Monday, December 29, 2014

Sugar Bowl

     So Ohio State is going to be in the sugar bowl in a few days  and to make things more coincidental Alabama is competing against them in the sugar bowl. The reason why this is coincidental or weird   is because Ohio and Alabama has had along relationship. For example a large amount of Alabamians moved to Ohio State in the 30's for Job Opportunity. What does this have to do with lynnamentals and or Lynna Lai?  Well what if the same way the Alabamians  went to Ohio State for work what if the Ohioans will be coming down south for an opportunity to get rid of the blogger. Its like killing two birds with one stone.

      Now why am I Paranoid in 2015? Why am I acting like a little girl  afraid of the great one and the buckeye fans coming to the south when everyone knows the great anchor is from the south. It's not that I'm acting like a Chicken little it's the fact that Death follows the anchor and her cohorts therefore if death follows can I not question it even though death is part of life.

 Which is where the lynnamental comes in affect. What if the anchor is so fueled with getting me dead she has to see me dead. Therefore she had to wait for an excuse to come to the south for my death. Maybe that's why the Gov orchestrated Ohio state to come down south to the super bowl because my death will be sweet. ! What if that's the case what if it's just a group of people that want to see my murder happen; A murder sight excuse.  Maybe that's why the cops have been on my heels so aggressively lately (example car 1873 Gonzales). I even had this specific officer almost give me a ticket for falling asleep next to the Library waiting for it to open. (Why am I always getting in trouble at the library, I'll talk about what happen later). Maybe that's why the GOV is so anti-black male these days or the reason the media has created a anti black male movement. So there won't be a question of my death when it happens. Who cares about a black who blogs about the anchor and who believe is a liability blogging about an asset.  Maybe it was in their plans to ostracize me because they didn't want my blood in the state and also so I would look like a dead beat dad. Who likes dead beat dads?  Actually I'm not  a dead beat dad (I sound like the people screaming BLACK LIVES MATTER) I just got blackballed from the city the kid lives in. Who wouldn't want to see a murder of a dead beat dad? Even though 14yrs ago I asked the kids mother to marry me, yet that doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is that I feel death is right around the corner especially since the Buckeyes will be coming to the south.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Practice Run

I know it's Christmas but I have to get this off my chest. Who knows, the reaper might be closer than we think.

  So I just finished up my article and was walking on the sidewalk to a concentration camp (I call it this because it feels like it is) and before I could even think of Lynna Lai I hear car horns. Two grey cars almost hitting each other ;one of these grey cars  was side swiped I guess and coming straight for me on the sidewalk and would have  completed his direction if he didn't slow down. There wasn't an accident but there almost was which could have included me which brings me to the questions. Was this a practice run for my murder? Does or did Lynna Lai  have anything to do with the plot and the last question is why would they conspire this automobile wreck?

 Theres many reasons why this might have been a practice run  for my murder.First reason is the likely hood that two cars getting in a wreck are the same color?Usually you see two different colored cars.The second reason is Im thinking the FBI,CIA, or government organization has a large fleet of grey /silver automobiles. I say this because I can remember a month ago like 5 or 6 silver /grey cars circling me as I was at the bus stop around midnight in Texas. Could these group of cars  be of the same association that made the practice kill run today?Last but not least, the reason I'm thinking this was a practice run is because right after the practice run while crossing the street and shooken up a shaven white guy  (I hate to use the term white  because everyone who looks white isn't like the jews) looks at me like I should of been hit. It was the same stare that Tom Meyer used when he followed me to Michigan a few yrs ago.

     Why wouldn't the great anchor have something to do with the practice run ? Would it be because she cares for my safety? Because I never Blog about her (cynical)?Could it be because I possibly unknowingly got her canned from 19 and wont stop blogging about her?If these aren't good reasons can I say maybe her current station/government had a hand in the practice run? I say this for two reasons one is they killed the "Deskchick" a Cleveland NBC employee in a car I believe and Jenna Wolfe an NBC reporter interviewed a professional car stuntman. Couldn't a stuntman train someone else his tricks of murder? Everyone knows Stuntmen can make murders look accidental simply. Maybe the GOV hires professional vehicular killers to kill people they don't like. Maybe that's what happened to Tracy Morgan.

  In all, the reason why they would conspire this wreck or vehicular homicide is because it's convenient and it's easy to cover up. What I mean is; I'm a gypsy these days in a conservative/progressive city. Who wouldn't want to get rid of  the blogger gypsy in a city like that and to make things worse I'm a black. If one hasn't noticed  there's not a really high likability for blacks theses days  especially with cops. Which means no one would think twice at the accident/murder. My old blog  probably made Lynna Lai and her cohorts  think about my conclusion this way. Concluding, that the grey car fiasco was a practice run for a vehicular homicide and although I did write in lynnaluvers  that I would get killed in prison maybe the city I'm in is a prison and maybe that's what the great anchor/gov wants. Alex Jones said it best its'a prison planet!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


It's Christmas 2014 who would of  thought that Lynnaluvers would have been shut down Three yrs ago. Three yrs ago we were talking about how the great anchor is a gift Heres a question is she still  a gift? Is she  she still  a gift or is she like  a old computer that doesn't connect anymore? Some would say how could I suggest the great anchor is  gift now seeing that she has gotten you ostracized. Seeing that the writings of the anchors are very small in lynnamentals. How can she be  gift when its possible she's having cops and some triads follow me everywhere I go. How can lynna lai be a gift when  some would say I lost the kid because  of her

Despite  it all I can say that she is  gift because she's authentic and talented. Even more so than before I was ostracized.Maybe she feels more authentic since im gone.  Shes a  gift because shes still on tv. Instead of  me being  ostracized  I can now say shes a gift because there's a lot of  east  asians  Americans around me (as I write this theres  a east asian that passed me). Shes  a gift because I dont watch Lynna Lai as much as I did before I was  ostracized like all day! I can say shes a gift because she inspired creative images.  Who am I kidding shes   a gift  because shes a god.

  Even though I lost my life is shut down and I only get to see 10 min of Lynna Lai  a week I will say she's more of a  gift than when she was 19 or  when she was written about on a daily. If she wasn't a gift to me she's still a gift to so many people and for me to say that is  a gift  by its self to me

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Two weeks before thanksgiving what do I have to be thankful for. Last year I challenged the Idea of giving thanks for just being alive. But I think this year like
every year almost lets just give thanks to Lynna Lai. Lets be happy that she's not homeless and she's alive. Be happy that she's not separated from her friends and family.
Most importantly lets be happy that she's still on TV not just any tv but WKYC! Every thanksgiving one is going to want something more especially in America but shouldn't we say
we're thankful she's on WKYC and not a Time Warner Cable news station(thats a whole different story). yes we wanted her to be on a national level but she wanted the blogger to die a few years ago
(remember the fly and roach act on 19). That being said, while others are saying how happy they are for what they have I'll be saying that I'm happy for what the news god has.

  I know it's been two months since I posted on Lynnamentals but that's one of the things that the anchor has to be thankful for she doesn't have to worry about the blogger always blogging about her. Although she had to get me ostracized for me to stop doing it and it took over a year
It happened. I no longer blog about Lynna Lai on a daily basis and that is something Lynna Lai and I should be thankful about.   Lets be serious where would the blog have went if lynnaluvers was still in business? When i stopped writing lynnluvers and it ended; it was all about my death
who wants to read about a bloggers death whose not dead. Although death is extremely hot it get's dull if the person whose suppose to die doesn't. Therefore I am personally thankful that the great news anchor doesn't get blogged about in that way any more (now its more about
being ostracized).

  Think if I was Ostracized and the great anchor wasn't on Tv any more what type of country would we be in?Lets be happy that the great anchor has a sense of humor; that she can laugh at our lives. Lets give thanks to the powers that be who gave the anchor  a WKYC gig. Althought i suspect the anchors co-anchor is a Mormon lets be thankful he's not a Muslim. Lets also be thankful that we got to witness her halloween costume on WKYC. We got to witness a whole lot of Lynna Lai adventures this year which didn't happen on 19 before I was Ostracized (can you imagine the the articles that would have gotten published if lynnaluvers was still online and she was on WKYC mornings).These are the sacrifices we have to make so that thanksgiving and lives can be enjoyed. Lets us be thankful that the anchor is around and there will be many more thanksgivings to write about.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

What to Say PT 2

What should I say am I not a fan of the anchor. Is the fans  sacrifice better for the anchor. Has the media sacrificed more than what we'll ever know. These questions you have to ask  especially on a date that gave the media a whole new level of power.Which means 9/11 kept us all hooked on the news and maybe the media had a hand in it yet they didn't know who they were affecting or cared.

