Saturday, July 22, 2017


So almost a month after I posted the article about the conspiracy to fondle;
a police officer killed a woman with blonde hair. This officer was Somalian. In my last article I questioned if the fondling was invoked by a entity that wasn't American. The question today is how many Somalians work for the god anchor? How  many Somalians are in mt red grass and could the black officer who was looking as I was being fondled by another officer be Somalian?

  Could it be that the reason I was ostracized is because of Somalians? Could the cop who owned the house next to mine have been Somalian? Could it be that a Somalian and 19 joined forces to get me ostracized? If we could put a person from Indonesia in the white house how hard is it to kick someone out by a Somalian? Could it be the government and or the god anchor have made an agreement to alter my life seeing that the god anchor doesn't work for 19. Speaking of 19 are there any Somalians working for the station?

  Maybe Somalians had nothing to do with my ostracism. Maybe they had nothing to do with me getting fondled/sodomized. But since a blond haired woman did get killed by one; its not hard to question if they had a hand in my ostracism and me getting fondled. Who knows if any Somalians work for the god anchor or her stations but we do know I made a article about blondes and the god anchor some years ago.