Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tucker Throwback Thursday

 This article I'm posting was posted two or three years ago on (a site that created a wave of surprises) I figured i'll do a throwback once in a while!

I was doing some thinking and I asked myself what if the anchor Mrs.Tucker got the boot along with Mrs. Reed instead of Mrs. Lai? What would my response be? In this Article I'll try to articulate what the response would be and why. Let's go back on January 25th 2012 and pretend they announce that the two anchors/reporters were given the pink slip and they were both black. I'm a conspiracy theorist , so automatically I'm speculating that it was an association with giving younger black reporters the boot so that they can aim for the older black crowd/viewers hence Mrs. Robinson's entrance on The Pioneers ex-station. I would of written on this blog that the pioneer was unshakable or something else that made that point. I would of also noted on the blog that she was in a better position because now she would be associated with Robinson who was/is associated with WKYC which is associated with superior ratings. Now some might ask would I have gotten my "Al Sharpton" on and went the negative route and started provoking racial tensions?

It would be easy for me to say they were or are trying to thin out the young black male crowd which could be a double edge sword. Not saying young black males don't enjoy Lynna Lai and the rest of the gang but let's get real the majority of young black males who watched 19 was because of the black news anchors. The last conspiracy I would of associated with the letting go of the two black anchors is that maybe Obama (who Mrs. Robinson, the re-placer interviewed) got word that young black males don't approve of him especially the poor ones this time around and because of that he made sure that they didn't have their favorite news anchor on, which would mean they wouldn't be watching the local news, which would also mean what he does or would do would go under the radar in some instances and it would mean that more opportunities for them to get arrested (maybe they think caged animals are less intimidating than zombies) which mean less black males competing for scholarships and employment (already happening). At the end of the day maybe it was a blessing and a curse that the news Goddess was kicked to the curb and not the black anchor because I would of turned it to a racial issue and although to me letting the great one go had to do with race in my opinion (maybe not hers) it's a lot more subtle than letting go of two black anchor reporters of the same station.

Subtle in a way where they won't have to explain their self when they let go of the great pioneer,but because of the racist attitudes that blacks have they had to keep the weekend anchor. I think the main reason why I'm coming to these conclusions is because of how the media is portraying blacks especially now during the Travon Circus. It's like they want racial tensions to rise and be tested so that when the primary Presidential voting starts they'll (the government) will know how to create an emotion so that superiors in society will make it harder for black voters and blacks (Black American Women) will vote out of anger which will keep Obama in Office but will keep their sons behind bars. Ironically what the media has showed us was that I was wrong, it's not the story teller it's the story (maybe just for 2012) but what the media has also showed us (especially during the Travon Martin confusion) is that society is easy for playing into their hands and if we're easy (simple minded) how can anyone be proud of stating that their ratings are high when the simple/easy are the ones watching especially when the Great News Teller is absent from the local tv news?

Thursday, April 23, 2015

He's Looking at You Kid

  So I'm minding my own business in the library alone and this very dark black guy walks up to me very close and says" is there a problem"? Why are you looking at me he says. I tell him "Not looking in his eyes, "I look at everyone". He says something else that I didn't understand  and he goes and walks to a seat/table right next to mine.  Now after that I had my antennas up and they were looking like two capital L's.  Yes,  the Lynna Lai conspirator in me  came out  so I put the looking at me guy on camera. He turns around and I ask "how does he know if I'm looking at him if he's not looking at me"? He leaves but to this day he still appears out of no where in the city just like those silver Prius' (one followed me last night and I got part of the texas temporary plate number 37d51).

  Could the Anchor have hired this dark skinned individual to harass me? Could a Chinese business man whose associated with Lynna Lai the  greatest anchor  have brought  some africans over just to harass me? Maybe it's the great ones way of killing 2 birds with one stone. . Maybe this guy was sent to America to kill every American black that gets in a Chinese Americans way. More specifically Lynna Lai's way. Is Lynnamentals in Lynna Lai's way? If so then how?

It was my understanding that most east Asians don't like dark skin. Therefore why would they hire him? Maybe he came to America his self  and when he got here he got in trouble and the only way to get out of  the trouble is to harass the blogger until I become aggressive  and when I become aggressive he kills me  and then they can have him behind bars forever. Is the great one that sinister? Maybe she's not sinister maybe she hates certain people.  Ive been in this city for over 6 months  and it seems there's a higher society that hate certain groups of people  and are willing to kill to get rid  of them.  Could it be the great one is part of that hate group. . Maybe I'm using hate to liberal maybe the group isn't a hate group  it's a love group . They love  themselves so much they're willing to kill, lie cheat steal  to preserve and prosper.  Maybe the group is associated with the cab company that I mentioned a couple months ago and they have hired the black harasser.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

News Sirens

  What does it mean  when you watch the newscast  and everytime the camera is on the anchor, there's sirens red and blue lights in the background? I was watching some old Lynna Lai footage when she was on 19 (I lost the majority of footage in Missouri) in the mornings and for some reason  during some of her shows  she had sirens on in the background.  I'm thinking it was a warning during that time or maybe the police was watching the great one. it was like flashing your headlights to warn the guy the police are close around type of thing i'm guessing. If that was the case maybe the sirens were a premonition of what I would be witnessing once I left familiar surroundings.

