Monday, December 23, 2013

Feminist Blogger

Since Lynna is a feminist I believe its understandable why I don't think about my kid or why I didn't visit him during the holidays and instead I think about her. I might of channeled her feminist spirit and doing so people must suffer.The spirit of a true feminist is not about whats best for men and we all know men just aren't born men but they are boys. This is why I'm not around this holiday season. The death of men will only happen when the boys are destroyed especially black boys and the only way for us to kill them or make sure they have no future is to take their parents away especially their fathers.

       Lets be real in the 60's would a guy leave a woman who had his kid (something I didn't do) in the 60's would a guy be so much infatuated with a news anchor that he's not interested in his kid or intimidated by the anchors powers that he will not set foot in the same state of the kid?  No, and the reason why is because We love women so much and we the males are not needed,Especially the black male. My channeling has created a lack of concern for the kid and more concern for my killer.  No concern for his grades but concerned about the person whose gonna have me killed ratings. How can I be a feminist if I like the female body? Is a heterosexual black single guy not suppose to think of the opposite sexes body? I totally believe porn was apart of the feminism movement but it wasn't called porn it was call art.

 I'm not saying that it's Lynna's fault because feminism has been in the works for a long time but I will say in my life she has played a good roll in the feminism takeover. I know some would say well if  he's such a feminist why didn't he stay around when she had the kid. The simple answer is I asked her to marry me when she told me she was pregnant with the kid and she told me no which means she didn't need me, only my seed. She had the feminist spirit before I could Identify it and what did I do? I went on with my life. (feminist) While she was pregnant I didn't get or give one phone call or visit. During these times I guess it was I can have the baby by my self attitude which is a feminist attitude. Then the only thing a person can do when she has the baby is go after her seed planter with the help of the government. The same government that has instilled the feminist movement. While this was going on Ironically I was working  for the government.

     It's Ironic that we want more feminist or more females in power but in turn we generate more boys or anti-female ideals. For example When Hilary Clinton becomes president not only will there be a lot of anti female policies but there will be more violence toward women especially against right wing women. Just Like when Obama became president there were a lot of anti black policies put in place.   We can't blame ourselves for being feminists it was in the cards the only thing we can  do is except it and do what Lynna Lai would do create a secure  the females in your life.

Sunday, December 22, 2013


If they have the power to program me into thinking sincerely that the great one is going to have me killed shouldn't that be just cause to have her on a national level to intimidate someone whose commited  a crime like rape, murder or grand larceny.  You know you're good blogger when the person you're writing about has politicians and local/national authorities intimidate you so much that you can't even see that special person who you're suppose to think about on a daily basis.

  There is no way I could go back to see my kid during the holiday right now in 2013. It would be like a mouse going to get cheese in a mouse trap. When I used to watch Lynna on a daily basis in my now vacant bugalo  she used to always report about kids being kidnapped by their fathers. If I went to see my kid during the holidays , seeing that the great anchor is associated with the local and federal authorities I would end up in a unnatural state. To put it more plainly I would end up in a event with the media  and their associates  planting something in the minds of the public which they've already done with the the VIP'S.

  Seeing that the great Pioneer Anchor doesn't work if their isn't any news wouldn't  it be coincedental for me to come to Ohio and the great Lai  has planted  something in the mind of my kids stepfather or worse maybe my actions have planted a deadbeat seed in his mind. Then what happens is the same thing that happened  a few years ago in copley.  As I continue to live I have strong feeling that the great reporter is just itching to get me confined. This is what liberals invest in; private confinement.

  Maybe I already did something that has the power to land me in prison for a life time in her and her associates eyes.  Maybe my picture  taking of Lynna  was criminal. Just maybe me being absent  from my kid is criminal  and is cause for a life or death sentence.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hispanic Design

  Do you ever want to tell someone something or write something down but you can't because when ever you do something else happens that you need to write about or say to them? I sometimes really believe that my writings are the monkeys paw. I don't want to write about my life in Phoenix and the fact that Lynna Lai might have a Hispanic kill me or the fact that someone real close to me has moved without a choice to a growing hispanic community in Akron.  These aren't coincedences this is a way to change lives.

  I really don't want to talk about my ostracizing and the possibility that the great news anchor might have designed my adventure and I didn't even know it. Maybe her designing or her associates have been designing this because they believe that I had a hand in her relative being killed? Maybe thats what she wants people to believe so that she can have an excuse to have me or someone close to me killed. I hate writing this but if it's not documented whose going to know that Lynna had me killed? Maybe its her belief  or her associates belief that Hispanics are better than American blacks and thats the real reason why she's going to have me killed because she thinks or her associates think that my lack of prodcuction and dexterity is a sign that blacks don't appreciate being in America and Hispanics do. Don't forget Lynna Lai is a liberal and liberal whites in the past were anti black therefore she might be channeling that spirit.

