Monday, March 30, 2015


  While the local ,state and even the unmarked police cars are still visible I ran across an article  that I had to talk about. The entertaining article  was about  how msnbc was making like less than half of what fox news was making and also how they had less viewers than cnn and fox. I'm not going to dig in the article  but i have to give my input on why the anchor would be a better fit than a certain anchor . Some would say I'm in no position to write about how MSNBC needs Lynna Lai  yet I would say MSNBC  is in no position to not hire Lynna Lai.

  Before I start with why the god anchor Lynna Lai would be great for MSNBC; can I just say they deserve the low ratings seeing that they not only let Ann Curry go but they also let Veronica La Cruz go as well. Yet they still are holding on to Al Sharpton and Rachel Maddow.

Theres's many reasons why the great anchor whose a pioneer  would be a great fit but lets first start of by saying she has more influence than Al Sharpton when it comes to creating viewers. Some would say Al has influenced Obama; to that I would say how do we know the anchor in Cleveland hasn't? I hear some say That I shouldn't say the great one is better than Al Sharpton seeing that he's an anchor of god; noting his clergy associations. My question to that type of statement would be why would they  hire a anchor of god when they can hire god herself?  Of course Al Sharpton might be the reason people have gotten killed and put in jail  but the question is has he done it recently?  Not to mention the people he's put in jail were probably a better influence in society than he is.  The nation needs a better group of people  and to keep Al Sharpton on tv would be fighting that agenda.  Not to mention the great anchor is more progressive than Al Sharpton . I mean lets face it the American blacks in the free world aren't progressing for the most part  therefore Al Sharpton shouldn't be on TV because tv should mirror life /society.

 Why not put the great anchor in Mika Brzezinski place  in the morning  and have Mika follow Chris Matthews  or have Chris Matthews  and Mika  do a duel newscast for a few hrs?  I haven't been watching morning joe  but I'm sure  the pioneer in Cleveland  would work well with Joe Scarborough. I know it's a liberal station and some would say even putting the pope on MSNBC still wouldn't beat fox yet I would bet the news anchor Lynna  would invoke more loyalty than Rachel Maddow and Al sharpton put together.

 If MSNBC  really wanted to create more ratings they would have never fired the personalities of the TODAY SHOW and they would hire Lynna the great and instill a format that would create viewership.  The question is why , why if they know how to create viewers won't they? Maybe its because FOX is paying them to be the way they are. Not to mention Liberals (who are the MSNBC audience) have A different way of getting their news and I'm willing to bet Liberals could care less about whats going on in the world, because their more self centered I believe.  Therefore if Liberals are self centered and MSNBC can't figure out how to make self centeredness appealing  to it's self on TV I don't think they will ever reach the numbers fox is going for. Lets face it even though a large amount of people might not like Obama yet I'm willing to bet they still believe in Obamas words if they came from someone else. Its the same with MSNBC.  If they can't create a more attractive newscast at least put on murphy brown reruns during the midnight hr!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Texas Troopers

My articles must be moving through the law enforcement circle  because after I wrote The restaurant story intro a few hrs later 4-6 state troopers appeared while I was walking to work. Not only that but a day after I wrote  the restaurant story pt 2: Police... They began construction on the road which the restaurant is on. This attracts a substantial number of police presence.  Could Lynna Lai  her workers and China be influencing the state troopers and also the city  not only the city but maybe my employer ? Also couldn't her influence be used more effectively than screwing with the blogger?

 It was like six or seven Texas state trooper vehicles  and they didn't have any numbers on their vehicles to identify them like the city police do. With that said why was the Texas state trooper on my heels while I was going to work? I believe the State Troopers are the ones that wear the brown shirts. I was pointing out a few months ago  that brown shirts are associated with the Nazis. Maybe they read my blog  where I identified the brown shirts as having a association with Nazis.