 Maybe I'm not as big of a fan as people that have been watching her since the early 90's but I believe like I said we had to document are fanatic interest and so this is what it's turned into. The anchor is on WKYC. I'm blacklisted and life is good. The sacrifices that I have to endure so that the anchor is on T.V. possibly a drop in the bucket. 1 drop of blood versus a few gallons. Not to mention whose blood is worthier to sacrifice for? I know some would say that I should sacrifice for the kid in my life. But being sacrificial fan; one has to run from what one has been accustomed to or looking forward to in life. Even if that means sacrificing people I guess.

The date of Sept 11th is special especially with the Media. I'm willing to bet the ratings have never been as large as sept 11th 2001. My question is will we see another sept 11th soon? I mean how much is the media willing to sacrifice for those ratings? Although sept 11th would bring more cop attention to me, more than the cop attention that's on me now but if the media and Lynna Lai can sacrifice lives I guess I'll have to sacrifice my privacy, My state of mind; My normalcy what ever that is during these times. These things we take for granted and maybe it would be better for there to be another sept 11th on State land so that those who don't would appreciate  Lynna Lai and the media more.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

What to Say

So what shall we end with seeing that half our dream came true. Seeing that Lynna the greatest is back on in the mornings on WKYC. Is there anything else to talk about are their any other conspiracies of course there are. The question is do I have it in me? Has my Ostracizing been so harsh that the lynnamentals voice has faded? Maybe that was their plan to destroy the voice because without a voice what wrong can happen. Then again why would the anchor and her associates be so disturbed by lynnaments because those who have read or heard of it are no more and really aren't a large audience.

  Its been a year since I was Ostracized and to be honest lynnamentals has never had a voice like lynnaluvers. Maybe it's not the voice we're focused on but the spirit of lynnaluvers that we're expecting with lynnamentals. Some would say since Ive been blacklisted the spirit of lynnamentals should be stronger and more persuasive. Lynnamentals shouldn't be dying and because it's dying maybe the anchor is content but wants to continue to follow the blogger by the FBI and the local authorities hence why events are intimidated and orchestrated.

 So shall we run and not write thereby escaping death or shall we believe in lynnamentals until the reaper has shown her face. Seeing that we are disturbed when the anchor is disturbed (for example when the anchor got fired) should we be content and not worry about lynnamentals voice or the death of it? I believe I'm so disturbed because of the cost that had to be paid for her WKYC morning appearance. The death of lynnaluvers, the death of relationships,the death of careers, the death of broadcasters. Yet, in true fan fashion isn't that what being a fan consist of sacrificing for the betterment of the god anchor?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Conspiring Against Perry?

The person whom I would have hoped would have beaten Romney is now being faced with over 100 yrs confinement, because of his beliefs that no one who in leadership should drive drunk or could it be that the anchor and the Government blackmailed him to arrest or kill me and he told them no. Could his indictments really have anything to do with little old me. Could it be that I'm a fan of Texas and the great anchor is from Louisiana? Maybe the Government wants to get Governor Perry out of the way so they can put someone in office that will get rid of me and those like me.

  Now some would say if the Government and the great anchor wanted me dead they wouldn't hesitate;. Yet I don't agree because it's my belief that the great Anchor/ Government probably don't want to get their hands dirty. This might explain the Police following me and the fact that the Gov won't secure the borders. Wouldn't the local authorities involvement with my murder  be the same as the Government having me killed? Maybe their following the blogger to verify that where I am when the FBI or the immigrant has been called to take care of business. Could it be possible that they want to put him behind bars  to program him into thinking about being anti blogger or anti black?  Maybe Obama just has a fetish for republican Governors.

 In closing the indictment on Governor Perry is a Omen to a lot of things. Is it a clue to my Final being. Is it a clue that Alcohol/Lynna (Lai is a name of a wine) can lead to the death of lives. Is it a Omen of the fact that Kasich may have to run for President since Gov.  Perry is out and maybe that was the Plan on how to get him out of the race.  Godspeed Governor!

Saturday, August 2, 2014


    So I guess everyone has heard that the great anchor is back. She's back on in the mornings and she's back with John Anderson. She's back competing against the morning fox 8 machine. Since I'm not in Ohio I can't really sense what she is or isn't doing (who cares right). I can't really get a sense on if she's really creating magic  with her morning crew. Is her magic genuine? I can't tell if she's on for a whole 4 hours  or if she's on just for a couple hours. What other things are out of the picture.

  What I can sense is that she's happy. Let me put it like this; she's happy during the 2 + minutes they put on WKYC. COM I'm completely elated about this. What this means is that she's a step closer to a national newscast. What this also means is that she's competing against the news organizations crew that let her go.

   In closing theres many questions that has to be asked. If it took two years for her to be on WKYC during the mornings as anchor how long will it be until she's on the national level?? Is she going to be on WKYC morning as long as Hollie Strano or Mark Nolan? Will she beat Fox 8 during the mornings? What else can KYC do to beat Fox 8 or is fox 8 a Teflon station? In I complained that she never interviewed people on 19 but now since she's on WKYC in  the mornings who will she interview? Also in lynnaluvers I stated she never shows her legs which drive ratings (I gave the example of the view) will she show her legs on WKYC?  I guess the most important thing is that Mornings are Fantastic again lets be happy and enjoy this great News.

Friday, July 11, 2014


  If Lebron James can return to Cleveland ,Lynna Lai should return to morning news as anchor.  If Lebron James gets a bigger salary ,Lynna Lai should get a bigger salary. On this week of July 7th 2014 everyones been going Lebron crazy. So should the blogger being crazy himself go Lynna Lai crazy? Lets just say Lynna deserves more attention than Lebron.

  Here's a question how can news anchors/the news god get the audience like nba  players get . Its my belief that the educated female entertainers should be high lighted not the uneducated. I'm more into the idea of Lynna Lai returning to mornings than Lebron coming to Cleveland because it's my belief or opinion that the morning viewers deserve the anchor god more than Cleveland deserves Lebron. Cleveland destroyed Lebron  he made his decision ,and  they put him down like he was Osama Bin Laden . Actually they attacked him more than they attacked sex offenders in Cleveland. Yet although mornings didn't give god great Nielsen ratings it didn't destroy her. It didn't aggressively disown her like Cleveland did James.

 Maybe lynnaluvers had a hand in mornings treating god so bad on 19 and maybe 19 /cbs/the gov had a hand on treating James so bad but the difference is that lynnaluvers is dead and 19 /the Gov is a live and ticking. So here's the question what needs to be done to destroy 19?  Does 19  deserve to be destroyed? They destroyed his image when all he was doing is being Lebron, being a Star.  Maybe they felt like he gets paid millions  and he deserves it.  Although when I wrote lynnaluvers my blog wasn't anti- lynna but pro Lynna . I never had a attitude like she got paid millions she can take the praise or anti 19 articles.  Yet I did take an attitude of she's on t.v or her profession is tv she can take my articles.  Another thing to note is that 19 waited after Lebron  made his decision until they threw him under the bus. I wrote she was better than 19 while she was on the station.


Have the media,NBC,FOX,CBS,or the Gov ever taken a picture of me,have they ever recorded me .I was followed  another time like this  but it was an unmarked  news station So, yes yet last night was  down right ostentatious. Before I begin let me just say this specific event didn't happen in Phoenix but it was a southern town and no it wasn't Lynna Lai's Alma Mater's town.

 So I was exiting the southern towns university and three things that I saw  in one minutes time that should of given me a hint  that Lynna/NBC/GOV was behind this. First I saw the Cops , no big deal then a few feet away an Asian (Filipino possibly) with blond high lights and a blond with her and says "look at you". The last thing that I saw was a Hurst which really didn't fit in. Then came the Media van. At first  as I was sitting down I thought ok  no big deal  their probably leaving or shooting away from me but as I continue to sit down another cop passes me and a lady comes in and holds the camera and looks like she's doing something like taking a pic or focusing on me .  I got up ran towards the medias van to see what news affiliation it was and to no surprise it was a NBC affiliate with the first call letters of KX. Now let me say before I got ostracized I would of never went over to see what news station It was  but since Ive been blacklisted I can truly say it has turned me into a friskier creature.

