Thursday, July 28, 2016

July Thoughts

  Recently I got approved for a Apartment for homeless ex soldiers yet something bothers me. Something says to me that the conspiracy has manipulated my living.For example recently a grey haired guy with a Stalin type mustache who speaks Spanish goofed on a Asian guy there and even a spanish guy who wears a blue collared shirt and wears shades said a snarky remark about illegals. This had me thinking, is the conspiracy here? Could the Agents of the FBI like lai and Esparra be working for the god anchor to make sure my time here is weird?

  Im sensing that if the conspiracy is here they could be formulating a plot to get rid of the blogger. If they're formulating a plot to get rid of the blogger could they be formulating a plot to entrap me once I leave? Is this why I saw a police officer sitting out side of the building to wait to see if I leave and where I go? Could the remark the grey haired Spanish vet said be a way to be anti god anchor or anti lynnaments?

  With Trump running for president the amount of hate and sabotage is huge. Its like the conspiracy has gotten much more evil since I first got ostracized. Has our fetish turned those we come around into assassins of the news god or sabotagers? Is this why I was approved for  the homeless program so that I could be  sabotaged more and or put in a entrapped dilemma? If what we're living is an enclosure was I wrong when I said that the god anchor was superior?  if she wasn't or isnt would  I have been  hated to the extent of extinction!

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