Saturday, June 4, 2016

Memorial Conspiracy 2

 We just visited the possibility that the Conspiracy has grown because of the god anchors appeal and my repugnance. But it could be that the conspiracy has grown because of the FBI allegiance to the god anchor. Could it be that the god anchor is so compelling that the FBI has created a national and possibly international targeting exercise.

  Am I unreasonable and delusional to see A security guard that works for the train in Lil mexico follow me? Could the FBI have told Lil mexico train leaders to target me. I mean when I get off the train  and then the train security gets off its like they've been directed to follow me. Could it be that the FBI has told them that I was a threat in honor of the god anchor? Or has the FBI hired a private security organization to target the blogger which might explain the white shirt security on my heels. The scary thing is while they are looking for me or targeting me what are they missing? A terrorist threat? 

Could my blogging be a threat hence my security attention. Could it be that the god anchor felt threatened by my blog so now she feels obliged to threaten me by having me on some type of target list. Could the blogger be on a target list for blogging about the anchor? Is this why I got ostracized and now being targeted by security? Did we create the conspiracy by saying the god anchor is superior in lynnaluvers. Could it be the FBI might have put me on the list and therefore the security see's me as a threat? Could lynnaments and lynnaluvers be such a threat that the security the FBI hired has hired someone from outside the organization to shadow me? How many shadows has my Ostracizing spawned?

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