 When I started one of the first things I pointed out was that the Asian American race were the superior race (I should of said eastern asian race). Could that be the reason why she has the Hispanics on speed dial to do away with the kid? Could my observance be the reason she got fired and now its just payback time? I used to also write in that we should question if Lynna Lai can Identify with the black race/white race or can the black race identify with Lynna Lai since 19 used to design their newscast towards blacks. Could it be that now the fair question is can I identify with Hispanics or can Hispanics Identify with me and if not; just like Lynna Lai got fired from 19action news should I get fired from Phoenix? Maybe that's Lynna Lai's plan; to make sure I don't fit in any where so that the only place I can go is jail. Is Lynna Lai in Jail, does she feel like she's in jail since I wrote

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Crazy thought and I'm almost finish writing it but it's about a Lynna Lai having a Hispanic kill me or someone real close to me because it would be so called vengence of someone that has died in her life recently. I'll tell you more about it very  soon.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

  How can I be Thankful you ask? How can I not be Thankful, Lynna Lai is still on T.V. she's on Channel 3 and not 19, She's smiling more in her newscasts and she doesn't even share the news anchor desk with a co-anchor so it's basically all Lynna Lai. Someone said to be Thankful that I'm still alive, that's a losers attitude, who wants to just be alive Ive never been dead so being Alive is all I know ; am I suppose to compare it to death something Ive never experienced? I say be Thankful Lynna is still on. Be thankful that she has better fans, be thankful that she's about to go to a National Level newscast. This was an incredibly crazy year and I'll talk more about that later but , I'm thankful because it's been a roller coaster year and Lynna isn't finish yet. I would have to guess that she's just getting started.  In closing, be Thankful that we got to witness the best there is, the News God Lynna Lai.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lai Brain

They did what they did and I believe what I believe. Lynna Lai is still the gods of news anchors. (I said god and not goddesses because I'm recognizing that feminist don't like the word goddess being used about them especially if it's coming from a black male). Speaking of could that be the reason why the god of the news media destroyed my humble living quarters.  Was I not suppose to say she's a goddess, is Lynna Lai that thin skinned?  I doubt it, 

   I think things just back fired. They were betting I was going to stop talking aout Lynna Lai after they started making negative connotations and I didn't. A guy doesn't stop talking about a news anchor when your whole life consist of writing about her and watching videos about the news anchor, it's called programming.  Now that I'm gone the question remains whose the great ones substitute is there a substitute?  Is there anyone who can stand in the the gods shoes and deprogram my brain from the Lynna Lai virus?  As of right now I don't  think so, it's been over six months being away from OLAIO and watching Lynna Lai on a regular basis and she's at the core of my motives. Therefore I have to say that the great anchor virus will be in my brain forever as I  said before. Some would say that I don't want to stop thinking about Lynna Lai because I wouldn't have anything else to think about.

  When I call the great one a virus it's not to offend her or WKYC, its a way to discredit her power over my head which isn't working well because I still think she's god. I still think she can hold a week night or morning show on her own. (not weekend). I still think she's fits better with WKYC even though she might not be getting as paid as much.  Therefore maybe by my words I say she's a virus of my brain but actually she might be the battery of my brain. speaking of brains you have to wonder if I even have one seeing that the great one is still the number one story on my list. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

La Cops

 I guess I deserve to be pulled over by the cops in this town since I make pics of Lynna Lai now right? Well that's what happened walking away from my office of "lai dreams". They said I was moving too fast. Actually their specific words were I can't move while the pedestrian man is absent even though the pedestrian guy is only up for 5 seconds. What does my being pulled over have to do with Lynna Lai? Maybe it has nothing to do with the great anchor or maybe she and her associates were deeply involved. Maybe she had her friends in LA to have the authorities screw with me. Maybe she was upset about my Meyers article or lastly maybe she got info that she was going to get canned again and she thinks its my fault therefore she had her associates get the cops on me.

  The city where I'm in theres a lot of illegal activity yet there's also a lot weight on civilians to spend money therefore when civilians don't spend money the city folds. its like any metropolitan.  Maybe they are a little bit bothered that money isn't flowing in like it should therefore they have to screw with me to reach their monthly goal of tickets or arrests. Maybe I just look weird and they had to make something up to stop me.

   One guy was white and the other guy looked like Obama. Last time I got pulled over (another city) It was a Asian American guy, maybe  Lynna Lai didn't want an Asian American to screw with me this time so they had a very light colored guy and white guy pull me to the side. It's not that I'm upset or frustrated it's just when things like this happens it's a chance that Lynna Lai and her gremlins has a hand it. When I die my last words will probably be Lynna Lai if I can speak at the time. I can't say I was looking like a lawyer or doctor but when a city approves of self destructive activities you're going to have people who look destructive. Which in turn make the Authorities destroy lives. This is one of the words the black guy used "destroy" will I see him again?.Is he a hired private hit man?  if I get killed by the black guy or latino guy will president Clinton have those that had me killed get destroyed by an Asian American. Maybe thats why so many Chinese Americans are coming to the states, it's a set up. They believe they're coming here for a better life but in actuality they came unknowingly  to take the Americans place. What if my death or my being harrassed is just a window for the Chinese to destroy the blacks and other Americans who have destroyed what their grandfathers and grandmothers have made.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Meyer Mysteries

    It was a Saturday  during the summer like 9am or 10am driving down the freeway talking to someone  whose a thousand times smarter than me  and who do I see to my left Thomas Meyer, in a white coupe  with a wkyc logo. He gave me this look as if it was Halloween. Now I was in Ohio going toward Toledo, I say this because how often do they do stories in Toledo? Here's a few questions why was Meyer working on a saturday? Was he working for Lynna Lai and or Duffy? Why was he following me?

