Wednesday, January 27, 2016

102 Orange

 Just when I think I have enough to talk about something side swipes me. Ive been side swiped before with surprises especially now with my ostracizing. Yet the surprises still amazes me. This specific surprise just happened yesterday Jan 26th 2016 therefore I had to get it off my chest before Its  got too heavy.

    I was asked to work  a odd job; I accepted yet before I did I chose to pick up a 5 dollar Pizza at Lil Italy's. (I choose not to use the real name because their publicity shouldnt be granted) I went to the next door pizza shop and the middle eastern guy a assume he was the  manager because he was on the phone for over two minutes. Who stays on the phone for two minutes if you're not manager. The only reason he gets off the phone is because a light colored construction group comes in. I let the light colored construction group order before me  to see how he treats them even though Ive been waiting for a few minutes. He treats them well. Yet when I come to the cashier and I ask him if he can give me a discount since I had to wait for him on the phone he gets a attitude. He tells me if I dont like it I dont have to eat there. I told him its not all  like that and he says you know what I'll give you your money back I take the money and leave without any words when he says " I hate your freaking kind"!

       I tell him he doesn't have to be disrespectful while I'm leaving he says something back and I said "I got you" as in I understand.  Now Ive never witnessed this well maybe once before a year ago but that was because I was stinking.  This time it was way out of left field. Heres the questions. Did the  great one have anything to do with it? Did I deserve it? What could I have done to change his mind? Was this a ploy by local police to get me to talk about the middle eastern establishment? Did he read my article about  Muslims hence his attitude? What would have he done if I told him allah isnt god but Lynna Lai is?  Was there any association with the guy from India that passed me after the Middle easterns foulness. Was this an attempt to make me talk about him because the place is really a CIA front and they want a excuse for me to write about them so they can have an excuse to attack me? maybe he read a article from the 50s and thinks that blacks arent allowed in white only restaurants. Maybe  he wishes that blacks dont deserve to come in his restaurant. Maybe he's offended that I think the East Asian Anchor is Superior or that there isnt any Middle Eastern Anchors he can identify with. Maybe he read the Shark article or the Shark talked to him about me.

It could be 100 reasons why he acted this way. I 'm just happy I got out of there before he shot me because he could of shot me and said it looked like I was bringing out a gun. I heard hate in his voice.

Saturday, January 23, 2016


  Not 12 hrs after I wrote blogging 2016 I'm walking down the sidewalk between 4am-5am and a census guy with grey hair and a grey beard with two other people ask me did I sleep outside because their doing a census. A census on the homeless. He reminded me of the guy in inglorious Bastards that got scalped at the  end of the movie. Could it be far fetched that the guy that asked me did I sleep outside was the character, seeing that the local tv stations are associated with the SAG AFTRA. could the census people that I saw early Jan 23rd a bunch of actors?

  Speaking of inglorious bastards isn't that what the Nazis did with the Jews before they imprisoned them. Didn't the Nazis take a census. Why would they be taking a census? I would have said that the census guy was a plant but as I was walking two other groups were taking a census too.  Has my blog about the great anchor triggered the census. Did someone make a call to the government after reading my blog.

  Maybe I'm just delusional and they just want to make the city better and to do so they have to do a census.But maybe I'm not delusional and what is happening is a beginning stage of a genocide. Maybe my blogging about the great anchor has created some form of wanting to know more or wanting to kill more. Ironic how during my time in OHLAI  I always wanted to know more about what the god anchor said and what she meant. Now the same curiosity has transferred to the government. Maybe the government always had a curious nature I just had to be homeless to see it. I had to talk about the authorities being associated with the god anchor to see the curiosity.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Blogging 2016

  Who wants to blog about authorities following them when there's so much other things to speak up on. It's been three yrs and I still didn't put no commentary on the god anchors ex co worker Rick Abells book. I haven't talked about a lot if things that are pretty interesting. I'm so focused on the authorities.

  What am I suppose to do just ignore someone behind me. Ignore those that dislikes me. How does someone avoid blogging about the Hunter when I'm the prey? In my world its dillusional not to talk about the hunters of the god anchor.  Maybe I'm the only one being monitored or maybe everyone else is too high or drunk to care if they're being followed.

