Sunday, February 28, 2016

Let Blacks Die

  I wasn't going to write anything today but it seems either the great god anchors friends or enemies want me to on this day of February 29th 2016.

  I was minding my own business in a nice part of town I assume where the demographics are mostly Mexicans, demographics are important. I'm watching the god anchor videos outside on a bench at a Sears outlet store. I'm getting real excited  and all of a sudden I hear sirens.

  The sirens are coming closer and then I see a ambulance, ten seconds I see a fire truck, ten seconds after that I see two patrol cars. Of course I'm going to ask did the god anchor put them up to this; because when I get up and leave the ambulance follows me. Is this a stalking technique? Were they trying to warn me or was it that they thought I was dieing. Maybe whoever called them lied to the operator and told them I was dieing, but why? To harass me in honor of the god anchor.

  The cops have been on my heels since my ostracizing so I have been writing about them. Does one really think that if you write about a person in a way that says they're following one will they get help from the person's youre writing about?  So why spend tax money on harassing the blogger?  Maybe they were offended by where I was which was right across from a restaurant called Kublai (Lynna connotation).

  If they didn't like where I was why would they bring a fire engine? Why not just shoot me and get rid of the blogger. Why disturb a homeless news god fans excitement? Maybe because I disturbed the god anchors excitement at 19 WOIO? Could the Ambulance and the rest of the group have been called by woio's people?  If so do you think they really care about the bloggers health? If they can stalk and mock the blogger during his homelessness a healthy blogger wouldn't be any of their concern. If I do come across a health concern in the public if you're a stalker or work for the god anchor or one of her enemies please let me die in peace. If you can stomach my homelessness you can stomach someone's death. If I can handle the god anchor getting let go from 19 I can stomach her replacing a MSNBC anchor. If you want to get rid of homelessness and or blacks or black males. Let them die. To act as if you're out for their safety and health is not believable. Believe in the extermination of black males more than your duty. Because it's my belief that if the emergency people would believe in the extermination the problems they have wouldn't exist. Yet maybe that's why black males are in this country to keep the emergency people busy and working. If that's the case please don't do your job when I'm checking in. For the sake of humanity.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

2020 PT Deuce!

    In the article 2020 I gave insight in what would happen and how I'll respond. Yet I didn't give consideration on what would 2020 be like without me seeing that I did give a forecast in 2012 that when Clinton wins the presidency I'll be dead.

   If I'm dead by 2020 will there still be a strong Lynna Lai connotation in America. Will they appreciate the god anchor more or less? Will more news god fans sacrifice their life and their  kids for the anchor? Will other news god fans be bullied by her army, her enemies or other government entities?

  I really believe that if I'm dead by 2020 the connotations of the god anchor will be so strong one won't be able to sleep without dreaming about her. You won't be able to eat or work without the god anchor reference. The reason I say this is because every since I've been ostracized the god anchors connotation has been around more, therefore its only right that after I'm dead and Clinton takes office they give tribute. If not to show gratitude to the anchor god, to mock the dead.

  I think some fans will sacrifice for the god anchor their kids and their lives but I personally think the idea of sacrificing for the god anchor will only be as strong as ones allegiance is. The sacrifice will only come into existence depending in how weak  the market is. If the market is weak sacrifices for the god anchor will be tremendous! Therefore it has nothing to do with my death but the death of the market or the market the public is in.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Let's visit my myself in year 2020. Will I still say watching the god anchor was a mistake? Will I still recognize Lynna Lai as god? Will I still blame the god anchor for what's going on at the current time? Will People treat me in certain manners based off their allegiance to the anchor god?

I think in the year 2020 the TV watching I've did in 2011-2013 will still have its effects. I think I will see watching the god anchor as a necessary medicine; Like a drug. It might be beautiful at the moment but can every human species continue with that drug and still be healthy four years from now. If the government is pro marijuana  it's no doubt their pro god anchor. Therefore I ask does the government make mistakes?