 I really doubt if he was working on a saturday morning, I mean you can be dedicated to your job but it still doesn't mean he wasn't stalking me. Maybe someone coached him into not feeling bad  on the bases that I "stalk" Lynna Lai  when ever I write about her  or watch her videos, which is totally not true. Maybe he was sold on it and used the companies car to watch me, but if he was watching me or stalking me why did he pass me and not tail me? Maybe he could legally only go so far and he had to call an Investigator in Toledo to take over. I looked it up and he's from Illinois too, maybe he was or still is working for Lynna Lai to keep Tabs on me. Maybe Tom Meyer was paid by Lynna Lai or Brian Duffy  to watch me and my place untiil they could get rid of me. What if this wasn't a illinois connection that made Meyer do this but it was the fact he hated to see a black talk so much about an Asian American Anchor. Maybe he hated Romona Robinson so much that he had to take it out on me.I suspect that Duffy and Lai dislikes Romona Robinson so maybe he does too.

  Maybe he was upset because of the Article I posted about Joyce Meyer. Maybe they're related , maybe Joyce Meyer hired him. The articel I wrote wasn't the best article I could have written about Mrs. Meyers and Mrs. Lynna Lai but it was true , people who watch Joyce Meyer won't watch Lynna Lai or Duffy. I think I used the comparison of Amy Grant to Cher. Maybe  My comparison got Lynna Lai so upset that she had hired one of her rich relatives  to bully Tom Meyer into stalking me. Was the name Meyer offensive at that point and they had to go after him? Maybe Tom Meyer was offended by the article  on about Joyce Meyer called the Sister Station Situation. Maybe he felt lik he had to vindicate Joyce Meyer and at the same time help Lynna Lai get rid of me.

  In conclusion his following me isn't eqaul to my writing about Lynna Lai and maybe it wasn't suppose to be.Even if I said Lynna Lai was better than his entire department  it still wouldn't give him the right to follow me on the express way . Now if he works for the FBI OR CIA I can understand  because they can basically do what they want  and get away with it. But if he's not CIA or FBI why was he following the lynnaluver?  I never have and I never will follow or have someone follow Lynna Lai its not who I am, I'm a Fan not a stalker.  I can't forget that Tom Meyer was the same Guy that reported about the 4 or 5 guys that were charged with trying to blow up a bridge in NEO, which still sounds like a conspiracy. Could he and or Lynna Lai be trying to conspire the same charges against me?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Quiet Death

                                    How much did I put in the air? Meaning what part of my writing creates things to change for the better  or things to get worse?  If was the reason that Lynna Lai got canned from woio will be the reason she gets a National Gig? Lets pray it does. I think the suicidal connection  article is just that, simply a connection. I mean how many times has Lynna Lai saw a story where a black guy killed, robbed or raped a Asian American? Does she go mental and say that maybe that’s a sign that the blogger is going to have her killed? Maybe the story was just a spoof just like the day after Lynna Lai left WOIO and  the media started reporting about how someone created a hysteria that Cher was dead. Now if anyone has watched Lynna Lai or read they know she likes Cher and I used to write connections about Cher and her.

    Could the same people that orchestrated Chers death have orchestrated the Master Chefs Suicide? With  this orchestration could my death be closer. Actually closer than the Election of Hilary Clinton.  Why am I so attracted to death? Maybe I’m not it just looks like it? If death is part of Life  in most cases  maybe  the change has been  a death of some type which ignited a death type of spirit. If this ignited a death type of atmosphere it could be life right around the corner.  Some might say ive been talking about deadly spirits since Dreamcast at , I guess when you listen to the media and live in a world where you react rather than act it’s understandable that death is a friend.

   How many times has the great Lynna Lai reported about Suicide? Has it been more than  pop culture?  Which means it’s a touchy subject.  I wrote a article in called Preserving the Future, couldn’t suicide be part of that process. If my death is part of the process should the Anchor and her associates  be upset that I talk suicide?  Not mine but possible murders that look like suicides. Maybe they think like Yosemite Sam or Elmer Fud. They want me to die quietly. Im writing on a 1 single view a day blog. How quiet can a guy be? 

