Thursday, September 29, 2016

China's Blog

Before I begin this article let me just say I hope didn't play a part in the new control of the government and I hope the god anchor Lynna Lai didn't persuade Obama to hand the breasts of the web to China!

  As you should know by Oct 1st 2016 things online will change. The reason is because Obama; ironically the president the news media across the globe helped put in office will give the free world to China and Russia. It's been known that China and Russia has many Internet rules that aren't of  American Freedoms! One of the rules they have is no pointing to the government as  conspirators. Could the god anchor have pushed the government to hand over control of the internet because of lynnaluvers and lynnaments?  Is this why China has paid Clinton so much money so that when she gets in office she can keep the rapes and kidnappings of Americans muffled. Was lynnaluvers and lynnaments that much of a threat?

  What if the god anchor did push Obama to hand over the internet to China? Will this be the end of Lynnaments? Where will the blog go if they shut it down? It might be the end  of lynnaments in Oct 1st 2016 but something bigger will come out of it. Just like when they kicked the god anchor off 19. She turned up on wkyc a better channel.  How far will it go will they charge me for writing that Lynna Lai is god?  What growth will come out of this American Internet takedown?  The growth of China and the death of the blogger is cemented!

  Usually when a government hands over power to another government things turn really bad. If the banking system is digital never mind my blog what about the American currency? Did my blog inspire China and Russia to destroy the American currency? Is this why Russia has been snooping in lynnaluvers and now lynnaments?  What if I'm just worried about nothing and when China takes over my blog becomes the center of Chinese attention. Maybe with so much attention Lynna Lai is noticed as a god in China. How much should this control worry us?

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