Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Filthy Article

  So earlier last week the killer god anchored the news cast on a week day (about time) evening and during the newscast she introduced  Tom Meyer who reported about a city building that was filthy . Holes in the walls,mold, toilets that didn't work and it was insecure. As I was watching the report I was asking myself are they going to say the same thing about my humble bungalow I was ostracized from? What gives them the right to even say my bungalow  is filthy after I was ostracized?

  Then I came to these conclusions; I don't live there anymore, so technically it's not mine. But what if that's what they wanted in the first place, what if that's what they wanted all the time . They wanted me to scurry out of my habitat in "Ohlai" So maybe they could plant some unimaginables in my ex-habitat. Maybe they wanted me out of the place because they wanted to see how I lived or they wanted to put me in a place where they could watch me 24/7 or last but not least they wanted me to leave because they had better plans for my ex living place. What if they wanted to dirty up the place like it was a place for trash? What if my writings insisted in Lynna the gods' mind and her associates minds that I was indeed trash and therefore should be ostracized as such. What if they felt it was just to call my place filthy because they've felt like they've already cleaned house in the Cleveland news Industry when actually they made it worse. What if the reason they made it worse was because of lynnaluvers?

  Lynna Luvers was getting off course , way off course  but was it so off course that they wanted to plant a dead body,drugs or something that would land me on the most wanted list? . I can't say but it did possibly get me ostracized. So possibly yes. Possibly my lynnaluvers blog was so offensive to god to the news industry, Asians and to every writer or blogger  in the world that they , they meaning the vibrant superior god and her associates had to plant something in my ex living quarters? I mean the god anchor did leave a six digit career position to something a rookie cop makes possibly. Yet, the god is on T.V right shouldn't she be used to getting a compliment from retards? Maybe it's not her that got me ostracized and possibly planted filthy. Maybe its the entire Chinese community.  Maybe they believe that retards only place is in the grave especially black retards.  but since I'm in America they might have just settled for an ostracizing.

Lastly I can remember writing in lynnaluvers that under market reporters (reporters that live in a city that's below the cleveland market or someone not persuasive)didn't deserve to anchor with god. Maybe her associates felt like undermarket viewers (people who don't deserve to watch Lynna Lai because they didn't finish college or aren't smart enough) shouldn't be in the same state as the anchor. Maybe lynnaluvers was so offensive that they believe that Lynna should be a nationalized anchor only when I'm nationally blacklisted.

Friday, June 20, 2014


    Maybe three hours after I write "God's Culture" a Samoan looking guy who hangs or is associated with the guy I wrote about a few weeks ago in the Article East Asian Spy passes me and demonstrates he's going to have me killed by putting his thumb over his neck and crosses it. Now I didn't say anything to this guy I was just eating by my self I didn't even give him just cause to suggest this. Obviously we have to ask was my article the cause of his antics. How much did god hate my article "gods culture"? Was the east Asian spy part of this ; which would suggest that maybe the news god is too.

  Now after fathers day weekend The Samoan guy ask me to buy beer for him as if I'm friends or knew him personally. I didn't respond yet when he leaves the store  he not only leaves with a disgusted look on his face but also a look like he wanted to take something of mine or a look like he's going to attack. As I was paying for my dinner I saw the guy who once again is friends with the East Asian guy who I suspect is associated with the news god watching me or waiting for me.

 Was lynnaluvers or lynnaments so upsetting that this guy was waiting for me so he could teach me a thing or two about talking about the news god. Was his aggressive behavior a act of being loyal to the East Asian Spy which would be loyalty to the great anchor. Could Duffy , LynnaLai's Ex Co-Anchor have put the East Asian Spy up to hiring someone to intimidate the blogger quite possibly. The Samoan  did mention Keystone which does have to do with Pennsylvania State. This oddly enough is where Duffy is from  could this guy just mention Keystone so that I would know that he works for Duffy or maybe he just has a strong Pennsylvanian association or maybe he found out I was from " OHLAIO"  and wanted to make sure that I knew what state he was associated with by stalking me.

