. Yet he gets up when I sit down and sits right behind me. It's not abnormal for people to move and change seats but it is suspect to have someone talk about Cleveland,Ohio for almost the entire trip and or how he kicked his kids out his house. The question that comes to mine is why?  Why didn't I move? Why did he feel obligated to talk so loudly as if to annoy? Why couldn't he wait until he was off the bus? Why didnt I take a pic of him yet I can take a pic of others? Was he a plant for the god anchor?

  I think the reason I didn't move is because it was a seat specifically for me at that time. Like right now there's someone talking about Spanish over the phone and I got up and moved. With the bus, it was a different situation. A situation that was bound to drive me if it wasn't for Mrs. Touch.

 The reason he couldn't stop talking about Cleveland,OH and or kicking his kids out of his house was because he was paid to talk about theses things. Maybe someone in the god anchors camp had him try to push the blogger. Maybe it was 19 and Duffy pulling one on me. Seeing they have a niche in Trolling.  Maybe their allegiance to the god anchor has manifested with the guy promoting Cleveland as if it was Heaven.

  Here's a question why didn't I tell him to quiet down? Why didn't I take a pic like I just did with the guy that was sitting right next to me on his phone today before I moved.  The reason was  I chickened out. It seems like when ever there's a black that needs to be exposed I chicken out. Could this be why Trump is so much a favorite because blacks have created a bunch of chickens?

 If it was anyone else a white male, a native, a Mexican ,a police officer, a Muslim I probably would of taken a shot. Yet for some chicken reason the energy wasn't there.  Could it be that the god anchor or 19 has summoned a invisible force to not take pictures of their spies? No, I totally believe it was the case of the chickens.  A symptom that must be killed.

 Because if it doesn't the chicken symptom can have a Evil effect. What if next time a troll comes in my presence and he's not there to promote Cleveland and or make some silly statements but he's there to end my life and or the innocents ones around me. Would it
not be nice to know that there's a current pic picture of the terrorist troll? Not saying that there's someone  who works for the god anchor and or 19 that would terrorize; but if a reporter can hit his own wife anything is possible.

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