Monday, July 29, 2013


Could the Prosecutor and Defense be working together  just to spite someone else? It happens all the time. Its been said that the Zimmerman defense team will be going after NBC, Lynna Lai’s tv company. Could it be that NBC is working with Zimmerman just so Zimmerman won’t have to pay the Martin family? If NBC Can work with Lynna Lai and company why wouldn’t they work with Zimmerman? Lynna Lai is a supporter of police officers and NBC IS associated with her. Zimmerman was a Police officer in Training why wouldn’t NBC  work with him, he was found not guilty in the Murder trial. In short term if our worshiped has the power to evict and is associated with the authorities wouldn’t it be feasible that the station she works for is assisting Zimmerman even though it might look like they are at odds?

     Is a guy that believes the great one had him evicted and orchestrating his death suppose to just believe that the station that our great anchor is on isn’t smart enough to help Zimmerman out? The question should be why Zimmerman? I said in a Article titled “ZIMMERMAN FAVORED”  that our tv newscaster Lynna Lai and Zimmerman have very close ties with authorities maybe not for the same reason but still they are very close knitted and because of that close knit association its not far fetched  to believe that the Media NBC who Zimmerman is suing is orchestrating this suit so that Travons Family won’t see a dime or so that they can feel  justified in bugging the family after they pay Zimmerman which in turn will pay the family. NBC may just have a hard on for Zimmerman and instead of just giving him the cash that he’s asking for they are going to make him take them to court so that they make some type of drama reports about it.

 It’s a strong possibility that they have possibly made a deal with our favorite anchors station. I wonder what type of deal was made so that I would be evicted?  Deals are made every day and sometimes they include us in a bad situation, the key is that we don’t destroy other peoples lives like the rioters are doing in LA.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Chicago Monitor

 Not a day after I posted my Zimmerman article the building that I live in starts having an Asian American monitor.  Now where I live now has larger population of Asian Americans than  summit county but it’s still too much of a coincidence.   They are the future of America and I accept the future because our great media master Lynna Lai is the core American that will lead us to what we haven’t experience in this media world. I probably would have been more agitated if it was a black male with thug a attire yet it still agitates me that our great anchor and her team sponsored someone of Asian-American ethnicity to come to my living quarters and so soon.

 When I first saw him he looked as if he might be a student yet still students can work for the powerful planners.  I didn’t say Hi to him but I could sense his antennas became more sensitive when he first saw me step in the building.  Lets hope that  he  does his Job well no matter what he does even if he is here to have me killed, lets hope he makes our killer in our dreams proud.
  Maybe he’s here so I can be so agitated and or paranoid that I leave and when I leave the living quarters  I’ll be homeless and then she can have someone kill me and have my body missing until it decomposes.  She does have associations in Chicago which has a very large Chinese population that hates my kind and would do anything for our favored reporter.  I wonder does our Asian American monitor whose in the building have Chicago ties? 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lynna Reports About Homes Before I'm Evicted

Not even two months before I got evicted our god reported about a Veteran getting a new home after he got evicted or after he got his house taken away because it wasn’t  up to health code.  They knew what was about to happen.  How long did they know it was going to happen?  Was the veteran an actor? I don’t think so I was sitting right behind him in court a month or two before I got evicted and he seemed genuine.  But I can’t go by what seems, seeing that I saw our media master as Lynna. Notice I didn’t say genuine, I think that’s why I was so persuaded by her newscasts because you could sense she wasn’t who she was.

  Getting back to the veteran losing his house, am I suppose  to be upset that the leader  of neo newscasts traded fans I guess. That’s how I see it Our great Lynna Lai or her family members possibly instructed the city officials to kick both of us out and since I’m not a liberal pro black person in their eyes they would feel justified to destroy a better person I’m guessing. Maybe  I talked anti-ethnic  in my blogs and in my tweets, but I only tweeted or blog what Ive seen our news media condone.  I hope they still aren’t upset about that article “ gone just like that” or that other article about Rick Abells(now author) first feel in. Who got the better bargain; even though I don’t think my deal is finished yet but if it were, who got the better deal. Did I get the better deal with a lost of a home yet still the capability to watch Lynna Lai and a new Job with less thug culture or did Lynn Lai and company get the better deal a new fan, less talk about Lynna and better people?  I would have to say Lynna and company got the better deal because they’re moving forward I’m moving backwards and I would assume will continue to move backwards until I’m dead.

