Monday, October 17, 2016

Chinese Shame2

Maybe the shame of the bloggers demise has to do with me blogging about a married woman. If it's shameful to blog about a married woman is it shameful to watch a married woman on TV? Does the shame have to do with me being black? If I'm supposd to be shamed to the point of suicide could those who are in control manipulate my death? Could the god anchor be so ashamed of the blog that she would manipulate the bloggers life and death? Is this why Clinton hates bloggers?

  I wrote about married news anchors and the taboo energy that I see in it. Yet it seems there's some new questions that must be asked. If it's shameful to look at married news anchors why are they on TV?  Is it shameful only to different religions? Could it be that Muslims believe it's shameful for a married woman to be on TV let  alone blogged about. Is this why I was ostracized because of a Muslims belief of shame. Could this be a way for my death to manifest ? If the Muslims or the strong feminist believe its a shame that deserves death from a suicide couldn't they stage my own.

  With so many beliefs in America it's not far fetched to believe that some would think my blogging Is worth  death because of its shame. If my blog created my homelessness it has also created a belief of shame; A shame that's worthy of a final end

  I wouldn't put it past someone to think that since I'm black I have no right  to watch the god anchor or blog about her. It is believed that people believe that blacks are not 100 percent human therefore someone who isn't 100 percent  human shouldn't have the same rights as others. Could this be the belief of my ostracizing that led me to the road of shame? Some argue my shame existed before lynnaluvers it just grew when lynnaluvers  was created.

  Would this conspiracy of the Chinese shame be existing if Obama wasn't in office? Maybe to put Obama in Office was to permit a shame on blacks so heavy suicide or a manipulated death would be just cause.

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