Tuesday, July 28, 2015

ranting about programmer's

 Who wants to leave where things are comfortable and exist plus travel where people are strange.where anchors,politicians and other VIPs have made a commitment to sabotaging my being? When they ostracized me what did they think that I was going to go homeless around the same anchor that I forecasted will have me dead?
  Did they think I would get home sick? Are they waiting to put me in jail because I'm homeless? Do they want to put me in jail because i m behind on child support? How do you get someone kicked out of their hut and then think that he should be able to produce a six figure job where he can help his kid. That's like programming gay sex in the minds of the undevelopable mentally and expect them to be straight. Does the counter bloggers think like this? Think that since I'm homeless and working to eat at McDonalds I deserve to be put in jail because of my lack of financial involvement with the kid in my life?
  Maybe those reading think they can do better and possibly can, but I'm not them and their not me. Everybody doesn't react the same with threats. Everyone doesn't react the same when the CIA wants you dead and possibly the kid. If they wanted me ostracized  shouldn't they be happy I'm gone or is it they want blood they want me dead in Ohio.  Does Ohio deserve my blood? Does Ohio deserve to see me dead in their state? I dont think so. They have too many others they can feast on.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Muslims 4 Lai

What a day , there were many connotations of me as a person and of the blog lynnamentals. It's like people have been paid to harass me strong since this weekend. Many people are
dieing,even more since this weekend. Is it because of the large Muslim community hand or  the lack off  American leaders.  How effective is the harassment and deaths? Could   Someone be offended because of the blog?  Could lynna Lai or Duffy have gotten Muslims to attack me? Maybe a Chinese guy hi jacked a outlet here in Pioneer city and summoned some of his Muslim    friends. Maybe the Pakistani shark has made it seem that way?   Seeing Pioneer city is flooded with  them now. Has the Pakistani shark been so offended by my anti Muslim attitude at work that more  deaths have taken place,just to scare the blogger. Maybe the Muslim  community are using terror   tactics to attack me on behalf of the   great anchor and Islam.                      

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Camera Phone Attention

  Who writes  on lynnamentals twice a day? I guess I do! I was doing some meditation art in the library  and this black guy with a phone camera starts pointing his phone at me as if he's taking a pic. Could this be one of the governments plants so they can trigger my interest. so they can keep photos of me, like I keep photos, art work of the great one? Maybe their feelings are since i like watching Lynna and looking at pics of her it's only right for them to do the same. That's like an argument of if a heterosexual guy looks at a married woman  a sodomite has the right to look at another man the same way.

        The great one is in the public's eye and has been before I was ostracized.therefore is it not logical that people will watch her? Is there a law that says I can't watch the anchor? Who has made the law? Could it be that China or Pakistan has taken over the USA and they're offended that I watch Lynna Lai? Since they feel offended they have a black guy use a phone to take a pic of the blogger. I  have taken pictures of people in the library but that's only when they called for attention. Have I called for attention in my existence?

  Maybe my blog calls for attention. Maybe lynnamentals is so offensive that they are paying blacks to target me. Maybe the government feels like to look anti racist they must attend to me with my own kind. I believe that's how Obama got in Office. They found a guy that looks black that the black people of not only America can relate to but doesn't have their best interest at heart. Does lynnamentals have the superior anchors best interest at heart? Did lynnaluvers have the persuasive anchors best interest at heart? Does the Media have the viewers best interest at heart?  Did the Media have their best interest at heart when they marketed Obama? Maybe the issue isn't that the guy is taking a pic of me because I see a lot of phone cameras up in face position ; the issue is his intentions. lynnaluvers was to celebrate, lynnamentals is to document and find the answers to this ongoing hunt.

The Ostracized Questions

  Who am I a threat to? Who have I intimidated that they feel the need to sabotage the blogger? Are they taking it out of me because of the anchor? Are they taking it out of the great anchor because of me? When they ostracized the blogger did they plan for this? Before they ostracized the blogger did they plan for it?  These are the questions that come to mind today on July the 15th 2015.

   I think it's a combination of things that people are threatened by when as I continue to exist. First would be that I thought of lynnaluvers. I'm betting someone maybe the celebrated anchor her self is cursing because she hates the fact that lynnaluvers was invented by me a black uneducated American that doesn't have a relationship with his kid. Maybe she or someone close to her resents the fact that I can live without creating a relationship. Just like I don't see whats behind the scenes when I used to watch the great Lynna Lai; she doesn't see whats behind the scenes of me and my non existent relationship with the kid or maybe she does and that's why she and or the government resents lynnaluvers  and now lynnamentals.

