Friday, April 29, 2016

Gang Delusions

 Since I've come to Lil Mexico I've been assumed to be in the bloods or the crips. Not by a police officer but by a worker named Miguel Perez.  Maybe it's my skin. Maybe its his past interpretation of blacks since he did tell me he was in the Marines and from Compton.  What's weird is he says he has some Asian friends and he goofs about me Jacking off.

  Did this guy read my blog about the anchor hence his rhetoric? Has the god anchors spies been giving him info on me. What made him feel like he had to tell me these things. Could it be he was  offended after I ask him if it offends him that I try to talk in Spanish seeing he talks in Spanish to others. He then assumes I'm in a gang. Which makes me point out that MS13 is a much dangerous group than bloods or crips.

Maybe this is the world I'm in. I assume the cops are working for the god anchor and he assumes I'm in a gang. I assume the god anchor is Superior and he assumes I Jack off. Could it be he's a reader of my blog?

  Could it be he reads my blog or someone he knows reads my blog and they are offended by it? Could he be associated with MS13 and the god anchor or her associates have hired them to follow me? Does my blog attract gang members because I talk about the local authorities or could it be deeper?

Maybe the Browns are working for the god anchor and they are highly annoyed by my blog seeing that Miguel does have the word brown on him. Maybe I'm delusional and theirs nothing to him and the god anchor. I mean I am in a convent right now with ex felons maybe one of them had put Miguel up to putting me in a box. Which is kind of ironic seeing that I put the Early Morning anchor in a god box along with a conspiracy box and who knows what other boxes.

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