The first thing that came to my mind was Article. Not blaming the news god , not blaming 19 or some other associate of the god anchor. It was just I have to write an article about this . Is it possible that KX  wanted me to write an article about them, So they can have an excuse to follow me some more? Could WKYC  have told them to do this? (While I'm writing this An Asian male is sitting  right behind me and I asked him if I could take his pic but he told me no and walked away; honest)? Why would WKYC do this ? Could they be hungry for a new  article and this is a way to incite one? Why would they want to incite an article out of me? Maybe because I'm always on WKYC'S site looking for or watching god's vids. What if they wanted to incite one because they hated Lynna the god? Why does the Gov hate Lynna? Maybe because their jealous? Maybe it's because they know the great one is truly imperial! There has to be a reason.  Maybe KX Just wanted a laugh.

 Before lynnaluvers I would of never been this different about a news station across from me.  Yet lynnaluvers was so powerful  it created a new group of ideas into the world that didn't just affect the media but also me too. It affected my living conditions and also affected those close to me.  I know some would say  Walter Cronkite never blamed the medium  for life changing events  and neither should I  But I believe the medium is more powerful than one can imagine.


Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Filthy Article

  So earlier last week the killer god anchored the news cast on a week day (about time) evening and during the newscast she introduced  Tom Meyer who reported about a city building that was filthy . Holes in the walls,mold, toilets that didn't work and it was insecure. As I was watching the report I was asking myself are they going to say the same thing about my humble bungalow I was ostracized from? What gives them the right to even say my bungalow  is filthy after I was ostracized?

  Then I came to these conclusions; I don't live there anymore, so technically it's not mine. But what if that's what they wanted in the first place, what if that's what they wanted all the time . They wanted me to scurry out of my habitat in "Ohlai" So maybe they could plant some unimaginables in my ex-habitat. Maybe they wanted me out of the place because they wanted to see how I lived or they wanted to put me in a place where they could watch me 24/7 or last but not least they wanted me to leave because they had better plans for my ex living place. What if they wanted to dirty up the place like it was a place for trash? What if my writings insisted in Lynna the gods' mind and her associates minds that I was indeed trash and therefore should be ostracized as such. What if they felt it was just to call my place filthy because they've felt like they've already cleaned house in the Cleveland news Industry when actually they made it worse. What if the reason they made it worse was because of lynnaluvers?

  Lynna Luvers was getting off course , way off course  but was it so off course that they wanted to plant a dead body,drugs or something that would land me on the most wanted list? . I can't say but it did possibly get me ostracized. So possibly yes. Possibly my lynnaluvers blog was so offensive to god to the news industry, Asians and to every writer or blogger  in the world that they , they meaning the vibrant superior god and her associates had to plant something in my ex living quarters? I mean the god anchor did leave a six digit career position to something a rookie cop makes possibly. Yet, the god is on T.V right shouldn't she be used to getting a compliment from retards? Maybe it's not her that got me ostracized and possibly planted filthy. Maybe its the entire Chinese community.  Maybe they believe that retards only place is in the grave especially black retards.  but since I'm in America they might have just settled for an ostracizing.

Lastly I can remember writing in lynnaluvers that under market reporters (reporters that live in a city that's below the cleveland market or someone not persuasive)didn't deserve to anchor with god. Maybe her associates felt like undermarket viewers (people who don't deserve to watch Lynna Lai because they didn't finish college or aren't smart enough) shouldn't be in the same state as the anchor. Maybe lynnaluvers was so offensive that they believe that Lynna should be a nationalized anchor only when I'm nationally blacklisted.

Friday, June 20, 2014


    Maybe three hours after I write "God's Culture" a Samoan looking guy who hangs or is associated with the guy I wrote about a few weeks ago in the Article East Asian Spy passes me and demonstrates he's going to have me killed by putting his thumb over his neck and crosses it. Now I didn't say anything to this guy I was just eating by my self I didn't even give him just cause to suggest this. Obviously we have to ask was my article the cause of his antics. How much did god hate my article "gods culture"? Was the east Asian spy part of this ; which would suggest that maybe the news god is too.

  Now after fathers day weekend The Samoan guy ask me to buy beer for him as if I'm friends or knew him personally. I didn't respond yet when he leaves the store  he not only leaves with a disgusted look on his face but also a look like he wanted to take something of mine or a look like he's going to attack. As I was paying for my dinner I saw the guy who once again is friends with the East Asian guy who I suspect is associated with the news god watching me or waiting for me.

 Was lynnaluvers or lynnaments so upsetting that this guy was waiting for me so he could teach me a thing or two about talking about the news god. Was his aggressive behavior a act of being loyal to the East Asian Spy which would be loyalty to the great anchor. Could Duffy , LynnaLai's Ex Co-Anchor have put the East Asian Spy up to hiring someone to intimidate the blogger quite possibly. The Samoan  did mention Keystone which does have to do with Pennsylvania State. This oddly enough is where Duffy is from  could this guy just mention Keystone so that I would know that he works for Duffy or maybe he just has a strong Pennsylvanian association or maybe he found out I was from " OHLAIO"  and wanted to make sure that I knew what state he was associated with by stalking me.

 So the question is who had a bigger hand in it  Duffy or the news god? Is it possible Lynna the news god is missed by Duffy so much he had to hire this samoan to stalk me? As I think about it too many arrows point to the fact that it might have been the news gods doing. Even after he asks me to buy him beer the East Asian spy shows up not even after 24hrs and I haven't seen him in a while.  Which might mean that Duffy might have had a bigger hand in this situation more than the god of news. I don't think the persuasive one wouldn't be so audacious enough to have a East Asian Spy with a Seattle and Chicago baseball cap have me stalked. Is she more unassuming or audacious? Could it be that she is unassuming to the people she hasn't studied and since she's studied me she can be audacious? What if Duffy hates the anchor so much he wanted to make it seem like it was her doing?

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Fathers Day is coming up and also the great ones Birthday. Now I have a article about how questionable Black American Culture/Fathers are versus Asian American Culture and Hispanic Culture/Fathers and how this could have crippled the god anchor.  I also Have an article that celebrates the anchor and her birth the acknowledgement of her persuasiveness and of her god being. Now some would say why don't I post both because both are interesting. The question is which one fits best with Lynnaments? Which on has the spirit lynnamentals?Which one has the DNA of a Conspiratorial article?

  Is  The fathers culture article more of a Lynnaments article. Does it have the make up of a mental,delusional Lynna Lai fan? What is it's focus? The focus of the three fathers article is more of  a look at how bad American black culture is and how that possibly created the situation She is in. It's almost suggesting that if the culture  of America was more East Asian American or Hispanic American Maybe the Anchor wouldn't have been fired in the first place from 19 and maybe I wouldn't have been ostracized. Lastly maybe deadbeat father wouldn't be a title that's associated with most blacks along with the blogger. Is that the DNA of a Lynnamentals article or is it more anti-black or anti-lynnamentals blogger. In the past when I used to write I would sometimes assume that writing anti-black articles or anti-lynna luvers articles would be the same as writing pro Lynna Lai articles because in demeaning myself or who I am it would show how better the anchor is or how better her race is for the future of the tv media. I always argued that the way they promoted Obama as the "FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT". Is the same as what I'm doing. For example the article I wrote about how blacks are a huge part of the TV audience and how that isn't  necessarily a good thing (I believe that now even more).

  The mentality of Lynnamentals shows it's lack of interest in it's self therefore creating a delusional blog that grows into an interest of who god is or what the god anchor has done or how the god anchor might have a hand in what ever is going on . With that said "three fathers" culture  doesn't demonstrate it's self as a lynnamental interest or focused on god. It might show an interest of her culture or the culture I assume she's practicing or trying to create. It might even be delusional but it's in a state of delusion that's focused more on how awful the blogger and his culture is than how theirs a conspiracy against my blog or how she's trying to conspire to create  a anti-father or anti black father movement.

Friday, June 6, 2014


So once again In birthday 2014 I call the persuasive one  god or goddess. In I used to credit her as being a goddess (god) and or a superior being. I can hear some people say or my lynnaments conscious saying we're suppose to be focusing on the conspiracy of the anchor not how immortal she is or how superior she is. Someone would say that me crediting her as god is the reason I got ostracized in the beginning. Do I really want things to be worse than they are now? Can the blogger sacrifice any more? I know it was her birthday but does that give us the excuse to call her god? Is she god?