 So the question is who had a bigger hand in it  Duffy or the news god? Is it possible Lynna the news god is missed by Duffy so much he had to hire this samoan to stalk me? As I think about it too many arrows point to the fact that it might have been the news gods doing. Even after he asks me to buy him beer the East Asian spy shows up not even after 24hrs and I haven't seen him in a while.  Which might mean that Duffy might have had a bigger hand in this situation more than the god of news. I don't think the persuasive one wouldn't be so audacious enough to have a East Asian Spy with a Seattle and Chicago baseball cap have me stalked. Is she more unassuming or audacious? Could it be that she is unassuming to the people she hasn't studied and since she's studied me she can be audacious? What if Duffy hates the anchor so much he wanted to make it seem like it was her doing?

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Fathers Day is coming up and also the great ones Birthday. Now I have a article about how questionable Black American Culture/Fathers are versus Asian American Culture and Hispanic Culture/Fathers and how this could have crippled the god anchor.  I also Have an article that celebrates the anchor and her birth the acknowledgement of her persuasiveness and of her god being. Now some would say why don't I post both because both are interesting. The question is which one fits best with Lynnaments? Which on has the spirit lynnamentals?Which one has the DNA of a Conspiratorial article?

  Is  The fathers culture article more of a Lynnaments article. Does it have the make up of a mental,delusional Lynna Lai fan? What is it's focus? The focus of the three fathers article is more of  a look at how bad American black culture is and how that possibly created the situation She is in. It's almost suggesting that if the culture  of America was more East Asian American or Hispanic American Maybe the Anchor wouldn't have been fired in the first place from 19 and maybe I wouldn't have been ostracized. Lastly maybe deadbeat father wouldn't be a title that's associated with most blacks along with the blogger. Is that the DNA of a Lynnamentals article or is it more anti-black or anti-lynnamentals blogger. In the past when I used to write I would sometimes assume that writing anti-black articles or anti-lynna luvers articles would be the same as writing pro Lynna Lai articles because in demeaning myself or who I am it would show how better the anchor is or how better her race is for the future of the tv media. I always argued that the way they promoted Obama as the "FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT". Is the same as what I'm doing. For example the article I wrote about how blacks are a huge part of the TV audience and how that isn't  necessarily a good thing (I believe that now even more).

  The mentality of Lynnamentals shows it's lack of interest in it's self therefore creating a delusional blog that grows into an interest of who god is or what the god anchor has done or how the god anchor might have a hand in what ever is going on . With that said "three fathers" culture  doesn't demonstrate it's self as a lynnamental interest or focused on god. It might show an interest of her culture or the culture I assume she's practicing or trying to create. It might even be delusional but it's in a state of delusion that's focused more on how awful the blogger and his culture is than how theirs a conspiracy against my blog or how she's trying to conspire to create  a anti-father or anti black father movement.

Friday, June 6, 2014


So once again In birthday 2014 I call the persuasive one  god or goddess. In I used to credit her as being a goddess (god) and or a superior being. I can hear some people say or my lynnaments conscious saying we're suppose to be focusing on the conspiracy of the anchor not how immortal she is or how superior she is. Someone would say that me crediting her as god is the reason I got ostracized in the beginning. Do I really want things to be worse than they are now? Can the blogger sacrifice any more? I know it was her birthday but does that give us the excuse to call her god? Is she god?

   I know we're suppose to spawn or evolve into lynnamentals and not go back to but even a convict recognizes  and watches good cop movies. Even the devil bowed to God. This means a delusional blogger who writes how he was ostracized can recognize a god anchor. We already wrote about our death in lynnaluvers what could be after death or should the question be what's before death? I know we possibly got Lynna Lai fired from 19 because we suggested she was a superior anchor but she also went to WKYC A SUPERIOR STATION. (Especially superior to other cities)

    We could even say  or suggest that her anchoring produced our writings in the beginning. Just like a god she enhances our delusional realizations. If  what we write produces her being let go from 19 and her presence produced hence my Ostracizing what will lynnaments produce? A sacrifice of great magnitude that people will never write about the anchor again? How much of lynnaments is part of the future death and birth of something brand new for the god anchor? I definitely don't want things to be worse but is life really about me obviously not it's about god hence my delusional writings I guess. Which should be understandable not hated right?

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lynnas Birthday 2014

 We Celebrate today because A superior being was born around this time. She was born on a day that we should never forget. A day that reminds us what superiority is, a day that reminds us who is A god and also a day to remind us that we are extremely fortunate to live in the same country as god. During this time we celebrate gods birth.