Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mexican Shake

Not an hour after I make "gays in the convent" a new guy appears. A huge guy and he sleeps right under my bed. I guess the conspiracy is real. I thought I was going to have problems and of course I did. An hour of sleep and he's shaking my bed. Is this so I can be kept awake? Has the god anchor hired him to keep me awake? If so then why? Has Miguel hired a gang member to harass me so that I can't sleep? Maybe it's the police once again creating a wealth of plants to harass me in honor of the god anchor.

  The ironic part about all this is that  he's telling me I'm shaking the bed.  He's over 300 pounds and I didn't say a word to him until he starts complaining. How is it that the blogger gets so lucky. Maybe it's my blog their so attracted to or maybe he's was told to shake the bed so that I can't feel a needle injected while he's shaking. I mean I've watched him and he doesn't move if I'm not in the bed.

 Even more ironic is that the guy he replaces was named Thompson. Isn't the god associated with the Thompson's? What's more weird than the name is the name a security guard gives me. He tells me that the guy that's shaking the bed is Joe Lopez yet when I look on the paper where they have our names it says his name is Anthony Allison. If you divide the words in Allison all is and on you have Anchor Lynna Lai is On; Coincidence I don't think so.

  Could the security guy in the convent be telling him to shake the bed so that I don't get a lot of sleep? Why wouldn't they want me to get a lot of sleep?  Could the police be hiring these guys in the convent to rattle and bully me?  Obviously there's a conspiracy but could it be a gang conspiracy in honor of the god anchor?

Some would say there's no conspiracy you just have a restless sleeper. Then how come when I ask can if I change beds the security in the convent says no. Maybe their just trying to get the blogger accustomed to prison life once Hilary wins. Maybe the  bloggers death their helping with. If this guy isnt a plant of death why does he leave the convent when I leave? Why does he show up when I show up at the convent? Why is he Driving the notorious color grey car? Why was he hiding his face in the pic below?

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