   I know we're suppose to spawn or evolve into lynnamentals and not go back to but even a convict recognizes  and watches good cop movies. Even the devil bowed to God. This means a delusional blogger who writes how he was ostracized can recognize a god anchor. We already wrote about our death in lynnaluvers what could be after death or should the question be what's before death? I know we possibly got Lynna Lai fired from 19 because we suggested she was a superior anchor but she also went to WKYC A SUPERIOR STATION. (Especially superior to other cities)

    We could even say  or suggest that her anchoring produced our writings in the beginning. Just like a god she enhances our delusional realizations. If  what we write produces her being let go from 19 and her presence produced hence my Ostracizing what will lynnaments produce? A sacrifice of great magnitude that people will never write about the anchor again? How much of lynnaments is part of the future death and birth of something brand new for the god anchor? I definitely don't want things to be worse but is life really about me obviously not it's about god hence my delusional writings I guess. Which should be understandable not hated right?

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lynnas Birthday 2014

 We Celebrate today because A superior being was born around this time. She was born on a day that we should never forget. A day that reminds us what superiority is, a day that reminds us who is A god and also a day to remind us that we are extremely fortunate to live in the same country as god. During this time we celebrate gods birth.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

East Asian Spy

Just when I thought the government was worshipping the anchor Eric Holder talks about China Spying! How many East Asian males do I see in my situation in a yearly basis? I ask this because Ive been seeing one (actually two) who wears a Seattle and or Chicago baseball caps two cities where the anchor has connections. Am I racist to notice the east Asian in a place where it's mostly blacks? I think it's as normal as people noticing Lynna Lai in the late 90's when she was the only Asian American in front of the camera on 19. It's as normal as Lynna Lai recognizing a black writing about her. Here's a few questions did Lynna Lai plant him in my living quarters? If she did why?
Let's be truthful people aren't as curious when a black female enters a store versus a black male and it's my personal opinion that still in 2014 people aren't as curious over a east Asian female than a East Asian male in the news room especially since Eric Holder gave us his findings. I bet even the great anchor would prefer a black female over a black male watching her newscast especially since my blog and my ostricizing. I bring this up because I don't want to come across as being racist but I have to record theses happenings. Every year it seems there's a East Asian male in my living quarters since Ive been Ostricized. Could Lynna Lai have hired someone to follow me if so why? It is the great anchors birthday and Memorial day is around the corner too so what if Lynna Lai is suspecting that WKYC is conspiring to kill her on her birthday and for insurance purposes she had the guy live in government establishment with me. So just in case she does die he can have me killed. What if Lynna hired this guy to sleep where I sleep because she suspects that she's about to get canned and if she does she has a bounty on my head with the East Asian Male. What if the great anchor and WKYC made a deal that she would hire a plant to stalk me so that WKYC can get more details about me and or harass me? I know it sounds dellusional but I said Lynna Lai's name right in front of this guy and it was as if he was acting as if he was sad. What if the reason he's on me is because I still google Lynna Lai? What if he's here to give an account of what Ive been doing to a judge that works for WKYC and Lynna Lai.
He also has a few plants working for him because when I mention Lynna Lai to this Hispanic fellow he looks at the Asian fellow to see what his response should be. I even asked the Hispanic guy (couldn't be older than 18) who he works for right next to the Asian American and he looks to the East Asian to get the answer before he says " No one sir" . There is no doubt in my mind that WKYC,the government and or Lynna Lai had cooked this up!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

They're Singing Lynna Pt 2

Not even a week after I wrote "They're Singing Lynna" I go to a Government Establishment and they've got a choir singing "Lynna's Me" /Lean on Me". This time instead of the group being all Women this time it was all men. What does this mean? Did Lynna have her comrads cook this up? Was this all the governments doing? If the government had a hand in it what were they saying figuratively?
This time when the group was singing they were serious, it was as if they really believed "Lynna Lai was them". You could really sense the tribute in their voice, unlike when the girls were singing. Could that be a sign that Men take Lynna Lai more serious or that men worship the god anchor more sincerely? I really doubt that Lynna Lai had a hand in this singing tribute this time, because this time the setting didn't really give off a Lynna Lai type of energy. The setting was more governmental or more institutionalized. I'm not saying that the great anchor doesn't have powerful programming capabilities it just wasn't her style or the style i'm used to. Which might mean it was her that set up the second "Lynna's Me"/ Lean on Me Group!
Maybe the government saw my article and found where I was going to be and ordered/suggested that the group sing "Lynna's Me". Maybe it gets the government off knowing that they can create situations in my situations that has Lynna Lai connotations. Last but not least maybe the governemt finally believes that the anchor is superior and to show that they believe they wanted to worship the anchor in front of little ole blogger! If that's the case when will they begin to sing songs about Lynna? When will they start having song titles with "Lai or Lie" in them (The only song I can think of right now is White Lier)? Will they ever create songs with "Lai" in them? Is "Lynna's Me" the closest we're ever going to acknowledging the anchors superiority or worshiping?

Saturday, May 10, 2014


How many times Have I mentioned I was wrong in and lynnaments? The reason I ask is because a radio personality said that a certain caller didn't have the Cheese Balls to admit that he was wrong which brought me to questioning myself with writing How many times have I suggested or mentioned I was wrong? How many times has the mother of the media and the media it's self admitted they were wrong? Before I got rid of the opening of lynnaments
I personally thought the opening or the body of lynnaments is admittance of being wrong when I wrote In the body of lynnaments.blogspot it stated that losted focused. Isn't that a admittance of being wrong. It doesn't flat out say that lynnaluvers was wrong but it says that it losted focused. No ones going to say losing focus is a good thing therefore it has to be wrong. I always stated that I was obsessed with watching Lynna Lai the news anchor on TV which might be right to some but it's also wrong to others. looking back I don't think I ever said that or lynnaments.blogspot was wrong. For me to say it was wrong would be for me to say I deserve to be ostracized. For me to say was wrong would be me saying that I or my family members deserve to be killed. For me to say my writing was wrong would be for me to say that I deserved to be stalked by the CIA,FBI or local authorities in Phoenix. For example Breitbart and Russert including many more were killed because of what they wrote or what they said. Maybe it was the wrong time for me to write seeing whose in office but for me to say was out right wrong would be unjust. Now do I deserve to sacrifice over the,lynnaments blog and my lynna lai consciousness, yes. Is my osticizing worth Lynna Lai being on a national level, I might have gotten a bargain. But that doesn't mean that the blogs were wrong. Looking at a married woman is wrong yes but is it worth dieing over? Maybe. Maybe if I didn't watch so much Lynna Lai my attitude would have changed . Then again If I didn't watch so much Lynna Lai I wouldn't have gotten ostricized. It might just be my dillusional sense since Ive been ostricized but I don't recall 19 or 3 ever admitting their wrong. I'm not comparing the nurse to the patient but shouldn't the local media admit when their wrong? Should the anchor ever admit that she's wrong on TV? Personally I don't think so because it discredits the stations product. It also discredits the believability of the great news personality. Not to mention a god is never wrong. With that said could that be the reason I have a hard time admitting that lynnaluvers was wrong?

Sunday, May 4, 2014

They're Singing Lynna

So What there’s a group of Women ahead of me in Phoenix during the night, I said. In the past people would be concerned about a group of black males during the night now it's a group of white women. How things have have changed. I walk toward the train station which ironically was the same place the group of women were going. As they stop at the end of the train track station they start singing "hit the road jack" a few other songs but the one that got my attention was "LEAN ON ME". It sounded like they were singing Lynna's me! I know it's a delusional question but did Lynna put these Ladies up to sing "Lynna's Me"?If she did why? Who were these women?
When they sung at the train station I asked out loudly which isn't very common was it ladies night. I even stated that Lynna could sing better than them, a statement that I don't know is true or not but when I said this they did stop singing "Lynna's Me/ Lean on Me". Since the Great Anchor reports about the Authorities alot maybe the Phoenix authorities hired the women to sing "Lynna's Me". The question is why? Why would they hire these group of women to sing "Lynna's Me"? To pay tribute to the great anchor? To show or to establish the fact that the singing Ladies were Lynna Lai or that White Women are Lynna Lai? Maybe the reason they were singing because they knew or were told that I watched Lynna Lai and I wrote Therefore they thought the only logical thing to do was to sing a song with the name Lynna in it or a song that sounded like it had Lynna in it! I didn’t have a problem with them singing I had a issue with them being ungenuine? If they were going to do a tribute to the great anchor at least stop laughing. These were women in their 40’s-60’s, some had grey hair. I know some would say if I would stop watching and thinking about the news anchor, the situation wouldn’t be nothing but a bunch of girls having a night out. But I don’t believe they were; I truly believe they were put there to make a mockery of the website and I. Maybe it was one of her competitors or a Phoenix Anchor that put on this show.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Lynna Gate

  Not even a year after I leave "OHLAIO" Bill Applegate retired,. the 19 Action News evil genius some would say. Now in Chicago a blogger states that Applegate was employed by a Chicago station. Could Lynna Lai , Bill Applegate alongside Brian Duffy have orchestrated this? My ostracizing, Lynna Lai's and Sharon Reeds firing, Duffy's demotion and Catherine Bosley, Harry Boomer as Morning Hosts?

