Monday, April 4, 2016


In a earlier article I mentioned about Lynna Lai connotations and how they shape me. Some might not believe what I say but what Im about to talk about is a prime example of the god anchors connotations and how they are my huntress.

 Recently I was working at this restaurant let's call it the Dragon Wall and I was bussing tables when one couple left this Drawing that had the god anchors similarities.  I had to save it so I could take a picture of it. It's not everyday that people leave drawings of the god anchor around me. It's kind of Ironic that I blogged about the dwellings of my concern and it seems someone has donated to my concern. Donated to my belief that the god anchor has a army. That the god anchor is all around us.  

When I work or try to work of course it would be cool to have the news anchor on like ESPN is on in sports bars. Matter of fact she was on at a local establishment in Akron but it wasn't while I was working.  During work do we expect what we think about all day to appear. Maybe if its money but If it's the god anchor is she suppose to appear? Are Lynna Lai connotations suppose to appear during different times in my life. The answer is yes. If I believe that the god anchor was the reason for my end and the reason for the future then her connotations will hunt me. 

The question is  did the god anchor have a hand in the recent connotation which was the drawing. Had the local police dept have a hand in the drawing? If they did was it meant to be a joke or just a mind puzzle?  Has the god anchor become so powerful that people are compelled to draw her or could my blog be mocked and this was a way to mock some more. I mean the drawing doesn't look exactly like her because they did make her lips bigger. Yet other than that I'll say that's the god. The god that has been the subject of my blog but possibly the subject of an entire people. 

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