Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sterile Words

 Earlier this month in Smith country I was walking down the street and a group of East Asian guys were standing in front of a Apartment building; when I passed them one said "sterile" as a question without using it in a sentence. This had me thinking. Could it be I got ostracized because I'm not sterile? Could it be I've been followed because I'm not sterile? What was the east Asian mans meaning when he said it and is he associated with the god anchor?
  Out of the context of producing kids Sterile could mean a control of Article population or thought population. It could mean a control of Emotion. So the question is what did the guy actually mean when he said sterile? Did the guy look at my blog and feel like I should be sterilized; Not to be able to produce? Could he have been sterilized and feel like I don't deserve to make any kids? Why would he use that word?  If he's read my blog and he particularly doesn't like blacks it would be understandable to have  sterile feelings towards me.

 Since I didn't see any women with the guy did he mean sterile as in gay? Was this guy asking was I gay? Seeing that one can't reproduce naturally if you're sexually active with the same sex  was this what he meant by sterile? Is this why the god anchor and NBC promotes same sex to sterilize blacks who aren't living up to the standards of the god anchor and or China? Is it possible the the enemies of the god anchor had me kicked out because I wasn't living up to the standards of the god anchors ancestors.

Of course some might think I deserve to be sterile since I have high regards of the god anchor yet can't take care of what I've produced. Maybe while on the streets someone is sterilizing me with a gas.  Could this be why I was ostracized so that I could be sterilized? Don't get me wrong, I did talk about how the god anchor should control her newscast in lynnaluvers. If I said the god anchor should control her fans in lynnaluvers was this the sterile the east Asian guy was hinting at?  If Muslims can't be controlled does anyone have the right to sterilize or control the blogger in America?  

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