 Maybe Applegate coached Lynna Lai into leaving so that they could make it seem ok to fire Reed  and in doing so make it look ok to ostracized the delusional blogger. Maybe that's why I was being harassed by the Chicago police last year because Lynna coached  Applegate  into pulling some strings  so that I would be intimidated  by the chicago police dept. If applegate has strong ties with Chicago couldn't he have strong ties with Obama and or Rahm Emmanuel? Maybe that's why the great anchor was on 19 because she has strong ties to Obama.

  This could also be why I was ostracized seeing that Obama was mentioned in , I even had a pic of Obama shinning the great anchors shoes. What if the Applegate was offended by the pic and took it out on the persuasive one which is why he let her go and put me away. They said he has a home in Florida; could that be the reason Bosley took the Persuasive anchors place. It's believed Bosley has ties in Florida too.  Could   Applegate have met her at the Wet T-shirt contest  and was compelled to hire her and in hiring her had to get rid of others.  Lynna Lai does have Florida connections too which means if nothing else he likes Anchors from Florida!

Saturday, April 26, 2014


    How can we say that we are so much in love with our kids? How can I can say I love my kid? How can I say that I "luv" Lynna Lai and not say that I love my kid. For one before I wrote  The kids mother was not father friendly and in this country mothers have more rights therefore I could not have created a healthy relationship with him therefore the love is not around. The reason I can write is because it wasn't a real love hence the word spelled luv. I explained this years ago but it seems I have to write about this again. The "luv" that is visible isn't a real love but a fans love it's an obsession.

Can we as American say that we love are kids but we promote pedophiles like catholic leaders? Can the media really say that kids are the future when they promote pro-choice which really isn't pro choice but anti children. If we don't appreciate a certain race shouldn't we outlaw them to pro create? Yet Lynna Lai and company are portraying themselves as kid advocates. Now I'm not saying they don't  love their kids but should they portray a liking to all of them? Are the kids really our future or just certain kids our future and if certain kids are just our future should we not make sure that they are the ones that we portray to care about?

   Maybe this is why I used to say unknowingly that Lynna Lai is the mother of the media because she portrays a love for kids at this time. Maybe that's why I was ostracized because of Lynna Lai's and companies dislike for certain kids.  Maybe my ostracizing had nothing to do with me personally but had everything to do with someones hatred toward my family. This is why  my ostracizing might have been better of for my kid because if I wasn't ostracized  would he not be threatened and possibly killed while he's still a kid. What if the anchor already had him microchipped? Could my blog have secured a microchip in my kid?

Microchips Pt2

 Every since I wrote microchips which was two days ago April 23rd 2014, The local authorities here in Phoenix  have been a little bit more aggressive. For example not even a twenty seconds from my sun  hide out they had a guy on the ground cornered by at least three officers with their cruisers in the background.  It's almost as if Lynna Lai and or her associates persuaded the authorities to become more aggressive  towards those who have look like they've been uprooted. I can understand they have to create a presence of safety especially if theirs a black guy loose . Yet,  could have microchips have angered the powers of Lynna Lai to create  a more aggressive police presence?

  I did write that I might have been micro chipped because Lynna Lai and Brian Duffy might have felt threatened after they've ostracized me. maybe they thought that I was going to be like those animals let loose from a zoo in NEO a few years ago. You can't say I didn't offend Lynna Lai and Brian Duffy when I wrote or I wouldn't have been ostracized and I don't believe one can say that I didn't offend someone in Lynna Lai's camp after microchips hence the locals authorities presence every time i turn a corner. Maybe they just want to make it appear that I have a microchip since I did write it.   Now Imagine if I was driving around these parts how often would I get pulled over for the smallest of things?

  In conclusion Microchips I believe I believe have angered people but am I suppose to stop living because people are angry? Was Lynna Lai suppose to stop reporting or anchoring because I thought she was better than her old station and her 19 action news co-anchor? Are Cops suppose to stop patrolling because I assume that they are stalking me? This is still America isn't (In phoenix you can't tell )?  Can we not assume without being hindered. Can we not ask questions and write about the anchor without being ostracized?

Thursday, April 24, 2014


  Could I have been microchipped because of my writings of the persuasive anchor Lynna Lai? If they have put microchips in dogs why wouldn't they have put a microchip in some humans? With some religions theres a belief that blacks aren't humans and if blacks aren't humans it wouldn't matter if they put a microchip in us seeing that blacks aren't a part of the human race in some belief systems. What if my writings made the great anchor so nervous that she had someone like a police officer or FBI agent put a microchip in me?

   I do live in insecure surroundings it wouldn't be that hard to put a microchip in me. Even if I didn't live in insecure surroundings my writings has put me in a position  where just walking down the street a hired associate could put a microchip in me. One of the reasons why I would be microchipped is because of Maybe Lynna Lai and company believe that since I write or am so Obsessed with writing about the great  anchor it would be justified to have me microchipped / followed. Maybe they have concluded or planned that after my ostracizing I needed to be followed just in case I follow Lynna Lai or Brian Duffy or their family members. Were my writings so disturbing that they had the right to have me microchipped? What if Lynna Lai is already microchipped?

  Don't news anchors report about things that are disturbing? Haven't they developed an energy or spirit so that viewers are drawn to disturbing info? If viewers are drawn to disturbing info is it not logical for viewers to write about disturbing things. What if that's the plan to develop disturbing reports so that viewers can create situations and if viewers create disturbing situations  the gov/ media might have the right to put microchips in the disturbed. What has made me think that Ive been microchipped  was the fact that Iwas being followed every where. Thirty Minutes the Local Police were sitting right outside of my regular sun  hide out. I know by now they know my regular comings and goings by heart but before then it was like I had a regular GPS in me.

  I can hear someone say " Well if you're not doing anything wrong you don't have nothing to worry about". I think that's what the great news anchor Lynna Lai was betting on that I would do something wrong so I could be put in the slammer. At this time my being is against the law. Maybe she believes that my mere breathing is against the law. Hence why she had me micro chipped. She probably guessed by spying on me when I was in "ohlaio"  that I would be in insecure surroundings and if i'm in insecure surroundings my being is unlawful and therefore me being micro chipped is justified.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Inappropriate News

The world is full of inappropriate people doing inappropriate things. Once again if it wasn't for the inappropriate spirit  Lynna Lai probably wouldn't even be on the news. Some would say that was  inappropriate and some would say that if I would have never written she would of never been on WKYC. Is it true? How much of being inappropriate was a factor of my ostracizing?

   I knew when I wrote that she wouldn't be around forever but I didn't anticipate that the anchor being out the door of 19 after 4 years of I didn't anticipate the anchor being just the weekend anchor on wkyc when I made I was anticipating the anchor going to a national news channel. anticipating the anchor staying on 19 for a longer time. I was anticipating the anchor staying in the anchor chair on 19 longer than Duffy. Yet it seems someones bad views about the anchors competition and her co-host was a combo for disaster. It was a combination for a strong plan that had to do with my ostracizing and my death eventually. Of course I didn't feel that my lynnaluvers was inappropriate and if I did ,was it inappropriate enough to have me ostracized.