Sucide Connection

Not  five minutes after I post “SUICIDE”  I look at the UK’S news outlets and it says a Master Chef commited suicide. Now this probably wouldn’t of been a big deal but the guy has the same name as a national anchor/reporter. What does that mean does it mean that  anchors are going to commit suicide or does it mean that I’m going to get murdered. That said the guy who committed suicide thought that Ramsey appointed hi\m as God. 
  The fact that his name is the same as a national anchor is huge and he’s black but what really gets me is that they say he thought Gordon Ramsey appointed him as God.  The reason I think this is bizarre is because I’ve always thought Lynna Lai was god. Could it be that people who think that they are God are more likely to commit suicide?  What connection is that to me? Could the report be a little bit falsified, did he really believe that he was God? Was he a blogger like me?  They say he was  a mental  which is just like this blog. Could the connection of my suicide article and the death of the Chef  be that we both  have haunted  worship issues? He was worshipping his self and I was worshipping an anchor.

  The biggest connection with his connection is the fact that he lost the cooking competition to an Asian American and he died in Chicago. I lost my home to an Asian American and the Asian American Anchor Lynna Lai is from Chicago.  Its too many connections for us to say it’s just a coincidence. Maybe the media gods are just verifying the fact that I will die by the great Asian American newscaster and or maybe its bigger than just me, maybe they’re verifying that Chicagos Blacks will lose their lives by Asian Americans. This is a premonition and it’s not going to end good on this earth for me and or for other black males. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013


    Let me say that I'm not committing suicide , I have no intention to commit suicide, people who I have a bond with would be traumatized, the people I care about  wouldn't understand and lastly I wouldn't be able to see Lynna Lai anchoring on a national news program. Suicide is selfish and a way to escape things that one can't control. I think I run from death but not like that. When I sense the great ones associates are on my trail  I try to escape the area , but for me to commit suicide? Maybe the great Lynna Lai isn't betting that I commit suicide in a free state, what ever that means. Maybe she's orchestrating someone to kill me in a jail or a prison and claim it was suicide.

   The most civil way to kill someone is to have them kill themselves . This is what some believe and in channeling those who have murder qualities (hate,jealousy,malice) it's probably true. If you're someone like Lynna Lai , someone of her character you're not just going to have someone killed like a street gangster. First of all she's too smart for that,second her conscious won't be such a nag if she has someone kill themselves and thirdly I think she has such a dislike  towards  peasants/underprivileged  that she's making sure that my death or any one's death isn't like those she disapproves of.  Therefore, suicide is the only option for Lynna Lai. I came to this article because of the report  the great one did on teenagers  committing  suicide  because of a website. In the report the great one mentioned that what she was reporting was for parents, which made me think that maybe the parents should be accused of neglect since their kids performed suicide under their watch ( I think Mrs. Lai would approve).

   The most famous person that I know or that I can think of that committed suicide without drugs was Judas. He was so unhappy with his actions  he couldn't live with his self. I'm no where near that point. If  what I wrote has enraged someone so much that they want me to kill myself then what Ive written should be published in a book of what not to write about anchors. If what Ive written have enraged someone so much that they've put a bounty on  my head then maybe suicide is plan B for the master minds. Is my death equal to Lynna Lai's old position at WOIO?  I would say no, but maybe some believe it's a start. Maybe Lynna's reporting wasn't about me but about herself. Maybe she's been contemplating suicide. I doubt that she is, she has too much going for her  but if she was truly comfortable with her current position why do I sense sadness? Maybe that's the SAG part of her character that has to be exposed. If I'm so happy with my life why do I write about Lynna Lai so much?

  In the end maybe the spirit of suicide is what's needed in the media, in the government, in the U.S. society . Because  if a kid can be so unhappy that they kill their selves shouldn't the leaders of the free world mirror them or maybe thats what the leaders plan  is. It isn't to mirror them but to get rid of them. Maybe the Governments plan is to instill a suicidal society like the movie the Happening. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

George Soros

A few weeks ago George Soros had his wedding with a Asian American woman. Also two weeks ago Lynna Lai was M.I.A. now you might be thinking that I'm suggesting that Lynna Lai was at the wedding  but no I'm suggesting Lynna Lai was the bride. Ive heard of many Soros's powers and maybe this is one of them marry someone whose already married. They've showed pics of Soros's bride but maybe that's just a cover up. Maybe Soros's people told the media  to hide the fact that he married someone whose already married. Therefore the pics shown might not be real.

  Maybe Soros was so much in Amazement by how Lynna Lai handled the 19 Action News scandal and the way she handled the lynnaluver that he had to have her. We all know the great Anchor is liberal pro sodomy,pro Clinton, anti- Pat Robertson, so if she's all these things could she be pro multi husbands too? If you're one of the most powerful people in the world and you want something bad enough  are you going to let marriage stop you especially during this day and age.King  David, Jesses son  didn't let marriage stop him and I'm willing to bet David was a lot more righteous than Soros is today.

