Sunday, May 15, 2016

Black and Blonde

 I've left a progressive city in Texas to come to little Mexico. Which are two different cities. I'm not going to blog about the cities but who I saw in the  lil Mexico convent recently. I saw a progressive city native. A guy that breathes trouble. Could the god anchor feel that way when ever I write about her or watch her on TV that I'm trouble? How do I know he's trouble? Who put him up to it? Were the lil Mexico cops involved? Is he one of the god anchors Hench men?

  When I first saw him I knew it was him because no one else that's black and a guy and always wearing red wears blond hair. Lil Mexico is over 500+ miles from the progressive city in Texas so of course Im thinking he's following me. When I was in Texas this guy would ask me for money hang around where I sometimes showered and hung around other homeless criminals.

 I have no idea who put him up to coming to lil Mexico but I do believe he's a plant. Possibly by some authority figures but why? Why would they send him to lil Mexico to follow me. Is it the articles I made about the local authorities in the great state of Texas? Could lil Mexicos authorities have told the laws in Texas to bring a spy out here? It's a huge possibility. Seeing that the local authorities around makes me think their working for the god anchor.

 Maybe his appearance is in honor of the god anchor. It's not that I have a problem with people seeing what's in America its just why do I have to witness it? Maybe the guy had to leave the city because he was ostracized too or maybe he killed someone.  Could my blog have gotten him in some type of situation or someone he knows and now he's here to take my life. Could my delusion be attracting other delusionals? Could my blog be attracting my death or the death of the blond black guy that I insist is following me and is a hired spy.

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