  I can hear the old me argue that when Lynna was on 19 she did many inappropriate reports along with her co-workers. Matter of fact 19 hired a blond ohio anchor because she was inappropriate on stage. So how was my inappropriate words so bad? I didn't write that Lynna Lai was a derogatory name , I wrote that she was the best anchor in the land. I wrote that her old news station was below her. I wrote things that might have made people feel uncomfortable but were my words the same as the anchors words that created my ostracizing? I don't think so matter of fact I even let Raycom know that the great anchor was a great addition to the newscast never did I write to raycom that she was a hindrance. Maybe that's the issue my blog was a inappropriate hindrance and the only way to make sure that the inappropriate hindrance didn't hinder her new anchor position was to ostracize me. Maybe if they fired more blond and black anchors and start hiring East Asian news personalities people wouldn't make big deals about Asian news personalities! Maybe if wasn't so true I wouldn't have gotten ostracized. I should of said Lynna Sucked at 19 and that she was the worse news personality in Cleveland! Then she would of gotten a raise and put in a better position. How twisted!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Dark Horse

When was online there was a very dark skinned woman that was one of her competitors they even had a dark skinned woman on Lynna Lai's show when the  American Anchor was on 19 action news not to mention the dark skinned male anchor who had some of the highest ratings. I used to always talk about how the dark skinned traffic reporter wouldn't work and how TV should be more lighter in Cleveland. I think I even mentioned that if they keep reporting about blacks as criminals would it be smart to hire more blacks. I said that shouldn't they hire the least criminalized race which are Eastern Asians.

 Now Since Ive been in the belly of the Devil (Phoenix) Ive been getting darker. Its like the powers that be want me to get charcoal so I can't comment about the Asian news babe. Maybe the great anchor prayed to the sun gods to burn me to a crisp. Maybe the great anchor knew that when I was gonna be ostracized i wasn't going to have any shade in my life. Maybe destroyed my shade. I mean it's is a possibility seeing that the Chinese Government has control over the weather.

  I mean what I said was true, they shouldn't have blacks as anchors or reporters seeing that blacks are always in trouble. Was the article that was pro Lynna but anti dark news personality worth me being ostracized? Maybe the blacks had me ostracized because they didn't like That would be very smart to get someone kicked to the curb by someones own race. I mean if blacks can kill blacks how hard would it be to have blacks get blacks kicked to the curb? It wouldn't be hard but my question is if this is so what hand did the great anchor have in this? The sacrifices we go through over the great news god!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Frances Lai

   Ive been noticing that Frances Rivera from PIX news is on MSNBC  and NBC mornings as a Anchor. This could easily be Lynna Lai. Maybe it will be Lynna in a few years or better a few months. The reason I say this is because  Frances use to have Slim Hair during her PIX days now it's like she has big hair. Could it be that she's channelling the great Lynna Lai? If Network news anchors start channelling the great god wouldn't it be justified to have the channeled god on a national network also anchoring? She is a pioneer!

   Wouldn't it be interesting to see the Local news god of NBC on the early show? Maybe that will be NBC'S plan to give Frances Rivera a chance before they put Lynna on a national T.V.  There doing a lot of tests or should I say experiments, I mean a whole lot during these recent months. What if this Frances Rivera Episode is just a test? Seeing that the national NBC news Network does have a love for Ohio anchors  (Brian Williams,Matt Lauer) wouldn't it be right to put the great anchor  in the National chair next?  The good thing about the great news anchor is that she has strong connections besides Ohio.

  Ive always said  that she would be anchoring on a National Station but what if that back fires?  What if her anchoring the Early Morning TV National Show creates unwanted attention to lynnaments? There's always a price to pay for what you want hence my ostracizing. What if they hire Lynna Lai as a goof to embarrass the blogger?  What if that's what The Anchor wants because she thinks that's the only way to get rid of the blog. If I'm willing to lose my comfortable life what will Lynna Sacrifice? What has she or what will she sacrifice to make sure lynnaments and the talk of ceases? How offended is she?

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Muslim Maybes

 Before I start, this Article was not produce or inspired by what has Happened in Ft Hood recently, I wrote this weeks ago.

 We've heard about different races ostracizing each other or creating laws so that a certain race weren't able to succeed. But during these new times in America could it that certain religions have ostracized their nemesis  religion? Could it be the reason I was ostracized was because I'm associated with Christians and I have a Jewish name? Could it be  that the great  anchor could be Muslim and or have muslim associations hence she had to have me ostracized.

  What if some Muslims with deep pockets were offended that a guy with Christian associations would write about a possible muslim anchor? What if Lynna hired muslims to ostracize me  because she was frustrated with my blog This could be the reason why I sensed an attack on me when I watched the news anchor when she was on 19 and even recently. Maybe she couldn't have gotten help from the muslims If I didn't write "dreamcast" and articles like that. Before dreamcast, way before dreamcast the energy of was more pro- lynna lai. I think the only reason why "Dreamcast" was written was because of a undertone in her newscasts that I was going to be killed/murdered soon.

   There were many Muslim convenience stores around my humble bungalow. Lynna Lai and company could have easily told them that a christian associate lived close by and was blogging about  the great anchor. That could have triggered anger in the muslim convenience store world. Where they had to find a way to get me ostracized. Maybe it wasn't my blogging that they were offended by but it was  the fact that I was associated with Christians and my humble bungalow didn't represent that,  it hindered their stores. Maybe they were upset that didn't add value to the great anchor.  Here's a question If I was a Muslim would they have looked the other way? would they have ignored Lynna Lai and company if I worshipped Allah?

  I had a lot of celebrity worship articles about the persuasive anchor in could it be that the Muslims were offended that I could put a news anchor in the same category as Allah? Maybe our current president is a Muslim and he was offended by the way I characterized the great anchor as a god in lynnaluvers. Maybe NBC is more muslim than CBS, they did get one of the first interviews in the Cleveland market after he was elected or maybe CBS allowed NBC to get the first interview because of its changes.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Phoenix Upskirt Story

    You can't sit here sir because you might look up a girls skirt. That's not what the library security said to me but might as well have said it here on the western part of the country. Before I start I do this everyday and not one librarian or library security has said anything to me about my actions and Ive been reading alone for at least a month now. I was sitting in the corner all by my self reading an amazing book. Away from everybody  just sitting on the floor  where it was comfortable. One security guy passes me and  acknowledges me but  I pay him no attention because the book was so good.  The second security officer passes me (a blond woman) and says sir you can't sit here on the floor. No problem, I'll stand up. After I finish reading part of the book for the day I ask another security guard while I'm exiting  why did the female security guard tell me to get off the floor when I always read on the floor in this place and no one says a thing to me about it.

  He asked me who it was and I told him and he says the reason was so no one can look up girls skirts. Now one might ask what does this have to do with the great news anchor Lynna Lai? Well what if that's why I got Ostracized because they didn't want me looking up Lynna Lai's skirt or looking at Lynna period. I can't believe I'm pointing this out but looking up a girls skirt is wrong  (I'm typing this while a woman is sitting like 4 feet away showing her cleavage) and people who do this aren't considered someone you consider upstanding.  With that said yes I watch Lynna Lai yes I'm Obsessed with newsbabes yes I'm a heterosexual  but to say I can't enjoy my book because I might look up a girls skirt is ridiculous. Again maybe if I was gay it wouldn't be a problem, it's ok to look at boys  I guess.  I bet the female librarian would get a kick out of  it and wouldn't even bat an eye. But to suggest that I might look up a girls skirt because I watch news anchors on the public computer is disturbing.

  Have they read my blog and they think I'm a perv  or maybe it's because I watch videos of news anchors. Am I suppose to stop my daily news watching because I'm a heterosexual? Maybe the female security guard was jealous that news anchors get so much attention. I wasn't wearing a suit not even a white smile and was wearing glasses. Does this mean that guys who wear glasses are subject to be harassed in phoenix  especially if their black? Because they think they are more likely to look up a girls skirt. I'm definalely sensing this is one of the reasons why I was ostracized from "OHLAIO". I think Lynna and Company  thought or maybe calculated that since I was so obsessed with the great one I would be obsessed with upskirting or even worse. What if Lynna Lai is part of a minority report club and they calculate the likely hood that viewers would do criminal acts.

Lastly if we're going to tell people to get off the floor because they might look up girls skirts shouldn't gays stop going into same sex restrooms because they might look at another guy or girls privates? Should we keep a certain people out of vegas because the likelihood they might commit adultery or prostitute?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bringing the Crazy

  Today and many other times people ask me out here in the west " Hey you got any spice, you got any coke? I reply to them no or I can't help you. What I really want to tell them is "No, that coke look or that spice look you see on me is the effects of Lynna Lai". Hence the question  why does Lynna Lai and company have that type of effect on people? Why does she bring the crazy out?  What is it that she has and has it back fired ? Am I just acting out the side effects  of  not watching the great one?

