Friday, May 27, 2016

Memorial Conspiracy

Three yrs ago I got ostracized and on this memorial day weekend It has come to my attention that the conspiracy is bigger than the blogger could imagine? During this memorial day we have to ask the question why. Why is the conspiracy bigger now than three yrs ago? How do I know the conspiracy has grown and last but not least shouldn't the god anchor be in a top five market if the conspiracy is as big as I believe it is.

  Three yrs ago I was blogging about how helicopters in neo were involved with my ostracizing. Should I be surprised that if they involved helicopters in targeting the blogger the conspiracy would have no limits? Absolutely not, yet I am curious or should I say anxious. Anxious to see how big will the conspiracy become. How big will it get after my death? How I know the conspiracy has grown because in 2013 people weren't bragging about having Asian friends to me. People weren't drawing the god anchor and leaving her Pic in restaurants. Three yrs ago I wasnt being targeted by police. I didn't see police every where I went. Because if these occurrences and many,many, many more I believe the conspiracy is a monster.

  One of the reasons why the conspiracy may have monstered is because of my blog. But maybe its just a way to intimidate the blogger. Why would the god anchor and her comrades feel persuaded to intimidate me? Maybe once again the blog. Three yrs ago I questioned the likely hood of lynnaluvers being the reason why I got ostracized. Couldn't lynnaments be the reason why its grown. Could my irritability have created a growth that is four times the conspiracies that I've witnessed in 2013. I mean you don't get on a bus and two guys start talking Cleveland and mentioning your birth name without getting a feeling something is going on. Maybe they want me to have that feeling. So that I can blog it out. Are they trying to get my attention in honor of the god anchor or is this a ritual before the death of the blogger? A ritual that is motivated by their allegiance to the god anchor. Could that be it. That those that target me are only growing because of the god anchors appeal and my repugnance. Could my repugnance create a target on my back that ricochets to the honoring of the god anchor.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Black and Blonde

 I've left a progressive city in Texas to come to little Mexico. Which are two different cities. I'm not going to blog about the cities but who I saw in the  lil Mexico convent recently. I saw a progressive city native. A guy that breathes trouble. Could the god anchor feel that way when ever I write about her or watch her on TV that I'm trouble? How do I know he's trouble? Who put him up to it? Were the lil Mexico cops involved? Is he one of the god anchors Hench men?

  When I first saw him I knew it was him because no one else that's black and a guy and always wearing red wears blond hair. Lil Mexico is over 500+ miles from the progressive city in Texas so of course Im thinking he's following me. When I was in Texas this guy would ask me for money hang around where I sometimes showered and hung around other homeless criminals.

 I have no idea who put him up to coming to lil Mexico but I do believe he's a plant. Possibly by some authority figures but why? Why would they send him to lil Mexico to follow me. Is it the articles I made about the local authorities in the great state of Texas? Could lil Mexicos authorities have told the laws in Texas to bring a spy out here? It's a huge possibility. Seeing that the local authorities around makes me think their working for the god anchor.

 Maybe his appearance is in honor of the god anchor. It's not that I have a problem with people seeing what's in America its just why do I have to witness it? Maybe the guy had to leave the city because he was ostracized too or maybe he killed someone.  Could my blog have gotten him in some type of situation or someone he knows and now he's here to take my life. Could my delusion be attracting other delusionals? Could my blog be attracting my death or the death of the blond black guy that I insist is following me and is a hired spy.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Mexican Shake PT 3

I have a feeling that people are looking into if my gays in the convent are true and the Mexican Shake story is true. The reason I say this is because some donors of the Convent came in a few days after Mexican Shake plus the god anchor had me thinking. She reported about a lady calling the police just to get out of paying a bill.

 One of the reasons why I didn't report the guy touching my ass to a security guard or anyone is that they have become very considerate to gays. Not to mention I can sense they were annoyed by me especially Mike the night security guard. For example he wouldn't even let me watch Lynna Lai vids in the early morning in the open field because the camera couldn't see me. Another reason why I didn't say anything to anyone is no one likes complainers.

  If I can complain about the god anchor and her compatability with 19 and get ostracized what would happen in a place where the god anchor can really have her way? There were so many god anchor connotations in the convent it was like they were pandering from Indians caps to A guy saying he was a weather newscaster. What would a weather newscaster be doing in a convent?
 What happened after I told Mike about the guy shaking the bed?  What happened  is nothing. If their despondent about someone moving the bed while sleep what will they do if I told them about the guy touching me. Maybe the guy moving the bed worked for the police or the government and they can't do anything or maybe the guy I told works for the place I was ostracized from. He did look like a spokes person for Neos police dept.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mexican Shake 2

Of course the Anthony or Joe or number 24 is still shaking the bed. I'm happy I think the god anchor has something to do with this and he's not solely motivated to irritate me so I can't sleep ! .

  In the Mexican Shake article I stated that He had a grey car like the one I talked about in Texas. What's more coincidental is that this guys car has a Dallas cowboys knitted winter scully in his front window. A Dallas hat just like the guy that touched me on my back side while I was sleep ( for the record he cut his hair after wrote gays in the convent). Let the conspiracy theories begin. Let the maybes exist.