  Maybe soros can Identify with the great anchor because his home  got taken away from him and now that he's older  he's the one taking homes away from people kind of like our Mrs. Lai and company, Commitment isn't respected during these times and I would have to guess it's a lot more disrespeted if you're a billionaire. What if the marriage to Sorros  wasn't about money but was part of the deal. It's kind of poetic that I bring up Soros right after writing about Eli, because in some ways Eli resembles Soros, maybe a younger Soro's.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Eli Smither

When I was using a fan page site and talking on forums there was this guy we'll call him Eli Smithers. He claimed to be a close friend of The great anchor Lynna Lai . He even said he used to work in Tampa when she was working in Tampa. This brings me to the question of could Mr. Smithers have had a hand in my new adventure?How close are they? Is he connected to some of Lynna Lai's political friends?

  You would have to guess that maybe Smithers did have a part to play in this new adventure, the question is what did he say? Did he tell the truth or was Lynna Fascinated by their relationship that she believed it. I can remember I was in a facebook group about deadbeat dads and it was mainly blacks , so I asked the question  why do black females always fall for American black males. I said this with a pic of Lynna Lai as My icon picture and the name Lynnalai fans in a weird form like two capital letters then the rest lower case. The people in the group called me racist  and all types of names. I let them know I was black and I wasn't Lynna Lai but a fan (before I stated this I made sure to post on  my info page that I wasn't Lynna Lai).  Then Smithers stepped in and said Ive been watching you  on  He said "Lynna Lai is my friend" and "if you weren't behind that computer I'll break your face"  I got cursed out and he said " I was a waste of semen". All I could say is that newsstations  troll all the time or use peoples emotions all the time why can't I?  He mentioned that I didn't know her, I told him that I was a fan and a fan isn't suppose to know the star.  Next thing I know I'm booted from the group almost the same way they booted me from my home.

  Maybe Smithers and the great Lynna Lai planned this after my question about why black females choose black males as their mates. Seeing that most American black males aren't very good for any species. Smithers did say he worked for WEWS in the past , so maybe he talked to Kosich about the situation  and Kosich talked to the big man of Ohio. They say he used to work behind the scenes at WEWS maybe he was jealous that an Asian American was getting blogged about or maybe he thought it wasn't helpful for her image . I mostly believe that Lynna Lai  had a huge part to play in my adventure  but now that I think about it maybe Smithers was the one , or maybe it was Lai but she compensated smithers by getting him a news gig or a political gig.

 This brings me to my last question about how Eli Smithers might be working for a political power  associated with Lynna Lai. I believe theres a Last name Lai in D.C. and from what I noticed he's in D.C. Could they be on the brink to persuade the president or his associates to not only change my life for the worse but the entire nations life because of my blogging and posting (I remember Lynna Lai hinting on the news that everyone shouldn't be able to access Internet or TV). How much does the great one owe Smithers, heres a better question  how strong was their bond in Tampa?  Was it strong enough to cover up a murder? I mention this because I have a feeling thats the next step for myt future. Someone's going to have me killed. I know I say it all the time "They have a bounty on me" "Lynna's trying to wack me". Maybe it's true, maybe smithers is the guy that will have a hand in it too, who knows.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Quality of Life

  So today I was saying I need to write down what I was going to share with you  and behold as I said "I need a pen " I look to my right and there it was just waiting for me to pick it up. I knew it was for me because it was in my favorite color. Which brings me to the subject of " Quality of Life ". Has my quality of life increased since the landlords take over and has the greatest anchor quality of life increased  since the exodus?

  In the dictionary that I  looked up online it says the QOL has to do with someones satisfaction or dissatisfaction. In the wiki it says that the QOL stands for someones well being. Someones mental,cultural,social,financial well being. My own definition has to do with fulfillment. Are you looking for something else after watching Lynna Lai? This had me thinking, from all of the Anchors antics during her time at WKYC  and WOIO from the past years  my absence in the state  would or should  make for a better life for her. Even if it helped her to increase her social life, the the quality of it all should at least jumped to 5%. Isn't that what we as fans wanted the great  news presenter to be elated because we believe it shows when she's anchoring.
   Some would say what about you and your own family? I have a feeling that my lack of quality creates more quality for the anchor . Which is why it makes sense to move, not just because Ohio has become open season for the superiors of the city but becasue if my displacement creates a better quality of life for the anchor my moving out of state would be even better.Theres a whole combination of reasons why I had to leave but it wouldn't of helped the impeccable news anchor if I stayed. Since when did I care about the news anchor I can hear someone say or think if I really cared about Lynna Lais success I wouldn't have made lynnaluvers or lynnaments. First,  I have a feeling that Lynna's going to be successful no matter what I do. Second I always wanted Lynna to get more air time even from the beginning of if you can remember. Last but not least I don't think It's me wanting the great one to succeed its actually wanting the nay sayers to lose. Those that sabotaged her career or lied to make it seem like im the reason that she's only on during the  weekends.
  This isn't something to be discouraged about because as we look through out history did history makers have a quality life? Did the soldiers that died so that we can blog have a quality life? If history makers didn't have a quality life who am I to say that I should. What about my kid doesn't he deserve a quality life? Yes, but he deserves to live too. Meaning if they have a bounty out on me how much will they use my Son to destroy me or worse kill my kid because I tell him about how the media is medicine or how when he grows up there might be a Lady or ladies that might have vendetta against him because of me. How much of myself or my failure would hurt what the media and the great one is trying to instill in him and is it so important that they are willing to have me killed for it or worse put me away just so they can make an example out of me for my kid. He deserved not to be in a broken home, he deserved not to go to a public school but who stopped the traffic of life for all of that?