    If Lynna Lai and company didn't bring out the crazy in people she wouldn't have a job. If Law makers didn't create more laws congress and police wouldn't have a job either. So maybe it's not the fact they want to bring the crazy out it's the fact that they rely on job security. We have to remember that the government and the media  work hand in hand  hence the reason I bring up both. We have cases where Government officials have killed someone because they wouldn't shut up or they were a liability.Therefore why wouldn't they bring the crazy out in me? I mean I don't even write as much yet the great anchor has a stronger effect on me than when I was in "ohlaio"

The other reason why they like to bring the crazy out is because they might be crazy themselves. Someone has said if you stick around long enough with someone you start picking up their habits and traits. What crazy traits has the great one picked up? Lastly I think I am just feeling the after shocks of the great anchor Lynna Lai. The question is will they ever go away? I doubt it.

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Since my Ostracizing Ive been in between living conditions  therefore Ive had to shower in questionable places. Ive had to shower in a all male establishment and during the times of my showering in this all male establishment out west where there was no privacy (wasn't jail) there were a lot of eyes on me . Almost as if they were studying me or checking me out.

     Today as I saw a woman that looked like Lynna Lai I studied her which made me think of the weirdos that were oggling at me during my showers at the all male establishment. This made me that it could be a possibility that I got Ostracized because of my oggling behavior.  What if I was Ostracized for oggling  Lynna Lai ? Right now I'm pass the reason I got ostracized but my concern is that maybe she hired the guys to oggle at me in the shower for payback.

  Here's a question; is the action of me watching Lynna Lai on T.V. the same as males watching me in the shower? What if the great anchor thinks it is the same? Maybe she believes that males and females are so equal that a guy can look at another guy  the same way  a guy looks at a woman. Another theory is that she or someone told her that I didn't agree with the gay agenda and a  way to get me in a bad situation or drive me crazy is to put me in a gay situation. What if one of her ex co workers is gay and to be on good terms with 19 she orchestrated or hired some guys to study me.

  Last but no least maybe she thinks since I'm not with my kid I'm not a guy. Since she thinks I'm not a guy/man she believes I should be treated as someone less than a man. One of those less than a guy associations is being oggled at by other guys. What's next maybe she's going to orchestrate the rape that I wrote /dreamed about in Maybe she thinks that since I wrote that I'll be raped in jail she  has the responsibility to make it a reality and before she does she has to program me into excepting the oggling.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Conspiring Words PT2

    In the Article titled Conspiring Words I talked  about how the media which Lynna Lai is a part of  frequently uses the word conspiracy and I stated when they do this it loses its affect. It not only loses its affect it makes people come to the unconscious conclusion that nothing is conspired especially when it comes to the Gov or the Media. Therefore Lynna Lai can do no wrong or say no wrong. She could not have had me ostracized if there's no weight in conspiracy theories.

   In the beginning of I always mentioned that Lynna Lai  could do no wrong . Maybe the reason I got Ostracized is because I just mentioned Lynna Lai and   not the entire  media company. This isn't an excuse but Ive always believed there was one single Hero or Heroine in the world. Teams win games but individuals are voted for. Therefore there is no way I could have said Lynna Lai AND 19 are flawless during the days of If this was the real reason that the tv media keeps using the word conspiracy than I was right when I said or suggested in that she is elite.

  Thats the issue Ive always said this and I'll continue to say it that her comrades have a issue  with my beliefs. Maybe they had an issue with the fact that I said she was elite in Ohio or maybe it's because I said she was a world star elite and lived opposite of their living quarters as to say they lived better than me. Why would they care if I lived humbly? Is it the fact that they had rental property close to me? Was Lynna Lai going to buy rental property close to me and couldn't since I lived there? If they had rental property there I wonder for how long because if they had rental property for a very long time in my area why didn't they have cameras out during the drug busts? Why didn't they persuade the local P.D. to do something like the possibility of them influencing the local P.D. out west.  Maybe the local P.D. in Ohio told them they couldn't do anything  before they get rid of me. What if Lynna Lai and Duffy has ties in the drug syndicate in my Old neighborhood and wanted me out of the way since all I was doing was writing about Lynna Lai?

Thursday, March 13, 2014

OK'D? (Ostracized for the Kids)

   Before I start Let me Share with you a teenage missing that I saw online and thought I would share;  if you know where she is call local authorities.

     Before  they ostracized me  do you think they thought  of what would happen  or wouldn't happen to my kid? Would the kid ever see me again? When I ask this question did I think about Lynna's kids when I wrote maybe that was their thought process when they begin planning on my ostracizing. Maybe they concluded that since I didn't care about the news anchors kids well being or so they thought why should they care about mine. Not saying that they should care about my kid its not their job but when i wrote was it my responsibility to care about Lynna Lai's or Brian Duffy's kids?  Did I even think that their kids would be in trouble when I wrote Yet one has to assume that maybe mine is?

   I wrote this a thousand times and it comes up again. This is the price we pay when watching Lynna Lai. Now is the price fair for me? I can say it's not fair for anyones kids but who thinks that when they blog? Did Chris Wallace think his father was going to get killed before he started against Obama? Did Breitbart think that maybe he was going to have to leave his wife earlier than expected because of his news site? I certainly didn't think that my kid would be affected because i thought that Lynna Lai was a better newscaster, who gets their shirt wrinkled over that?  I mean the stations have many pro kid reports Lynna Lai always talks about her special people during her reports. This makes one assume that they are for the little ones . Even before Lynna Lai was on WKYC they had a program called Romonas kids. This makes one assume that they are pro kids right?

  Maybe that was the issue maybe they said to themselves that I wasn't a good role model for my kid so they ostracized me. Maybe they saw that I wasn't financially fit or stable to be around him . Therefore,they had to kick me out of the place. How many non-role models does WKYC  and or WOIO  promote on a weekly basis? I think what I'm aiming at is that they were looking for an excuse and I'm guessing the excuses were there (Which might be reason why I'm asking  why I've been out of Ohio). Yet it's quite weird seeing that I quite possibly have financially supported my kid more last year before my ostracizing than this year. Which might be what they want. Because the lack of support proves that I deserved to be ostracized. Maybe that will be the tipping point the fact that during my voyage Ive become unfit for my kid? Maybe their thought process is that if Lynna can continue to support her kids after she was ostracized from 19 so can I from Ohio.

   In conclusion if the news media were so concerned with kids and their well being wouldn't they get all the sex offenders off the street?  Wouldn't they ostracize, eliminate child predators? Wouldn't they have found Jon Benets real killer? Maybe their afraid because to put a spotlight on the child predators would be putting a spotlight on themselves or their strong supporters which is the catholic church.

Sunday, March 2, 2014


   So I lost my phone today, no I'm not going to blame it on Lynna Lai it wasn't her fault it fell out of my pocket some how or someone pick pocketed me. In any event, when I found out that I lost  it I was reluctant to say that Lynna Lai conspired to hire someone to take my phone. Now even though I was reluctant and that's a good thing my question is who or what has made me reluctant.  The media is beginning to belittle the word conspiracy hence my reluctance.

    The way the media is belittling the word conspiracy or making it less powerful is by using the word more often or using it in a joke, Could it be the reason they are using the word obsessively is to break down the effect it has? Could the media or did Lynna Lai Orchestrate the entire media to over use the word  so the blog would look like it's delusional?

  Maybe Lynna Lai came to the conclusion that since I use the words "Lynna Lai" so much  or am obsessed with the name which makes her name noneffective why not make the word conspiracy noneffective. Maybe they came to the conclusion that since I won't stop talking about Lynna Lai after my ostracizing the next step is to discredit the blog. Maybe thats why they use the word gay so much because they want it to become ineffective.  or less taboo. If this is the case the name "Lynna Lai" is taboo and if the name Lynna Lai is taboo that means it's hot therefore it might become criminal for me to even write her name (which might be why Rick Abell misspelled her name  in his book) .

    What if the reason they are using the word conspiracy a lot is because they are threatened by conspiracy theorists. Maybe they feel threatened by conspiracy theorists because Lynna Lai viewers were believing the theorists more than the media and Lynna Lai. Maybe that's why I got ostracized because someone important believed more than Lynna Lai.