  Someone would say if one isn't doing anything wrong what's to worry. My color of my skin is to worry. My blog isnt politically correct. The Actions are wrong. I mean how many people would subject themselves to being labeled a dead beat dad just so one could escape death and possibley the kids death.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Police Night Maybes

Not a day after I make blogger dead article a band of police follow me. Is it because they want to make sure I'm safe like Obama wants to make sure the American public gets health care? Is it because they want to figure where I'm going so they can manipulate my where abouts in the future. Could it be that they are getting ready to kidnap me so that I won't blog in courtesy of the god anchor. Could it be they wanted me to blog about them so they have an excuse to frame a suicide. What if the great anchor and her ex co anchor Duffy  has put her friends in Texas to sabotage the blogger anyway they can. Are they that offended about the blog or is it that when I blog I entertain them.

  It's kind of weird they would follow me on MLK day too. As if to say his holiday doesn't mean anything we're still going to follow you and make sure you feel uncomfortable. If they want me to feel uncomfortable they wouldn't want me to feel safe. Maybe they are offended that I haven't died yet or that I  complained about eating soup everyday because I'm unemployed. Maybe they feel like sense Im a lynna Lai fan soup and Lynna should be fulfilling enough. Maybe they want to harass the blogger so they have an excuse to sabotage my soup.

 I wouldn't have any issues with a large band of police following me but don't cops kill blacks ever other month. Don't they have a huge black problem. Wasn't in a American city where a black was gunned down. I'm not saying City police in mid Texas would kill a black but am I wrong to ask the question?

  I know they don't care about my blog heck I had car 4522 watch me as I was writing this. Maybe to make my blog look more delusional they had to follow me so that I could write about them. To them maybe it's normal to follow a black minding his business or maybe they have hacked in my phone and seen the pics I've taken of them and that gets them upset hence why they are following.

 When the god anchor used to use the word delusional a lot I didn't know that a Texas police department would be the ones putting the fabricated delusional pieces together. I say the fabricated because I sense they the authorities might commit to denying they were following me. Maybe they could say they got a call in. Yet if one of the Anchors associates has made the call aren't her friends the ones that should be followed seeing they want to manipulate my peace.

 Maybe I manipulated my own peace when I can't pay child support.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Blogger Dead 2016

  I'm discouraged to bring up this old occurrence. But it has happened again. Earlier this month a Blogger from Louisiana the sister state of Texas,  the place where the god anchor got her education A blogger was killed by a self inflicted gun shot. The blogger that committed suicide was said to use his blog to shed light on the scene behind  the curtain of politics in Louisiana.

  I can't count how many bloggers have died. This one I took attention to because he was from a place where the god anchor used to call home I guess. A place that's right next door state wise. Even though the Anchor might not live there now it's still a story that needs to be talked about. Obviously we have to suspect.

  Because it's a conspiracy site we have to suspect. They say Forgotston the bloggers name was married. If you're married aren't you happy?  This happens so much do we have to ask was his life tooken by someone that he might have exposed? How easy is it to frame someone with Suicide? If you read lynnaluvers you would know that I believed death was haunting me hence why when I hear stories like this It grabs my attention.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Poetic Peace2

  Although I didn't have any work before "poetic peace it seems where I'm looking for the people are giving me a there's not a chance attitude.
  The Peace article must have really struck a nerve because I've been getting the cold shoulder when I apply my self for a job. I could see and understand if I was in a city that wasn't progressive but this city is booming. I should be able to get a simple job.  Speaking of jib was it the god anchors job to get rid of me and could it be her job to see to it that I get followed to the point I won't find work?

Maybe my article " poetic peace"  was a double edge knife. Maybe it did shed light to what I have to encounter when it comes to homelessness and dealing with homeless black males. But maybe I shredded light to people who have the power to hire me too. Maybe the Authorities the god anchor summoned whispered in potential supervisors ears and created a anti blogger idea or maybe my potential boss has read my blog hence why I'm not hired. Maybe they agree with what I said in poetic peace and to show me they arent going to hire the blogger. It's possible that I'm being being delusional and its just my odor.

 Yet and still msybe my idea for lynnament has created lynna soldiers which I forecasted in Maybe what I'm writing is poetic it created a poetic judgement against me. A judgement where those that possibly work for the  great anchor have a campaign against me. I know I visited these ideas before in lynnaluvers but I guess they had to be revisited. Because it's hard to believe coincidence keeps following also.

 Coincidence and I have never been close. Although I do believe in Destiny I doubt its my destiny to eat at soup kitchens for the rest of my life. I can except being homeless is my destiny but eating soup for eternity? Is this what a blogger has to go through to prove that she's god?