 I think I'll definitely recognize Lynna Lai as the god anchor. I think the people of the god anchor are going to be so anti blogger that my reaction is going to be  very pro news god. Some would say that's crazy why would I be pro news god when her Legion will be harassing me. It's simple mathematics. Negative and a negative equals the same yet a positive can over come a negative.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentines Hate

Since we as a society Observe love especially on Valentines Day I thought It would fit me in my unorthodox ways to observe hate. To hate isn't always a good thing. Hate can help one change or help one stay the same.

 In the past five yrs ago I would have said that I hate that the god anchor has to be on a website /channel that was under her quality. Today I think I'll visit my self in the hate department. Write about what I hate about the blogger.

   Sometimes I ask myself what if the god anchor wasn't noticed by the blogger. Maybe if someone else would have noticed her and written about her in a possessed manner she wouldnt have been written about in a semi-quality way. Therefore I do sometimes hate that I created the monster lynnaluvers!  During this Valentines Day I indeed love writing about the anchor but I also hate it had to turn out so badly. I hate that people had to die because of simple ole!

 I'm always saying in my account the price of watching the god anchor is sacrificial and its possible that the sacrifice might be my kid.  If this is true I do hate this truth? After 3 yrs of living on the street and not being able to see the kid do I hate this truth?  Is she truly god?  I hate that after 3 yrs I still wouldn't change the channel. Its a truth that I hate to admit. Its nones fault but my own that I couldn't change the channel except when she took a vacation. I can't blame anyone for the the Lynna Lai gluttony and I won't. Maybe this is how it's suppose to be. Even if our loveones hate it.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Bullied At the Kitchen

Of course I'm not dead and no one stabbed me with a actual knife yet. Of course something else had to erk me in the soup kitchen and of course it has a Lynna Lai connotations. All I'm going to say people especially black people who look like Kevin Garnette shouldn't bully any old white guys that name starts with a ph, and its not pantyhose.

  Do I really deserve this? Do the people who come to get something to eat deserve it! Did the the older white guy deserve getting bullied? If its a family matter let family talk . But these two guys weren't family not even friends. I know I should shut up and let things happen. Just like everyone did including me when "Kevin Durant "bullied him. Heck I didn't even take my cell phone out to take a picture of the bully. Why is society such cowards?

    Why didn't the elderly white guy shoot him? Is this what prison is like? Could this just be another image of how prison is. Yet instead of a black guy intimidating a elderly white guy could it be a White guy intimidating a older black? Could it be the elderly gentleman didn't do any thing because he knows something I don't. It's very possible. Could my blog have created this atmosphere? Will my blog create a policing type of environment. How come people can't just sit down wait for the soup and relax? Everyone wants to be in control . Even little old me. I can't let people get bullied like a normal society. I've got to blog it out. If I didn't blog it out I would be highly up set if the next day we were victims of a shooting because of what happened  between Kevin Garnette and the older guy. Therefore I feel like I'm insuring the blogger. Why aren't people civil? Because their High or drunk?

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Kitchen Killer

  Now after I write this Article someone should stab me with a knife because that's what the perpetrator was gesturing or should I say his imaginary intentions were.

  I'm not in prison yet it seems that people have prison like behavior. Let me explain. I was resting at the soup kitchen and a older white guy runs his finger across my back with his hand. Not in a slow sexual way but a death type of way. As if to warn me I was going to be a victim of a stabbing. I got up because my head was on the table and took a pic of him. I'm not going to say the god anchor had someone do this. I'm going to bet one of her enemies did. Maybe Salamones associates had him do it. I Suspect that the anchor god and Salamone might not be friends.  Who hates the god anchor so much they would have some one try to intimidate me like that? Which would logically have me say the god anchor was behind this. Yet maybe it had nothing to do with the god anchor but they wanted me to complain so the authorities could interfere with business.