 Is it not strange after a few hrs after the restaurant story intro  the state troopers appear? Was this some sort of effort to identify me? Are there  not crimes that need researched instead of being on the bloggers heels?  What crime have I committed? if I am a outlaw why haven't they took me in custody? Is it that the local police  were concerned about my acknowledging the police in the restaurant therefore they tell the state troopers here in texas to follow/intimidate the blogger.  Its my belief that the texas state trooper can get away  with more than the city police can which is also why the city police might have contacted them about me. Maybe the great anchor has talked to Ohio state Troopers about my blogs and then they talked  to Texas state troopers

  How much influence does the anchor have over ohio state troopers  and texas state troopers? I'm betting a lot. I mean you don't  go to one station to another in the same city in a few months  if you don't have clout.  Its my belief this influence she has  is extremely strong . Yet why doesn't she use her clout/influence for good, instead of screwing with the blogger? Did my blog lynnaluvers influence cops to harass the anchor? Has she lied to texas police and said that it has? instead of harassing the blogger couldn't she use her influence to make sure that the texas state troopers  harass child sex offenders? Maybe use her influence to make illegals more nervous.  Maybe with  the great ones influence she could persuade  the texas state troopers to guard the border or use her power to make pro senior citizen laws.

   Everybody has their own amount of power some have more than others but when you use that power to follw a homeless blogger who makes only 10 grand the one whose powerful is wasting their potential. Maybe in the pioneers world she's so deep inside the core  that she can't influence  the Texas state troopers to do good. Maybe to harass the blogger is the only power she has. I hate to say this but what if the city and the state police here in Texas  is so saturated  with illegals she feels like she wouldn't get far.  Maybe she feels like since our president is illegal then who is she to make waves in the sea of blue and brown? Maybe the little blogger is the only wave she has control over. Maybe everyhing elese is off limits.

  I really hate to keep talking about police issues because there's so much other things to talk about. Who would of thought that I would be writing about police on lynnamentals when it first started? When one writes a project they never know where it'll end up  especially in the media.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

The restaurant story pt2 : Police Money Marijauna

   Now I'm extremely ,happy that the police officers make a substantial amount of money, I'm also happy that the great news anchor  Lynna and Duffy make good sums of money. I see it as people  accepted by society and being rewarded for their knowledge. Who doesn't want someone to provide for their family right! It would be unamerican. Matter of fact I hope they get triple what they make now then maybe i won't be followed as much.(just lst night after work again had grey scion,black car and yellow cab almost hit me and a block later two cops sitting at a parking lot)The issue comes to effect that their lifestyle has tainted their view of mine. Maybe the police officers video recorded me to verify that I work but also to condemn my lifestyle and how i sleep or how I eat or bathe as a homeless civilian.  My whole thing is if they condemn me  and say I'm a pansy because i make over 9 grand a year  and don't send money to the kid! Lets see how the pioneer anchor and the police those who I believe that were put up to follow me. Lets see how they make choices on what they eat and how they stayed out of the elements if they had only 10 grand to survive off. Lets see how they make choices if their kids and or family were taken away . How would they respond to being homeless if they didn't have a badge or a license to kill and discredit. . What if they lost their minds or were put in a strange land without any associates to help. Would they be incredible stewarts of the money they work for?  Its easy to say pay your kid and suffer when you have a house have the kid in your custody and things are good but it's not that easy when  everything that you touch is a calamity. Maybe they think I shouldn't sleep by the train tracks if I make 10 grand a year. Maybe they think I should live in a homeless shelter or maybe they believe I deserve to live in a homeless shelter considering how my house was. A homeless shelter which is flooded with dug addicts,alcoholics,sex offenders,homosexuals. Maybe the police that are following me are homosexuals and they want me in the homeless shelter so they can hire someone to take pics of me while I shower. Which answers the question why theres always a black guy looking at me in the shower when ever I do use their facilities. Maybe their hired homos. Some would say hey stop crying the Mexicans pay for their kids all the time. The Mexicans have had a different upbringing. Most Mexicans have a pro family attitude because they weren't born with american ideals. The American ideal is anti-family hence why theirs alot less black families together than Mexican. Not to mention its's hard to support your kid seeing that if you do the powers that be might see that I have feeling for the kid and have them killed. if you have feelings for something and the government is against you their going to have that person you care for killed or  suffer.

 Maybe the SUV that was sitting in the parking lot was hired by the police or my employer and maybe my employer was hired by Lynna Lai and or Lynna Lai's cohorts. Maybe they read my blog about the silver cars and thought the SUV sitting out side would be hilarious. Maybe the police sitting outside thought it would be funny Maybe the silver SUV that was sitting outside was documenting me. Maybe the SUV is the police's back up plan or maybe its their witness.