 The lack of employment is not luck or coincidence it controlled by destined events. It seems I might have manipulated events with lynnaluvers and the god anchor us returning the favor. Maybe it's the cost of being a fan in my case.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Poetic Peace

 I hate to talk about Africans because its believed my ancestors came from there but it has to happen. I'm not doing this because Trump is riling up the masses or because Of the mass influx of Africans that have came to America!  I'm writing this because of the entitled audacity this African male had. Which I've seen but never have I been so offended by it. Maybe my Audacity with writing about the anchor was offensive to her!

  It always happens in a Library where government controls the energy. It always happens where ever the government is I suppose. Maybe he was sent by the government. Who is he and what did he do you ask. Today Jan 10th 2016 I was charging my phone which I had been charging for 3hrs and also trying to enjoy a book.  When all of a sudden the African with the suitcase wants to sit at my table.  There's other seats but he wants to sit at the table I've been at for hrs. Why is it that when blacks have no place to go they disrupt peace? I look back at my lynnaluvers days and although no one said to me stop writing my writings in lynnaluvers did get the great one fired which did disrupt peace. Is it because blacks hate peace or they hate to see others at peace? Is this why the current president ran for office because he wanted to disrupt and take over a table/country?
The similarities with the African and our current Country is insane.

 I ask the African to please don't sit their nicely. I didn't shout or yell when I said this yet he tells me to shut up and sits down. Is this the behavior of the immigrant from Africa in 2016?  To ignore a citizens wishes. If someone doesn't want you to sit next to them when there are other chairs is it too hard to move. This is what happened with my kid and his mom. She doesn't want me in his life so I moved! If a country says they are tired of a certain group of people do you stick around or do you move? When it seems like lynnaluvers ignited a hatred of the blogger it had to move. Yet the African stayed at the country/table.

 So I get up because his Audacity was killing the sense of calm that I was intuned to.  Which is the exact same thing many citizens do. When theirs a influx of immigrants that come to a city the citizens usually leave. They leave and let the Africans enjoy what they once enjoyed. Just like many people leave once society is compromised. Did my blog compromise the Anchors peace hence why the African sat at my country? Yet didn't the anchor semi endorse the son of a African which destroyed Americas peace when she and WOIO and other media outlets reported about Obama as if he was god. When actually the anchor is god.

 So before I leave I take a picture because I enjoy to document peace manipulators. He asks me to stop and I say "is this America"? I said it four times because in his African accent he tells me to stop. It's poetic that the guy that took over my table/country doesn't want me to take a picture of him yet he see's nothing wrong with manipulating the table I was at. It's poetic that I can leave the sons mom alone because she told me to, yet I can't stop writing about the Anchor. There's so much poetry in my sphere you'll think Helen Rice was haunting me.

 Maybe I was wrong in his eyes and maybe he was wrong to interfere with my peace. The true wrong is that blacks are never where they're suppose to be and we can point fingers at whose to blame. Yet isn't it poetic that we can exist in a building of lies and the lies have created a energy where blacks are persuaded to believe that their entitled to what ever it is they have or don't have. He felt like he was entitled to take my peace and I felt like I was entitled to take his picture.  Where will this sense of entitlement take us? Extinction?

Monday, January 4, 2016

Fan of Fear2

Hacking the blog
I was just thinking about my blog journal and to my amazement "fan of fear" was posted. That article wasnt suppose to be published until 20117 it said. So why or how did it get published before then? Is the website compromised if so by whom. Could it be that my blog was compromised by "messengers of fear"? Maybe they feel obligated to compromise the blog.

   People like manipulating things they hate or find a easy target. Is lynnaments a easy target to sabotage? Did someone read the article and wanted it posted sooner or was just a way to showcase their hacking skills.  When I started lynnaments 3 yrs ago I anticipated people hacking my site and hacking at me therefore it's not surprising. I can only hope this blog sheds a small light of my dealings after lynnaluvers. A light that ask the question why is the blogger being targeted better yet why is the god anchor being blamed for people  targeting me.

  Why would they who target me feel obligated to target my blog and publish something I wasn't ready to publish. It's like Adele making a record and someone publishes her work without forewarning. I'm not comparing my blog to Adele's work but maybe the hometown of fear is the internet and I'm just visiting. Maybe those who felt obligated to publish fan of fear were residents of the hometown of fear and maybe me writing about politics and the god anchor is an insult. Yes, I can vouch for when fear is insulted it does publish. Publish insults to Assaults fear is a force that can drive a entire nation to be delusional let alone a blogger. Therefore the question shouldn't be who compromised my blog but who have I scared unintentionally with my writings; maybe the Government?