  Could  some haters of the soup kitchen see my blog as a way to destroy it? What am I to do not say anything and let people run over the blogger. If I had said something to him verbally what would have happened? Are the people who go to the soup kitchen for food just plants for the government influenced by narcotics? I haven't been to prison but isn't that a gesture that I'm going to get killed. Maybe it was a gay gesture. If it was how many gays are in the kitchen that work for one of the god anchors enemies. How many that eat at the kitchen in Texas have a criminal back ground? Im betting the guy that did the warning  gesture of the stab is a ex convict.

  Maybe the reason I don't suspect the god anchor of doing this because  it's Valentines Day week. The worse thing about this is that when he did this he ran to a older white lady and a older Mexican. Could the older Mexican have ordered the hit. Who has given him the order to go about stabbing me. Maybe it was a honest mistake and I'm just influenced by hearing about death threats being made towards a Harlem New York Pastor.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Generous Texans

Where would I be without the public? Actually where would I be without the young Mexican public. You hear a lot commotion going on about how people from across the border are bad for America since Trump took stage. Yet what I fell to hear is how generous the young Mexican community is. Which is what got my attention yesterday and what motivated me to write this Article. Yesterday I was sitting down on the cement in a convention type format. When three guys passed me. I could tell something was up because when the generous mexicans in all black passed me they stopped talking loud.

  They came back five minutes later with a white to go box that said pluckers,
.one of the guys said are you hungry I told him yes and he showed me what was in the box. 1 1/2 chicken finger 1/2 burger and tater tots. He said it was for me , I told him thank you and they left. Two minutes later one of them came back stooped down while I was chewing and gave me a $5 bill. He said by your self something to eat tomorrow. I told him thank you and he left.

What was it that made him stop. Did the anchor god do this?  Was it a way to show me that Texas was generous? Did the guys get lectures on giving? Did they give because I looked needy?

  I'm writing this to show how generous the People of Texas are. In my blog it might seem that Texas hates the blogger but in actuality its not everyone. The ones that do might have outsider influences. It's possible the Anchor god could have had something to do with this. If she can stage Salamone getting fired and me ostracized ( I'm just guessing) its possible I could have been the recipient of the god anchors doing. Maybe she was just trying to show how the Texas community isn't like others or are like others depending on who are the others. It might have been political yet doubt it. It's obvious I looked needy and maybe that's what triggered their generosity. Maybe it was just a combination of who they were influenced by and who I was influenced by.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Story of Solomon

 I just read a article written by Dan Solomon a writer in Texas. What got my attention was obviously his name. If you're a News god fan you know she used to work for a guy with almost the same last name which was Dan Salamone. It's practically is the same as the writer. If its the same name could it be the same person? Could Dan Solomon really be Dan Salamone? If it is could he be hired by Texas news outlet because someone here has a  great association with the god anchor and wants him in Texas. If the ex 19 executive is writing for Texas could he be writing just to get close to the blogger.

  Could it be that Dan Salamone got fired by 19 because of my blog or worse could the god anchor have gotten him fired. What if I did get him fired by writing lynnaluvers and or lynnaments and he's here in Texas to settle the score. Could it be he's trying to settle the score on behalf of the god anchor or maybe Duffy had put him up to it. Could Duffy have told him to stalk the hell out of me on behalf of the god Anchor until I'm extremely Dillusional? What if 75% of the people I come across since I've been ostracized has some association with Dan Salamone.

   I did Google the Writers name in Texas and it seems that name Dan Solomon is popular. Yet what if that's why it would be more practical for the executive producer to use it. Maybe it's more practical for a executive from Cleveland to be a Texas writer and make a name for his self in the community so then the local authorities will listen to him and everybody knows everyone listens to the local authorities.  How much influence does the writer aka the executive have on the authorities? Does he have enough influence to have me disappear?

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Buddhist Bathroom Article (BBA2)

Quick Note: Before I go to the next article I'll like to point out in the previous article I mentioned that the intruder was a black Buddhist. The only reason I know that is because he bragged about it to someone before.

