Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Questioning Government

 Not 48 hrs after I post questioning death some guy kills a bunch of blacks. Not 48 hrs after i ask what has to be done before the great one gets on the national level the southern rebel deletes a bunch of lives. Was that to show that the lives that were killed are equal to her turning national? What did that mean? Am I suppose to believe the shooting in Charleston was just coincidence and had nothing to do with " Questioning Death"? Am i suppose to be happy that a bunch of people got killed in a church and that might indicate that the great one is on her way to the national leagues?

  I hope that didn't mean that the lives loss equals her arrival on a national level? Do i have the right to choose who dies for the great one to reach her national stage? Have we not experienced enough deaths for the great one to already be national?  Of course I don't have the right to choose but does the FBI does the government?  Although im more lynnamental than the people who died in Charleston; they still had to die? Is the FBI and the government so against my belief that they are willing to kill people that I would agree with? I did question who would die of my same securities or of my ethnicity for the anchor to be National.

Yet I'm not happy at all, although i do have a feeling she will go national because of this shooting, who was suspecting people from church? What do they have to do with lynnamentals? If the government wanted to take people out in church pick a church in a prison not on free civilian land. maybe for the great one to go national racism had to  be triggered along with the death of blacks. Maybe for the great one to really be appreciated many more blacks will have to die and many more Chinese,Mexican, and Muslims are going to have to make America their home. Is that what I want? Do I think the great one deserves to be on a National Level and blacks that are without will have to suffer for it?  It seems that way, It seems thats  what some government officials want.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Questioning Death

I wrote this  2years ago.What must happen for the great one to be on the National Level of the news, what must be done for my blogging to cease? Was not my writing about death of lynnaluverz.com and the internet composers killing it good enough? Must my death be the trigger for the great one to be where she belongs. What if that's why she moved from 19. She moved from 19 because that's the only way that I could have moved. Maybe they are trying to make things equal, but life isn't about being equal even Lynna said not all things are the same. I'm writing about the great one, should that be equal to her departure? Should her departure be the reason for my departure?  How many people of my color and or my security should die before Lynna Lai becomes a National news anchor?  If she can have people kicked out of their homes and or killed doesn't that mean she can get a National gig if she wanted?

Two years ago I was complaining about how Mrs. Lai was better than 19 and how she would be better off on WKYC but  now since she's on there I'm saying she needs to be on a national show (I've been saying this for some time). The reason why I'm not satisfied is because she's only on the weekends. She got kicked to the curb for a weekend position Maybe she chose that position herself .  What has to be put in the air for our killer to be the head anchor. Is my death equal to her movement? Its only been a few months therefore things might be changing but I have a feeling that death is definately a component for our favorite killer to be reimbursed.

  What must I say whose ears aren't consuming the words that I speak? Is not the overseer that created the new position of Lynna Lai powerful enough to put her on a national scene. Is he waiting until my death? Am I not suppose to see the great one on a national level? Is not my vacating my home enough and running away from our killers home of Ohio not enough? Who else will cease to exist when I pass, things always happen in threes. For example Lynna Left 19 Sharon Reed Left 19 and Paul Joncich left. After these things happened I left. Are the absenses of these three from 19 equal to my departure? No, so who else must die, will they include my family members to the deaths?

Monday, June 8, 2015

Viewing Dads

  What is a homeless dad; not a dad at all!What is a homeless viewer;not a viewer at all! What is a homeless fan of the great anchor not a fan at all! Thats what it's all about  in the long run to strip the blogger from those titles or assumptions. Its's not the positions  the great one or her cohorts has it's my assumptions  that they have them.

 A guy that that doesn't think Lynna Lai was  a great fit with 19 or Duffy; isn't a fan in their eyes i believe. A guy that lives in a bungalow doesn't deserve to watch the anchor they thought.   It's possible that their thoughts were so heavy against the blogger that they even felt that a anti-gay watcher shouldn't be a fan but also shouldn't be a dad; hence my ostracizing. A guy that watches Lynna Lai over Fox can't be  a viewer. Is it that simple is it that elementary?  Or was the cause for the ostracizing bigger?

   Could it be I got a target on my head because I listened to Howie or Tom on the radio?  Does a viewer have to be a liberal? Does a viewer have to be a certain demographic?

Kids are a gift from God ; therefore I have to ask  is it godly to take someones kids or divide a bond if the father is a Lynna Lai fan?  Maybe the reason I got ostracized is because they don't recognize God or recognize him as being a giver of kids.Therefore maybe certain dads are equal to terrorist in some cases.