 I know it's nothing I can do with the police following me, but am I suppose to let that ride over? If one keeps letting occurrences happen without documenting it , one day one might regret it. Am i suppose to regret that I don't work under the table or make money illegally. I know theres people that might want me to do illegal things to make money wouldn't that help discredit the kid. Maybe the police ,Lynna, and Brian are drug dealers  ex drug  dealers or buy cocaine from cocaine suppliers or weed suppliers and  when they read my blog they sense that I'm not one of them. Why would they want me to be one of them? The great one did promote  marijuana the other day. Maybe the following is all because i write as if I don't break rules or laws and because of that;police want to catch me breaking them even if its far fetched. Who Knows. I will say this if they legalize marijuana  they should legalize a anti-following law for bloggers.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Restaurant Story pt 1

 Not only did the police cars 1843 and 1841 appear but also appeared was a silver SUV waiting outside of the other side of the restaurant. Tonight march 14th 2015 A bald headed  officer came into the restaurant  with a dark black guy  and from what I heard I was too far away to listen; he asked  the closing manager (someone Im betting had something to do with it) was there a white guy who came in the establishment just now because  they were looking for him. Apparently the white guy  ran  from a taxi without paying(I could spend a whole blog critiquing that story).  The obvious questions  are did Lynna Lai or Brian Duffy put them up to it?  Were they recording me when I passed the police cruisers If so, then why ? What was the grey SUV doing there as I walked away from the property?

 A week or so ago Lynna Lai was talking about accidents at work with granite. Could it be  that she's planning for me to have a "accident" at work and part of the accident involves the local PD here in Texas? Maybe it's the FBI that wants me to have a accident at work. Maybe one day they'll come in when all the guess are gone and shoot me  and convince the co-workers that I didn't  work there and have me buried under a tree some where.  Of course the great one  had something to do with it and of course if not her then her cohorts but even before the police came in the restaurant while it was open there were Asian Americans in the restaurant. Maybe that was a sign to let me know that the great anchor was up to this some way.  I'm betting they were recording me as I left. Ive recorded police officers lots of times since Ive been ostracized. Its like the anchor black balled me so that the police would harass me or maybe someone is so upset that I left the state on the basis that the great anchor is god that they have the police harass me. Therefore I had to record them.  Who knows how many times they were or are going to appear in my life. I'm betting they appear in my life more than they appear in child  sex offenders lives or illegals lives.

 Some would say recording the police is disrespectful . Yet I believe its a life saver. Of course they would want someone to record them who they are friends with like the great anchor Lynna Lai and company but isn't that why the local PD feel like they can Bogart  and bully because they're amongst friends and because they're bullying blacks a group of people that are viewed as bullies. Who knows what they can get away with now but think how much more they can get away with  if every black male was discredited. They could arrest every last one of us in America , kill us, rape and molest our kids  and not one friend of theirs would blink an eye. Yet this time the camera was in their court  I assume and the question  is again why would they record me ? To show  how much of a good worker I am? Maybe the powers that be don't believe I'm at work so they had to record me. Car 1843 and 1881  knew I worked there  because police cruisers always for the most part appeared  after work  but never sitting outside the restaurant.  Maybe they want to record the fact that I'm working for the simple fact only then they can call me a bum because I have a job and I still sleep on the streets and not sending any cash to my family like my kid. ...More to come

Sunday, March 15, 2015

restaurant story Intro

I guess the police force in the city of Texas really wanted to see me. I say this because not only did they appear where I started making income  but they also had cars 1843 and 1881 wait outside the restaurant for me. More to come.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Train Assumptions

 As the flashlight was shining  I heard " you can't be here you have to move""! Ok I'm moving I said as I got up  from around the train tracks  as I was walking and the police  behind me  he said you can sleep  anywhere but here by the train tracks.  I'm pass the question on how  they knew where I was ; the question is why. Also why was the officers name covered  with a traffic vest? Was the officers last name Lai or associated with someone whose associated with Lynna Lai?