  Who was trying to warn the blogger during those yrs?> Brian Duffy, Lynna Lai the news director or thew FBI? Does it matter now and what were they trying to warn me about; that I was on the verge of being destroyed? Was the sirens a warning that the great one was about to be fired? Why would Brian  Duffy  warn the blogger that I was on the verge of being destroyed  during a newscast especially since I didn't sense that Duffy and Lai made a great team.  Why would the greatest anchor  warn the blogger  when I didn't believe she belonged on 19 but on WKYC?

   I think this matters because if we can find a logical reason why the sirens were on the newscast  we probably can find the key to a whole lot of other unanswered articles. If the answer to the rest of the bloggers is tied into those 19 action  news sirens in the morning then we must search and ask. Ask ourselves what did those sirens represent. Was lynnaluvers the reason for the sirens or maybe it was the fact that the news team that day felt patriotic hence the red and blue lights.

Friday, April 17, 2015


 Where did that MSNBC  article come from? Even though it's true that MSNBC  needs to change , the fact remains that  the article that I created about MSNBC ratings  had a little early  lynnaluvers attitude to it.  Its kind of like what would happen if Lynna Lai created a 19 action news appeal on WKYC. It worked on 19  but shouldn't a new act follow? Shouldn't a new act follow lynnaluvers?

 Am I that much into Lynna Lai  that I can't create a new plateau of articles? A new road of ideas that don't have a lynnaluvers feeling to it?  Would it be too hard to make an article about MSNBC  ratings and not make ones self look like a fanatic?  I mean after reading lynnamentals /lynnaments a part from the msnbc ratings article  you would think that the great one  has a great conspiracy against the blogger. Yet when I read MSNBC  i had to ask myself is the great one worshiped or is she conspiring? Then I had to ask myself can someone worship the same one whose conspiring against them?it's like giving the gun to someone whose intent is to hurt or kill you/ and or family.

  Isn't that what being programmed is? Isn't that what the people who voted for Obama are?  The foolish bug is all around us and it's been here for generations and I suspect the foolish bug will be king  of society pretty soon.  The MSNBC ratings article wasn't wrong it was just on the wrong blog.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Be careful

"Be careful sir"; said the lady loudly outside the window of what looked liked a grey/ silver toyota prius. Sounds like a citizen being concerned with her fellow human being but obviously it's more than that. Although I couldn't see who it was  as I was walking away from from work saturday night april 11 2015 I have my suspicions. The middle of last year  and a little of this year I mentioned  that grey/silver cars had it in for  me and it was possible  that the greatest anchor  might have influenced  or pushed a grey/silver car agenda against me.  Therefore, what happened last night  might be partly  of the grey/silver  car agenda (as i finished writing the word agenda two grey cars just passed me).

Why would someone say be careful to a stranger in the middle of the night?Was i carrying myself as if I wasn't being careful? I doubt if it had anything to do with the greatest anchor but what if the "be careful sir" statement was a warning on what I write? What if the grey lady was saying be careful on behalf of the local police dept? I didn't say anything back to them because I didn't know who it was but am I suppose to be extra careful now since the lady that warned me  to be careful at night said so?  Was this a threat to be careful? Was it a restaurant employee that said be careful or someone who was hired by the restaurant which was hired by the great anchor and or the local police.

 The crazy thing about this when I was told to be careful I didn't see the police presence like I usually see when I walk from the job. What does that mean and why did the lady use the word sir?  Thats a word that's used when you want to be polite. If you're yelling out a window is being polite part of your motivation? I doubt she wanted to be polite I think the word sir is a play on words. I use the word sir a lot while at work maybe when she was using the word sir she was mocking me. This means she knows me or knows about me. In closing I doubt she wants me to be careful I think she wanted to say more but couldn't for some reason.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

shadow of police maybes (spm)

  When ever I see the police  I ask my self who has died ? Who has died to make the police want to appear was it someone  in their camp and they want to know if I was involved so they appear where I am or was it someone I know  and they are so happy  they want  to smile in my midst? Who can work when you have those type of thoughts? Therefore, maybe someone has died and I don't know it yet. The reason I say this is because Last time I wrote about the police coming inside my work environment they came in during closed hours just to ask questions. Well yesterday  April 7th 2015 two uniformed  and who knows how many plain clothes officers came in the establishment and ate. This was a special day because not only was the police eating where I work  but quality control was there.  Now all last week while the great anchor  was off (notice I didn't whine about her absence)I did have the local police in my shadows  but never did they come eat at the restaurant while I was working.

 It's like roman soldiers coming to eat with the multitude while jesus fed the multitude.  Now am I suppose to believe that the anchor  put all this together and undoubtedly more to come or could a Lynna Lai hater be influencing the local texas police dept to stay in my shadows? Am I so happy the anchor is back that I can't believe she would persuade the local authorities to shadow me this much? Am I that delusional?  Could it be far fetched that the officers were just hungry too? The argument is like saying homeless people need a home too! Yeah, they need a home but if you ask any developing city they'll say "  the homeless need a home but not in my city".  Its the same  way with the blogger . Police officers need to eat  but shouldn't they have police restaurants or is every restaurant a police restaurant?

  Maybe the great anchor put the laws on the restaurant table because I was at  wkyc table or maybe her return  was so welcomed  that she beat her competitors  and they orchestrated  the police appearance for vengeance.  Maybe the persuasive one is finally getting a cult following  and members of the group are police associates and they hate my blog. Maybe the bosses at MSNBC were told by other persuaders  that they had to hire Lynna Lai soon and for revenge they had the cops shadow me by eating where I work. Maybe it was the restaurants doing seeing that they wore the same color on the same day that the great anchor wore red. Maybe they work for the anchor or maybe the anchor works for them.