    I don’t know how I feel, should I feel  happy that the veteran has a new home because of me possibly or should I feel  relieved that I was able to witness our dreamcast god orchestrate a brand new home owner  and delete a bad owner this with such elegance. I might not have what I had last year but I sure hope Lynna Lai and her comrades have what ever they lost because of my worshiping.  Worshipping can be so strong that not only yourself  can get killed but it can kill a entire community.  My question does the new home owner worship news anchors and does he appreciate the new formats on the news?  At the end of the day my house wasn’t where the heart was I was infatuated with our Landlord, Lynna and because of that I think of Lynna and nothing else and therefore I got nothing else.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Zimmerman and Lai Favored

    Maybe I’m wrong but I’m seeing one reason why our favorite anchor is advocating the local police and it has to do with Zimmerman the Police Trainee and Martin. When I first saw her reports associating herself with the police I just thought it was  a repellent move, back when she used to work for 19 she used to say things just to throw off viewers or get them  upset or to get viewers to not watch. That’s what I thought her reports onthe police were but it’s deeper than repelling a news anchor fan. It has to do with showing appreciation before the feces hits the fan.

Right now the media is gradually getting us ready for the not guilty verdict  and it’s only so that those that can control themselves won’t go out and act like a non-citizen. Yet there will be those that will try to disturb business of cities all across the nation after this verdict Im guessing and because of this Lynna Lai understandably must  salute the police.
     I was a pretty young when Rodney King got the million dollar beating but I did some research and when the verdicts of police that were charged with his beating were out many Asian-American stores were damaged because of the verdict and I’m betting that Lynna has  been talking to some mediums and or just knows that it’s going to be another riot after the Zimmerman trial and she has to program the people that  the police are not the bad guys it’s the people that are destroying her families business.
  When I got evicted and the media master got word of it and looked at my living quarters in Akron I can bet she started to think of the LA Riots the only thing about this, is that I owned the house, since I was a kid. In my mind the deed will always be in my name not to mention when you have drug dealers and or sex offenders living around you, you’re not really motivated to fix the home you live in. That being said could it be the connection with the Zimmerman Trial and my eviction  are very close, No one knows who started the fight with Travon and Zimmerman the police trainee or Me and Lynna Lai, personally I didn’t even think I was fighting until I got pulled over by the Asian American officer for no front tags. If I could pin point exactly what set Lynna Lai the master of local media in Northeast OH off I would tell you but I personally don’t know, maybe it was a combination of things, the one thing I do know is that Travon was a teen, Im not.  Travon probably was enjoying his life and probably wish he could have killed Zimmerman before Zimmerman killed him. I personally am honored to be destroyed by our favorite anchor.  I hope no one finds out what she did and or who helped her unless she wants someone to find out.  I appreciate death by the worlds greatest, it beats getting killed by a nobody. Although, obviously  this  situation I’m in isn’t a literal death but a part of me had died when I loss the house I grew up in and I assume that this is just the beginning, just like it’s the beginning of a new era after the Zimmerman verdict.

  I think this trial my death will only help situations. Although it probably won’t seem like it at first but things will balance out maybe not in my life time and maybe not in my kids life time. it’ll take 17 generations  before things are back to normal.  I hope we don’t make things worse by destroying things that don’t belong to us, instead lets hope we  worship. Now some would say how can I advocate worshipping after all what’s happened to you?  If we don’t worship we are likely going to want to go to war; and at this time worshipping is better for us. The God of Jacob has favored Zimmerman and our Great newscaster and there’s no denying when someone is favored you let the the tides of favor take it’s course. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy Lynna Lai is favored I think it’s long overdue but the differences from Lai and Zimmerman aren’t that big.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Detective Lai

 I was anticipating writing something uplifting like Lynna is a god or something about her birthday which is today I believe, but as soon as I step out my living quarters I see two detectives and a second unmarked car with two people in it waiting on them. The Detectives of the city looked like they were fixing a tire but who knows. Do I believe Lynna or her comrades hired them, yes. I wonder how much did she pay them or did she lie to them and say something about me that wasn't true. Did she forge some records so what she said appears to be true? The detectives were polite and one wore a tie with a holster but I could tell they were working just not for the City but for god.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Neglecting Article

To neglect is to leave unattended to disown . In this article I'll taking up the subject of my personal neglect and how I  might of picked this spirit up. Not showing your kid right from wrong , not giving them support  when they fail or win  and not showing them how to lose is neglectful and I would have to say that Ive been neglectful to my kid. This is a huge discovery. 

 Could it be the spirit of neglect has been haunting me every since Ive been alive and able to comprehend the news. Has Lynna Lai been so persuasive that Ive been neglecting and the behavior has created a child that isn't accustomed to reality? I would have to say no; even though I would like to fantasize that Lynna Lai is so breathtaking that she pulled me away from my only begotten and that her power is that of a magnet. But, the truth of the matter is , that there was some issues before I knew Lynna Lai was on TV.

