Thursday, May 28, 2015


 I am making this article because it seems I have been questioned by clues and other elements that have asked whats the difference from me and a stalker. Therefore I will shed light into what is the difference and why I am not a stalker but am a LynnaLuver and want nothing to do with Lynna Lai in any personal level which means The only time I want to see Lynna is when Im turning on the television! I will give you a list of what fans should and shouldn't do. Us Lynna Luverz have to be careful not to cross that line. We have to be up standing citizens and obey the law unless the law is prohibiting you to obey other past laws. Let me first say that there is nothing wrong rooting for, celebrating, giving tribute and complimenting anyone from Lynna Lai to God Him self. If you want to use your time celebrating someone and giving someone praise and or criticizing their actions or their co-workers actions its totally normal. The fact is that everyone whose in the publics eye always needs a critic to keep him or her on their toes along with a yes man or woman or a fan. Don't let anyone tell you wearing a t-shirt or dressing like a star or dedicating a blog or video about them is stupid. Sometimes a star can be our only source of expressing ourselves by being a fan of theirs.

That being said where do you cross the line. Earlier this week a Justin Bieber fan hacked into Justin's account which turned him into a stalker and he texted Justin and it back fired with Justin giving his twitter followers the stalkers phone number. Now first of all If you're a true fan of anyone you don't disrespect someones privacy. Not only because it's against the law but it truly shows that you don't care about the person you are suppose to be a fan of. You're not concerned about them you're concerned about their star character. True LynnaLuverz understand this and don't feel any persuasion to break into any of Mrs. Lynna Lai's personal info to become close to her or to hurt her. How does someone call their self a fan and they don't have the decency to know the boundaries. This gives all the other fans a bad name. A stalker is Obsessed to the point that they want to meet the person their obsessed with. A fan it is someone who is content with just admiring the person for who he or she is and what he or she does and knows that they became who they are with out you or us which means they don't need our help or any personal confirmation or contact. 1: One rule of a LynnaLuver is you should never be in the same room of Mrs. Lynna Lai if she's in Cleveland you should be in Akron. If she's advertising a community function she's going to be at you don't go!

Monday, May 25, 2015

hostage blog

 Today marks a date where we remember many soldiers that were killed or held hostage therefore lets visit a hostage article that was made a couple of weeks ago.

What if what I write in lynnamentals is a trigger for someone to hurt someone close to me?  What if every time I post a article someone adds on to the agents that follow the ostracized mover?What if every time I post a article A terror attack occurs? Would I stop writing? I ask these questions because Im intrigued by how catastrophe happens when ever I post a article; for example the Amtrak accident that happened in Philadelphia a few weeks ago.

What if the great one or someone close to her is taking Ohio or the country hostage because of lynnamentals or lynnaluvers? What if channel 3 is taking Lynna the great one hostage? What if channel 3 has her  hostage until im dead in jail or the blog is dead? Is the blog this offensive or is it my being in existence is offensive hence my birth certificate being stolen in Missouri and my ostracizing.

Is my concluding that the anchor is conspiring yet god more important than seeing someone close to me safe? Is my blog more important than the USA? Of course not but maybe someone who has someone close hostage enjoys holding people hostage which might be why the blog is triggered. What if the hostage takers are in association with the anchor and they have followed me to see what triggers a article on lynnamentals which might inflict on those close and maybe the country. What if the terror in this country is in direct association with lynnamentals?

Monday, May 18, 2015

learning article pt2

 Some  say that  the lesson I should have learned  in the pass two yrs is to learn how to be social  or how to be more social. yet it seems everyone, everywhere are a bunch of weed heads,do something harder or are alcoholics. Even the president smokes marijuana.Even the great one is a promoter of weed and beer. Who would want to be around that type of recreation. Not to mention I'm homeless which means  75% of the time homeless guys stink (showers).

  In the pass I would have said how would lynnaluvers make more visitors if Im not social. How would Lynna end up on WKYC if she wasn't  social? Yet it seems the population of this country is so screwed up including myself. Who wants to befriend people that think homosex rape or molestation is ok if you're a priest or a vip. not to forget that most of population don't believe in God. Who wants to be social? This might explain Why im Lynnamental. This might explain Maybe the majority of spirits are influencing me. Therefore maybe me being anti-social is a good thing. It creates a more sensitive perspective when it comes to spirits.  Seeing that the great one is known for chasing ghosts  maybe that's why I was ostracized, to find a ghost the great one or her cohorts are looking for.  