 I don't think it's intimidation it's my lack of orthodoxy that the anchor and her cohorts are up in arms with. My lack unorthodox ways. My lack of attention to what they feel is important. Why was Obama winning the presidency so important? Why was his race importasnt? How can Kids be so important in the states but the Abortion rate was sky high in the black community in the 80's and 90's? How can a father be so important when so many are in jail or in prison for drug trafficking? How can fathers be so important when the model for Black fathers Bill Cosby is put under the bus by the media Yet a Priest who molests  boys is not even mentioned? Could it be Black fathers aren't important and Mothers are. If that's true Why when ever I said Lynna Lai was superior on lynnaluvers it's considered taboo by me so taboo it got me ostracized?

Maybe their taking the fact that blacks fathers don't matter out on Lynna the great and we don't see that part. All we see is the people following us. All we see is the Police from India,Mexico,Pakistan on our tail. All we witness are the sodomites in our view. All we witness is the bad stuff that happens to us,the homelessness,the deaths,the anti blogger connotations. We don't see what's happening beyond the Pioneer city. We only can assume and because of the assumptions maybe that's why I'm ostracized, Maybe that's why I'm threatened, and followed by sodomites and people that  are against peace. Yet if their so against peace shouldn't death be not far behind them? Does not death follow someone who isn't peaceful? Can we not say Lynna Lai is superior without someone becoming offended? Could it be the fact that the truth hurts? Maybe the fact that we cant enjoy the truth just like we can't enjoy lies. Which might mean my truth is a lie. How political!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Atlanta Smack

So recently a few months ago  the great one was smack talking to Atlanta anchors and what resulted was some backlash by some Atlanta fans. What is this going to cost the Atlanata fans? Will this cost the Atlanta fans more than a series? I'm asking this because of what happened during and after lynnaluvers?  if lynnaluvers  created me being ostracized and possibly my relatives held hostage and others killed. What will the back talk and harassing from Hawk fans get? Some will say nothing will happen because nothing has happened as we know. But if thats he case that means being a sports fan is more important than being A anchor fan unsurprisingly.

  What if Lynna the Great and her henchmen are conspiring to takeover Atlanta. Hence the reason they started the smack talk act. What if they came to the conclusion that if they can ostracize a black thats just a fan of the Anchor why couldn't they ostracized an entire city? Why couldn't they think on bigger terms? Troll the entire city of Atlanta!

 The great one is from ATL what if she's bitter sweet about how she left and she has conspired to take over the city of Atlanta the city of the hawks? I mean it's not that hard to imagine the great one having issues in Atlanta in the early 90's. Seeing that 90% of that city is black. I hope this isn't the case but what if someone said to the anchor that getting the blogger ostracized  was just practice but getting rid of the entire city is the real plan. Where would the people of the city go? What if China has already made a deal with America that they will take Atlantas residents back to Africa hence the smack talk. What if the smack talk was just a trap ?

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Pakistani Shark

  It took for  me to go to a pioneers city to see why I'm a target. Before then I thought Lynna Lai was the reason for all the commotion. When I was writing lynnaluvers I thought it was her that was creating all of these ill actions. At the end of the lynnaluvers stage I did point out the Government  but I never gave a specific governmental individual besides obama and a Cuyahaga Falls Ohioan  that works for the CIA.

    It has come to my remembrance that in my Quasi Government Life, when I was in the hospital; I had a associate who was a intelligence trainee at the time. Lets call him sheriff shark. When I met him he told me he was from Atlanta the same city the great one had beef with .  He also had a made in Pakistan tattoo on his neck with a barcode. Before last week I forgot all about this guy but could it be that shark has followed my blog and is also a friend of Obamas?  Could it be my blog had nothing to do with my Ostracizing yet had everything to do with the Pakistan Shark?

 Ive got so many assumptions now since Ive come to this revelation. Maybe my assumptions in the past were right yet they didn't have anything to do with the great anchor. Maybe the great one and the Pakistani Shark have an alliance? Maybe the great one doesn't have an alliance  but someone close to her like a relative or friend does. Could this be why i'm a target a marked for death blogger? I have many more questions  and they'll come just like tomorrow yet the concluding question is what triggered the Pakistani shark?  Was it the anti gay article? a anti Obama article?  The superior factor?