  Maybe they had cameras on the train tracks , maybe the train conductor called the police  when he saw me or maybe someone who works for Lynna Lai or Brian Duffy  and when I sat down  they called the city of in texas police dept.  We can pretend and say it was about safety. even his vest could be excused for safety reasons but we all know theres a underlining reason the police appeared last night while I was by the train tracks.  Whats the real reason he had his name hidden with the vest was it because the blogger is anonymous?  Whats the real reason the police officer was on the train tracks while I was sleep? was it because I wrote "Officers Again"?   Is it believable that Lynna Lai and Brian Duffy  are paying the local police under the table  to harass the kid into more delusion?

   Perhaps  the police officers that are following me are gay  and  they are following me because they've read my anti-gay articles in lynnaluvers. if they are trying to prove something what are they trying to prove and who are they trying to prove it to? are the local police trying to prove something to other city police officers? Could it be they are trying to prove they can police me better than other cities ive been in? what if their in competition with Chicago?

  How far will the local police go to prove something? Even if I was on the train tracks that doesn't mean I deserve attention? How man people are on a chemical train track and local police don't tell them to get off the track? How many people are going to get hit by the train called death and it could of been avoided if local police would have paid more attention to them than me. Maybe they read youtube happiness a few days ago and assumed i was so unhappy that I was going to jump in front of a train. This afternoon i saw a sign that read " THE WICKED GET NO REST" . Maybe someone got them to believe that Im wicked therefore I don't deserve any rest. Maybe they're wicked and since they don't get any rest they think I don't deserve any rest. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Officers Again

 Not even 24hrs  after I write youtube happiness and talk about how unhappy  I am even though police weren't stalking me like usual yesterday morning. As soon as I step outside that night the police were circling me again. Is it fair to say the police in town do read my blog?But how, when I don't advertise it? Did my last few article gain their attention or have they been following my blog since the beginning of lynnamentals? Maybe the FBI told local authorities about the blog.  I mean they were circling me so much it was as if i was in Chicago.

  Maybe they thought because it was night time I wouldn't be able to see them.  Maybe they were testing Government equipment where they have invisible paint for cars and they were testing the new tool on a tool they thought. Why would they be reading my blog? That's like ceasar reading the law of Moses or like me reading their mail or reading their health report. My blog isn't good enough to be reading for enjoyment. Maybe they read my blog to see how  a anchor can invoke such delusion in their eyes. Maybe they were entertained by the blog ; entertained in a joke is on me type of way.  Maybe there were  black or a mexican american police officers that were following me last night because they read  the part where I said the media shouldn't be pro black. To explain: The reason we have Obam in office is because the media was pro black who wants that? I'm willing to be t if Obam never got in office lynnaluvers would have never existed. Not to mention ratings are in race. I said this in lynnaluvers. Meaning the more anti black you are the the higher your ratings will go (who wants archie bunker to do the news).

   What am I suppose to do again I ask? Do they expect for me to stop lynnamenting?  I don't hate police and to ask do I hate police would be like asking the great anchor does she hate blacks because a blogger insist that she's a conspirator. If they followed you every day of the week hired homeless guys to follow you and do things to annoy you and inject anti lynnluvers lynnamental attitudes in the people I come around  so that I'm the bad guy you might think I hate the local police.  I'm glad someone is reading my blog yet it baffles me still that such a amateur type of blog can gain so much attention from the texas city police. I know police officers like watching the news too but does that mean I stop being a blogger?

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Youtube Happiness

   Today I should be happy not many police officers around me; I saw one or two in the library. No negative Lynn Lai connotations with my goings and comings in the state of texes. Yet I'm not happy and its sad to ask but the question is why? is it because i blog too much? Is it because I see the media every where I go? Today I even saw Time Warner cable parked outside the library. Could they be logging my passwords to manipulate or sabotage my email account? Is this why I'm not happy? Maybe I should just go on youtube and post my findings? It would eliminate the vast spelling and grammar errors and maybe my happiness (crazy)!

 The reason why I wouldn't be happy going on youtube  is because 75% of the viral vids are viral because of the governemt. Only 25% go viral just by talent/interest alone. therefore why would the governemt let my videos go viral? Not saying that I want my videos to go viral,  but if they have control to make vids go viral they have control over other aspects of the  video. Not to mention how many times did I associate the media,WKYC with the government? It's my belief that my vids would be sabotaged and even hit with viruses.  if they did let the vids be what they were the question would be why?

