Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Naming Fear

 In a 2014 Article titled Conspiring Words I mentioned how Rick Abell A traffic reporter for 19 in  2010 mispelled the god anchors name in his book. Someone who works with the god anchor 5 days out of the week and probably sees her name plastered everywhere at the station made a anchor name mistake? Today the question is why? Did he do it on purpose? Did he do it to goof on the blogger? What motivated him to mispell the god anchors name?

 Personally I believe it was fear. I think people were afraid of the god anchor and or her associates. Could this be the reason why he was let go because of fear? Did the god anchor get released from 19 because of fear? Did Duffy create a force so that Abell was Afraid to type Lynnas Lais' name correctly? If 19 has the power to create fear wouldn't they use that power to get rid of the traffic reporter Abell? Maybe  also to get rid of the god anchor too and if they got rid of the god anchor with fear whose to say fear created my banning?

  If Abell was afraid to use the god anchors name correctly why wasn't he afraid to use Trivasanos name correctly? Could it be Abell was compromised by the god anchor and 19? Therefore, he was afraid of what he might lose. What else was in jeopardy after his job? Who did he see that was destroyed by the god anchor that made him afraid? Who did she make an example out of?

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