Saturday, September 3, 2016

Ostracized Channel

 Maybe deleting a homeless guy out of the kids life is revenge for me suggesting that 19 didn't match with the god anchor. Maybe deleting the homeless blogger was revenge on the deletion  of 19s Ex coworkers. It's not hard to fathom that their might be some huge powerful fans of 19 and or the god anchors that worked for a government agency in Akron or somewhere else in the U.S. When they read my blog they could have felt obligated to get rid of the blogger.

  Were they obligated to get rid of the blogger just because of the blog! Were there other elements? Were there other elements in my ostracizing that I havn't noticed or recognized? Did the god anchor contact the kids mom? Did the kids mom lie so that I could be ostracized? Why would she want me ostracized?  Did the god anchor and her cohorts create a group of people that I knew that bended the truth? What motivated them was it just my blog?

  I know I should let it go some might say? Let go of my ostracizing. Yet everywhere I go I see connotations of the god anchor. Which means someone doesn't want me to let it go. Who wouldn't want me to move on? Who wouldn't want me to live; are they associated with the current administration or the future administration? Who would want me followed and targeted; someone whose associated with the god anchor or the god anchor herself?  Was lynnaluvers so annoying it drew killers and stalkers? Was lynnaluvers so pro Lynna  Lai it drew attention to have me deleted and or worse?

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