  Did we consider anyone else's kids quality of life when we wrote No we didn't  and if we did we came to the conclusion that wouldn't take away anything from anyone else's kids. This brings me to the conclusion today that maybe the equalizer is working , the reason I say this is because maybe destroyed homes and lives  and therefore Lynna Lai and compny had to destroy mine.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Duffy's Following Me, Ahhhhhh!

  Ive come across a sign saying we worship on Thursday and a few maybe 30hrs later I think I see Brian Duffy in the same town that I'm in. What makes this even worse it's Friday the 13th. In the article I'l talk about why he might be here better yet lets talk why I'm here.Before I move along too far too quickly Duffy is the Ex Co-Anchor of Lynna Lai. He was the replacement for Paul Joncich. The only reasons I can even fathom that Duffy is in town is because of the game  and or he might be upset that Jason Handman is leaving. When I used to watch Lynna Lai on 19 he used to really enjoy talking about Ohio State actually he had more passion for the Buckeyes than the Browns hense my reasoning of why he might be watching the game a little more closer. Maybe he's upset that he'll be competing against John Anderson in the morning; thats right in the morning, without our Anchor Maven Lynna Lai.Clevelands City Newscast is going upside down.

  Maybe the future of the local newscasts is just falling apart like its viewers. With that said I had to go to where I am now; who could go back to the city maybe the state that has a underlying bounty on my head.  No I'm not afraid to die but I would hate to die in Ohio. Dieing in Ohio is like dieing inside your house that you lived in for your entire life. Ive learned since Ive been away that I'm strange, therefore why wouldn't I die in a strange place possibly in a strange way. Maybe that's why Duffy is here to have me killed or to make sure I'm dead. Maybe he's been drinking so much they're saying his liver isn't going to hold up any longer so he's trying to get me killed so he can have mine seeing in his eyes possibly im a  waste of good American Air. I'm still Breathing For now, but if I do drop dead soon make sure the aura of the world is Lynna Lai forever.


Friday, September 6, 2013


  So many questions pop into my head when I think of him, the guy that supposedly help save the three missing girls. The main questions would be why did they pick him, was there a connection with wews reporter John Kasich who I saw stand right next to  Lynna Lai when she was interviewing Ramsey?
Why does the media pick unattractive blacks to be heroes, I would personally go for an attractive Asian American to be the star obviously  yet it seems that when something happens an  ugly black guy or woman has to be in the picture. Of course we have our President who in some  peoples eyes is a hero but I'm talking about everyday people like Charles Ramsey. Could it be that the Cleveland media along with Lynna Lai are infatuated with ugly black guys since Ive been writing about the supreme anchor? Could it be that they promised the international media an ugly black guy in place of me since I wasn't in the state at that time? When that Asian Woman was killed by her rich husband nobody put a ugly black guy in the picture or when Rupert Murdoch had his issues with the celebrities nobody put a ugly guy in the picture as a hero. Even when the father got his kid from the mother who kidnapped their son and took him out of the country their was no ugly black hero, yet when Lynna Lai is in  the story or should I say when Cleveland is behind the scenes or should I say Ohio is behind the scenes there has to be an ugly black guy. Is the local media so insecure that  they have to goof on a black? Maybe the whole situation was a stunt and maybe he was just an actor. Once again,the media is a part of the SAG union. Maybe just maybe this is just another way for the media to get back at me, revenge coverage. Maybe in their minds they think that Lynna Lai is attractive and it's offensive to them for me to talk or write about her like I do therefore they must put an Ugly black guy in front of the news papers and TV since i'm offending them by Characterizing Lynna Lai as the Cream of the Crop.

  Maybe the Governor of Ohio had something to do with it, maybe the connection with my blog went deeper than I thought. Maybe the reason Kasich or Kosich was next to Lynna Lai during the Ramsey interview was because they wanted to  make sure she wasn't being gentle with the questions she gave Ramsey. Maybe Lynna Lai coordinated a union with the Governor to make sure that a black guy pays since she got bamboozled from her job at 19. Maybe she's working for the Chinese government and they told President Obama to Tell Kasich to put a ugly black guy on TV because they dislike the black male population. What if this entire ordeal was because of the Chinese Government and what if Ramsey was just a Pawn. I hate to say this but what if that's all 19 used Lynna Lai for and Lynna Lai along with the Chinese Government is generating that energy towards blacks.  Maybe thats what it takes to have Lynna Lai stay on the air. Maybe pawns must be made and destroyed so that she can become the supreme anchor on a national level  in a few more years.