  We all know the great anchor and company are very confident therefore maybe they're bold enough to let the viewers know or hint that they are going to conspire against the viewers. Maybe the media is throwing hints suggesting that they should believe the conspiracy theorist instead of tv media like wkyc  Lynna Lai. Maybe that's what 19 was aiming to change their newscast into a conspiracy channel (What if they brought Lynna Lai back to woio just to start the new conspiracy movement,would you watch)?

  At the end of the day I don't know why they're goofing on the word conspiracy. I never used the name Lynna Lai to hurt her  and if the news anchor would have asked me to stop writing lynnaluvers or her videos I would have. For example Ive had a news reporter personally contact me just to tell me to take her videos off the channel and I did immediately. Yet I have to question myself and ask would I stop talking about Lynna Lai  now after my ostracizing (How taboo/hot is her name to me)? That's like asking a guy to stop bleeding after you shoot him it's kind of hard to stop and maybe that's what the media is betting on.  Maye I shot Lynna Lai unintentionally and therefore she had to conspire to ostracize me. In my opinion nothing is accidental when it comes to the local and national news there is a plan with saying conspiracy so much.

Thursday, February 27, 2014


     Lynna Lai is married, obviously.  The reason I'm bringing this up is because I'm beginning to fathom that the reason I was ostracized was because she's married. People have been killed because of looking at married women, so why shouldn't I suggest that I was possibly evicted out of my humble house because she's married. Even though we live in America and people don't respect marriages (pastors have coached women to get  divorces) it's still understandable how one could think that one could be ostracized for blogging about a married news anchor.

   Don't women blog about married guys? I'm sure they do; they have to blog about Brad Pitt, Matthew McConaughey and a bunch of others. So if women do it why can't I right, what rule did I break when Iwas writing about the married news anchor on Maybe it's the unwritten rule that I forgot that says that Women can do a lot of things that guys can't do? That doesn't mean that blogging should of gotten me put to the curb. You have to wonder if I was gay and I was blogging about Lynna Lai the married anchor, would this have happened seeing that they approve of the gay community.

  If William Shakespeare was alive wouldn't he start blogging? What about our founding fathers wouldn't they've blog That's all they did was write. You don't think John Adams wrote about some attractive married religous woman? Maybe he didn't write as much as me about the Married woman but maybe he did.

 Are we saying that blogging is just for women? Are we saying that Women can only write about Married men? How many Married men and Women are in Porn? I'm not comparing the news to porn but writing about a anchor  whose married and didn't even work in the same city as me shouldn't be taboo. It shouldn't be tabboo Especially when there's a Married Anchor whose in the Magazine Hustler that filled Lynna Lai's spot on her past role on 19. Maybe what the News Authorities are saying is that it's ok to blog about a Married Anchor just as long as you're established.

    If writing about Married News Anchors is a crime then guys reading about married news anchors  should be taboo too. Lets just outlaw reading all together for males. I know it was silly for me to be obsessed about a local anchor but it's also silly to make it a crime to blog about a married anchor. Instead of writing and watching Lynna Lai I should of turned off the tv obviously.

  Maybe I need a news anchor addiction program. I need to be in Lynna Lai detox. The reason why is because if I can't fathom not writing about Lynna Lai or thinking that turning off the TV while Lynna Lai is on is just cause for attack then I definately have had too much of a good thing. Maybe writing about the news anchor wasn't the crime maybe me writing about the news anchor was.  I know I used to believe that blogging about the married news anchor  doesn't harm anyone and if it did, it was justified seeing that I believed that some news anchors didn't deserve to compete against her, It did harm me.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Patrolling Threat


   When I started to leave Ohio How would I have known that the Locals of every city I'm in would be stalking me?  Would I have made If I knew the Cops would be on my heels like they are? Maybe the local authorities are on my back because they've read my last few articles and they feel like its a threat? Lastly maybe the Cops are on Lynna Lai's tail and since they are she've ordered the cops to follow me.

  I definately would have made if I knew the Cops would be on my tail after I got Ostracized. That would be Like a Police Officer  stop pulling people over just because one of his partners got killed. One thing that Ive come accustomed to is death is extremely close in my surroundings and therefore we can't stop who we are just because Lynna has cop connections. Would my blog have been so offensive if I would of stopped with a certain article before late 2012? Maybe Lynna Lai feels like I'm stalking her and therefore she's returning the favor.
Once again I'm far away why would she be threatened. Once again maybe she's not; yet she's pretending to be to get what ever she wants.

    Maybe my blog is such a threat that they had to fire people. I get 10 viewers a week on a good day that comes to my blog currently; how is it  a threat? got over 100 views a day and I didn't get that much attention  from local PD. Then again; I didn't step outside the house that much either. When you have news anchors suggesting that they're going to have me killed who wants to step out side? You can't step outside when you blog about a News anchor Involved with a deadly dream you had.

     I just heard about A CNN anchor talking about how her and her children were being threatened on twitter recently. Does or did Lynna Lai feel threatened when I wrote my conspiracies on and How many times did Lynna Lai report about black dads being murdered or kids being killed or a man being put in Jail for being online? I didn't call the Cops to stalk her. Maybe it's because she programmed a strong connection with her and the Cops therefore me calling the cops would be like me calling her.

Maybe was threatening careers and when ever you threaten someones career you threaten their life. Since threatened someones life indirectly by threatening peoples careers they thought it would be justified to suggest that I'll be dead soon and or in Jail. Which is where we are now with the Local Police. Lastly we might be a threat because last year or 2012 everything I wrote came true  or if I commented on Lynna Lai's facebook page someone would die the next day. Maybe that was a threat to them, Maybe Lynna and wkyc/woio orchestrated the deaths and made it seem like it was because of my blog or facebook comments to make me look like a delusional.


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Feminist Videos

Valentines Day just passed lets talk about what I love and how what I love was stolen from me. Im speaking on my Lynna Lai videos. I had over a hundred videos with me when I left Ohio and 80% of them are gone.I guess that's what happens when you move you lose things. I can hear Lynna Lai saying "you not only lost the videos you lost your mind"! Goof"! I think I probably deserve it since I watched too much Lynna in the past and my videos possibly got Ann Curry demoted along with Lynna Lai.  I just posted a Video with her Talking about Erectile Dysfunction. Last time i did this she got canned but'she's on WKYC so she won't get canned this time! We're suppose to be in a Feminist Society people.  With that said, seeing that one of her bosses was possibly a feminist (Debra Pando) The video shouldn't have gotten her the ax!

  The Video shouldn’t have gotten her the Ax and my blog shouldn’t have gotten me kicked to the curb . But that’s the life we live in we can’t predict the future but we sure can create the future. Who would of thought that my blog would have created me losing my Lynna Lai vids indirectly. Who would of thought
That making would have gotten Lynna Lai fired. Who would of thought that my blog would have put Harry Boomer and Catherine Bosley to replace Brian Duffy and Lynna Lai? I watched too much Lynna Lai but does that mean she gets canned? Don’t get me wrong Im really happy she’s on WKYC but again was my house worth it?


So no one in their right mind is going to say that losing a house is worth watching Lynna Lai! So does that mean I’m delusional to say that I should lose a lot more. My house along with my life and my kids life is equal to watching Lynna Lai I would of said or believed a year and a half ago. So what is worth watching Lynna Lai? What are you willing to give up to watch Lynna Lai? Are you willing to give up your life or kids life?: Is watching Lynna Lai worth going to prison for?  Is she worth it? I hate to say it but some people would say yes. She’s worth it and I think that’s what makes people angry that she’s worth dieing over or destroying their own lives and other news anchors or meteorologists aren’t. Maybe when I’m dead or looking at death I’ll change my mind and attitude. Don’t get me wrong she can’t replace my kid no one can do that but I believe a feminist wouldn’t want kids to have their fathers around so actuality I’m following feminists beliefs we live in a feminist society and Lynna Lai is one herself although I can’t say I am one , I’m following one of their unwritten beliefs that to create a more powerful female society in America kids shouldn’t be subject to their father because it would create a stronger family and if a stronger family exist the movement of female superiority won’t continue to flourish and if female superiority doesn’t continue to flourish Lynna Lai won’t Flourish.

Maybe I’ll touch on this subject more in the future