Thursday, November 3, 2016

Watching Winners

Obviously my last prediction was wrong the Indians lossed or did they win in a different way? What does the loss of the Indians mean? Could the president have had a hand in the cubs win? It could be possible seeing that the president of the United States does have emotional investments there along with the god anchor. Is it far fetched to believe they had a hand in the cubs win? Obviously the cubs deserved to win the World Series because of its 100+ yr losing streak but did they deserve to win on the backs of the Indians? Did the Cubs deserve to win seeing Chicago introduced us to a divisive president?

  If the Cubs didn't Win would the conspiracy be so energized? I doubt it mattered who won; the conspiracy would have definitely been alive. For example Im in  belief the rain delay was caused by a government association. If the Chinese Government can make it rain how unbelievable is it? If they can make it rain can't they make the Indians lose and put the god anchor as a host of a national news program?  How much has Chicago invested in China verses Cleveland's investments with China and visa versa?

 Lastly if Chicago created Obama who created strong racism in the country, did the Cubs deserve to win? If my blog creates death mine specifically does it deserve to speak about an anchor whose alive?  If my blog created the death of a 19 and Lynna Lai union did lynnaluvers deserve to be online? Yet if China has invested in Chicago more than Cleveland shouldn't Chicago win? If I invest More in watching Lynna Lai on wkyc or woio more than watching the Indians or the Browns shouldn't she win and  be celebrated?

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