Friday, August 30, 2013

What Hasn't Been Said

  Its so many things that I looked over because of what has happened in my own life and the fact that every time I said something in the past someone got hurt but I read an article on and I wrote in a article that in the news business it isn't what's said  it's what isn't said that is important. Therefore, in this article I'll like to take the time to talk about what I haven't said or even better what Lynna Lai and her cohorts haven't said. I guess you can say it is true that the less you say about a subject the more important it becomes or should I say the more attractive it becomes in some instances. This is probably why Asian Americans haven't been on tv news in Cleveland as much as blacks.  I feel like I'm turning into Archie Bunker!

    Ive said things that were weird,offensive,unorthodox,not politically correct and last but certainly not  least anti-Lynna Lai. I know I might not have killed anyone intentionally with my words including myself but I do believe what I wrote in lynnaluvers have gotten people killed and maybe inspired my own death. I know it absolutely has ignited more theatrical newscasts, which might be what we want deep inside. I hope in everything I said it has created a new media where more Asian Americans are in the news world, although none will be able to match what Lynna has and who she is the ethnic culture of this country should be transpire into newscasts. Then again maybe Asian Americans and Latino Americans enjoy the White race on tv more than their own like I do. This would explain why Asian American aren't on local tv news as much.

      Some of the things that were said during Lynna Lai's newscasts were they Politically Correct, were they more female center or male centered? Were they inspired by hate or love. Were they inspired by the love of hating what she or her supervisors disagreed with. Isn't that why we live and do what ever we do because of our disagreements that inspires our love. Isn't that why lawyers become lawyers because they hated the way they were treated and it inspired them to join the American law team? I think that's why lynnaluvers was created; because of my hate of the local news competitors of Lynna and her ex news stations way of promoting her less than other newscasters which morphed into a monster.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Explaining Foolishness

  Learning from mistakes is essential for growing yet if our leaders those who make mass life changing decisions haven't learned from their mistakes is it hypocritical for the same leaders to expect a low profile blogger to grow and or change? Obviously I should have learned something from this ongoing situation especially the eviction like pay attention to whats most important in ones life, enjoy the present, never idolize Lynna Lai and or any Asian American newscaster all of this is good but am I really foolish if I haven't learned these things. I ask this question because some say it's foolish not to learn from ones mistakes; it's like a dog returning to it's vomit.  Yet Im a believer the persuader and people of her pedigree or should I say character are more powerful than whats logical or not foolish.

   I say that the Character of the Landlord Lynna Lai is more powerful than what's logical because people repeatedly go back to whats simple and or easy rather than learning from what they did wrong. For example in Northeast Ohio they have mayors that have been in office for over 20 years and the cities continues to fall apart. If voters can't learn from their mistake and continue to fall for the Character of Lynna Lai in the Mayors then I am correct that humans reasoning takes a back seat to what or who we admire. It's hypocritical to say I'm foolish because I got evicted for worshiping the local newscaster when the newscaster is associated with political figures and people vote for the same political figures every time it's time to vote. Whose more foolish is the question if  we must call each other that; someone who worships the story teller or the person who makes the laws for the story? Someone who believes a news anchor is more important than the news station or Someone who believes things will change for the better because they voted for a black guy or Woman for President?


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Office of Tributes

  Off the Top, If I would have known that our killer was connected with my ex neighbor I would have never let myself become so delusional. With that said where do I start? Around seven or six years ago a black police officer bought my families house because they had gotten a divorce, when he bought the house he allowed drug agents in the house maybe he thought because of the look of my house selling drugs wouldn't be that bad eventually his tenants got booted off the property and no one ever came into the house since. Now we all know recently Lynna Lai has had a hard on for Cops; could it be the same cop that had drugs sold next to me is strongly connected to Lynna Lai.

  Its many reasons why this could be the case but I just got word that her camera guy was just in the mid west ,my current living quarters and this camera guy they say looks just like a black police officer . Now if you don't know Police officers stick together especially black police officers when they are the minority; could it be possible that the black cop that bought the house next door is connected to the camera guy which is obviously connected with Lynna Lai. Could Lynna have made this guy come to the mid west  to see where I am? I doubt it but it is possible because she has stronger connections in Chicago that are probably just waiting for the word. Could the cop that bought my families house have the camera guy come to the mid west or could the NBC station have hired the camera guy to come to the mid west.  I totally believe it was probably the stations input that made the camera guy come to the mid west.

