Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Syndicated Questions

  In Cork City the Mafia ran it during the early times of its development. During the early times of 19 some have suggested that the station was ran by guys of a syndicate. Could I be prone to being in a city that is ran by the syndicate, which is why I was ostracized? Could it be that the station had gotten to much attention hence my banning?

  Since I've been in Cork city I've noticed a lot of syndicated people. This has made me think that just maybe I'm victim of the syndicate. Maybe the gods anchor departure of 19 was my ticket to stalking by syndicated individuals.  Was that offensive to the syndicate? Is this why the government arrested people who were supposedly associated with groups of a syndicate persuasion?  Is this why I'm getting so much attention by Cork Cities finest?

  How much does 19 and or Channel 3 have invested with Cork city? If it's a lot could I be in the sea of a school of syndicates? Is this why they had to get rid of  Dimora as to say we're so involved with the station we'll put away our own? If the station willing to get rid of its own; my banning is a drop in the bucket.

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