 Although I'll probably never find out but you can't say the conspiracy is fake when two guys are associated with Dallas hats which is in a state I just came from and they both are motivated to make me feel uncomfortable. So could it be that this blog is creating the god anchor uncomfortable? Is my writing so uncomfortable for the god anchor that she's dedicated to drive me to self destruction with the guys from Dallas?

  I know I could say it's all my fault I shouldn't have went to the convent. I shouldn't have written lynnaluvers or lynnaments. If that's the case Should the god anchor have been anchoring in Cleveland? Should I have been living in ohlaio? Should the god anchor have been on 19 from the go? Should I have been watching 19?

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mexican Shake

Not an hour after I make "gays in the convent" a new guy appears. A huge guy and he sleeps right under my bed. I guess the conspiracy is real. I thought I was going to have problems and of course I did. An hour of sleep and he's shaking my bed. Is this so I can be kept awake? Has the god anchor hired him to keep me awake? If so then why? Has Miguel hired a gang member to harass me so that I can't sleep? Maybe it's the police once again creating a wealth of plants to harass me in honor of the god anchor.

  The ironic part about all this is that  he's telling me I'm shaking the bed.  He's over 300 pounds and I didn't say a word to him until he starts complaining. How is it that the blogger gets so lucky. Maybe it's my blog their so attracted to or maybe he's was told to shake the bed so that I can't feel a needle injected while he's shaking. I mean I've watched him and he doesn't move if I'm not in the bed.

 Even more ironic is that the guy he replaces was named Thompson. Isn't the god associated with the Thompson's? What's more weird than the name is the name a security guard gives me. He tells me that the guy that's shaking the bed is Joe Lopez yet when I look on the paper where they have our names it says his name is Anthony Allison. If you divide the words in Allison all is and on you have Anchor Lynna Lai is On; Coincidence I don't think so.

  Could the security guy in the convent be telling him to shake the bed so that I don't get a lot of sleep? Why wouldn't they want me to get a lot of sleep?  Could the police be hiring these guys in the convent to rattle and bully me?  Obviously there's a conspiracy but could it be a gang conspiracy in honor of the god anchor?

Some would say there's no conspiracy you just have a restless sleeper. Then how come when I ask can if I change beds the security in the convent says no. Maybe their just trying to get the blogger accustomed to prison life once Hilary wins. Maybe the  bloggers death their helping with. If this guy isnt a plant of death why does he leave the convent when I leave? Why does he show up when I show up at the convent? Why is he Driving the notorious color grey car? Why was he hiding his face in the pic below?

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Conspiracy Against Mothers

  Is there a conspiracy against mothers? On this mothers day I ask my self this because I believe if they can ostracize me and target me couldn't it be bigger than me? Could the gays hate Women in general including guys who love women? Is the conspiracy against mothers not just about mothers but specifically the anchor god? I'm thinking maybe the gays have targeted the anchor god not because she's a mother but because she's a god. Maybe male gays don't approve of women being gods.

During my ostracizing which is coming up on its three year anniversary I've seen some anti-blogger connotations to AntiAmerican connotations. Yet what's worse is the Anti-Mom connotations. Maybe I was ostracized to contribute to the anti-mom movement. Maybe they thought if I was kicked out I would help eradicate the Mother/sister movement. Maybe the Anchor god is hated so much I was ostracized. Maybe they had me Ostracized to create a Anti Lynna Lai campaign. What if the god anchor her self wanted me to create a Anti Lynna Lai campaign to create a bigger audience. Maybe the Ostracizing was about numbers.

  It's always bigger than what it seems to be in my opinion. This is why lynnaments was born. Hate is a strong emotion. With that strength is there any surprise that connotations of the god anchor is every where? Which is why the conspiracy against the blogger is so strong. What's stronger than a conspiracy of hate?

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Gays in the Convent

  In my last article I mentioned I was at a convent and it's an accommodating place. Accept for one small issue. I believe there's a homosexual agenda going on. The reason I say this is because of a number of reason but the main reason is because some male touched me on my back side. To make it worse he wears a cowboys hat through out the day. Almost to say Texas brought him here to harass me. Could it be the gays are here in honor of the god anchor and WKYC? Has my past articles angered them and created a team to attack and molest?

  I've been hearing lil Mexico is a conservative town yet is it conservative on just crime and not sodomy? Could I just be in a place where someone whose gay has been following me and has called up his gay friends. What if the god anchor called up her friend whose gay and they insist that I need to be harassed. Maybe it turns them on to harass the blogger in a convent. Maybe I'm just delusional and its smaller than what I'm assuming.

 When I felt a finger on my ass I jumped in my bed. The first people I see is the cowboy and a black guy with a pony tail. They both had long hair yet the black  guy with the pony tail was a little further than the cowboy was so I assumed it was the cowboy. But maybe I'm mistaking maybe it was the black with the pony tail. Maybe he told the cowboy to do it just so they could see what I'll do. Maybe the god anchor has nothing to do with it but the guy Miguel who I mentioned a few days ago orchestrated it.

 What if it's just the local Authorities putting the cowboy up to it? What if they read my blog and they have a issue with it. Maybe they feel like the least they can do is have another guy touch my ass seeing I'm hetero. What if this is a way to get me programmed to prison life?