  The question is why? Maybe it was a sincere visit but coincidences are never coincidences there's a reason for everything. There was a reason why Lynna Lai was reporting about Police officers so much the past year. There was a reason why they put Russ Mitchell on a local news station and George Smith on WOIO 19 both have Cop characteristics. Maybe they were so happy that a Cop bought my families house that they  paid tribute by getting black anchors that had the Cop like demeanor. How else will they  pay tribute will they pay tribute to black police officers in that town?
 In closing we pay tribute who we admire or find certain qualities in them that are attractive. If my tribute to Lynna Lai had got Lynna Lai fired and myself kicked out of my home will Lynna Lai's tribute get cops fired? Will WKYC'S tribute to officers create a privatization of local authority? How strong does Lynnas tribute to police officers have to be so she can become a weekly anchor on a national news station? How strong does her tribute to police officers have to be to even get her 19 Action news job back? If the news authority paid tribute to police officers like they paid tribute to Weiner 20 yrs ago would there be so many anti-authority groups? Even our current president was part of a anti-authority group; with that said who are we really paying tribute too? I think we should pay tribute to Lynna Lai she's a neutral subject not black not white, not wrong not right; how could the world go wrong?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Spell Programming

Ive been through this before. You know in a dry spell, without content about our favorite anchor. What invoked me before hasn’t invoked recently ; is it that the house I was in had a lustful , worshiping, critical spirit  in it which helped my writing. Now that  Ive left  the spirit is no more. I’m sorry to say I miss that spirit. That spirit of consistent worshiping, although that spirit got me practically homeless, it was a spirit that gave me a worshiping characteristic.
 Could it be possible that the spirit is called Lynna too? Could it be that Lynna Lai casted the spell on me? Could it be her NBC Company had cast a spell on me or woio?  When I first started I occasionally talked about programming. Could my programming fascination have backfired? Could I have been so much into neurological programming that it had put a spell on me and programmed me? Maybe it’s a little bit of both, maybe they did put a spell on me and I have programmed myself by my own fascination. 

The question is will I remain under the spell program of the great persuader? I’m a total believer  that I possibly will. I have a inkling that Lynna Lai has been programmed in my head until my dieing day.
  Maybe that’s what programming is all about thinking about the powerful while we are dieing powerless. Not saying we’re powerless but an hour before my death, a day before my death will I be powerless, probably so and on that day should I think of the situation or the powerful? Without a question the powerful . Maybe that’s what my infatuation programming is all about, maybe my dieing will be so unbearable that I’ll have to think about the master of the media to keep my mind off the situation.

Monday, July 29, 2013


Could the Prosecutor and Defense be working together  just to spite someone else? It happens all the time. Its been said that the Zimmerman defense team will be going after NBC, Lynna Lai’s tv company. Could it be that NBC is working with Zimmerman just so Zimmerman won’t have to pay the Martin family? If NBC Can work with Lynna Lai and company why wouldn’t they work with Zimmerman? Lynna Lai is a supporter of police officers and NBC IS associated with her. Zimmerman was a Police officer in Training why wouldn’t NBC  work with him, he was found not guilty in the Murder trial. In short term if our worshiped has the power to evict and is associated with the authorities wouldn’t it be feasible that the station she works for is assisting Zimmerman even though it might look like they are at odds?

     Is a guy that believes the great one had him evicted and orchestrating his death suppose to just believe that the station that our great anchor is on isn’t smart enough to help Zimmerman out? The question should be why Zimmerman? I said in a Article titled “ZIMMERMAN FAVORED”  that our tv newscaster Lynna Lai and Zimmerman have very close ties with authorities maybe not for the same reason but still they are very close knitted and because of that close knit association its not far fetched  to believe that the Media NBC who Zimmerman is suing is orchestrating this suit so that Travons Family won’t see a dime or so that they can feel  justified in bugging the family after they pay Zimmerman which in turn will pay the family. NBC may just have a hard on for Zimmerman and instead of just giving him the cash that he’s asking for they are going to make him take them to court so that they make some type of drama reports about it.

 It’s a strong possibility that they have possibly made a deal with our favorite anchors station. I wonder what type of deal was made so that I would be evicted?  Deals are made every day and sometimes they include us in a bad situation, the key is that we don’t destroy other peoples lives like the rioters are doing in LA.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Chicago Monitor

 Not a day after I posted my Zimmerman article the building that I live in starts having an Asian American monitor.  Now where I live now has larger population of Asian Americans than  summit county but it’s still too much of a coincidence.   They are the future of America and I accept the future because our great media master Lynna Lai is the core American that will lead us to what we haven’t experience in this media world. I probably would have been more agitated if it was a black male with thug a attire yet it still agitates me that our great anchor and her team sponsored someone of Asian-American ethnicity to come to my living quarters and so soon.

 When I first saw him he looked as if he might be a student yet still students can work for the powerful planners.  I didn’t say Hi to him but I could sense his antennas became more sensitive when he first saw me step in the building.  Lets hope that  he  does his Job well no matter what he does even if he is here to have me killed, lets hope he makes our killer in our dreams proud.
  Maybe he’s here so I can be so agitated and or paranoid that I leave and when I leave the living quarters  I’ll be homeless and then she can have someone kill me and have my body missing until it decomposes.  She does have associations in Chicago which has a very large Chinese population that hates my kind and would do anything for our favored reporter.  I wonder does our Asian American monitor whose in the building have Chicago ties?