Wednesday, May 31, 2017

4yr Conspiracy 2017: FACEBOOK

  In the last article I asked if I would have still made or lynnaments considering I'm ostracized this fourth yr. Today I ask would I still have made a Facebook page named lynnalai fans, considering I'm ostracized and my ostracization might have something to do with the god anchor. Would I have posted a pic of the god anchor on Facebook as a default seeing that my ostracization would be near. Would I have asked the question under the lynna laifans page  why are black women so attracted to black male losers? Could it be the reason I was ostracized isn't because of the god anchor but because of a black anchor or someone whose black that works for the news.

  I think I totally would have made a pro Facebook page named lynnalai fans if it was 2012. Especially if I was in "ohlaio"! Am I suppose to stop liking people or stop creating because others hate who I am or what the god anchor is? If I knew I would be ostracized possibly because of my blog or Facebook page I think the sites would still be made. Because she was/is viewed as a super wonder anchor. If someone views you as a superior how can you extinguish those views. If some one believes a group of people are inferior and its been proven how can someone argue that these views aren't fact. Is this why the conspiracy has formed to extinguish those views or to strengthen those views?

  Is it possible that a black news person worked with the god anchor and or the government to get me ostracized? Even after the violent words after I asked the question on Facebook, I would still ask the same question under the god anchor fan page.  If you watch 19 religiously eventually the person becomes god therefore anything inferior is questioned. If one sees blacks as insufficient are we not to ask the question why?  Could it be I was ostracized because someone asked about my lack of sufficiency in " ohlaio"?  Could it be my lack of sufficiency was visual through lynnaluvers and the lynna lai fan page on Facebook? Could it be the god anchor got fired from 19 because of my insufficiency? Was it really the ratings? Seeing the god anchors superior energy overshadowed my knowledge of my own insufficiency there was no stopping lynnaluvers or the Facebook page. This is/was my thought process could it be this was the reason I was ostracized and stalked? Is this why the conspiracy has grown because of my insufficiency may have been a annoyance to the point of murder? Is this why I was ostracized so that I could be murdered or to stop a murder from happening?

Monday, May 15, 2017

4yr conspiracy 2017

  May 15th 2017, who would've thought I would still be alive. Around this time five or four yrs ago, I was saying that the god anchor wanted us dead. 4 yrs ago I was ostracized; still saying that the god anchor was Superior. 4 yrs ago lynnaluvers was shut down and lynnaments/lynnamentals spawned. After 4 yrs the question is what would I change if anything? Do I still think there's a conspiracy? If there is; has lynnaments helped through the conspiratorial times?

  If I didn't move outside of ohlaio, I definitely would have made Even after the Trump campaign,even after the Muslim influence that nbc seems to be guided by.  The reason is the god anchor would have still been a pioneer in neo. She would still be married, but she would still be the 1st East Asian  Anchor in neo. She would still say questionable things or act questionable but isn't that what drove  I believe the only thing that would have stopped me from making lynnaments and ending lynnaluvers sooner would be her telling me to stop after my first month writing. The argument still remains that people write about sport stars all the time, yet sadly these days some of those stars and writers do end up dead way too soon.

   After 4 yrs I still believe there's a conspiracy. Maybe not all of the conspiracy is in the god anchors basket but she is/was definitely  part of it. After these 4yrs the conspiracy has grown into a monstrous network. In the beginning the conspiracy was just in neo but it seems since I left neo the conspiracy has followed me. Is it my fault the conspiracy haunts me? Is it the god anchors fault that the god anchor is a pioneer? Is it my fault that the god anchor is viewed as Superior yet conspiratorial? How do you fault someone that views someone in a negative or positive light? Maybe my views helped drive the conspiracy. Am I supposed to hate god because someone may think God is a man?  Through out the 4 yrs the conspiracy is still potent and without lynnaments, the conspiracy probably would have driven the blogger further down this rabbit hole.  Could it be that the intention of the conspiracy was/is to persuade me deep in the rabbit hole until I transform into a rabbit or a worm. Maybe the conspiracy saw more worm in me than rabbit hence my ostracization.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Homo Conspiracy :Florida Concerns

  Why do I care if the god anchor was in Florida? Seeing that I'm homeless there's other things to worry about. Yet what if her Florida trip is associated with my situation. What if her Florida trip sped up my death date? Why did WKYC care about Obama being black and not his muslim association when he ran against McCain? What we care about creates a wider universe. Could it be they don't want me to care about the Florida trip because its associated with a secret society?

  Of course my Florida concerns are larger than that of the bungalow in neo but it could be that Florida has something to do with my ostracism from neo concerns.  Could it be that they had to shift my concerns so that I could get ostracized and once ostracized me being unconcerned mentally about my kid or the bungalow is justification for my death, or rape in prison or victim of a car accident.  Could it be they wanted me ostracized so that I could get raped in prison and then have a common occurrence with the god anchors gay associates? Was Florida a link to the next death?

  Why do my cares have to be equal to the god anchors cares? Cares are acts of concern. Is it possible that the god anchors caring of what's important in society is associated with her ability? Is it possible that my concern of the Florida and god anchor association has to do with my lack of ability; therefore her ability is viewed as superior.  Could it be that the Florida visit was a way to create that mentality there?  Could it be I'm right and the possibility that the god anchors trip to Florida sparked something that is associated with the quasi gay meteorologist and my death?

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Homo Conspiracy 2: Florida

  Could this be the reason why the god anchor was in Florida? Could my past blog post had pushed the god anchor to Florida to talk to the assumed quasi gay meteorologist? Was it a kill two birds with one stone type of thing?  If the god anchor went to Florida to talk to the meteorologist was it an apology or was it a bounty? Did the god anchor go to Florida to pay the gay meteorologist to hire someone to harass me more? What if there's someone at the god anchors station that wants to harass me? What if it's someone from 19 the god anchors old station that wants to do more than harass the blogger?

  Is this why they had me ostracized to harass me? Did the god anchor feel harassed while I was in neo? Maybe unknowingly my living in neo was offensive to the point of harassment. Could my existence be a type of harassment? Could it be the god anchor went to Florida, to talk to someone, maybe the meteorologist about my existence? Could it be my existence wasn't offensive until lynnaluvers was invented?

  Maybe Florida wasn't about the assumed gay weather guy, but it was about Applegate. Why do I care about the connection with the god anchors visit to Florida and my ostracizing? I doubt what ever the god anchor did in Florida had anything to do with apologizing. Yet whats the likely hood that she did talk to the weather guy or Applegate from 19?  It was rumored that  there was a mafia organization in Florida in the past; did the god anchor talk to them about the bloggers death?