  As I was writing the Buddhist article I had someone wanting to come in the bathroom I was currently in. When I exit, whose waiting to enter? Three middle easterns;  Two guys and one lady. Although the business does employ many middle easterners I have to suspect them as plants. Are the plants  of the Pakistani shark or are they of the god anchor? Could they be plants of the 102 orange character? It obviously not a coincidence that they wanted to get in the private bathroom while I was writing the Buddhist Bathroom article.

 As I was leaving without saying a word one guy of the group says "that's original". Did they read one of my articles hence their comments or maybe a reader told them about it. Maybe they wanted me to respond. Maybe they wanted to inflict their feelings yet they couldn't because I didn't respond. Does this have to do with racial hate? It is noted that middle easterners/Muslims don't like blacks. I've experienced that first hand.

  It's too many occurrences for me to say the three Muslims waiting for me to leave the restroom was just a coincidence. What if these occurrences are bigger than what I see. What if they have hacked into my blog or computer. Where they have a view of what I'm typing. It has to be the Pakistani Shark and or the god anchor creating these occurrences. Maybe they have to keep circling the blogger until they get approval to have me killed or to create a delusion so strong that it looks like Suicide.

Buddhist Bathroom Article

  Who doesn't knock before entering a public bathroom? Does the god anchor? Does her fans? Does her comrades? Who walks into a public restroom when the door is closed? A black Buddhist.

     Thank god I wasn't jacking off ,shaving or taking a bird bath because things would of really been odd. When it happened I didnt curse him out, I calmly told him that I would be out in a minute.

What would have been odd is the fact that a Buddhist came into a one stall bathroom without knocking while I was urinating. Where am I going with this one might ask or why am I talking about this because if noone talks about it then it becomes normalize. Who knows whose decency I'm saving.

  What if there was a kid in the stall then what would have happened. What if there was a Woman in the stall? I understand everyone makes mistakes but how do you open the door and then stare for another few seconds. I'm not going to say it might have been a plant hired by the god anchor. Yet I'm going to say it was surprising and unnerving.

In my last article I said that the gays might have been the culprit behind the note. What if the gays were behind this fiasco. What if the dude was gay and he's been watching me for a while. What if he has read the articles I wrote in the past. What if one of the god anchors friends is hiring gays to disturb my peace. What if; there's nothing I can do about it except blog it out. Maybe he was sent just to check on me. If that's the case send a Woman next time.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Group Conspiracy

  It's not everyday that I write about good things. Ninety Nine percent of these articles are about the blogger with struggles. Conspiracies that are happening ever where. The lemons that the blogger has encountered after lynnaluvers. Yet today is different some one donated money and I don't know who it was or why.

  I was getting a bite to eat at the golden arches and I left the tray and my belongings unattended.( The energy was solemn because usually I don't leave my things unattended). I was going to refill my cup and when I came back to my seat there was a greenback on my tray with words written that said "for U" with a heart. In my other articles I usually ask the question Did the god anchor put someone up to it. Did she hire anyone? This time let's ask the question who did it also.

  When I noticed the bill I turned around and thanked every one in the room. There were three groups. One group was a gay couple I assume. They were wearing pink. The next group was a mother with her young daughter. The last group were two East Asian guys.  These three groups all represent the god anchor. Who could it be. I know I should be thankful but I'm worried it was from the wrong group.

  What if the donation came from the gay group. What does it mean if the god anchor hired a gay group to give me a green back? She does work for a pro-gay station.  Could she be trying to get the blogger conditioned for a gay environment in the penatentry; since child support is still owed. Could this be a secret code or secret contract. Where if I take the money they have the right to harass,kidnap me or even worse.

  I know I'm always thinking the worse. Maybe it was the Mother daughter group or the Asian group. Maybe the gays are a demon I don't have to worry about. Yet maybe the money was a piece of cheese for a trap.