   The media hates blacks during these times specifically black males.  I mean if you can say jagaboo and get away with it you know the gov isn't pro black nor should it be. Therefore if the media/gov isn't pro black then it's against blacks and if it's against blacks it's against me which means they would have a field day with the kid. Lets face it i'm not photogenic like the great one.

Oh blogger dude be happy! I can here someone say the cops aren't pestering you yet you have to find something to complain about. you have to find fault in imagined things! Be happy blogger dude! Maybe everyone wasn't  made to be happy! If we weren't made to be happy therefore I'll  say happiness is a overused  word these days.

In closing what is happiness if you can't watch the anchor in peace? What is happiness if you can't use the restroom in peace? What is happiness if one can't say the anchor is superior without being ostracized and followed? Can one be delusional and happy or does Happines take a back seat to delusion? Maybe the blogger can't be happy because the anchor is embedded in my spirit which has caused delusion and soon death.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Police Spotted

  So today marks a new era. Not only are Lynna Lai's henchmen  the local police following me  here in Texas. They've been following me so much they know my schedule before I even get to my destination. For example I was going to a restaurant mickey d's of course and before I get there; there go the local police sitting there (two cars) as if they were waiting for me. Also how about the time just yesterday when car 1776  i believe was sitting outside the greyhound while i stepped off the bus. Oh whats wrong with this blogger he doesn't like cops or he doesn't like their continual appearance? Of course its because of the blog but Im willing to bet they would continue to follow me even if I didn't write.

  My question is whose being robbed or raped or killed because i'm top priority when it comes to the local pd it seems like. I said this before if I was a police officer I would do favors for the anchor too but is my blog that offensive? Some would say it's the great anchors family thats doing this. What am I suppose to do blame a private citizen.  if we start blaming people in the great anchors private life during this lynnamental saga it will turn into a whole new world.  Therefore lets suggest the public figure like we've always suggested. Don't get me wrong If I see a car and the person in the car looks like the great ones husband with a license that says lailai and it hits me I'll probably write about it. but other  than that lets keep that conspiracy under the paper.

 That being said the great anchor probably did put them up to posting in my regular places where i go or have been going. Have I been appearing where the great anchor is? Does she think that because i watch her on WKYC its the same as stalking her therefore she fills vindicated when she puts on a police hunt. Maybe the a persuasive anchor feels like she owes me one because every since lynnaluvers the government has been following her. Maybe the police presence is saying leave the state or city. Its the modern day burning cross (we're in the south)! Maybe the police don't like the fact that I think a east Asian anchor is the best at what she does and because of that they feel obligated to appear at my regular stops. Was lynnaluvers worth all this; ask me when I'm dead!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Type Lynna

  Do I need to type in Lynna Lai? Do I need to write or blog about the great anchor? I asked these questions in a article last month and Intend to try to answer them. When  I ask these questions the next question I ask myself is  do I need to be alive? Is it a necessity to be lynnamental? is it a necessity to do what I do?

  I ask theses questions  because it's my belief that lynnaluvers  was so influential and so hated  that it created a Lynna Lai cloud over me.  I mean it's not coincidence  that I got hired and fired by a guy with the same last name of Lynna Lais old stations news director. Therefore  if I have a Lynna Lai cloud over me should I not document it? should I not put what I witnessed online? If what I witnessed was recorded on lynnaluvers and it put the great one on WKYC  and got me ostracized one has to wonder will the articles on lynnamentals  put the great one on a national level and me without the Lynna Lai cloud. If not shouldn't I document where it takes me. I mean I'm a nobody whose going to document it if I don't. Maybe that's why the existing president is trying to control the internet (thats a new story).

Therefore when I say or associate blogging to breathing . I believe the day I stop blogging will be the day I stop breathing. Part of this cloud is in the business to harass me or follow me. Am I not to document what happens? Am I suppose to let things like that go and turn a blind eye? I mean I'm in Texas a place that has turned into a foreign land. who knows what will happen in these parts especially with city police officers  following me all the time.  For me to not write about the great anchor and just say all that happens is of coincidence or all this happened because my house sucked and don't have a relationship with the kid. Would be like Lynna Lai blaming the firing at woio to Duffy or the Romona Robinson or that she didn't have a supportive team at woio.  There has to be a ghost to the story; Something that is unseen or unknown  and because of that ghost and the cloud I must blog. The question is what do i do when they shut down the internet?