  For instance do I really have the right to teach him about morality when I had sex before marriage, and how strong would my moral guidance be seeing that his mother is a professed atheist has more influence and had more influence since the beginning. Would my input be sabotaged every time I try to tell him something or teach him something?

 I truly believe the reason I'm a neglectful parent is because it's a losing battle. A battle for his well being for the long haul is not for me to fight ,especially after his mother got married. The government the people Lynna work for may say that I'm neglectful and I couldn't argue with that  but they would have also said that I'm endangering the kid  if I gave him corporal punishment for his bad behavior. Don't forget many parents went to jail  in the 80's and 90's  because of this form of punishment. Now those same kids that the media, police officers were trying to protect are put in jail. It's a losing battle and now the fathers are being arrested for taking their own children . So lets say on this day I wanted to put some positive remembrances inside my kid , some memories do you really think Lynna Lai and company would let me? Don't you think if they are willing to evict me wouldn't they be willing to frame me for kidnapping my own kid? What aren't they willing to do to get me to stop talking about Lynna?  This brings me to a day in the past where I stated that Lynna Lai is a god and people got upset at me but is she not; and Im not being sarcastic when I say this but doesn't she have the power or her associates have the the power to plant and to root out in a humungous way. Can't she delete a file of mine and or pay someone off to ignore a file. I say she's a god and people can't handle it, then I say she's gonna have me killed and people still can't handle it.

  In closing we have to accept what has happened and prepare for what's going to happen I say this all the time. Maybe this was a blessing in disguise , what if I was emotionally attached to my kid like a normal parent? Don't you think Lynna Lai would sabotage that connection? It would only be logical to disturb anything I have a connection with wouldn't it? Ive come to the conclusion that maybe neglecting is a recipe to bring about what has been stalled.

Monday, July 1, 2013


I was just wondering in the existence of being a dead beat dad is the father really a deadbeat dad if he asked the woman to marry him as soon as she tells him that she's married? Am I really a stalker? If I run away from the great news anchor; if I run away from the newscasters where abouts not toward? Am I really a Anti-Christ because I don't go to church and the reason I don't go to church is because of their pro- government standings and their Pro Democratic leadership? Am I really who they say  I am? On this week of July 4th where our fore fathers began this country our great Lynna Anchor has got me thinking about the eviction of myself and how I have became a conspirator.  Does it help myself? No, absolutely not but does weather personnel help the newscast all the time? Not comparing myself with the weather casters but in this new world I'm venturing into I have to assume that just like a Weather Woman I'm talking about whats happening. People are allowed to assume anything they want it's America but because of our assumptions we are rightly so doomed to an unknowing future. This would explain my current livings. My question is how much does the great newscaster know? So much that she avoids doom; More importantly how long has she known it?



I remember like it was yesterday, Lynna Lai mentioning that she was Japanese American on 19 Action News. She even talked about it on WKYC If my memory serves me right after a report of a Chinese farmer. This brings me to the point of Lynna Lai saying she was Chinese at the Asian American festival. Why did she change ethnicities? Was she talking to an all Chinese Crowd? Why didn’t she say she was Chinese on 19? Is the Japanese Origin more acceptable to business American owners than the Chinese Origin? I know some might ask during this time of Independence Day week is my subject really patriotic and the answer is yes. The Chinese and Japanese are a part of this country  and their population is growing therefore if we are to be patriotic we must not forget the current growing population more specifically The first Consistent Asian American Anchor in Cleveland.

  Could it be the reason why Lynna said she was Chinese at the 2013 Asian Festival and not on 19 is because she doesn’t see her self as either yet she see’s her self as just American therefore she lied to show the public  that it doesn’t matter what she is, her brand is more powerful than her ethnic background. That sounds Like Lynna Lai Devising a plan to belittle her race in a way that no one knew she did it. But it could have been just a 19 Action News call, they  could have bullied her into saying that she’s Japanese American and now since she’s parted ways she has more freedom to do what she wants. 19 Could have nothing to do with this and WKYC could have  made her say she was Chinese American just like they made Ann Curry leave the Today Show. Now with all these ideals You have to ask your self whose the bigger bullie CBS OR NBC? 

 Speaking from a blacks point of view it’s easy for me to categorize Lynna Lai as Chinese or Japanese American since Ive been categorized as African American. I along with everyone else must accept that Lynna Lai is more American than most Blacks in the country because of her quality of life (we’ll talk more about that soon). Now one could only wonder if blacks  would of never have  came to the New World  would Lynna Lai along with all the other Eastern Asian Americans be categorized or would the Irish, Germans, Italians, French and the Spanish  accept Lynna Lai as being White?