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Learning Article

  Its been about two yrs. since Ive been Ostracized from the buckeye state and in those two years  Ive encountered  many things  but the question  im pondering  is have I truly learned something ?  Have I gained any knowledge that can take me to another dimension or even another thought ? Has my faulting for my Ohio death hindered  my learning anything? Was I able to blame the great one and still gain some type of enlightenment?

  I  learned that the  different cities newscast  I stayed at  were a grade under the great ones newscast or her old newscast I should say seeing I haven't really got to watch her new newscast, only clips.  Yet is that some info the blogger can use?  Can I get any type of financial gain from that type of info?  Matter of fact before I went to these cities  I had a feeling the great one had a better newscast  than a large majority therefore it's info I already figured out.  What did the blogger learn? Did he learn that the government/Lynna Lai/NBC were targeting the blogger or was that info that was already made when the sheriff pulled me over in neo? If I did learn something I'm beginning to think it was negative.

 I don't think there was not an ounce of positivity in the two years. For example I learned that Mexicans in the south/west dislike some blacks.    I learned how to sleep outside on concrete? If I learned all negative things is lynnamentals sufficient. Is the blog sufficient for those that read the blog?  Although the blog is entertaining cannot my ostracizing create a learning  experience? Is my mind so filled with lynnamentals that it has no room for experiencing something more uplifting which in turn will uplift the blog?

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Throwback Thurs

I believe it was 2010- 2011 around the new year. She was on 19 but I had a feeling something was happening.

So, Mrs. Lai is back and taking charge as if she never was absent. It's been around 2 weeks since she's been on the tube and now us fans can relax by knowing Bosley hasn't taken over (at least while she was anchoring for Mrs. Lai she didn't avoid the fact that Mrs. Lai was absent).

Now while everyone has made resolutions and trying to keep them this news anchor fan has got to get conditioned into the reality that the favorite news anchor in Cleveland might be yanked from the station like Mangini was fired from his position. Although Browns fans could see the writing on the wall and were conditioned for it with the news reports leading to his termination; I don't think fans of personalities ever are conditioned for the absence of our favorite local or national personality. With that said once again fans have to be appreciative for the time Mrs. Lynna Lai is on and has been on.

    For now, we can continue getting our appealing Asian-American Fix and eliminate appealing Asian-American withdrawals but we should also come to grips with the fact that like everything else nothing or no one lasts forever. Don't anticipate her absence but fans should celebrate her time on local tv matter of fact we should bathe in her presence now, because as I said before we will never know some day some major news company might buy her contract.In my conclusion this wasn't meant to be a somber, ashes on the forehead article on the contrary it's a article of endorsing the celebration of Lynna Lai by continuing to visit this site (leave a comment) or making your own Lynna Lai tribute site (Iron sharpens Iron) or even by simply watching Lynna Lai every chance you get; indeed get a "Lynna Luvers" shirt anything to show anchorage for the News

Monday, May 4, 2015


  It was a regular night nothing unusual until I stepped in walgreens in Texas and saw a bunch of what looked like red balls in a display that had a NBC logo on it.  I picked one up and found that it wasn't a ball but it was a red nose. NBC/walgreens are selling red noses . The display had a dozen of businesses that were associated with this campaign. Yet the one that stood out was NBC!

When I think of a red nose I think of rudolph and him being the oddest one in the group of reindeer. Is Lynna the great  the oddest one in the group of NBC? Did my ostracizing create a red nose aura around the great anchor and NBC?  is NBC the oddest one in the news group?  Could it be that Lynna the great  and Cleveland NBC  is odd because of  my odd blog?  Is my red nose type of blog  the reason  the station has anti connotations which in it's self is odd/ red nosey. Could it be that my red nose blog is the reason they hired some of Americas security to follow /shadow me or could the red nose be representation for something sinister seeing it is a sinister color.

 I looked on the wensite and it said that NBC was having a red nose day to support people in poverty and people in impoverished countries. Instead of helping people that are impoverished  why don't they use the donations to give to the anchor as a bonus?  I mean lets face it poverty is going to be around forever, it's not going away. Not to mention some people in poverty are the very same people that are anti-police and seeing that the great one  is pro authority wouldn't it be better to endorse Lynna the great than to endorse groups of people that are anti police. Seeing that the station is pro police also. This isn't a pro Lynna Lai article  I just see the potential of the red nose campaign and how it would be better for not just NBC  and the local pioneer but it would be better for the locals that watch .