Sunday, June 26, 2016

Bunk 50

  In my last article I talked about how in the convent in cork city  gay guys were bunking around me and I mentioned how the bunk they assigned me was bunk fifty.  In this article I'll question what does the 50 mean. How does it connect with the god anchor? Is there a connection with the god anchor and the number fifty.

  Of course,when I was put on bunk 50 the first thought that popped up was the police. As in Hawii 5-0 yet as I digged and looked deeper I knew myself being put on bunk fifty wasn't about the police. If it was it was only meant to be a distraction of something bigger. Its not hard to imagine that those that put me on the bunk was told to do so by cork cities finest. Yet, maybe they wanted me to come to acknowledge a conspiracy with the police and the bunk but to me its bigger. Big just like the conspiracy of the god anchor.

Obviously if you took the zero out of the number fifty you would have the number five. Which is obviously the number of the god anchors competition but its also the number of letters in the god anchors first name. Could my energy have put me on the bunk because I'm always googling the god anchor? Was this a way to say fans of the god anchor are surrounded by gay doctrine? I totally think its bigger than the police connection, the number of letters in the god anchors name and the fans connection to gay doctrine. To me the number fifty has to do with the number fourty nine.

  The god anchors first and last name starts with the letter L. If one turns those two letters upside down we have two sevens and if you multiply seven by seven  you would get fourty nine. Could those at the convent have put me on bed 50 so that I would be close to  fourty nine which is equal  to two sevens? Could the connection with the god anchor and the number fourty nine be the number fifty?  I totally believe so; in fact the number goes beyond fourty nine. Could it be the conspiracy is to go beyond the god anchor or to go beyond what one believes or to go beyond lynnaluvers and or lynnaments?  The question I have is what's beyond the news god and do I want to know? Could what be beyond the god anchor be my death? Could those at the convent have put me on a death bed and not know it?

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