Sunday, August 28, 2016

Kid Channel

Syndicated or not the conspiracy will forever be a part of my memory! Some would ask why would I let the conspiracy drive me away? Why did the country vote for Obama twice? Why would I believe in the conspiracy over my kid? The answer to all the questions is evidence of possibilities.

 Some would say I dont care about the kid because if I did I would ignore the conspiracy! Ignore connotations of death and of false beliefs.  Some would say how could I care if I don't support the kid. Yet my question is how can I care about the kid if he or I'm dead? Through out my homelessness I've noticed threats all around me whose to say those threats might  manifest once I do show love toward the kid. How many people of the conspiracy are in Akron right now to kill my kid once I step in the city? How many conspirators are waiting in Akron to kill the blogger once I'm arrested for delinquency in Child support?

  It's a catch twenty two.  When I wrote  lynnaluvers I didn't intend to involve the kid. Yet since I've been ostracized it seems like he is involved without his approval. Is this why 19 kept making connotations when the god anchor worked for the station to involve my kid? Could they make it seem like they're doing the kid a favor by deleting a homeless guy out of his life?

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